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  1. Another day, another death..this time Lisa Loring, from the original Addams Family, a stroke at 64. Bliar once said that the vaccinated would be 'given more freedoms', but at present this seems to include the freedom to keel over. By the way Bliar, if you are 'given freedoms', all this means is that you are not free at all. As Hilaire Belloc commented, modern industrial and commercial society inevitably ends with the return of slavery.
  2. We're getting to the stage when evidence = some talking head from Imperial College without any cardiology qualifications. We also know that Imperial College = loadsa dosh from the computer salesman.
  3. Keeping an eye on the petty criminals..because the real (unconvicted) great criminals are gathering. Irony!
  4. The piper calls the tune! Guardian doing its best to keep those 'donations' coming. What a laugh - bought Guardian criticising bought BBC! Money makes the world go around - and unfortunately Bill has loads of it, more than some countries.
  5. It's a rum old world, and that's a really odd term... 'vaccine hesistancy'. Using the term 'hesistancy' for a perfectly sensible and sane action is ridiculous, whatever next, 'jumping off a cliff hesistancy'? 'Every public statement by a journalist/politician/medical professional is scripted by the WHO.' Very true, as is also the fact that the WHO itself is most likely to be scripted by the guy who's given it 683 million dollars.
  6. Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists have joined forces in a bizarre lawsuit that accuses The Washington Post, the BBC, the Associated Press, and Reuters of violating 19th-century antitrust laws https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/robert-f-kennedy-jr-anti-vaxxers-sue-media-outlets-over-covid-conspiracy-boycott-1234660028/ Good to see the Blatant Bias Corporation facing a lawsuit, this pompous and self-righteous fake news outfit has outstayed its welcome. From its earliest days, the beeb has been a state/government propaganda outfit, virtually another department of the SIS.
  7. Prince Philip lasted exactly 3 months after the jab, before joining the ever-growing ranks of the fully vaccinated and completely dead. Setting a good example for the lower orders to follow? Somehow you sense that all those pensioners claiming money for twenty or more years really gets under the skin of the WEF types like Schwab and Attali. The vax does wonders for fiscal stability, 'all for the good of the country I suppose' - to use the words of Terry Jones in Monty Python's Live Organ Transplants.
  8. A while ago, Serbia was something of a stumbling block and major irritant to the NWO. The 'friendly persuasion' displayed by the evil Bliar and NATO, mercilessly bombing Belgrade for 80 days, seems to have brought Serbia into line with the rest of us.
  9. 'All for the good of the country, I suppose', as Terry Jones said in Monty Python's Live Organ Transplants... They are so..o crafty, using the other big hoax of the day, namely climate change - global warming as was - an item of firm belief for many well-meaning but essentially naive and foolish people.
  10. In the real world, the big man of Big Pharma outranks any national or Euro politician. Pre-'pandemic', Pfizer shares were around 30 bucks but have since almost doubled. Latest Pfizer profits .... 25 million dollars. Talk about making a killing! Money makes the world go around, and politicians are cheap.
  11. Always found this kind of 'research' quite sinister, they seem desperate to get a 'sample'..for whatever purposes: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/a-cure-for-flu-from-beyond-the-grave-933046.html
  12. What are the chances of Bliar having the real 'vax'? About the same as Building 7 collapsing due to some falling debris! Both tall tales are officially true ie false.
  13. Yes, and take a look here, before it gets memory holed,: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLj5u12D-kn/ Lived for a year and eleven months after the jib jab. A high proportion of the black community have - very sensibly - decided not to take the unknown syringe, Maxi Jazz thought otherwise.
  14. A fantastic business model if you are totally unscrupulous and indifferent to the cost in human life. The resulting cash cascade is more than sufficient to buy up health organisations, universities, politicians, media outlets, 'fact checkers' and so on. Equally, the few who tell the truth can easily be sidelined as nutcases or conspiracy theorists.
  15. It's Christmas..,,let's have a Bible quote. Revelation 18:23 in the original Greek: 'Hoti hoi emporoi sou ēsan hoi megistanes tēs gēs hoti en tē pharmakeia sou eplanēthēsan panta ta ethnē' Usually translated as: 'For thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived' Might not be an accurate translation, but anyway the gist is that the great men, the wealthy merchants are using pharmakeia to deceive the whole world. Wonder what that could mean??
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