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  1. That's right, they also tend to accept a lot of 'conspiracy theories' (so-called) about the NWO and Freemasons etc , as this hostile piece makes clear: https://wherepeteris.com/the-mad-world-of-conspiracy-theory-catholicism/ 'This letter( from Carlo Maria Viganò) claims that the coronavirus crisis is being exploited by advocates of “one world government.” '
  2. Indeed, though maybe they are the final solution to perceived problems and obsessions of the el-ite such as overpopulation. As John Lamb Lash says: 'Globalist technocrats are implementing the religion of the future, complete with their own version of the eucharist, the Covid-19 vaccination. The transhumanist technocratic agenda of the Great Reset is theocracy rebranded. This time around, self-entitled billionaires and wind-bag political ideologues play god. And they are playing for keeps.'
  3. 'Trick 'n' trace strikes me as a much less rational procedure than an African witch doctor shaking a gourd at someone. The real rulers are consummate con artists, but would be stopped in their tracks if more people had sense. The carnival trickster needs his 'rubes' and in the final analysis it's the gullible and naive masses who perpetuate the whole situation.
  4. Vaccination fanatics could best be classed as suffering from pseudo-scientific delusions. One early inoculation/vaccination enthusiast was Cotton Mather, the witch hunter and the person most behind the Salem Witch Trials. Mather was an educated man - he graduated from Harvard, which Bill Gates didn't quite manage . But he had a kink in his mind - virtuous, clean living Puritans under threat from invisible enemies. Belief in dangerous germs flying through the air is therefore much like thinking that witches fly through the night on broomsticks.
  5. Sniffer dogs are in favour with the Establishment, and 100% right..except when Gerry McScam is concerned, when they are inexplicably 100% wrong.
  6. Two Porton Downs - but are they really the same? In the 1950s they nerve gassed national servicemen who thought they were helping to find a cure for the common cold (coronavirus). The public lack all sense of self-preservation when they eagerly queue for 'vaccines' that are distributed from the top centre for bacteriologic/chemical warfare.
  7. Religious groups against the vax apparently include most Traditionalist Catholics, many or most Eastern Orthodox - one Abbot of the Greek Church describing the Conjob Vax as 'the mark of the Antichrist' - and some Fundamentalist Protestants. The Mormons are all for the Conjob vaccine, which is unsurprising as the LDS/Mormons have always been under heavy Masonic influence. More surprisingly perhaps, Jehovah's Witnesses are all in favour of mass Convid vaccination.
  8. All perfectly normal, nothing to see here. Have the 'fact checkers' started on pilots and the vaxx yet? They are sure to start soon, if they haven't already: 'Collapsing/ unconscious/ half-dead pilots are not the result of vaccination. They are a result of anything except vaccination. Global warming, for example. Probably. ' This message has been brought to you by the Politrue Foundation, a non-profit organization funded by generous civic-minded philanthropists. Please keep those donations coming, Bill and George!'
  9. Why don't they just go ahead and issue digital IDs to everyone instead of faffing around endlessly? First we have Conjob, the seasonal flu magnified and manipulated into the Great Plague. A corporate scam, with banking groups, insurance companies, supermarket giants etc etc offering earnest advice in 'coping with Covid' and 'helping with Covid'. Then came the vaccines, either ineffective or actively dangerous or both at once, but designed to pave the way for digital ID. I sense, deep down, that the 0.001% are terrified of the masses, because of the sheer disparity in numbers. This fuels their desire for an unbreakable digital police state. In reality, the vast majority of the 99.999% are completely passive and unthinking , the billionaires could just as well go back to buying yachts, flying (and crashing) private planes and forming art collections of bisected sheep in formaldehyde instead of running the tedious Convid scamola.
  10. It's always claimed that the masses are royalists because they indulge in leisure activities on the jubilee holidays. In reality, it's just the break from the daily grind that they appreciate, they wouldn't care if it was called Jubilee Day or Adolf Hitler Day ( who incidentally probably had less German ancestry than the 'Windsors').
  11. Sounds very similar what Jacques Attali wrote about in his 1981 book. All the fact checkers (fat cheque-ers) claim that he didn't write anything of the sort....it's all false etc. In our inverted world, this makes me think that it's all true.
  12. The Hippocratic Oath is being updated so many times it's becoming the medical equivalent of Trigger's broom in Only Fools And Horses. What remains of the original? The prohibition of abortions was removed years ago, now we have this anti-free speech addition. I would suggest that the root cause of the two changes I have highlighted is nothing more ethical than large quantities of money, dosh, ££££. The Hippocratic Oath is now the Hypocritical Oath, with no chance of producing quacks any more ethical than those who ran T4. Many who enter the profession of quackery, are motivated not by compassion but the prospect of complete control over vulnerable or helpless people. As I've stated in previous posts, I use the term quack in preference to 'doctor', as doctor implies a respect that 95% of them don't deserve.
