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  1. The Hope Experiment 


    In the 1950s, Harvard psychologist Kurt Richter conducted a brutal experiment: he put rats in a pool of water to see how long they would cling to life. 


    It turned out that, on average, they gave up and drowned after 15 minutes. This was the case with one group of rats. 


    As for the second, before the test subjects gave up, the researcher took them out of the water. He dried them, fed them, let them rest for a few minutes, and threw them back in. The rats were given hope. 


    How long do you think they could last in the second round? Another 15 minutes? Ten minutes? 5?

    No, a whole 60 hours! 


    The conclusion is obvious: because the rats believed in their continued salvation, they were able to force their bodies to perform the impossible and expanded their limit.


    'As long as a man does not give up, he is stronger than his destiny'


    Erich Maria Remarque


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    2. novymir


      I'm kinda doubting they were set free.

    3. legion



      Legend has it that the rats escaped, ate all the scientists and lived happily ever after.. 

    4. RidgyDidgy


      richter sounds a bit german/nazi

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