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  1. (GODS) Gold, oil, drugs and sex. I forgot about the sex part but I suppose I'm not a drug fuelled nymphomaniac like these elites are. I suppose there is nothing really magical about any of them. You pull the curtain back like at the end of the wizard of oz and all that is revealed is a bunch of drug addicted, gold digging satanic pedos. I have no fear of ghouls or monsters. The behaviour of these inbred freaks over the centuries have proved they are the real monsters.
  2. How long has this been going on with these pharmaceutical companies? I'm reading about the Saturn theory right now and I know the black magic money system started in the days of babylon or Sodom and Gamorra but did this pharmaceutical system start at the same time to control us? It seems like drugs and money go hand in hand. I heard the term God means gold, oil and drugs. Sorry I can't send any links, I'm a tech retard There really is nothing new under the sun is there. They have been using the same system for centuries to drug us and keep us in debt.
  3. Aspartame is one I recognise. It pops up alot in Ickes books. I think he said it leads to Adhd and brain tumours in children. Bastards. Adhd kids are given ritalin which is practically the same thing as cocaine. You are right that they are poisoning us with toxins left right and centre. Is there any way to escape it? I mean you can live a healthier lifestyle but aren't foods labeled organic still sprayed with chemicals? My daughter has found her appetite has reduced since stopping drinking diet sodas. I told her they increased your appetite but things really are alot more sinister than that.
  4. I haven't got proof but there are multiple chapters in Ickes books about big Pharma and how they profit from a sick society. I can't remember the exact number he quotes. He believes alot of mental illnesses are caused by a toxic society. He said the doctors aren't treating the root of the problem, for example bullying, poverty, toxic family. Big Pharma just want a drugged up population so we are easier to control.
  5. It's been a while since I read anything about big Pharma but I think something like 75% of the medication they are handing out like smarties are just placebos. I think alot of minor ailments can be cured by growing natural herbs and plants but there ain't no profit to be made from them. A large portion of society wants to be sick so they can get sympathy and be a victim. I do believe all the attention whores doing youtube videos on anxiety and depression and promoting their toxic medication don't really have anything wrong with them. If they did they wouldn't have the confidence to make videos.
  6. I'll need to have a look at this. It's getting more difficult to get info on the special ones. I just found out when they mutilate their genitals at 8 days old that is the very beginning of their introduction to their own madness. Circumcision breaks the bond they feel with the mother. The mother is the one who is supposed to protect them, not let them get butchered. After circumsicion a lot of Jewish babies stop nursing because they associate the trauma with the mother. What a great way to start off in life, thinking your own mother hates you so much she let's you get butchered. Why in the world is this sick practice still around, it's barbaric and inhumane. Oh that's right, it's a Jewish tradition, can't break those can we, no matter how nutty they are.
  7. I just finished a book From Yahweh to Zion. I've read a few Jewish books but this book has made me understand the Jewish problem the most. In the last chapter (children of the mad God) the book explains a lot about Yahwehs psychopathy. This God is completely off his rocker. I think the elites have the gentiles and Jews under a spell. The Jews can't let go of the holocaust and the eternal victim mentality, and the gentiles can't let go of the guilt of killing Jews in the holocaust. Its all a big mindfuck. The jews have claimed they are far more intelligent than us on many occasions and I believe they are, but if they are, why can't they see through this game the elites are playing. Or can they see the game but they are enjoying the eternal victim status too much? I'm not bashing Jews againit's just that I can't understand that if these people claim to hate their Jewishness so much, can't they just stop being a jew, or do they love the supremacy too much?
  8. I'm no expert in anything. I'm still learning everyday. Could it be that those of us who are truly awake to where all this is heading have had far from easy lives? Society is focused on all the trivial problems in life while not looking at the bigger picture. It's a lot easier to stare at the TV and switch off to your favourite netflix programme than it is to really face the truth that you are a slave. I used to hate society for a long time, but maybe the truth is reality is just too painful for them. We are the many, that is true, but if you talk to these people about anything that goes outside of their comfort zone, you are looked upon as some kind of freak and you will be shunned from the group. It's difficult. As you can tell I'm a loner, outside of family I have no one. I just don't feel as if my mind operates the same way as these people.
  9. There is something really wrong with the world when you are not allowed to like the fact that you are white. Who owns hollywood, msm, the porn industry, the schools, social media? At this point anti-semitism is just common sense. These sick bastards tell you in the Talmud and the Bible exactly what they think of you. They laugh at your children being raped by foreign invaders, like they always have done. Everyone is allowed to prefer their own tribe, except white people. David Icke says we are all one big family. That sounds nice and all that but if white people don't start being tribal again and wake the fuck up then whitey is going to become extinct.
  10. They are known as Khazars, Israelis, yahwists, the cabal, and dare I say the word, jewsThey are the globalists infiltrating the world with their supremist doctrine the babylonian talmud. Nice book. It states that having sex with non Jews (non inbreds more like) is like having sex with animals. They are the supermen of the world who will liberate us from our evil gentile ways. This tribe is a bunch of dirty parasites who have contributed nothing but misery and suffering to the human race and will continue to do so unless we wake up and fast. I think it's time we won for a change.
