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  1. Craig Murray - analysis of the ICJ ruling..
  2. Ex British Ambassador / Diplomat Whistle Blower - Craig Murray https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/war-gaza-israel-icj-case-armed-conflict-one-side-allowed-fight?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Social_Traffic&utm_content=ap_uuz0qsnw6h
  3. Craig Murray Armed Conflict and the ICJ 35 January 25, 2024 Tomorrow (today now) the International Court of Justice will give its decision on the South African interim request for provisional measures to prevent genocide in Gaza. Many are holding their breath for something that will help. How will this go? You can read my views on some of the arguments in play in my article for Middle East Eye (see next post) . There is no comment section on MEE, so feel free to discuss that article here. You will recall that my observation of the demeanour of the judges at the Hague left me not too hopeful. They definitely appeared very uncomfortable to be taking a case which effectively puts the actions of the entire western political establishment on trial, not just Israel. Yet it was impossible to say that South Africa had not presented a strong prima facie case of genocide, including plentiful evidence of intent, which at this stage was all South Africa needed to do. As I reported the judges got most visibly interested by the procedural arguments that South Africa could not bring the case because it was not in a dispute with Israel at the time of filing. But I don’t think that will stand. Firstly, it doesn’t pass the commonsense test; there is no doubt there is a dispute between South Africa and Israel over whether Israel is committing genocide. While the procedural problem does not in fact arise from the text of the Genocide Convention, but merely from previous jurisprudence from the court that indicates parties should aim to achieve a resolution before going to the court. None of that previous jurisprudence relates to genocide. In any case of alleged genocide, there is obvious urgency. If Israel’s procedural argument is accepted, then any country committing genocide would only need not to respond to correspondence on the subject and nobody could take them to court for it, until after a “reasonable period” to reply, during which the genocide could continue. What is a “reasonable period” where scores of children are being killed every day? I don’t think the court is going to fall for that one, much as they visibly gasped to be let off the hook. Judges are of course themselves highly privileged members of the ruling elite. The extent to which that elite is bought up by the Zionist cause has never been clearer to the world. But I retain some hope still because the ICJ has a truly strong record. If tomorrow we learn it has failed, we will know the notion of international law has been finally abandoned. Both Israel and South Africa’s legal teams will by now probably have been given, in strictest confidence, an indication of the result by the President. This is done to head off any unexpected spontaneous eventuality in court. If they haven’t yet, they will first thing tomorrow morning. But where there are seventeen judges of different nationalities, including one South African and one Israeli, and several of them are open to influence and discussion with their national governments, you would have to be extremely foolish to believe that the decision has not already leaked out to senior official circles. Which leaves me rather heartened by the fact that South Africa’s foreign minister is flying to The Hague for the decision. That would not be done if the result is a humiliation. Where there is humiliation is in the willingness of the Western political class to abase themselves utterly in acknowledging the plain truth of Israel crimes. On a macro scale they state it is nonsense to claim that 15,000 dead children so far might indicate a genocidal intent. On a micro scale, in the past 24 hours Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer and the spokesman for the US State Department have all refused to say, point blank, that it is a crime to shoot an unarmed civilian carrying a white flag. I expect tomorrow will be a fudge. The court will say it will decide on the case in due course, and in the meantime Israel should be careful to take all steps to comply with international humanitarian law and to take all necessary actions to crack down on incitement to genocide. Then nothing would change. If, however, the court does order a ceasefire on the grounds of a prima facie case for genocide, then I do think you will see a serious moderation of the actions of western politicians, including a reduction in armaments to Israel. That will of course not stop Israel. Israel has been engaged in the genocide of the Palestinians for 75 years. All we have since October 7 is a more intensive phase again. In the year to October 7 2023, Israel killed over 350 Palestinians. Israel will continue its genocidal policies until the Apartheid State of Israel is abolished. That is the fundamental truth that the ICJ will not address tomorrow. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2024/01/armed-conflict-and-the-icj/
