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  1. I have noticed the 77th brigade on Twitter have been digging back through the years to find ANY reports of footballers collapsing in years gone by. "SEE, TOLD YOU, IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, IT'S BECAUSE THE MODERN GAME IS SO INTENSE" The way I see it is; 1) If it was COVID, then the MSM would be all over it. There would be no hesitation in telling us so. Seeing as they always report on every player/manager who has caught it. 2) If it was 'Long COVID', again, they would tell us. Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle) and Kevin De Bruyne are reported sufferers of 'Long COVID' for example (that's if it's even a real thing). I also find it unlikely that all these highly trained, professional athletes are suffering any 'long haul' symptoms. As we know, it tends to be obese smokers aged 35+ who do. 3) "But its because they have played so many games in the past year!". This is another argument that is used,. As there was a shorter break between the 2019-20 & 2020-21 season + the Euros last summer. Be worth checking how many appearances each player who has collapsed has made. Not all of them will of played the same amount of games. 4) The increase in incidents directly correlates with the timing of the vaccine rollout in footballers. I remember in October there was a big push to get PL players Vaxxed. The other big leagues in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Spain) also have a high reported uptake. 5) The biggest red flag is the censorship. Anyone who questions it gets shut down immediately on MSM (i.e. Trevor Sinclair on TalkSport). It is getting swept under the carpet as they don't want anything out there that will promote 'vaccine hesitancy'.
  2. Yes, it would look too obvious if large amounts of people are wiped out at once. Further more, it is not a very good business model for Big Pharma, if all their customers are dropping like flies in a short period of time. I think the jabs will keep people's immune system weak, but not TOO weak, just enough so that they 'feel' like they need another booster shot. But yes, moving forward, I do believe that people will accept 1-2 jabs per year. As long as new 'variants' arrive and the MSM pumps up the fear, people will be queueing up in their numbers.
  3. Yes, it does seem like the narrative is starting to crumble. They cannot justify any harsh restrictions with the Moronic variant. We've seen more people openly speaking out against the narrative in the media. Is this by design? I'd say possibly. Sprinkle a few truth bombs here and there to get the public talking. Before swiftly moving on to the next agenda and hope that everyone forgets about it. The masses tend to have short memories when it comes to this stuff. People were 'outraged' at Boris' christmas party for about 1-2 days, before forgetting about it and queuing up for their boosters 1 week after. I think that the next agenda will be focused on increased surveillance (drones) and online censorship (to eventually stop people from criticising the government online), with a bit of climate change thrown in (temporary blackouts & energy shortages). Of course there needs to be an 'event' to take place to people to take each agenda seriously. They will return to COVID in the Autumn time with a new 'variant' that is 'worse than ever'. Before rolling out the 4th jab.
  4. I noticed yesterday the JCVI chief said that 'we cant vaccinate the planet every six months'. I agree. People will eventually start to ask questions and push back. I think they will push the fourth jab in a few months time (to be 'fully protected' from the Omicron variant) and see how it goes. If uptake is high, then they will continue with 5th/6th etc. If there is a lot of push back (especially when the masses realise that their 'vaccine passport' will expire if they don't get a 4th), then I think they will back track and then, as a 'compromise', settle on 1 jab per year. "JUST LIKE THE FLU JAB", they will say (I've already noticed that they have start to suggest this idea in the media in the past few days, they are planting the seed in peoples minds). A lot of people will accept that. It seems like a 'fair' trade-off compared to every 3-5 months. Once a year will be the ultimate way of keeping people on the hook. "Come on, it's only once a year, then you can get on with your life". The masses will remain asleep, "it's no big deal" they will say. Maybe that's the plan all along, start off by pushing the idea of 3-4x jabs per year, which will put people off. Then work backwards. It's like sales, start off with the highest price and work down from there. Once the masses are accustomed to the vaccine passport system. Then they will swiftly move onto the next agenda (climate change IMO). We will 'learn to live with COVID'. Each winter there will be a 'new variant' to keep people vigilant, masks will be brought back in every year etc.
