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  1. VPAC GRIFTER And Cult Influencer never misses an opportunity to make $$$£££ for NON-existent Threats viruses AND non-harmful bacteria And is selling TOXIC IVM If this and ALL those in this Circle jerk of Cult influencers and GRIFTERS actually exposed the TRUTH there would be no more SCAMdemics or Toxic injections they call vaccines but they are more interested in SELLING more PHARMA poison VIROLOGY is a PHARMA funded FRAUD There are NO viruses , bascteria does not make us sick and contagion has never been proven using natural routes More concerning for me is this, As David has said he doesn't believe in the Existence of viruses , this QUACK is pushing non-existent viruses to grift a living from SHEEP Even more concerning is the below promotion of this crap Order The Wellness Company’s Medical Emergency Kits today! Use code ICKE for 10% off!
  2. RFK jnr is not on OUR side at all He only cares about himself, and He is part of a Globalist cult run network of controlled opp of influencers and grifters Who will not debate with #TeamNoVirus Why could that be, ? I'll tell you why i think this is Because not only are they SHILLS, but they are also selling their own re branded expensive Synthetic TOXIC supplements Which if you eat proper food you do not ever need, And these people also peddled hoss paste and other PHARMA toxic drugs , as a alternate for the toxic fake vaccines and to stop them being infected with a NON-existent Virus Their latest bs claim is that the injections contain parasites and the hoss paste clears them, Andy kauffman has a very different take on parasites RFK also is pro the CLIMATE CRISIS LIE and the UKRAINE FARCE they call a war https://davidicke.com/2023/09/10/vaccines-and-fabricated-propaganda-the-character-assassination-directed-against-robert-kennedy-jr/
  3. So does a heated scalpel and cauterization of its blood supply, And maybe some SEA Salt saline solution made in your kitchen skin tags can be removed by tying a thread around them at the base cuts the blood supply , and it dies a drops off , known this for years, Though tags and warts may re grow else where on the body, because they are part of us
  4. Many of us can't grow are own, due to no bloody garden or outside space or shit soil quality, of your garden, Farm shops or green grocers, and butchers shop , None of which will ever go cashless
  5. FOOD is very important and if you eat real foods natural proteins and avoid Ultra processed shite and Sugar chances are You won't experience many of the symptoms or get sick no need for pharma ,or synthetic supplements which can be toxic also because your body cannot regulate absorption correctly whereas getting nutrition from food naturally it does So you waste your money on this junk and pharma shite
  6. They will say anything, they are liars I would never take the shit https://odysee.com/@januszkowalskii1979:e/Ivermectin---Friend-or-Foe:f?r=3yvJX7q5zDqNPNvsAfy461sSwSZ12x66
  7. Advising people to take a Pharma poison is not a wise move, Viruses do not exist, bacteria and fungus do not make us ill These Globalist Cult influencers Peddled these toxic drugs as an alternative treatment for a NON EXISTENT threat and then as an alternative to the toxic injections , either was the cult wins and people die and there are reports of adverse reactions to your Wonder drug, https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/ivermectin-as-depop-agent:b?r=3yvJX7q5zDqNPNvsAfy461sSwSZ12x66 https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Quercetin-vs-fertility:0
  8. PHARMA is shit And we do not need it, All it does it treat or surpass the symptoms, With toxic crap, Regardless of if those symptoms are caused by your body healing its self and purging its self from toxins , the last thing it needs is more poison from PHARMA synthetic shite just like supplements are https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/major-fertility-hit-ivermectin:a?r=3yvJX7q5zDqNPNvsAfy461sSwSZ12x66&lid=008d0c4c5527c12b317f6dee675b36cbe6f654b8
  9. Why are you promoting this PHARMA RACKET AND THESE GLOBALIST cult influencers ??? Ivermectin is TOXIC just like the rest of the crap they want to sell FOOLS https://davidicke.com/2023/08/11/stockpiling-critical-medications-has-never-been-more-important/
  10. Vobes has appeared at TESS Lawrie GRIFT FEST BETTAWAY BOLLOX and is part of the Globalist cult influencer Grifter network, those like lawrie peddled a toxic pharma drug as an alt treatment for a VIRUS that didn't exist and SYNTHETIC vitamins which are also toxic many ofd these Cult network grifters even have their own re branded synthetic vitamins could this be 1 reason why they will not use their platforms to EXPOSE the fraud that is Virology ?
  11. No Try these MARXIST scum, All Members of the LIBOUR unions
  12. This PSYOP will never stop until The VIROLOGY FRAUD is EXPOSED, there are no viruses, And contagion has never been demonstrated using natural exposure routes https://www.breitbart.com/health/2023/06/10/the-lancet-stokes-coronavirus-panic-no-time-for-complacency/
  13. Another reason not to have a SMART (PAIN) phone https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/06/10/digital-snitch-govt-can-remotely-activate-cell-phone-cameras-and-microphones-says-french-senate/
  14. It's simple, stop using the SMART PHONES ditch them https://davidicke.com/2023/06/10/london-supermarket-foreshadows-incoming-wef-digital-prisons/
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