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  1. The DWP are evil bastard's, are they taking the piss and who the fuck came up with this shit ? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/universal-credit-benefit-photos-dwp-b1940174.html
  2. Bullshit Ditector Sky News , Forget about the Covid Pandemic we have more important News Hollywood old fat bastard actor Baldwin has shot the photographer dead .
  3. Soon it will be a booster jab every fucking month .
  4. It's the Hunger Games Society they are the Elite they don't need Covid Passports! I live in Glasgow and Cop26 is gonna bring fucking misery to everyone who has to travel back and fourth to work, they have a Red Zone where all the roads and streets will be closed , I was talking to a shop owner and he was told he cant park his car outside his business he has to park miles away and walk to work, they are spending Millions on security, it's Bonkers, looking forward to seeing the Chinock Helicopters flying over my house again
  5. Totally agree I recently went to Madame Tussauds waxworks and they had waxworks of Tommy Cooper , Ken Dodd , Les Dawson, Benny Hill and the Two Ronnie's, I said to my wife who will they have in the waxworks in 30 years? We couldn't think of anyone funny , today's comedians are just not funny, years ago there was always comedy on the TV, when I was a kid in 70s I always remember watching Laurel and Hardy , Bless this House , On the Buses, Nearest and Dearest, Tommy Cooper, Love thy Neighbour, Benny Hill, Ain't half hot Mum , Dick Emery show, Frankie Howards Up Pompeii, Steptoe and Son, Carry on Movies lots of comedy that they would censor now, now people get their kicks laughing at other people on YouTube and Tik Tok. Now they don't want people to laugh they want us all depressed, aggressive and selfish, Me , Myself and I, it's good to laugh, it's good for our body and mind. The media and social media want to flood people's minds with bad news and negativity it's constant and it's not healthy.
  6. In the 80s the music was great and fantastic movies , I miss going down to my local video shop and hiring VHS videos, now everyone watches Netflix which is full of soul destroying propaganda, we didn't have shitty fast food takeaways and delivery like justeat , we only had a chippy and a Chinese .
  7. I used to think living in the 80s was bad living under Thatcher but it's no comparison to now, I would go back to the 80s in a second, 2021 is a living hell and I think it's gonna get worse , I would say nothing has felt right since 2007 it feels like Dark forces are at work and there is a horrible vibe in the air.
  8. Javid gonna make covid vaccine mandatory for NHS workers, totalitarian tip toe ? Build Back Better 6. 6. 6. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/health/coronavirus/covid-vaccines-for-nhs-frontline-staff-to-be-made-compulsory-under-health-secretary-sajid-javid-plans-3408922
  9. After watching Dracula I think Claes Bang should be the next Bond , but like you say it has to go back to the way it used to be .
  10. No longer will we hear Bond saying ' Show us ya Knickers '.
  11. It's the Creepy Chris , Quick Tubbs lets get out of here before he pricks us !
  12. Recently my son and daughter went to a nightclub and the next day my son was vomiting constantly , my daughter had a bad cough, tight chest and found breathing harder , then my father in-law had to go into hospital after his legs couldn't hold him up, he has parkinson's he tested positive for covid as did my son and daughter, all three are okay now, at the time my daughter said she would get the vaccine, now she is hesitate and has changed her mind , my wife believes there is something out there , like you say is it the vaccines that are causing it.
  13. Max puts out some great videos, a man of great knowledge.
  14. 666 is everywhere now it's even in the new kids Muppet Haunted Mansion movie .
  15. Watch John O'Looney talking on Max Igans The Crowhouse .
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