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  1. Interestingly, when they were first coming to political prominence in the 50s and 60s, Opus Dei were often regarded as 'Catholic Masons'.
  2. The two 'professions' - doctoring and soldiering - do have something in common though, in that they are both able to kill people and get away with it...
  3. Some interesting comments here: http://skwawkbox.org/2016/11/08/exclusive-compilation-of-new-orgreave-evidence/ Also see Seamus Milne's book. This might be strictly 'off-topic', but isn't in the deeper sense......... when we are faced with a huge corporate/big money/governmental plot stretching back decades, only reaching its final form today.
  4. Not beyond the bounds of possibility. It only came out years later that many, or even most, of the 'police' involved in the Miners' Strike were in fact soldiers, including the SAS.
  5. A professor at a top Irish University! My earlier mocking references to the University of Shite and the Russell Group of Shite were far too mild and generous. Welcome to the modern world, a place where the utterly stupid and the utterly sinister are seamlessly blended.
  6. Probably Graphene oxide..GO.. Handy technical article here : http://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-materials-research/article/understanding-the-hemotoxicity-of-graphene-nanomaterials-through-their-interactions-with-blood-proteins-and-cells/6748A9B2B8FE67A88F4DA504AC331E9A describing the effect of GO on blood clotting and on T lymphocytes. Will GO make a sizeable proportion of its victims 'go'?
  7. But we all know that the boosters will be approved no matter what happens. Obvious yet again that there's a higher, commanding and dominating agenda. Many unsuspecting oldies will imagine that these additional jabs will protect them from the 'pandemic', not realizing that it's a tall tale, a hoax, based half on fear and half on statistical manipulation. According to the FT and Economist, the UK pensions budget is 'completely unsustainable' and has been so for many years. Wonder which way it will go now - up or down?
  8. I am unaware of any medical or scientific expertise possessed by this particular 'gentlemen'. Keeping it in simple terms for Hancock: It's not a matter of being 'anti vaxx', but of opposing medical intervention with the healthy. All medical procedures carry some degree of risk, which means that interfering with healthy subjects is foolish. The above is true even if the 'vaccine' were intended for a benign purpose - though it must be said that the deluge of desperate and non-stop propaganda strongly suggests the opposite in this particular case.
  9. Dr Theodore Dalrymple in Second Opinion: 'When we were students, a professor of public health once told us that the death rate declined whenever or wherever doctors went on strike. This was an even stronger argument, he implied, than the purely ethical one against doctors resorting to such action, or inaction. No profession should lightly expose its uselessness to the public gaze.'
  10. Boris and Twitty look very very uneasy here. It's the sort of look you'd give if you were being followed - just out of camera view - by a giant lizard with a disintegrator cannon
  11. Unclean, unclean! Guess they won't be invited to their neighbour's 61st birthday - if (and it's big if) he has one.... Dr Mike Yeadon is right when he said that if you take a long, cool, logical look at the whole 'Covid' and vaccine saga, there is no way that the 'vaccines' are intended for a benign purpose. Even if they don't kill you, repeated doses are likely to turn you into a a sick pharma cash-cow.
  12. Old people almost invariably seem to sicken and die once they get into the hands of the quacks who put them on a daily regimen of a dozen or more pills, with all their interactions and side-effects. Remember......Big Pharma says: Do kill granny, it's good for profits.
  13. You didn't really think that they'd give up on youthanasia that easily? The government always does what it's told to do by the real controllers, on world and off world. The agenda is there, set in stone (like the Georgia Guidestones?) and while pseudo-scientific shite is sometimes useful for the gullible, it isn't always necessary.
  14. The quacks are getting some Aktion T4 action! We have to face the unpalatable fact that quackery tends to attract some psychopathic individuals who relish having the power of life or death over their patients/victims. Still, it's better being dead than getting Covid.
  15. Big $$$$ for Big Pharma. And that's all that really matters - you don't think these people want to see you healthy? In their worldview, the best possible outcome is a chronically sick population. The Conjob 19 manoeuve is simple but effective. Healthy people as classed as sick, then medicated until they really become chronically sick .... or dead.
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