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  1. “Depopulation” by COVID-19 vaccines?: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/depopulation-by-covid-19-vaccines/ Seems like they protest overmuch. Is their 'medical science' real science or subsidized science? Everyone knows that quacks in Britain and America are now little more than sales reps for big pharma. 'But why? Why would “globalists” want to kill 90% of the population off? According to Adams, it would be to save the world. (Sound familiar?) In the meantime, the global elite will have developed AI and robots to do the work of all those billions of people dying off from their vaccine holocaust due to their vaccine bioweapon. Multiple times, he stated that the “globalists” think that anyone who’s “stupid enough” to “line up to be injected with unknown substances” is “too stupid to be a part of the future of humanity”. Here’s where the aliens come in. Adams claimed that the “globalists” have actually interacted with extraterrestrials more advanced than our civilization and have come to realize that earth must compete and expand with a cosmic economy. Thus the “globalists” needed to redirect resources into science, colonization technologies, and defense. Instead of spending to keep “useless eaters” alive, the “globalists” believe, according to Adams, that these resources need to be redirected to survive contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, compete with extraterrestrials, and ultimately be part of a “cosmic ecosystem of intelligent beings”.'
  2. It's like we've gone back to the early days .. seemingly only politicians and minor celebs are contracting convid...
  3. Rebranded seasonal flu is indeed somewhat dangerous if - like many Americans - you are obese and have other health problems, but it's deadly once the ventilators come into use. The medical Carry Ons featuring Finisham Hospital and Dr Kilmore have become reality....
  4. 'Long covid' is rebranded post viral syndrome/CFS. Ironically enough, previous governments and medical experts followed the line that CFS was an imaginary illness, a psychological condition, and that CFS sufferers were neurotics, the work shy and benefit grabbers. Times have certainly changed!
  5. After all the Sun always tells the truth Diana's driver drunk at 130 mph.. Hillsborough fans picked pockets.. Freddie Starr ate my hamster...
  6. Lamda makes me think of the dramatic academy. An indication maybe that this is all pure theatre? The ptb do love to leave little hints lying around as they 'hoodwink'...
  7. A while back in this thread I coined the (sarcastic) slogan: 'Remember - it's better being dead than getting Covid' Maybe I should copyright it - as the way things are going it's sure to be in use soon.
  8. Do Vaccines Deliver Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles For 5G Mind Control? Interesting and disturbing article by Marta Michels https://int.artloft.co/do-vaccines-deliver-graphene-oxide-nanoparticles-for-5g-mind-control/
  9. If anyone comments on this, you can always reply that your mask is just as effective as theirs. Even you accept the viral theory, stopping viruses with masks is like stopping flies with a five bar gate. Oswald Spengler said that you should always irritate stupid people whenever you have the chance, the mask issue is an ideal opportunity for this.
  10. The fact that WHO changes its mind so rapidly proves pretty conclusively that it is subject to some higher authority ('Dr' Bill?) Likewise, nation states simultaneously enacting the same policies towards the revamped and rebranded common cold must indicate some form of supranational control. Two up to the 'conspiracy theorists'!
  11. To anyone with sense the risk of losing Sky TV sounds like a consummation to be devoutly wished.. It shouldn't take much awareness to realise that anything promoted by characters like Bliar and Kissinger is best avoided. Rather than clamouring for unsafe vaccines, the proles should instead demand some of whatever has been keeping Kissinger alive for so long. The el-ite - as shown by examples such as Mr K, the Queen and Rupert Murdoch - pretty obviously have access to advanced and effective medical treatments unknown to everyone else.
  12. Paxo Rooster Booster shots coming soon? This is one of my earliest memories and - even first time round - I implicitly understood the meaning... let's hope potential recipients of the vaccine boosters understand it too. Noticed plenty of anger today among vaccinated 'normies' regarding boosters and probable future winter lockdowns. But, really, what did they expect? Always utterly ludicrous to trust in Bliar and bought-and-paid-for 'scientists'.
  13. Those with an interest in the esoteric would call it a tulpa, an egregore or a wetiko.
  14. The latter - the evil daughter of Alf, the Masonic 'Groping Grocer of Grantham'. 'Groping Grocer of Grantham' sound like something out of Benny Hill..Britain has been a real life farce for many years.
  15. More fake news from the wretched BBC, more total distortion. The NW may have indeed have 'a high proportion of people likely to test positive ' - but only because it has a high proportion of old people with respiratory diseases from old industries.
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