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  1. Possibly no need we'll all be asymptomatic carriers? Masks and face shields, oh good job too they haven't pulled down the perspex at the counters yet.
  2. Did anyone do those shit tests for a job where you have to read the paragraph then answer definitely yes, definitely no or cannot say? I was crap at them but spot lots of cannot say bullshit in here, there's probably much more to come with this next bankster jewjab hoax.
  3. Well interpreted differently he might be saying they were all too willing to bend over and take one.
  4. Yes sorry, I did notice that it had no HOAX 19 relevance but it could be a nice cup to sit and drink your tea from when we get the next round of daily briefings with 1000 deaths a day, stay at home to save lives, 3 weeks to flatten the curve, mask up and take a jab to protect those around you nonsense. When I think back to the bullshit it is off the scale, how can people not see it now and even worse forget this mental torture?
  5. You could hoard this for 40 years and then advertise it for £10 on eBay now. There is the make offer option so don't imagine their flying out the door. Take off your eBay & PayPal fees and you'll be in for about £7. Postage is £4.95, can't be using a cheaper shipper as you wouldn't want it damaged in transit.
  6. Dogs can detect bullshit across a field. covid = bullshit.
  7. He looks shell shocked, has a dopey long covid face accompanied by loss of taste and smell, administer him a few jabs of the AZ "Oxford"/Pfizer poison and put a mask on him. Should be fit as a fiddle in a few weeks.
  8. Such a low life POS still desperate for his knighthood. Interesting he mentions deadly diseases like polio, measles and smallpox but not hoax 19.
  9. I was guessing obviously and did wonder about the C pillar as it didn't have a smooth line of a Jaguar (maybe X type would have), I think the British racing green sent me down that route. The public need to be reminded of the Charles & Jimmy relationship and see if they can work out if Andrew being such good mates with Jeffrey is such a coincidence. I don't have much hope after watching the covid hoax play out but the masses get quite riled over kiddie fiddlers being on the loose.
  10. Smug Jimmy was given a green beret to ride along with Paedo Charles in the Jaag. Why cannot the masses see what is going on? Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: 'I'm proud that the Armed Forces are leading the nation, despite the billions IN TAX PAYER MONEY this is going to cost.
  11. Jack, the nonce has done service, show some respect. Go and earn some medals and wear them with pride.
  12. Bono even dons the cum shields for when Billy gives him the money shot. Shame I really liked the Joshua tree, it'll probably not sound the same since.
  13. you got to be a real wanker and following Rothschilds orders to be a "high level Goldman Sachs banker" to then have to come and talk utter shit as a fucking health secretary. After the fake stepping down as chancellor he probably sat there for months wondering what shit low profile role Jacob might put him in next. Javid, you low life cocksucker in the pockets of your doomed masters, we won't forget you. Chelsea smile will look good on your smarmy fucking face.
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