  11. This tribe has stated many times that their number one aim is to help humanityThat's a laugh. They are crucifying gentile children in the basements of their synagogues, they have admitted to this many times but the dumb goy thinks they are joking. This tribe looks at the rest of us as animal shit. I believe in their evil talmud there is a verse about having sex with 3 year old gentile girls and Jewish women molesting their own sons. When these people tell you they hate you and want to rule over you, believe them. I believe the bible is one big Jewish psyop. We don't need the bible to tell us to basically love Jews or die in a pit of fire for eternity . I cannot and will not love a disgusting tribe of murderous inbred perverts who drain the blood of the innocent for their sick doctrines. I will not feel any sympathy for the eternal victim. I will not comply to insanity.
  12. My daughter has the biggest crush on this dopey bastard. She hates this photo
  13. Hate to break the fantasy DarianF but us women don't really wear leather all the time no matter how fit we are. Sticks to the ass
  14. His matrix theory is fascinating. I remember about a year ago I was walking my dog early in the morning and I had a feeling I was going to encounter a pure black cat on a journey I hadn't been before. I did. That could be pure coincidence, or maybe a glitch. Have we been here before? Who knows. The world is a mysterious place
  15. I don't think we came from monkeys. I have read many of Ickes books and he doesn't seem to have a conclusion himself where we actually came from. There are his theories we came from Mars, the ancient astronot theories with Enlil and Enki, and the theory we are multidementional beings trapped in this hell hole on earth until we all let go of the ego and move on to a new paradise. We all have the power to make earth paradise, but we all know how powerful the ego is, especially the elites. It has driven them to insanity. Kill the ego. I haven't got a clue where to start with that idea
  16. Russel Brand pictured with Khazar Cruise. I wouldn't trust him. He's always going on about the left and right when he's educated enough to know left and right is just more division.
  17. How many years now has this covid crap been going on? 2 years and they are still walking around in masks that restrict their breathing and they have the nerve to stare at you as if you are some kind of leper for not wearing one. I used to have hope that they would see through this propaganda but now they are terrified of covid and Putin. The msm has done a great job brainwashing these fools.
  18. I often wonder if almost everyone we see on TV is in on the pedo thing. Not that I watch much tvGeorge Carlin said (It's a big club, and you ain't in it) David Icke says a lot of celebrities and politicians are introduced to trauma based mind control from the time they are young children. It creates alters in the mind and you can activate these alters by using a colour, word, or sound. I understand their handlers do this. What I'm trying to say is, do you think these people are born monsters, or do you think they could have been normal if it wasn't for the mk ultra?
  19. I don't believe many people would fight in wars without the belief in an afterlife. There have been ancient scrolls found that state Jesus had a wife. As per usual the priests decided to leave this out of scripture because it didn't suit the narrative that men are good and women are the cause of all the evils in the world. Yes, us women must be the ones who dropped all the bombs in the middle east
  20. If you study the top 3 religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, it appears Islam and Christianity are the 2 out of 3 religions that believe in an afterlife. Judaism or yahwism is atheism. Yahwism doesn't believe in the afterlife. Yahweh is money. Jews believe their paradise is right here on earth while Christians and Muslims believe in life after death. I don't know what to believe but I certainly don't worship money. I don't believe these psychopaths worship any gods but the god of money. Yahweh the earth god. Heaven and hell is for us peasants to argue over. The yahweh cult say they will live forever through blood, right here on earth. I'm just rambling, I think christians and Muslims need to unite against a common enemy. It seems to me the same tribe has been shit stirring for a long time.
  21. Tranny Sparkle Markel was wearing a moon bump. This thing was spotted going on a plane at 8 months pregnant in stilletos! Icke seems to think these royals are all reptilian, I don't know if I agree with that theory but the royals are definitely satatanic peodo baby eaters. I don't know how people can support these inbred freaks. Everyone has to bow to the queen, someone needs to spit in her face for the crimes she has committed against innocent little children.
  22. Hello I am Ellen from Scotland. I have read the majority of Ickes books after wondering why this world never made much sense. He doesn't have all the answers, who does, but I will always be grateful to David for bringing me out of a truly dark place and opening my eyes to how this world truly works. We all have it in us to make this world a better place.
  23. Sorry to hear of your trouble Zusies I have aspergers and Ptsd. I used to hate being different from everyone else and I have went through some horribly embarrassing situations desperately trying to fit in with the herd. It broke my heart that no matter how much I tried and tried I would never be like them. David woke me up, I look at my so called mental problems now and I can't believe I ever tried to fit in with those idiots. I do believe in a lot of cultures schizophrenia is seen as a gift and you will be taken care of so you can use it to your advantage for the good of yourself and others. Here in the west is a different story. They want to lock up anything that doesn't fit their twisted version of reality. The lunitics truly are running the asylum.
  24. It breaks my heart just how many people have been permanently mentally damaged by these parasites with their mind altering death drugs. It was lucky that I didn't trust them very much to tell them too much about what goes on inside my head. It's none of their business anyway. The nosy bastards just want dirt on you. The last piece of true freedom we have is our minds. Don't give these clowns the key to the kingdom. I'm pretty new to social media. Sorry if my textings a bit shit,
  25. Has anyone seen the movie Hostel? I get a gut feeling this wasn't just a movie. I wonder if there are human abattoirs in the world and we have been eating humans for a long time. This is a dark subject but I wouldn't put anything past these sick bastards.
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