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  1. 8 years ago long time , I was hoping that he would do a new video and talk about the actual Coronation, Charles and his relationship with the WEF and the future of the monarchy, strange it's the same with Alex Jones he had the chance to say something but was silent .
  2. This is 2015 I have seen this, what's he been saying about the Coronation now ?
  3. What has David Icke been saying about King Charles Coronation? I checked David's website and I can't see anything.
  4. It's funny my Mrs says the same that Kate looks like Karen Carpenter, my cat has a bigger waist than Kate, as for that concert, all washed up artist's, Steve Winwood higher love the last time he was on TV was the 1980s, Kate Illuminati Perry can't sing , some guy singing Simple minds song Don't you forget about me which was horrendous it dragged on and on and all the bullshit about saving the planet and animals, while Charlie and his family have slaughtered animals for their sick perverted pleasure, I wasn't surprised Take that showed up , Barlow would do anything for his master's, what puzzles me is where was Sir Cliff Richard and Brian May ? I wonder if this concert will be available to buy on DVD , coming soon to your local Poundland in the bargain bin only 50p .
  5. After this royal arse licking no doubt she will in the future.
  6. Definitely these horses are like Police horses and are usually calm they are used to large crowds like outside football stadiums. The horses were definitely spooked by something I'm sure they can sense something like dogs and cats .
  7. I wonder if he will be Spending a Penny with Penny ?
  8. His first wife also died and in 1999 he married English fashion designer Susie Bick who has a fashion label named the Vampires wife . Nick Cave praised the scientists for creating the Covid vaccines and says he has had all vaccines and boosters .
  9. Forward to 1.23 creepy chanting in the background, like Eyes wide shut.
  10. Do as I say, Not as I do . Charles won't give up jetting around the world nor will the rest of them, but the bastards want us to stay in our 15 minute zones and use expensive public transport, don't fly , don't drive your car, do as your told slaves .
  11. Prince Harry is doing his bit for the environment saving the planet flying all the way from California and flying back to California today, what would wee Greta say? https://pagesix.com/2023/05/06/prince-harry-flies-back-to-us-after-king-charles-coronation/
  12. What a load of bollocks ! People who watch this shit are mentally retarded.
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