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  1. I really enjoy the video on that.. Asteroids / space travel - It's one thing to be able to space travel / predict - see Asteroids and another to defend from ridiculously fast immense chunks of rock. It's random chance over millions of years. How many might have hit in all Earth time..?
  2. Asteroids. Natural or steered towards Earth by advanced space faring beings..?
  3. For anyone interested in Graham Hancock. Documentary Part 1 - 30 minutes (with the rest on the same channel) https://www.bitchute.com/video/BSke7hpcwWzf/
  4. Bob Moran - Dissident Artist https://t.me/Bob Moran
  5. Jeff Berwick / Dollar Vigilante https://t.me/The Dollarvigilante.com Max Igan / the Crowhouse https://t.me/the Crowhouse official
  6. Dr Mike Yeadon https://t.me/DrMikeYeadon
  7. The LightPaper https://t.me/The Light Truthpaper
  8. Telegram and Smart Phone usage is increasing. Whoops.. Yeah. Telegram is a chat App. Similar but not the same as WhatsApp and Signal. I use it to keep in touch with friends and also follow "Alternative Channels".. A thread for interesting and important Telegram Channels. David Icke's channel being No. 1 https://t.me/davidickeofficial
  9. I don't watch TV, so this is my Internet version of a 'light entertainment' - alternative news feed. He always has very up to date and pertinent information as to what the Globalists are up to.. He's not all gloom and doom. He's always laughing at the sheer insanity of it all (it's the greatest 3D virtual reality game - to quote Jeff)
  10. Things have moved on quite a bit since the sections were last reset. It's Climate Terror War.. Innit
  11. I've been thinking of starting a specific Maui thread. Not sure which section..
  12. legion


    Uncontrollably verbal diarrhea..
  13. Max is still in Mekiko, doing his thing and producing a video most weeks. He's just had a couple of weeks off to travel. Subjects: Hawaii / Maui fires and the obvious attack on the population there. (Blue being the 'safe colour') New BS variant of the Virus that doesn't exist. New evolving Red Meat allergy. The dying Dollar and the growing BRICS.. And more : https://www.bitchute.com/video/V0r2oUBzVmSr/
  14. (warning - horrendous photos in the linked article) https://www.globalresearch.ca/stevens-johnson-syndrome-pfizer-moderna-covid-19-mrna-vaccines/5830108
  15. Jeff still 'walks and talks". Only now it's with his baby Son and Lucy the Chihuahua. Once a week generally. He's a boastful stumbling bumbling goof-ball that speaks before he thinks. I find him hilarious and look forward to his ever lengthening videos (presently running at around 2 hours per video) He's been accused of scamming and doing alsorts of dodgy deeds. He's never scammed me, so I just tune in for the laughs and updates on the Apocalypse. Love him or loathe him, he manages to bring a smorgasbord of fascinating updates from across the world. This week there's loads on the very obvious attack on Hawaii. https://www.bitchute.com/video/03PjvQzAyVgZ/
  16. I just stumbled across this old thread. The film is finished and is now available. I've posted James Corbett's interview with Larken and Amanda Rose about the film on the Corbett thread, but I guess this is the proper place. Hidden slavery and the deceptive 2 party political system wrapped up in a historical story of a Plantation. The best £10 I've spent in quite a while. "We all live on the Jones Plantation" https://jonesplantationfilm.com/
  17. Is there any research into using the interconnected fungal networks encircling the sub-terrainian depths of our planet..?
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