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  1. https://gettr.com/post/p26ej1da0ebhttps://gettr.com/post/p26ej1da0ebhttps://gettr.com/post/p26ej1da0ebWho is "Jordon Trishton Walker pFIZER CLAIMS THEY CAN  MUTATE A NON EXIUSTANT VIRUS IN  THEIR LABS,LOL To Further the LIE and FEAR porn is ALL Pfizer liars are doing here , meanwhile GATES predicts another SCAMDEMIC, Connect the dots, and you will see the end result As GERM THEORY is BS, Pathogenic viruses have never been properly isolated (The Particle) nor have they ever Proven Contagion and they certainly have never been able to reliably demonstrate it ever, There are no PATHOGENIC VIRUSES so this MORON is talking bs and trying to scare people, just like they did in 2020 , this isn't only about transference of wealth but also Dystopian control and micromanagement of every aspect of every one of us and Population control their TOXIC shite they call vaccines is just 1 mode of operation, They are using
  2. https://davidicke.com/2023/01/15/a-question-for-dr-john-campbell-you-have-at-last-realised-that-you-were-lied-to-about-the-fake-vaccine-so-why-are-you-repeating-this-utter-bollocks-about-variants-of-the-variant-variant-variant-from/
  3. https://twitter.com/davidicke/status/1614004603397328898?s=20
  4. He didn't allow free speech on [email protected] , Had he done that EVERYONE who got banned for telling the truth wouldf have had their accounts re instated and you bullshitter CULT OWNED MUSK has agreed to the EU 's latest censorship bill , And he boufght it to Turn it into a chyna style social credit App, CALLED APP X, It will be like WeChat
  5. The Same network of Grifters are involved in this Stopping the injections won't happen and if it did, it won't stop them from Repeating the illusion of another Pandemic Public health emergency , so they can re launch their TOXIC injections Again and again, because the group behind this who are not even qualified medical DR's who think Dog Dewormer is a treatment for a non-existent virus , why will they NOT accept Germ theory is a lie? Are they CULT OWNED ? https://davidicke.com/2022/12/23/uk-doctors-call-for-government-investigation-of-mrna-injections/
  6. NEVER FORGET OR FORGIVE THIS CUNT!!! he still pushes the GERM THEORY bollox and Dog De wormer(IVERMECTIN) being a cure LIE https://davidicke.com/2022/12/20/one-time-fake-vaccine-advocate-who-saw-the-light-campbell-horrified-as-he-should-be-at-the-empty-parliament-chamber-for-a-speech-on-vaccine-deaths-and-injuries-they-dont-give-a-fuck-john/
  7. https://davidicke.com/2022/12/16/theres-microcircuitry-inside-the-covid-injections-says-australian-doctor/ MMM, more like attracts from the electron microscope I wish these fools would stop trying to make us look like idiots , cult owned fools that is The chips will be implanted into our brains if Cult owned MUSK gets his way , The injections are toxic and probably contain all types of contaminants but micro circuitry or Hydra's and other such far out stuff is BS
  8. He is a wrong UN He is a CULT asset, part of a bigger group this man , wants you to believe he had a meeting with an MP in Chatham house and thought they would let him record it, so didn't take a back up recording device to covertly record what was said ? he thinks he had the convid believes in the bs that is GERM THEORY , and did push de wormer and other crap people did not need NOW this BOLLOX he is spouting bollox this is what the cult want you to believe his group of PRO trump new age dr's and other grifters like Toss Lawrie with her betterway bs, and even John Campbell is part of their grift fest with your dell bigtree's and those dr's who had their accounts reinstated by CULT owned MUSK I do not trust those like him https://davidicke.com/2022/12/15/john-olooney-black-watch-troops-have-told-me-this-is-the-plan-they-are-training-albanian-and-other-foreign-troops-who-are-coming-as-fake-migrants-to-take-over-the-uk-for-their-masters-when/
  9. Malone is CONTROLLED OPP He still pushes the lie that is GERM THEORY To enable them to keep rinsing and repeating this bs to get more toxic shite into the arms of morons he belongs to a group of quacks and pseudo scientists who support trump This group could be one of the cults backup plans their job lead us to the same destination as cult owned puppets want to take us all
  10. The Viral challenge https://drtomcowan.com/pages/the-virus-challenge And like Others like Tom Cowan and Andy Kauffman and Sam and mark bailey have said to the So-called credible experts proven to us viruses exist by showing us the isolated sample of this SARS.CoV.2 virus, Using your flawed methodology Prove that the claimed cytopathic effect you claim to have observed in the Petri dish of biological matter from several animals and a human plus all the rest (antibiotics and toxic chemicals) is not from the process itself or any of the other non-human material, and show us the control experiments to demonstrate that back this up, SO far the experts have ignored or refused Why would this be, there is no virus perhaps?
