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  1. Happy new year from Cape Town, I hope 2022 is a better year for everyone.
  2. I had to share this video as it made me smile Hopefully, you all get something from it and it makes you feel a bit lighter.
  3. Thanks for sharing the video clip, I can see that it does actually look like quite a good movie! So I stand corrected! In summary though, who in their right mind thinks that they are intellectually superior to play the act of god, and to try and justify the balance of both good and evil or to sideline morals in general, just to murder on the basis of ego?! Have a good day, from rainy Cape Town.
  4. I agree, that there is no set path to take in order to seek truth. Its interesting though how everyone that's posted, have said more or less the same thing. In that it is an individual journey, dependent upon what experiences you go through in life and what materials you are drawn to along with what you take from the information you have just read. I also just live by the principal of kindness to others and animals and try to see the positive in everything (which is a challenge sometimes) For me, moving from the UK to Cape Town, it has also been a journey, where I have realized how conditioned I had become in the UK to work hard for social and material gain. That mindset was quickly tipped on it's head! when you realize the amount of poverty there is around you. People think that o am mad living here, but it truly is a magical country.
  5. What spirituality resources do you refer to as being real? please provide me with some great reading materials on the topic of spirituality. I. Genuinely interested in this field. I do agree that there are a lot of fake people purposefully planted out there to promote fake beliefs. I guess it is for each Individual to use their own subjectiveness and soft through the rubbish. it's a great thread to create, but it would be even more awesome to promote positive spiritual resources aswell as highlight the fakes :)
  6. Hi RobSS, An interesting point to make, agreed it can be a dangerous philosophy to live by, when someone tries to justify that all good and evil serve the creator. I hope you enjoyed your film, personally, I would rather not watch films like that as I find them uncomfortable to watch. But perhaps from a psychology perspective, it is no doubt very interesting.
  7. @DaleP That is a positive way to look at things and you make a lot of valid points. Have a good day, love from Cape Town.
  8. it actually makes me feel really sad to read such negative comments. This is why i refrain from voicing my opinions on all social platforms as people are so quick to get angry. This is the very thing that is wrong with the world, its sooo sad. Try to spread love and acceptance of everyones opinion. Afterall, we are all one! ;)
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