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  1. Gates coming unstuck, hopefully this will also translate into difficulties with the 'vax the world' plan : https://theguardian.com/technology/2021/may/10/melinda-bill-gates-divorce-jeffrey-epstein-meetings
  2. Wow.. very efficient. Late 'conspiracy theorist' Barry Chamish was indubitably right when he suggested that ordinary Israelis would be the victims of the NWO. The cabal has contempt for them as well, as shown by the fact that among the states with biggest gaps between rich and poor are Britain, the US.. and Israel. The real villains are vanishingly small in number.. Sabatean Frankist followers of the Lurianic cabbala?
  3. Lack of 'medical treatment' is more likely to be a boon than a disaster. In a few years time it will be synonymous with euthanasia and organ harvesting. Even today, when oldsters are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the quacks, their life expectancy is usually to be measured in months and weeks instead of years.
  4. Cyprus enslaved. Wonder what the independence fighters of the 50s would think - a dozen or more of whom were hanged, the warrants signed by our own dear Queenie..
  5. Bill appears rather unhealthy in this pic, has he been at his own 'updates'? The Beeb, Guardian, Bliar Fundation and Imperial College might be starting to worry about future subsidies. Religious and tribal allegiance is an area that has never really interested me, but even I can see that Bill has a distinctly.. ahem.. Amish look.
  6. Also the Japanese doctors of Unit 731 who went free in exchange for all their bacteriological warfare goodies - which may have included the precursor of HIV.
  7. These 'vaccines' certainly have the Gates signature. Say you get a brand new computer, plenty of capacity, great processor etc. If you are innocent and foolish, you will allow all those 'essential updates' to MS products that you most likely never use. 6 months later, your machine is running like treacle and making grinding noises, and 12 months later it's binned. If on the other hand you are a sensible person, you will tweak the registry and services to ensure that those pesky updates don't get through. You will then have a much better chance of your comput
  8. Excellent post. There may well be different 'vaccines' for different folks. Anecdotally, it's true that the authorities seem more eager to 'inoculate' some people more than others - some are deluged with letters, calls and texts, while others are receive a solitary text. This could possibly suggest varying levels of efficiency, or is it more likely to indicate some sort of agenda? At one extreme, toxic solutions intended to permanently remove elderly or marginal members of society, or at the other end of the scale an inert placebo. But for the majority, a DN
  9. The phrase 'It's better being dead than having Covid' somehow comes to mind... Considering how dumbed down the populace has become, I think that above has potential as the main BBC and government propaganda slogan. They could try variants (ho, ho) such as: 'Get the vaccine now - it's better being dead than having Covid!'
  10. Indeed they do. The 'law' is headed in the same direction, towards everything is forbidden unless expressly permitted instead of everything is permitted unless expressly forbidden.
  11. Good analysis. I was thinking of the final film Omen III, wherein Damien Thorn is an adult, and a important politician who can't help but remind you of Bliar.
  12. Damien Thorn the Antichrist, from the Omen series of movies, played by Sam Neill.
  13. I have no doubt that satanism is the thought pattern of choice for the el-lite. Doesn't Bliar remind one of a less handsome and more irritating version of Damien Thorn? Incidentally, in one of his books, author Laurence Dalian - after referring to the 'pyramid of power' of these satanically inclined elites - then claims that the top of the pyramid is a demoniacal extraterrestrial presence that resides at some secret location on earth.
  14. There is the theory from Hoyle and Wickramasinghe that the flu virus isn't passed from person to person, but comes from outer space. Article from the Guardian, from the days before it sold its soul to become the Gatesdian: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2000/jan/19/spaceexploration.medicineandhealth
  15. Thanks for that, scary but essential reading. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but a cull of 80% or 90% of the world population seems on many levels to be an almost fantastic prospect. However, since the cabal of billionaires that calls the shots is demonstrably insane, it could be an eventual reality. History shows us that there have been orchestrated mass killing rituals before eg WWI, WW II - which have punctuated longer periods of fear and tension eg the Cold War.
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