  11. Peterson influencer with crocodile tears
  12. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/11/14/german-show-compares-musk-to-nazi-propaganda-chief-over-free-speech-stance/ Oh and BTW Dave, Musk wouldn't restore my account either mate , and i only had 5.5k followers but a very big reach,(when not (shadow-banned ) that they desperately tried to suppress Do i miss [email protected] not at all And when you think about it sily cnunt valley of fools was set up For the sole purpose of harvesting data , but more importantly ensuring that only the establishments opinion was propagated and allowed Musk won't change that, and will turn it into his chyna style social credit app X
  13. Yeadon is On board, No longer believes that pathogenic / respiratory viruses exist , he signed the virus challenge in support of these experts proving viruses can be properly isolated And for some reason so has Dolores cahill Though her reasons maybe to save face , as she and her group of pro trump(Father of fake vaccine) dr's have been and still are pushing the lie that virus exists Hugo talks did 2 videos on them And their connections they don't shout about Basically Hugo says they are C.O and will lead us to the same destination as the globalist cabal that they are part of would Trump is not on the side of the people and neither is Orbán in Hungary he was a WEF global leader of 1993
  14. I wonder what he would have to say , if he finally realized or accepted that Pathogenic viruses have never been Isolated properly due to the flawed experiments they use, Plus the distinct Lack of ANY CONTROLLED group studies Not only in the isolation and purification processes but also in the BULLSHIT non-diagnostic tests, Calling out the TOXIC injections they call vaccines is 1 thing, But IT WILL NOT PREVENT them RINSING AND REPEATING this Ending the BS that is GERM theory ( Virology ) will
  15. MATT MIDAZOLAM MUST STAND TRIAL FOR MURDER ALONG WITH THE OTHER 3 horsemen Witty Van TAMPON and SERIOUSLY UN-VALANCED What advantage did these BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOPATHS provide in dealing with a NON-PROVEN TO EXIST VIRUS THEN ???? WHY DID THEY NEED SAGE SPY B M , ET AL ??????????? GETTING YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED YET ? BTW I got it right from the get go, Because i grew up never trusting any kind of authority
  16. Because you come across as believing the bs these dr's which have maintained which is that viruses exist, and they will not even allow debate about this, Why could that possibly be?
  17. So your point is what ? Can YOU PERSONALLY prove viruses do exist and that these Dr's if you can call them that are not controlled oppo?? NO you cannot BUT 1thing for sure there are ALWAYS 2 sides to EVERY story, And i do not trust ANY GOVT OR PHARMA Narratives about anything Or their CO network
  18. As i said they claim viruses exist perpetuating the GLOBALISTS Narrative of fear, Hugo talks has done 2 long videos on this new age doctors group who they belong or are associated with Pathogenic Viruses Have NEVER been properly isolated or purified And contagion is a myth also So if these interconnected group of grifters were genuine why push the fake germ theory ?this shows some of their C.O https://betterwayconference.org/speakers/ https://odysee.com/@hugotalks:8/hugo-talks:8
  19. These people are disinformation, they are part oof a controlled opposition network of new age Pro trump dr's they even still push the virus is real narrative the network includes others like TESS Laurie and Reiner fullemich some of these have connections to the LUCIS TRUST THE PEEK A BOO CLUB
  20. Well it now works again FOR now Gab doesn't block you , but doesn't acknowledge what you want to do fast enough So you end up typing into the either ands the page scrolls down ,dumb imo
  21. Of course, they didn't apart from their ambiguous TOS BS = ANTI TRUTH imo anyhow here is it AGAIN,LOL https://twitter.com/BernieSpofforth/status/1579474347177435136?s=20https://twitter.com/BernieSpofforth/status/1579474347177435136?s=20
  22. Here goes mine Rockefeller scammers, the buld-back better burgers, and the Rothschild molester family, , what are your names for this scum?
  23. https://davidicke.com/2022/10/10/sunderland-city-council-rolls-out-social-credit-system-for-travel/ No SMART device = no Social credit system no GPS tracking And your Privacy intact IMO it has Sweet F.A. to do with Govt local or big , where i travel and how i travel This is how they ENSLAVE you later NEVER give them your privacy I see they are still using that Code word SUSTAINABLE
  24. Meloni wins massive victory in Italy for rejecting Woke madness, mass immigration and the climate change hoax and so they call her ‘far right’ and the successor to Mussolini. When Cult operatives and gofers call you ‘extreme’ you know you are moderate compared with them. It’s all inversion Are you sure she is anti Climate scam agenda? Make greater use of RENEWABLE (GREEN ) energy https://news.sky.com/story/giorgia-meloni-weathered-the-electoral-storm-but-what-is-top-of-her-to-do-list-12705983
  25. an error message pops up each time i try to post the link, saying i have already said this (already posted it ) but i had not posted it before so it could be some kind of overt censorship disguised as an error, ?
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