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  1. Probably Graphene oxide..GO.. Handy technical article here : http://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-materials-research/article/understanding-the-hemotoxicity-of-graphene-nanomaterials-through-their-interactions-with-blood-proteins-and-cells/6748A9B2B8FE67A88F4DA504AC331E9A describing the effect of GO on blood clotting and on T lymphocytes. Will GO make a sizeable proportion of its victims 'go'?
  2. But we all know that the boosters will be approved no matter what happens. Obvious yet again that there's a higher, commanding and dominating agenda. Many unsuspecting oldies will imagine that these additional jabs will protect them from the 'pandemic', not realizing that it's a tall tale, a hoax, based half on fear and half on statistical manipulation. According to the FT and Economist, the UK pensions budget is 'completely unsustainable' and has been so for many years. Wonder which way it will go now - up or down?
  3. I am unaware of any medical or scientific expertise possessed by this particular 'gentlemen'. Keeping it in simple terms for Hancock: It's not a matter of being 'anti vaxx', but of opposing medical intervention with the healthy. All medical procedures carry some degree of risk, which means that interfering with healthy subjects is foolish. The above is true even if the 'vaccine' were intended for a benign purpose - though it must be said that the deluge of desperate and non-stop propaganda strongly suggests the opposite in this particular case.
  4. Dr Theodore Dalrymple in Second Opinion: 'When we were students, a professor of public health once told us that the death rate declined whenever or wherever doctors went on strike. This was an even stronger argument, he implied, than the purely ethical one against doctors resorting to such action, or inaction. No profession should lightly expose its uselessness to the public gaze.'
  5. Boris and Twitty look very very uneasy here. It's the sort of look you'd give if you were being followed - just out of camera view - by a giant lizard with a disintegrator cannon
  6. Unclean, unclean! Guess they won't be invited to their neighbour's 61st birthday - if (and it's big if) he has one.... Dr Mike Yeadon is right when he said that if you take a long, cool, logical look at the whole 'Covid' and vaccine saga, there is no way that the 'vaccines' are intended for a benign purpose. Even if they don't kill you, repeated doses are likely to turn you into a a sick pharma cash-cow.
  7. Old people almost invariably seem to sicken and die once they get into the hands of the quacks who put them on a daily regimen of a dozen or more pills, with all their interactions and side-effects. Remember......Big Pharma says: Do kill granny, it's good for profits.
  8. You didn't really think that they'd give up on youthanasia that easily? The government always does what it's told to do by the real controllers, on world and off world. The agenda is there, set in stone (like the Georgia Guidestones?) and while pseudo-scientific shite is sometimes useful for the gullible, it isn't always necessary.
  9. The quacks are getting some Aktion T4 action! We have to face the unpalatable fact that quackery tends to attract some psychopathic individuals who relish having the power of life or death over their patients/victims. Still, it's better being dead than getting Covid.
  10. Big $$$$ for Big Pharma. And that's all that really matters - you don't think these people want to see you healthy? In their worldview, the best possible outcome is a chronically sick population. The Conjob 19 manoeuve is simple but effective. Healthy people as classed as sick, then medicated until they really become chronically sick .... or dead.
  11. You can tell Wee Jimmie Krankie is just itching to introduce them...
  12. An Open Letter on Coercive Mandates and Vaccine Passports http://www.crisismagazine.com/2021/an-open-letter-on-coercive-mandates-and-vaccine-passports Makes some good points, although probably accepting the reality of the 'virus ( in reality seasonal flu + vaccine damage). Good to see that not all Christians have gone over to the other side.
  13. This new series of The Krankies isn't as funny as the earlier ones. Where did she get that dress? At a sell-off of Thatch's old stuff?
  14. Mu is Lemuria, the equivalent of Atlantis in the Pacific Ocean. Get this - sceptics have described Mu/Lemuria as 'a theoretical concept with no basis in reality'. Just the same as the Mu variant then!
  15. Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?: http://www.journalofinfection.com/article/S0163-4453(21)00392-3/fulltext There it is in black and white: 'ADE of delta variants is a potential risk for current vaccines' Dr Yahi is presumably a 'tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nutter' too... so saith the fact checkers!
  16. Doesn't Japan have both the longest life expectancy and the lowest rate of vaccinations? Two facts that are likely connected. Unfortunately that seems to be changing - can no-one resist the pressure of billionaires and Big Pharma?
  17. The Deagel population drop forecasts. Obviously don't want that one getting out to a large audience. Mind you, in some respects, the 77th worries overmuch. A certain percentage of the population are completely gullible and accept just about anything the government and mass media tells them to believe. They could go and plaster every 'vaccination' centre with large posters of Dr Shipman saying 'Get that jab now' and some people would still get 'vaccinated'.
  18. According to the Deagel prediction for 2025, the population of Romania will only drop by 500,000 - nothing like the 80% drop predicted for Britain.
  19. Good post, but many children getting polio after the vaccine was a headline. Cutter Incident, 1955. The quacks have the advantage when people don't remember all their failures. The vaccine is the 'virus . In the early days no-one knew anyone with the 'virus' A disease of celebs and politicians. Now after the 'vaccine' it's running riot. The vaccine is the 'virus' when the virus isn't seasonal flu.
  20. Also, Harry Shearer has attended Bohemian Grove.
  21. Youthanasia is finally arriving. Perhaps this episode of the Simpsons is the best commentary on the situation: This episode is more than sixteen years old, but notice the references to serious diseases being ignored in favour of vaccination and even a BLM comment. The Simpsons is better than Nostradamus!
  22. Planet Lockdown, with Catherine Austin Fitts http://evidencenotfear.com/catherine-austin-fitts-planet-lockdown/ Get it while you still can, banned by the corporate internet giants for 'dangerous misinformation' 'unfounded allegations', 'false claims' etc. If I want 'dangerous misinformation' 'unfounded allegations' and 'false claims', I'll go to the BBC or Guardian thank you very much. Common sense would suggest that the frantic efforts to remove this video from Fakebook indicates that its content is truthful and correct.
  23. Wee Jimmy Krankie - like all politicians - is so useless at solving real problems that she tries to compensate by tackling imaginary ones. Can't do anything about poverty (men in the poorer parts of Glasgow die 30 years before those in Surrey), but she's great at battling the invisible beastie. Och aye..Loch Ness Monster or Covid, which one really exists?
  24. The line of thought displayed here is so ludicrous that the only logical deduction is that Covid is now a religious dogma, and we are the heretics and blasphemers against the faith. It's hilarious really - the Guardian and BBC sometimes produce articles and programmes (particularly round Easter and Christmas) suggesting that Judas was a good guy or that Jesus was possibly a bit that way etc.. Covid has evidentially replaced Christianity, as they get away with all that, while simultaneously calling for harsh measures against offenders who blaspheme against the new holy cult of Covid.
  25. Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research: http://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2021/06/28/covid19-the-final-nail-in-coffin-of-medical-research/ ‘The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs… virtually everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors… if you don’t believe the system is out of control, please e-mail me and explain why drugs are the third leading cause of death.’ Excellent article that explains how following the science really means following the shite. As a former member of the University of Shite (part of the Russell Group of Shite) I concur with Dr Kendrick's view of the rampant corruption in the academic world that has produced a fake pandemic for the benefit of control freaks and big Pharma. Most of the members of SAGE are not real scientists anyway, just a bunch of behavioral psychologists.
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