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  1. The White Nationalists are offended. Bunch of SJW crybullies. Just like the radical left. You're all on my ignore list. I have no interest in your delusions
  2. Good luck saving white European civilization with your gang of pagan/atheist collectivist totalitarians. Your solution is worse than the problem. I will share my foxhole with any black Christian before any of you crazies. And we will stop you,
  3. These spineless cowards disgust me
  4. And the only way to God is through Jesus
  5. No, you need to see the big picture if you want to save the white European population.
  6. You got me all wrong. I want Europe to be a white Christian nation. I want you to to succeed. I want white western Christians to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.
  7. Exactly. And they're doing this to all peoples in the world, both indigenous people and migrants, and this is happening allover the world. not only to white people.
  8. Reuters is your enemy's propaganda tool. That's what they use to manipulate you. Wake up man.
  9. This whole "replacement theory" is a massive PsyOp. They got you all scared, angry, running around chasing your own tails.
  10. I don't think there's an agenda to reduce the White European population anymore than they want to reduce any other population. They want to They don't want to replace you. They just want to keep you angry so they can easily manipulate you.
  11. The JBS made a video about jews and the Illuminati recently. You should look it up.
  12. It's very obvious in this thread why western white men have lost the will to live. And I've shown it. And I've shown you the solution. You just refuse to see it. White western men is on a path to his destruction. And you white nationalists are just accelerating it.
  13. It would be interesting to know if the globalists today are really influenced by Kalergis works. I would assume so. But it would be interesting to see proof.
  14. Do you think only western white people are under attack by this "pandemic"?
  15. Most white nationalists are social darwinists, so according to your own logic you deserve to be crushed by a stronger people and go extinct. I don't expect you to understand anything of what I just said.
  16. Ending mass immigration won't save your people. You keep blaming others for your problems. White western people are the problem. They lost the will to live, they lost the will to power. Immigrants are just filling the vacuum.
  17. That's just what you read into it. Must be because you're racially obsessed and emotionally infested. You can't see or think straight anymore. Your hatred consumes you.
  18. You white nationalists just can't help yourselves, you keep giving the game away. You have more in common with the radical left than you think.
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