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  1. You forgot don’t look up. At the end there was a button about the coming presidential election in 2024. And maybe I don’t have to say this because I am trying to say this all the time. But fuck it. I have been dealing with aliens at the age of 8 who are telling me that a comet will hit the earth in the future (in my life time). They told me that the comet will hit in the ocean near puerto rico. When that happen a swimming suite is unnecessary. Tsunami waves will reach up to 1 km. Of course these people know more, that’s why they are preparing.
  2. Okay then. If we have the possibility to turn the gulag into a society where dreams can come true, then I wouldn’t be bothered to have my own tree house as well. What about you?
  3. That is not gulag XD But damn, that is beautiful!
  4. Hello, In my personal story I explain my encounter with aliens. It goes back when I was 8 years old. My experiences with the extraterrestrial and the research I did led me to a profound inner truth. This truth, of course need not to be your truth. I find it important to share my story with other people in order to bring awareness. Maybe that you’ve had similar experiences? If so, feel free to share. What are the things that I will talk about in my story: Personal alien encounters Future comet impact on earth Fake afterlife made by reptilian / dinosaur beings Past lives Research My story can be read on my website: https://akka-asiel.wixsite.com/my-story
  5. https://akka-asiel.wixsite.com/my-story
  6. I think the universe is a co-creation of all spiritual beings within this universe. We all agree that it exist, because we all believe it does.
  7. 2:17 Such a true hero! XD I thought this was his promo election video for presidency. Anyway i can't find it anywhere else than on this website.
  8. Imagination is your gateway to freedom. It means that you believe that everything is possible and indeed you only have to imagine it in order to make it real. :)
  9. I've seen that video as well. Good way to be prepared for now. XD anyway, it's so stupid if their gonna create a monkeypox pandemic, while having the truth right away! First event 201 and soon this?
  10. It is just one crisis after another. But I mean monkeypox, was the name on purpose? It sounds like a joke.
  11. Thank you I will take a look!
  12. So, now that covid have been placed on the background for a bit I see that some news websites are talking about the virus called ‘monkeypox’. I was wondering what your thoughts are about this all? https://nypost.com/2022/05/19/us-buys-millions-of-monkeypox-vaccines-after-massachusetts-case/
  13. "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." ~Albert Einstein
  14. I dont know why, but why does this reminds me of the name 'Milky Way' and it's origin. Sorry it's so wrong, but I couldnt let myself xD
  15. This is an old picture of my cat in the dish rack.
  16. It's a story from a book. From people who are saying that they have been talking to god. Everyone can talk to god. Let me show you how: This god really wants some delicious wraps with spinaz and goat cheese, so she will make some now! Amen
  17. Yeah, we basically live in a fairytale where we have been conditioned that the bizarre is reality and seeing reality as bizarre. Keeping people ignorant, but even that will not be forever. They cannot hide the truth forever, but in the right condition they can hide it for a very long time. Luckily more people are waking up now.
  18. I like your explanation that god might be bisexual, maybe even pansexual? When you think in that sense you just know what people say in religion is just off. And indeed, condemn people who doesn’t fit in their religious image goes beyond me too.
  19. I dont understand god in religion, since its been said that we all have been created by the image of god. So if everything have been created by the image of god, then i dont understand why people say that god deny people who are gay or beings who became evil or else. Like, god doesnt want to identify with these things he sees as sin, while it have been aknowledge that everything have been created by the image of god.
  20. Paint, so that i can make colorful wall paintings.
  21. Earth will survive, but it will be the end of our civilization. The elite will rush themselves on a island-ship in the ocean. But the ship eventually explode and so, it will be the end of the elite. After all those years Earth still haven’t been hit by a huge comet. If the aliens have the technology to destroy planets, why not destroying a comet? It is not in my script as well, but when it happen, I will be together with my family and having a really good coffee! How about you? I am still dealing with some trauma, it needs time to heal. There will be a time when you can forgive, but you will never forget. It is what it is and I was ignorant as well. Sometimes we do not know the answer, until we’ve experience it. I have made a website where I posted my story on. So, if you want to read everything, feel free to visit. I also added three other stories on it as well. These stories have simularities with mine. https://akka-asiel.wixsite.com/my-story P.s. My apology for the title “Happy Comet Day”. I think It was the dark humor of the aliens, but the energy I felt when I’ve read the title in my dream / vision was different. And I find the name catchy XD.
  22. I have been dealing with aliens at the age of 8. They told me that a comet will hit the Earth in the nearby future. They have shown me the aftermath and other horrible things, which have done a lot of harm to me and eventually my surrounding. They pretent to be the beings from heaven who admire god and acting like they know better than Earthlings. But if they really are the real deal, why would they bring so much destruction? So I decided that I deserve better and decided to let them go. (Basically it’s a long story, but anyway). Enjoy of what is, because you never know when it’s over. You are the creator of your own reality. And believe me, good aliens exist, but good aliens will never put you in a position where you end up in depression, confusion or anything else. They will allow you to live your life here on Earth. Besides that, everything comes from the same source, so basically everyone is a part of god (equal). But that’s how I see it.
  23. I ones saw this little leaf. Hope it will lighten up your day :)
  24. I understand, but I dont know about it. Whatever it might be, it's an interesting picture.
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