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  1. Ivor Cummins - great statistician focuses on the fake climate crisis.
  2. What Lockheed Martin were allowed to show us 3 years ago..
  3. As part of, at the very least, a 6th generation part of South London, I very much see exactly what this video is explaining. Not good IMO. Some of my friends have joined the Exodus to avoid this
  4. For sure.. But it's great to see an ex Mossad talking about "apartheid"..
  5. Into a lot of private and corporate back pockets - in the name of Ukraine
  6. RT - today.. https://www.rt.com/news/582526-israel-apartheid-palestine-mossad/
  7. As far as I remember it was around 21 Trillion just before the fake con-1984 hit.. Over 10 Trillion in a few years. Where the fuck did that go..?
  8. I was writing in my bestest poshest Sarf Lundun accent. Honest guv..
  9. Jesus is presented to us as God in a human body. God is non binary. Which means Jesus was the original non binary human.
  10. legion


    Awake and Aware.. Steve Hughes
  11. 1/4 of cameras inoperable.. ONE QUARTER !!!!!!! People Power (when they make a film about this, I'm sure Ray Winston will be in it. Don't mess with South Londoners..!! ) https://www.bitchute.com/video/6o46oHQf5joy/
  12. Jeff... you and your team definitely take a look through this forum. Howabout you give this forum a big shout out on your next walk and talk with Bubba and Lucy..? Don't forget the Crowhouse forum too
  13. Still no emergency.. More footage plus aerial views from his Paramotor.
  14. I've read several articles on this website. Painful. Really painful.. Either, really really fucking stupid. Controlled narrative driven. Or - Satire. I really cannot make up my mind which it is
  15. Eric West AKA Hawaii Real Estate is under attack. He's having his character assassinated, he's getting death threats and his business ties have been cut. All because he was asking questions and trying to share videos with the World and help funnel money directly to those on the ground that really need it..
  16. Probably this one on BitChute. Haven't watched it yet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/5gezdESXLNQQ/
  17. I'm hearing the News here in the UK about the deadly situation at the American yearly Burning Man Festival. It's been declared as a "National Emergency" due to unusual heavy rain. "One dead" - but no reason given. At a guess with over 70,000 people gathering to party hard, it wasn't the climate (or the rain) that killed them. The road in and out has been blocked by the 'Authorities', so attendees are stuck there waiting for the mud to dry out a little before being allowed to safely drive out. Exiting on foot is still an option as it's about a 6 mile walk to the nearest highway. Normally it's hot and sunny, so it is very unusual but from the video you'll see below, far from an emergency and far from deadly. Judson Graham is a Paragliding / Paramotoring instructor / adventurer that I have been following for over 2 years. He finished building his magnificent bus about a month before the festival. He films a lot of aspects of his life for his channel. If you're into flying, I recommend it. This is the first footage from inside the festival that I've seen. The mood inside appears to be calm and pleasant. No-one seems to have run out of food or water. People are laughing at the announcement of the "National Emergency".
  18. Hawaii Real Estate videos are disappearing from YouTube already. Not sure why.. Gonna see if I can find any of them on BitChute.
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