  4. The ICJ will be making a statement / ruling later today..
  5. It was almost definitely his host / provider that bottled it.. The image remains on Bob's verified Telegram channel. We need brave people in these times. We mustn't let the Fuckers get away with it
  6. A reminder.. Max Igan has been outspoken on the Gaza situation for many years. He's posted many many videos since the beginning of the Genocide. Videos full of historical facts, with current footage and current news that's not in the MSM. I'm not going to list them all. Here's his Bitchute channel (again) if you're interested : https://www.bitchute.com/channel/tj99AwcN3zlH/
  7. Craig Murray Again.. A long and fascinating read. You'll not get this perspective from anyone else. There were only 15 people allowed in the public gallery, which seats had to be queued for in sub zero temperatures in the early hours. DAY TWO https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2024/01/your-man-in-the-hague-in-a-good-way-part-2/
  8. Craig Murray was at the ICJ in the Hague on both days.. South Africa accuse Israel of Genocide and want an immediate ceasefire. A long and fascinating read - DAY ONE " it occurred to me that the people who really did not want to be in the Court at all were the judges, because it is in fact the judges and the Court itself on trial. The fact of genocide is incontrovertible and had been plainly set out. But several of the judges are desperate to find a way to please the USA and Israel and avoid countering the current Zionist narrative, the adoption of which is necessary to keep your feet comfortably under the table of the elite. What counts more for them, personal comfort, the urgings of NATO, future wealthy sinecures? Are they prepared to ditch any real notion of international law for those things? That is the real question before the court. The International Court of Justice is on trial." https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2024/01/your-man-in-the-hague-in-a-good-way/
  9. A brave and truthful cartoon. Best of luck to Bob.
  10. So it would have been 'supportive' to have included the image in question in your post..? Let's hope he was.. The image is not on his website anymore. Let's hope he has a strong legal team behind him. We need people like Bob to speak out against this atrocity. We need the general public to realise that the vast majority of 'normal people' are strongly against this USA and UK gov sanctioned mass murder of civilians in Gaza (and the West Bank) Otherwise it will carry on and eventually come to a town near you.
  11. Bob really sums this all up with this powerful image. Puppy Dogs USA and UK serving their true Master. A Feast for the Beast
  12. I'm really surprised by your stance, dude.. Even Gareth has tweeted this superbly powerful image. His best in my humble opinion.
  13. legion


    Nasty Bug going around
  14. legion


    Taken from a Princess Diana forum thread. The Mods are unbelievably tolerant
  15. Of the 300 Palestinian women and children prisoners on the list possibly to be released during the ceasefire, 252 have never been charged with any crime. 23 were charged with stone throwing. Since October 8 over 200 Palestinian children have been taken prisoner, none of whom had anything to do with the October 7 attacks. That rather puts the possible release of 33 children and six women today into perspective. But it is not a perspective the BBC would ever give you. Over 2,000 Palestinians are held by Israel in “administrative detention”, without charge or trial. Some for over twenty years. Etc, etc... https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2023/11/no-ceasefire-in-the-propaganda-war/
  16. It's hilarious seeing Flake getting their knickers in a twist
  17. No. It doesn't. Possibly. That's his answer to the coming collapse of the Dollar. Highly likely, unfortunately. I haven't had the time to PM you yet, sorry.. I've got "stuff" going on that needs attending to. Just popped on quickly to answer Macs posts that I read earlier, that I felt was quite importance to address. Speak soon.
  18. That is deeply disturbing footage. Reminds me of scenes I've seen from in Cambodia, Vietnam and also the Russian Revolution scenes in the Europa documentary. What the fuck is done to people's minds to be okay to do such stuff? It would seem that Max has posted incorrect footage. Accidentally I'd guess from stuff probably sent to him. From what I've gathered the uniforms and guns are not used by the IDF. The footage is claimed to be from ISSI /AI Quaida in Syria in 2013. I'm sure Max will correct this next time he posts.
  19. I watched an interesting interview by James Corbett. An author by the name of Jo Plummer. He sells hard copies of his books but also gives them away for free as PDF downloads on his website. I began reading his latest book - "Pick Your Pieces" It's fascinating. I am going to continue and finish it. It's about his journey and accumulated wisdom, getting himself into a good place, which is far far away from where he began. He literally manifested his new reality by consciously rewiring his brain. https://www.joeplummer.com/pick-your-pieces https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gvg922tn9rcem/Joseph_Plummer_-_PDFs https://www.bitchute.com/video/ae1GtvE4chze/
  20. I disagree. This isn't an anti white / white guilt thing. Who exactly is your 'ethnic people'..? I personally don't feel responsible for the settling of Jewish people in Israel. I'm a white Brit Male. (baptised as CoE but never practised) But I do feel responsible enough as an Earthling to speak out against the mass slaughter of innocents in Gaza .. Which is not only totally immoral and abhorrent but also against International Law.
  21. Yes. A ceasefire is needed. Who is "us"...?
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