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  1. Better off posting comments of fucking YouTube than David fucking kike.
  2. Is globalist warming a continuation of the ozone hoax?
  3. Just a few minutes into this https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/uvc-arne-burkhardt/ Sorry if listed already.
  4. UK GOV’T BOMBSHELL: ‘HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS LINKED TO COVID JABS’ https://www.bitchute.com/video/KDxcP5mnlDv3/ I used to watch the odd Martin Brodel (Dumpfty fan I know) but the headline caught my attention. Mention from 9 minutes in. Is it in the media now?
  5. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/health/major-health-warning-anyone-wood-8130915.amp We need an oncologist who doesn't baffle under pressure for this one
  6. Just a thought on vague news stories but in the last weeks I have noticed that planes keep diverting and making emergency landings with absolutely no mention of the technical issue. In the past it would always be stated. Well I think you have a good idea on here but it might leave some baffled.
  7. I'm sure someone like Sock Muppet will come along to say they've switched on the 5G in your area. Will wait and see. I saw a load of pigeons flapping around like they were stuck in a hedge at the side of the road last winter. One of the strangest things I ever saw (apart from the response from the sheep to the covid hoax insanity itself, as in putting your mask on to go into the pub and taking an experimental injection) but I'm going along with sock puppet and saying the avian flu hoax could be something to do with microwave radiation or 5G.
  8. Surprised that Zionist terrorists are trying to convince the sheep. Clearly they're not trying to convince us or themselves apart from them being such deluded psychopaths that they believe their own lies.
  9. You'll have to excuse my ignorance. I felt like I'd got the idea by the first or second chapter/verse.
  10. I was on a flight to Bahrain once and thought I better take an interest in the culture so I started chapters on the Quran on the inflight entertainment where they were singing/praying in Islamic through the headphones and the dot was bouncing along the text and all is remember in the English translation was punishment/must be punished. I didn't get to the end but wouldn't imagine it getting much more jolly.
  11. Double reach around. Can't visualise it but a pair of wankers whichever way you put it..
  12. Poor lad, the apple doesn't fall far.
  13. I like the use of the word trainee. That show, maybe called royal family really took the piss out of him for the inadequacies they all have where "Wills" was portrayed as the proper wet wanker he is. Anyone got any footage showing any of these tossers taking a flying machine up without their hand being held? I know that wanker Charles asked to fly the royal fljght into Aberdeen/Inverness or somewhere and the Clown he is overshot the tarmac and put it into a hedge at the end. My location and aircraft type might be out but he obviously told the RAF Capt that he wanted to fly it and fucked it up by getting involved. The Loyal family, what a royal joke.
  14. I've seen roads closed and cars hanging nose down in trees etc in what can I only think as vaxxidents over the last 18 months. Half dozen I can recall near Oxford where it looks like the drivers haven't stopped or even slowed down for roundabouts or junctions. 3 were fatal that I know of and I don't work since hoax19 so hardly ever out on the road like I used to be.
  15. What a mystery. I have a mate whose mum owns a funeral business in Oxfordshire. I think a temp body storage facility was set up in Upper Heyford (old US airbase) near that Bicester village outlet. It is overflowing and conversations were had at some level including funeral directors and council where they could put the dead and the Oxford ice rink was mentioned/considered. We're close to peak body storage. I remember being on here in 2021 when someone posted the link to the .gov website where a tender was put out for storage in the London area. So the knew the mystery lurgy was coming I'd say.
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