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  1. they got it all down to a science, and learned to use technology and drugs to amplify ancient practices basically it's terror, fear of the police.
  2. i will see license plates with '666' all the time. sometimes it's 696 or 669 or 999, etc etc but you see this in all the corporate logos too, and they very consciously display it all over the place so. the weird thing is, i'll see some people who are semi possessed, like you point the shit out to them and they DO recognize it and they are terrified at first. but then they BLAME you as fast as they realize you aren't crazy at all, they know you see something very very bad and immediately jump on Satan's side because they do NOT want to fuck with it, they dont understand it and they dont WANT to understand it either, they just know it is something VERY VERY bad and they just want to totally blank it out of their heads for the sake of their sanity. but what you got to realize is this is something very very ancient, the bible describes this sort of stuff. like how Peter is introduced to 3 others by 'angels' they witness supernatural phenomena and kneel before Peter because they think he's a god or something. well it's easy to put these people into virtually any position with this kind of power, they can put anyone into any position of power. but if they decide you are not useful or know too much, you're just fucked, there is no god coming to help you, nobody will ever help you.
  3. i've experienced A LOT of this. When it first started happening my first thought was 'oh my god, schizophrenics are not crazy'. but the sheer number of people involved, i realize this could not possibly be some sort of 'real' conspiracy. the super organism phenomena is a very real expression of collective consciousness. it's like how bees or ants behave in an insect colony. many people are 'possessed' by an entity, as one mind. this gives them an incredible sense of power, not just a sense of power, but targetted individuals are just meat for the psychc gang. that's what's messed up, they are not a gang that meets every week and discusses plans, they are being controlled by either a demon or it's just likke a supermind 'cloud' computer, that becomes this really messed up actual being just like you are made up of many many cells, those cells all behave together in order to create 'you', that is how this phenomena occurs.
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