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  1. 48 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    V for Vendetta


    Totally agree. 

    The Wachowski 'siblings' are totally suspect.. Despite making some very good films. 

    V for Vendetta is based on an Alan Moore book. About Governments controlling the masses with viruses and vaxxines. Mixed in with the idea of blowing up Parliament Guy Fawkes style.. Hence the Guy Fawkes masks. 

    And yes... Anonymous is a suspect collective too... but it shouldn't stop a good night out with like minded folk :0)


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  2. 1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    What is your cause?


    Activists wear Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ to protest corruption, censorship, inequality and war. "  


    1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    Its a bit misleading given the common meaning of 'mask' viz Covid.


    I presumed that everyone here would be familiar with this event. But I guess not. I'm in London and Londoners are aware because its 'local' I guess..? 


    1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    Because no-ones anonymous, you got a phone in your pocket?


    I don't have one... I have two 😲

    One for official bollox.

    The second for not official bollox. 

    And I keep neither in my pockets or against my person. 

    I'm stupid but not totally mental. 


    1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    total V for Vendetta


    Great film. Originally an adult comic book by Alan Moore 😎 The book was written in the 80s - set in the late 90s 

    The film is arguably set in 2020..


    The theme of Governments using viruses to control the population is a bit far fetched though. 


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  3. 6 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    I am sure it is steeped in history


    It is... and has nothing at all to do with Antifa or BLM. Your implied connections are insidious IMO. 


    7 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    Organised riots and twats on a forum are not the same thing now are they?


    Bad actors come in all forms.. eh, Mr I'm From An Elite Family But I Don't Want To Talk About It. 




  4. 1 hour ago, TheConsultant said:

    Masks were used extensively in the USA during the "mostly peaceful protests" that were more accurately described as organised riots.


    39 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    Doesn't undo the fact masks were used to to hide bad actors on January 6th, or BLM and Antifa riots in USA. 


    Very interesting points that have no connection whatsoever to this annual - decade long - gathering in Parliament Square and the surrounding areas. 


    Some bad actors don't need masks when there's the readily available online anonymity of social forums.. 



  5. You guys make me laugh.. 


    This event has been going on for the last 10 years. Where have you been..? 

    Not hard to find the details - 


    The Anonymous movement has gathered every November 5 since 2012, to coincide with the annual British tradition of Bonfire Night, which began when a group of dissident Catholic plotters tried to blow up the British parliament in 1605.


    Activists wear Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ to protest corruption, censorship, inequality and war.




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  6. 17 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    If people really wanted to protest, then they don't buy diesel and petrol one or two days a week. Hit them in the wallet, drive down demand and the price. 

    blocking stations and lorry delivery companies would hit hardest
    whole country has to do something no reason for rise in price crude has dropped

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