  5. The wider agenda is to move towards a China-style society. This has been in the works for several years now. COVID has been used to accelerate this, however I think it is part of the bigger picture. It's all part of the 'Great Reset'. -Digital Identity. -Centralized Bank Digital Currency (linked to your Digital ID). -Increased levels of surveillance ('for your own safety'). -Increased levels of censorship online (to stop the spread of 'misinformation' or to tackle 'racism/homophobia'). -Increased prices for fuel/gas/electricity (under the guise of 'climate change'). -Increased reliance on big pharma (through vaccines, man made 'pandemics', increased radiation levels). As well as the garbage they put in a lot of the food we eat (contributing to a lot of illness such as cancer/heart disease etc.) -LGBTQ agenda being pushed in TV shows/adverts/sports/schools (for 'equality'). -The feminization of the modern Western male (testosterone levels have been decreasing in the past 50 years or so) -The 'Metaverse' and the rise of Virtual Reality. -Cutting down on meat consumption (the Vegan agenda). I think the long term goal (by the end of the century) is depopulation (as a RESULT of this new way of living). They want to keep us fearful, they want to keep us weak/ill, they want to keep us dumbed down and distracted.
  6. The only situation in which the vaxxed will become violent towards us is if they feel we are getting in the way of them 'getting back to normal'. Realistically, most won't resort to that. They will just be a bit frustrated for the most part. As long as they have their pubs, football, nightclubs, travelling etc. They will be happy and further more, they will NOT CARE about the un-vaxxed/unboosted being locked out of society. "Oh well, it's their choice", they will say. They will move on. I don't think they even need to resort to sending the unvaxxed to camps (at least not to start with) all they need to say is 'no jab, no job' and restrict access to services. A lot of unvaxxed haven't had anyone REALLY put the pressure on yet, so we will see how many stick to their guns. Its a shit situation to be put in, especially if your livelihood is at stake. I wonder if they will create some sort of tier system within the vaxpass. Triple vaccinated are able to do what they like, double vaxxed can do most things (but not go to nightclubs for example), 1x vaxxed can only go to the shops/work. This will give people the initiative to continue with getting the jabs. Then they will move the goalposts again after each new dose. ,
  7. It is clear to me that the whole 'get boosted' campaign is to herd people into the vaccine passport system. A lot of people are going along with it just so they can go to the damn football! They know that a lot of football fans are not willing to give up going to the games. They are using the threat of cancelling football as a way of coercing people to go along with it (in the paper the other day, Pep Guardiola was saying that everyone needs to wear masks in the stadiums otherwise the season might be called off). I do think that a deal has been struck with the Premier League to push this campaign, hence all the 'positive cases' and the cancelling of matches (to create the illusion this 'new variant' is really bad). The negative test 'option' makes it seem 'fair' and reasonable. "What are you complaining about?" people will say. I've noticed that the government have pulled back a bit in the last few days, and will 'allow' us to celebrate NYE (how nice of them). But I think they are going to come back swinging in the new year and are going to pull out all the stops. The upcoming lockdown (January 4th) will be blamed on "unvaxxed/unboosted people clogging up ICU's". The fully vaxxed are going to become increasingly more frustrated and potentially violent towards the non-jabbed. This will further increase uptake of booster jabs. "Everyone get on board so we can get back to normal!". After the lockdown (I'd say April time), society will re-open under the guise of 'lets get back to normal', the COVID passports will be in place. People will be so fed up of lockdowns by then that they will go along with it.
  8. In my job, I come across 30-40 people each day. I know quite a few people (colleagues and customers) who haven't had the jab and can see what's going on. I'd say there are a larger percentage who disagree with a lot of things (lockdowns, masks, they think Boris is a buffoon), however, they still have gone along with it so far (double jabbed) as they believed that things would return to 'normal' if they did. But a few are starting to question it now and say they don't want a booster. I haven't met many COVID fanatics in real life to be honest. Most people are at least somewhat skeptical about it all.
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