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  1. Asha Logos from youtube community post - "My latest video has been posted to my 'Odysee' channel.

    I felt compelled to speak to some difficult topics (which is why it won't be posted to YT), and a broader-picture perspective of a larger fight taking shape around the world..

    I wanted to speak to where I believe the true battle-lines are drawn, in this ideological/cultural/spiritual war. It'd be difficult to exaggerate the importance of *clarity*, in this regard, as prerequisite to solutions - especially when so much time and energy and money seems to be devoted to muddying these waters.

    I won't be linking it directly in this post - apologies, I have my reasons - so those who care to watch will just have to be a bit resourceful. The next two videos currently in the works *will* be posted to this channel, and I don't plan on making a habit of exclusively posting elsewhere.

    A sincere thank you for all the kind words and support. Greatly appreciate you all, and I hope/trust you're finding ways to stay sane and grounded as our presently-constituted 'nations' and structures collapse around us. Destruction opens the door for creation - we only need to ready ourselves for the role." 

    Darkest Before the Dawn  

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