  13. Of course they are. The crisis has been deliberately created on the back of the phony pandemic. Conjob was/is the cover for far-reaching economic and social changes that are not in the interest of 99.99999% of the people. They have a long record for this kind of thing - the Bilderberger engineered oil shock of 1973, for example.
  14. 'Anti-Vaxxers' joining Nazis in Paraguay, whatever next? Good job all these journos are pretty ignorant, they aren't familiar with the quote from the man with the mustache : 'Some serious scientists are against vaccination'.
  15. Gates' appearance put me in mind of classic British films - Hammer, to be precise. Count Dracula just as he begins to crumble...
  16. The Gatesdian still flogging a dead horse: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/may/09/fourth-covid-jab-can-give-higher-immunity-than-initial-booster-study-finds Professor Saul Faust - who must have been Dr Faust ( ho hum)at one time - says a fourth jab gives 'a substantial boost' to antibodies. Of course, the vax does this as it's an antigen/pathogen. Article from 2009: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/biosci/news/2009/11/15_our_scientists_receive_prestigious_grant_to_design_new_vaccines.page 'Researchers from the University of Southampton have received a US$100,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.' The researchers include Jeremy Webb and Saul Faust. Who was Dr Faust then.. Bill Gates and Dr Faust, who could make it up!
  17. https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/incriminating-evidence?s=r The delights of the vax, according to Steve Kirsch: death (including death in your sleep) COVID infection cardiac arrest pulmonary embolism intracranial hemorrhage Bell’s Palsy Guillain-Barre peripheral neuropathy severe and persistent muscle spasms menstrual issues (high flow, low flow, start, stop, timing) Re-emergence of latent disease (cancers, shingles, etc.) Worsening diabetes and hundreds more serious adverse events that are obvious in VAERS but where the CDC is staying silent
  18. According to some fundamentalist Christian websites, Bill Gates is Satan's emissary on earth. Rather a let-down. Peter Cook in Bedazzled and Sam Neill in Omen were charismatic and elegant, but 'Dr' Gates just resembles an ancient, worn out bank clerk
  19. I said to friendsand relations at the start of the scamdemic/'pandemic' that even if the vaccines were comparatively harmless, the cumulative result of social distancing, masking and vax would be to reduce those stupid enough to follow the fake 'science' to the state of isolated tribes who end up being completely wiped out when an explorer sneezes in their direction.
  20. Excellent article from the mainstream media. An answer to Shipmanesque quacks and officials who think it's all reich to administer poison to the public. https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/04/i-want-my-country-back/ The older I get and the better I understand life, the less this happens, but over the last two years I have lost count of the number of times I’ve said, ‘I don’t believe what I’m seeing…’ I am specifically referring to the disconnect between the actions of governments, individuals, and the readily-available facts surrounding the Coronavirus. '...against a life expectancy of 82.9, we can say that Covid robs you of 2.1 years, and the ‘vaccines’ rob you of 8.4 years. But if we look into the data a little more, an even more disturbing trend emerges....Covid vaccines were only made available to older people initially, but have gradually been made available to younger and younger people. In this context, if we take the average age of death over the last 100 reports, we see it plummet alarmingly from 74.5 to 66.0.' 'Mainstream media do not ever report on vaccine deaths, but they have no qualms about breathlessly reporting on someone in their 80s that died of a respiratory disease.'
  21. Oddly enough, the name 'Draghi' is derived from the Italian word drago, the plural for dragon.
  22. Excellent post. Of course, some aspects of the Conjob 19 con remain obscure, possibly deliberately so, bit like the 'confusion marketing' practiced by the banks. But the bottom line is surely depopulation by vaccine. If you read widely enough, you can find convincing evidence that population reduction has been on the agenda for a good while. There's a book by Jack Hargreaves, 'The Old Country' with one very revealing chapter. Hargreaves tells of the time he met a University Vice Chancellor who discussed serving on an official committee to determine the optimum population of Britain. The Vice Chancellor said that figure they calculated was 36 million but commented to Hargreaves: 'what democratic politician could even approach the problem of getting rid of getting rid of twenty nine million people?' But the billionaires have now taken over completely and there's no restraint from 'democratic politicians'.
  23. Communocapitalism on the rise..there has always been an undercurrent of that - back in the day Murdoch was 'Red Rupert' and Thatch was hobnobbing with communist/capitalist Armand Hammer of Standard Oil.
  24. Isn't long Covid just a rebrand of CFS/ME? Ironically enough, officialdom once claimed that didn't exist - advising sufferers to get psychiatric help. Twenty years ago, almost every quack and government official was a 'Long Covid' denier. Btw use of 'Long Covid' terminology isn't anachronistic, as the common cold is a coronavirus when it isn't a rhinovirus.
  25. It might have been my post about the so-called 'pensions time bomb', they don't like people hearing about that. If as they claim, pensions are *unsustainable*, do they want more or less pensioners? We've been (deliberately) dumbed down for years, but surely the dumbest must wonder what is the real purpose of the jib-jabs in the light of the previous statement.
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