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  1. Can be seen and shared from here - https://www.bitchute.com/video/7lEnxylQkOgT/
  2. Safe and Effective - a Second Opinion Removed from YouTube
  3. legion


    How dare she...!!!!
  4. It's usually very chaotic.. Not well organised and no speakers that I've heard of. Turn up and see what happens... play it on the fly as it were :0)
  5. And in Today's UK Column News.. How the calls for enquiries into vaxxine damage and safety are being shut down.. UK COLUMN NEWS - 26TH OCTOBER 2022 https://www.bitchute.com/video/IqR8q7BQps4e/
  6. 2 parts of what unintentionally turned into a 3 parter.. Insider - with genuine original documents talks about the coming Reset. Pt1- Sandi Adams - Agenda 2030 " For one mother, a brief meeting with Bill Gates leads her to conduct a dedicated investigation of the Global Biodiversity Assessment; circa 1,000 pages detailing a dystopian plan for the world. Join Sandi Adams as she exposes this world plan, now better known as Agenda 2030 and hear why she warns it must be stopped. " https://www.bitchute.com/video/AEXeF70BetvT/ Sandi Adams - Agenda 2030 pt2 " In Agenda 2030 Part 2, Sandi Adams exposes the details of the declared globalist Agenda 2030 plan to control every aspect of our lives. We need to understand that nothing is safe from globalist control, not Health, Education, Justice, Food, Water, Gender, Energy, Economies, Cities, Land, Sea nor Air. The next step? The Metaverse. " https://www.bitchute.com/video/PjO306RptlN7/
  7. " Activists wear Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ to protest corruption, censorship, inequality and war. " I presumed that everyone here would be familiar with this event. But I guess not. I'm in London and Londoners are aware because its 'local' I guess..? I don't have one... I have two One for official bollox. The second for not official bollox. And I keep neither in my pockets or against my person. I'm stupid but not totally mental. Great film. Originally an adult comic book by Alan Moore The book was written in the 80s - set in the late 90s The film is arguably set in 2020.. The theme of Governments using viruses to control the population is a bit far fetched though.
  8. That turned my stomach :0( Just in case YouTube delete this, it's on BitChute too: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Iw-F-tvpgBo/
  9. I think that it is worth noting yet another aspect of this crime.. Vaxxinators clearly not following instructions and no one in authority checking if they are.. One more nail amongst 100s..
  10. I found this long comment - " The various UK available ‘vaccines’ were, according to the manufacturers, explicitly to be delivered by intramuscular injection NOT intravenous injection. Dr. John Campbell (find him at his YouTube site) pointed out that the only way to ensure intramuscular and not intravenous delivery (he was a nurse trainer) is to aspirate the needle – this involves inserting the needle then pulling back slightly on the plunger, if blood appears in the vaccine you are in a vein or artery, remove the needle and bin the shot and try again. Experienced vaccinators (not the majority who were involved) have a ‘failure’ rate of around 1 in a thousand. Is that the sort of rate of vaccine injury being seen? I asked my local health board if ‘aspiration’ was being carried out as a matter of routine considering the manufacturers were specific on the issue, the reply I received was that is wasn’t required – the obvious question then was “by whom”, as by then it was accepted that microclotting was a thing with all the vaccines (though the AstraZeneca shot causes a different form of potentially fatal clotting than the Pfizer or Moderna). Apparently the decision to not aspirate was taken in 2004 for unknown reason, commercial perhaps, or so as not to question the safety of vaccines in General begging the question “why do manufacturers still specify how the vaccine is to be delivered?” NB The manufacturers said in their EUA applications that the vaccine would stay at the site of injection in the muscle – something the release of the animal testing the Japanese medical authorities received showed they knew to be untrue (a barefaced lie?) with every organ in the body receiving the lipid nano particles with the highest concentration in the ovaries, spleen, and testes. " - under this Craig Murray article - entitled - (Scottish) Covid Inquiry Mystery https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/10/covid-inquiry-mystery/ Lots of truthful comments keep getting deleted by the over zealous Mods but quite a few stay on long enough for people to see.. If you can comment on there and it stays on there - let us know
  11. Just binned another letter offering me a free Flu Jab.. Fuckers will keep fuckering
  12. It is... and has nothing at all to do with Antifa or BLM. Your implied connections are insidious IMO. Bad actors come in all forms.. eh, Mr I'm From An Elite Family But I Don't Want To Talk About It.
