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  1. Sorry to hear of your trouble Zusies I have aspergers and Ptsd. I used to hate being different from everyone else and I have went through some horribly embarrassing situations desperately trying to fit in with the herd. It broke my heart that no matter how much I tried and tried I would never be like them. David woke me up, I look at my so called mental problems now and I can't believe I ever tried to fit in with those idiots. I do believe in a lot of cultures schizophrenia is seen as a gift and you will be taken care of so you can use it to your advantage for the good of yourself and others. Here in the west is a different story. They want to lock up anything that doesn't fit their twisted version of reality. The lunitics truly are running the asylum.
  2. It breaks my heart just how many people have been permanently mentally damaged by these parasites with their mind altering death drugs. It was lucky that I didn't trust them very much to tell them too much about what goes on inside my head. It's none of their business anyway. The nosy bastards just want dirt on you. The last piece of true freedom we have is our minds. Don't give these clowns the key to the kingdom. I'm pretty new to social media. Sorry if my textings a bit shit,
  3. Has anyone seen the movie Hostel? I get a gut feeling this wasn't just a movie. I wonder if there are human abattoirs in the world and we have been eating humans for a long time. This is a dark subject but I wouldn't put anything past these sick bastards.
  4. I think people with mental health issues are subconsciously reacting to the injustice of the system. I went through my own awakening reading Icke and conversing with therapists at the same time. These people are brainwashed by the system. They are nothing but emotional vampires who want to feed their ego by proving how much better they are than you with your broken little brain.
  5. I do 1 hour of cardio 4 days a week which used to leave me hyped up for the day but the the past month its just leaving me lethargic. I am usually a very hyper person but lately I just feel so lazy. I have no health issues. I guess it's not just the jabbed that are being secretly poisoned.
  6. The keto diet worked great for me for 3 months but after that I had to add in carbs because I felt totally exhausted. I was doing a high amount of cardio so I probably burned myself out. I do better on low carb diets than eliminating them completely.
  7. Russel Brand seems to have a large following, but I heard he was involved with the fabian society. He has the exact eyes as Charles Manson. For such an educated man, he is still pushing the left vs right bollocks. Controlled opposition right in your face!
  8. The loneliness is killing me. I try to keep strong with exercise, but lately it feels like it's not burning out my mind and body enough. Every conversation I have with my immediate family involves the ego. I ain't got nothing to prove, I just want a free speech conversation. I'm currently reading Children of the matrix. Control of society is so easy the way David describes it. I've read half of his books but this one seems to get really deep into the reptilian theory. A few years ago I would have said this theory was nutty, but now, who knows? How does this forum still feel about the reptilian theory? This world is crazy
  9. I am from Scotland. My town is full of covidians. I'm not religious but I do keep an open mind that something really dark is going on. People just can't seem to see through the mainstream propaganda. It seems as if we are all more divided than ever at the moment. Authority figures piss me off the most. They seem to be under the most extreme level of brainwashing. If everyone could get it into their head that we are all equal on this planet, the world would be a better place. Why should we listen to people who have a bigger paycheck coming in than we do. It means nothing. I'm just going to walk my 9 stone dog in the rain. The zombies here are as scared of rain as they are of covid, at least it will be a peaceful walk without the masked avengers
  10. Money, money, money! Is it me, or is it all people can ever talk about. I feel like everyone has turned into a soulless freak. If I had one wish, it would be to have an actual conversation without the subject of the jolly green giant entering the picture. We are worth so much more than this shit. I don't even know if this is the right place to post this stuff. This forum keeps me sane in an unsane world. I am living in the twighlight zone I feel like I understand my dog more than I understand people right now. First time I've typed anything in a few years. I ain't the greatest with technology. Better at books, while we got them anyway. Thanks for letting me vent about living in the mad house
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