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  1. Hereby award you, Olive from 'On the Buses' lookalike, the Order of Nothing for your services to magic potions. Hopefully a lot fewer smelly proles about in the near future! '
  2. https://www.globalresearch.ca/heart-syndrome-affects-90-us-population/5857170 Another complete mystery!
  3. Cricketer Josh Baker dies suddenly aged 20. The new normal?
  4. How very convenient! With all this background of financial pension woe, it's surprising they allowed the health giving vaccines.. Wonder just how many of the queuers outside the jab centres three years ago are still alive today?
  5. Rageh Omaar: ITV host receiving medical care after becoming unwell live on air https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68910984 Too much gardening? Or too much sunshine?
  6. Aged 75 or over? Been claiming the state pension for ten years or more.... Very naughty, this is money that should be sent to those nice Israelis and Ukrainians. When speed reading this letter I mistakenly noted a reference to a 'Covid wankin' site'. That would be indubitably more enjoyable and much less hazardous then being injected with the 'vax'.
  7. The 613 commandments of Judaism. 'In Kabbalah, the number 613 is very significant, with every complete entity seen as being divisible into 613 parts: 613 parts to every Sefirah; 613 parts to each of the divine mitzvot in the in the Torah; and 613 parts to the human body.'
  8. Like the articles with '33' in them, this might well be fake news, as '613' has deep Kabbalistic significance. Just indicating to those in the know that this is a bullshit story?
  9. Stephanie Sparks dies at 50: https://golfweek.usatoday.com/gallery/stephanie-sparks-golf-channel-reality-series-big-break-dies-at-age-50/ Of course, it's normal for celebs to keel over every week.. The new normal anyway...
  10. As convincing as Tim Healy in 'Benidorm'...
  11. Have they passed this bill because Bill hasn't passed enough bills?
  12. David Frost? Thought he was dead. Seriously though all this 'terrorism' talk is quite ridiculous as the state of Israel was founded on terrorism eg Irgun, Stern Gang, Lehi etc. All this talk of the menace of Hamas is just a hollow excuse so that they can continue to massacre civilians.
  13. Maybe that should be clarified.. the average Joe shareholder who bought BT, Lloyds, Royal Mail shares during privatisation and held on to them will actually have lost money. The big money men who know when to buy and when to sell large quantities of shares will be quids in.. at the expense of both the workers and the small shareholders.
  14. Gotta keep those donations from Dr. Bill going! But they really know that they are writing crap, and we know that they are writing crap. And they know that we know...
  15. Spreading 'antisemitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories' ...Wancock protests too much methinks. But Bridgen should beware the courts as the law is an ass that comes to decisions that are completely false. For example, in several libel cases with Private Eye, fat crook and Israeli SIS agent Robert Maxwell was officially declared an honest and upright citizen.
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