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  1. Here we again https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/health-fitness/new-covid-variant-bf7-spreading-28056815
  2. Does anyone have any official German government links to the new Covid restrictions happening in Germany on 1st October? I read it has something to do with Covid rules and mask wearing but I can't find any official information .
  3. I lived through Cold war, heard many many threats from leaders on both sides, I'm too old for this bullshit and you need to do your homework on Putin, Schwab and Reset. Don't let the media get in your head.
  4. More fear porn from this dude , if he wasn't on YouTube he would be working at the BBC, talking crap. It's Bullshit, why did Putin wait until after the Queens funeral to come out with all this crap ? Because Putin is a actor and he is part of the great reset .
  5. Poor Tom he used to be depressed, the paramedics saved his life he tried to top himself by hanging from a bonsai tree, then he tried to top himself by jumping out of a bungalow.
  6. I get pissed off standing in my local post office if there is queue, I would only stand in a 12 hour queue if I was collecting a Million pound lottery win, but to stand for over 12 hours to look at a wooden box is sheer and utter madness, Nutters !
  7. Watching the funeral and the music sounds like the procession from The Wicker Man . Creepy !
  8. Watching the funeral and the procession music sounds very like The Wicker Man
  9. Did you have fun in The Bush? hope it wasn't too hot and sweaty
  10. Did she blow on your didgeridoo ?
  11. Once the Queens death mourning, hysteria has died down I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with another bullshit variant, especially during winter when it's the Flu season.
  12. Watching the Tossers all lined up waiting to look at a coffin and a flag, they walk towards the coffin like people would do when going up to the altar in a church for holy communion to receive the eucharist bread, many are blessing themselves, this is something a Christian would do when in church, why are these idiots doing this? The Queen is not God nor is she a Holy deity, they are blessing themselves, bowing their heads and crying tears, Absolute Bonkers, total lunatics. I can't believe what I'm watching, a Goldfish has more intelligence and imagine dragging your kids out and having them stand in a queue for over 12 hours to look at a coffin
  13. Yes your right everyone of them will have had the vaccines, they probably stood for hours in a long queue waiting for the jab just like they are doing now standing for up to 16 hours to look at a wooden box with a flag, complete madness !
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