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  1. i thought israel was fully boosted going on 4th boost. cnn is showing a figure of 191 doses per 100 ppl thats not even 2 doses each One of those will be bullshit, maybe the 4th dose and the latter is more like the truth?
  2. I think I'm right in saying CNN is up there with the most full of yew bullshit.
  3. How is open debate about efficacy of vaccine allowed on yewtube? something changed.
  4. Its Clean Torture, aired again at 11:30 and at 16:30.
  5. Theres a good RT documentary on right now about mind control probably the boomers have been most exposed to this.
  6. I was in the pub the other day and met a bloke who came across quite knowledgable. Asked me in front of around 8 people if I"d had my booster, I replied "have I fuck" I was then asked a question by someone else but heard him going on how I would be clogging up the ICU and regretting it. I'm in Oxfordshire and I've been told it is one of the highest parts of the cuntry for compliance. I can't really go out anymore as I encounter this nonsense everywhere, these freaks will just keep doing what the Freemason cuckolds on the TV tell them is best for them.
  7. I had this thought that a mask covers at least another 30% of the skin area you would typically expose in winter and this won't help as I had been hearing lots about keeping a high vitamin D level to keep colds away.
  8. Sounds like the average **** to me. I like your story/account. I consider it a white lie and part of growing up and probably had half dozen accounts of this (due to me being a bit thick) before I started to grasp right from wrong. This kind of wickedness only comes from psychopaths, not even clever at covering their tracks with slightly realistic/believable bullshit. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UnNXPjJAOrIO/
  9. They're desperate and starting to realise that no amount of police protection is going to stop the masses want for their blood.
  10. Clif High did a new video last night and it covers quite a bit about the collapsing of the banks being imminent. https://www.bitchute.com/video/RVl1AUNGQBk5/ so it fits perfectly and the markets have frothed for over a year whilst the underlying economy is in tatters.
  11. I get 100% the image gives that impression. If in uk you would see them masked up in Waitrose.
  12. I think that the Steins and Bergs got the memo. Hopefully karma gets a few in head on collisions from the jab flake outs though.
  13. Thank you for your view on that. I think I get the picture from Lavrovs face but could easily be falling for some false narrative.
  14. https://www.bitchute.com/video/kyc3aoCsPQRj/ I was hoping from the propaganda that we were looking at something multipolar where Putin rescued us from the nonces, the video above shows though they're all in it together. I was also hoping that the world leaders had fallen out as I can imagine that out of a room full of psychopaths that someone or smaller factions would want ultimate power.
  15. There isn't as much talk of cytokine storms these days are there Its clots, strokes and heart attack and I rememberer very well the first reports of blood clotting "which were perfectly normal at the site of any injection" only really came after the va666ine.
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