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  1. Wearing a face mask is not normal and I'm like you as soon as I put it on i dont feel right almost like I'm chocking, I picked up two surgical masks from the train station and when I wore it on the train it had a strange smell , your right we need to get rid of Sturgeon I cant believe there are people who actually vote for her and her stupid party , she is a dictator and I cant stand her , I just hope Scotland doesnt have another referendum for independence as it would be a living nightmare if Krankie won , I think i would have to move if she was in total control, I wonder how long we will be
  2. If you get a hidden disability badge your details will probably be past onto the government, also you you will get arseholes who will approach you saying things like ' You look healthy what's your disability? That would piss me off and cause me a lot of unnecessary stress, what I'm going to do is get a surgical mask and cut two slits in the sides so I can breath , they say wear a mask but I will do everything will I can so that I can breath.
  3. They would have to change the seat planes on Airforce one to fit her big fat fake plastic arse . Imagine the White House with Kanye West and the Kardashians living there ?
  4. Does he clean the shower before he has a shower ? ?
  5. Can someone show me what icons I use to upload a music video, I'm a old geezer, cheers !
  6. God I wish I was back in the 80s watching Weird Science i fucking hate 2020 and its gonna get worse .
  7. The micro fishnet is a good idea , I used to attend the hospital for a condition called Sarcoidosis which effects the lungs , it can cause breathing problems if it flares up , I haven't attended the hospital since 2014 and I think if i have to wear a mask it might make my condition flare up, right now my lungs are great no problems , wearing a mask to go shopping really pisses me off because covid 19 is a load of shit, its utter bollocks , all this bullshit needs to stop now , it's all about control and Sturgeon loves every minute of being in control, she makes me wanna puke .
  8. Yes she is a pyscho, I had to buy a face mask from a chemist before I used public transport , it cost me £1, complete waste of money , if she wants people to wear masks they should be free , also I'm not the only person who has said this but surgical masks stinks, I was talking to some nurses and they say the same that they give off a horrible smell, I agree what you say Krankie is using the covid 19 bullshit to gain independence, she loves her daily talks and thinks she is popular, she is a control freak, her and Blackford are loving every minute of this , she is a nutcase she goes around we
  9. Jimmy Sturgeon the crackpot dictator is now saying that it will be mandatory to wear tartan face masks in shops in Scotland , who is gonna enforce this in poundland? More work and pressure for the security guards, also why fucking wait until July to enforce this law ? I wonder who cuts wee krankies hair? It hasnt changed since March .
  10. Little shit weasel Matt Hancock is forcing a lockdown extension in Leicester , usual shit , stay at home, schools close and non essential shops to close . This is all bullshit and has be planned , it wont stop at Leicester other towns and cities will be next , then they will try a second wave and then the fucking vaccine, they are fucking with people minds and lives, it's all a game .
  11. Greenhulk50


    I'm going to Paris in October , do you think I will still have to wear a bloody mask on the plane?
  12. I live in the UK , when this bullshit Vaccine is available, will it be mandatory and will you tell them to fuck off ?
  13. Just read that it will be mandatory to wear a face mask when Gyms reopen in the UK , how the fuck are you supposed to do a workout and exercise wearing a bloody mask? Chances are you will get dizzy and pass out due to lack of oxygen.
  14. Just read Amazon streaming are thinking of removing the 70s TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, something to do with the car that is seen in the show called the General Lee with a Confederate flag on the roof of the car . It's getting worse!
  15. Pro sports are only there to make millions of cash, you cant watch a football match now in the top leagues without having to spend a fortune, the price of season tickets, gate tickets , high prices for food and drink and merchandise it's all a con and if your poor and on a low wage the big football clubs dont want you , fuck the poor we only want your money , pro football has definitely changed for the worse over the years, that's why I think it's better to support the small clubs and lower league football teams.
  16. Yes waking up can be very depressing at times , imagine if you had a nice house in the countryside away from everyone , lots of fresh air , no traffic , watching the stars in the sky at night, watching wildlife , no social media , no iPhone , Samsung galaxy etc , no longer watching the MSM news , no covid , no brexit , no more getting angry , yes ignorance is bliss , we cant all have a nice house in the country but we can switch off our television, our laptops , mobile phones , I definitely think being angry and worried about what's happening with all the worlds problems destroys your health
  17. All they need to do is go to a swedish garden centre and buy a garden gnome, How dare you ! ?
  18. Hi , I love Queensryche and Operation mindcrime is amazing ahead of it's time, you should check out Geoff Tates solo cds Operation Mindcrime ,The Key . Operation Mindcrime ,Resurrection . Operation Mindcrime , The New Reality . It's a trilogy and it will blow you away, when I listen to these albums they fit into with what's happening today . Listen to them in order .
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