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  1. I thought...



  2. About 2 hours ago I thought of something really epic and decided to put it on my status update. 

    Now I'm here I can't remember what it was.. 


    1. numnuts


      We will all stand by you, no matter what it was.

    2. legion



      I blame the Russian vodka.. 

  3. Toxic Waste spewing into most homes;



  4. The Hope Experiment 


    In the 1950s, Harvard psychologist Kurt Richter conducted a brutal experiment: he put rats in a pool of water to see how long they would cling to life. 


    It turned out that, on average, they gave up and drowned after 15 minutes. This was the case with one group of rats. 


    As for the second, before the test subjects gave up, the researcher took them out of the water. He dried them, fed them, let them rest for a few minutes, and threw them back in. The rats were given hope. 


    How long do you think they could last in the second round? Another 15 minutes? Ten minutes? 5?

    No, a whole 60 hours! 


    The conclusion is obvious: because the rats believed in their continued salvation, they were able to force their bodies to perform the impossible and expanded their limit.


    'As long as a man does not give up, he is stronger than his destiny'


    Erich Maria Remarque


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    2. legion




      Curt Paul Richter was a biologist, psychobiologist and geneticist who made important contributions in the field of circadian rhythms. Notably, Richter identified the hypothalamus as a "biological pacemaker" involved in sleeping and wakefulness.
      Born:20 February 1894, Denver, Colorado, United States
      Died:21 December 1988, Baltimore, Maryland
    3. RidgyDidgy


      ok so likely not one from operation paperclip. ta

    4. legion



      See above experiment and conclusion.. 

  5. Asha Logos from youtube community post - "My latest video has been posted to my 'Odysee' channel.

    I felt compelled to speak to some difficult topics (which is why it won't be posted to YT), and a broader-picture perspective of a larger fight taking shape around the world..

    I wanted to speak to where I believe the true battle-lines are drawn, in this ideological/cultural/spiritual war. It'd be difficult to exaggerate the importance of *clarity*, in this regard, as prerequisite to solutions - especially when so much time and energy and money seems to be devoted to muddying these waters.

    I won't be linking it directly in this post - apologies, I have my reasons - so those who care to watch will just have to be a bit resourceful. The next two videos currently in the works *will* be posted to this channel, and I don't plan on making a habit of exclusively posting elsewhere.

    A sincere thank you for all the kind words and support. Greatly appreciate you all, and I hope/trust you're finding ways to stay sane and grounded as our presently-constituted 'nations' and structures collapse around us. Destruction opens the door for creation - we only need to ready ourselves for the role." 

    Darkest Before the Dawn  

  6. Fun Fact No.33





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    2. legion


      @Grumpy Owl 
      goes with 'no planes' at the towers too - IMO 

    3. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      You can also add 'viral shedding' and 'snake venom vaccines' I think.


      But this is basically how 'control of the alternative narrative' works - throw in some teasing truths and half-truths, and then put people of with some whopper disinfo.

    4. legion


      'viral shedding' - could be nanotech shedding / spreading - but not viral 
      @Grumpy Owl 

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