  13. Very interesting points that have no connection whatsoever to this annual - decade long - gathering in Parliament Square and the surrounding areas. Some bad actors don't need masks when there's the readily available online anonymity of social forums..
  14. You guys make me laugh.. This event has been going on for the last 10 years. Where have you been..? Not hard to find the details - The Anonymous movement has gathered every November 5 since 2012, to coincide with the annual British tradition of Bonfire Night, which began when a group of dissident Catholic plotters tried to blow up the British parliament in 1605. Activists wear Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ to protest corruption, censorship, inequality and war. https://www.rt.com/viral/365430-million-mask-march-2016-anonymous/
  15. Dr Mike Yeadon - https://t.me/DrMikeYeadon Mike - I just read this excellent piece, twice. This is my second comment upon it. https://ashmedai.substack.com/p/the-cdcs-wicked-decision-to-add-the?publication_id=471665&isFreemail=true The author carefully lays out why it is so difficult to red pill a person caught in the official narrative, yet identifies the conditions prompting this important transformation. In my view, they correctly identify two events which are arguably serious mistakes by the perpetrators. By offering c19 vaccines right down to babies, they’ve run the experiment of asking how far can they herd ordinary people & their families? The objective evidence is only a small minority of parents are getting their kids jabbed. This is the first time the general public has baulked. To me, it looks like the perpetrators have received useful information. Did they use it wisely? No. Instead they’ve added an experimental medical intervention to the children’s vaccination schedule. Within hours, many states indicated they’d follow CDC guidance. In many states, it’ll be a requirement for kids to enter the school system. Some parents will comply, but it’s seriously possible for the first time that instead, severe cognitive dissonance will force new patterns of belief. I wonder if this is the moment for caring parents, partners, grandparents, neighbours to attempt diplomatically & from a loving perspective, to prompt revised thinking on the part of those caught in the narrative? How can FDAs allowing c19 vaccination of minors, which has been substantially rejected by parents, show good judgement by the authorities? How can it possibly make any sense for CDC now to add these rejected agents to the childhood vaccination schedule? We have long expected this & said so, even before emergency use authorization. This because getting a treatment called a vaccine onto “the schedule” provides endless liability waivers for the product, not only when administered to children, but to everyone. I implore concerned parents & grandparents to help spare the little ones, who need our protection against entrenched interests, which are counter to your interests & those of your children. Accept the truth: FDA & CDC have no business doing what they’ve done. But if you do accept this, and the evidence is that you do accept it, having not had your kids injected, surely you must see that they’re not acting in your best interests? They’re quite willing to have your kids vaccinated and risk their health, even their lives. And you already know this is an evil thing. All we are saying (& have been saying throughout) is that the authorities are acting against the interests of the people. If you’re seeing it, too, I’m wondering how comfortable you are now with this whole, protracted & deepening mess? Anyway, have a read & see what you think. I believe this is the last solidly open goal we’re going to get this side of irreversible changes (which I anticipate are coming). With best wishes, Mike
  16. Vernon Coleman's videos back online :0)
  17. News about Vernon Coleman’s Videos 20TH OCTOBER 2022 Vernon’s videos were removed from YouTube when it was decided that they contained too many uncomfortable truths. And his videos on Brand New Tube were hacked into a bottomless void. (The truth is definitely out of fashion these days.) For a while we feared that Vernon’s videos were gone and lost forever. But they’re coming back bit by bit, hosted on a secret server which is situated in a secret place. You can access the videos here. We persuaded the IT superstars to keep things simple – so just go to Videos. The secret IT superstars who are working on the secret server in a secret place are still putting up the missing videos – but will be adding old ones a few at a time. Meanwhile, you can see quite a few of the old videos simply by going here. Unlike much of the rubbish on the wretched YouTube (‘Yesterday’s platform for yesterday’s people’ is their new slogan) there are no adverts, no fees and no requests for money on www.vernoncoleman.org. And if you want to put existing videos on other platforms then please help yourself to as many as you can carry.
  18. Westminster Hall.. Christopher Chope MORE JAB TRUTH COMMING OUT! https://www.bitchute.com/video/zQyhK3TEOU3J/
  19. Rishi Sunak IS the anagram of his real name - Hi Risk Anus..
  20. Trafalgar Square 6pm
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