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  1. In our culture we seem to have arrived at a place where we don't stand up and support those being pilloried, apart from grumbling to ourselves and in small groups. Those doing the persecution get very little resistance so of course they've got bolder over the years.
  2. Funnily enough, they don't test donated blood for coronavirus in the UK, so presumably it doesn't get into the blood stream? Yet the vaccine is injected and travels round the body through the blood? So how does the vaccine work and kill off the virus, if not within the blood? What am I missing here?
  3. Have you noticed that recently the word paedophilia is being dropped and replaced with more euphemistic alternatives such as grooming? The shifts in language are part of the process of social engineering through mental indoctrination. Some years ago I was taken by a comment of Don Cupitt's (the liberal Christian theologian) than Christianity hasn't really declined, but it has migrated out of the churches into secular society. And this may be true of other monotheistic religions too. Theological themes like God loves everyone, love thy neighbours as thyself, the Good Samaritan etc have become morphed into the internationalist, pro-immigration, anti-community philosophy which is fed to and taken up by people lacking a good grounding in traditional (or rather sustainable) spirituality and moral philosophy. Yet many of us still retain a feeling of need for a foundation to our lives which religion used to provide and become seekers in the postmodern smorgasbord world, easy prey for the cult of globalism - where the superstate replaces God.
  4. Isn't it obvious that search engines (I only use Google as a last resort) are an open invitation to show us advertising? The first page or so are paid for, and therefore irrelevant to the actual search. We aren't the customer of search engines, the advertisers are. Then on top of the advertising revenue, there's the data mining and profiling of our search requests which is analysed by the big data brigade to fine-tune the adverts to make them more 'relevant' ie profitable.
  5. I suspect part of this is people just trying to be polite and not admit that they don't actually want complete strangers coming into their homes. People may be starting to notice that we've had an open refugee policy for generations, yet the problems creating the refugees have not slowed down. And many of those refugees come from places where our own foreign policy has been involved. I'm afraid this will only slow down after our own country has become less attractive than somewhere else because the economy is wrecked and the welfare state/NHS has stopped functioning.
  6. I hate to think about it but maybe it's the children (and therefore adults when they grow up) who are expected to be the sheep by learning all this twisted stuff. Maybe it's trying to associate rainbow ideology with black critical theory. Subliminally of course.
  7. Not heard of it till now either, I'm glad I stayed here rather than watching the telly! Round here slow cookers and air fryers are all the rage, maybe worth looking at if I can make room in the kitchen.
  8. It's tough indeed. It doesn't help that local community is so debased due to all the ravages of the last 100 years or so. I'm taking it slowly, trying to protect what I already have in my family and community, and sending out feelers to build it up from there.
  9. Seriously though, saying things like 'I exist', 'I don't exist' etc are self-referential so they're paradoxical. Self-reference is nonsense but it's the foundation of our lives too, apparently. Unthinkable to not do it and unthinkable to do it.
  10. I got as far as Group Theory before realising it's all made up, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Any resemblance to the real world is coincidental. I have realised the Tetralemma, does that count towards my membership?
  11. I had to look it up but it seems to be ‎ ‎MediaTek MT8183.
  12. +1. This community building is just what's needed because I reckon there's many armchair supporters (like me) who are too afraid to put their heads above the safety net of anonymous internet forums etc. With good reason, it may be too late already unless the support is effective enough. There may be groups in existence at the moment who just need extra members, like political and religious/spiritual groups. I'm looking around my area, having become disillusioned with our churches becoming ever more entangled in the global spider's web of wokeness.
  13. I'm no tec expert but after a couple of frustrating years with Windows 10 I finally gave up and bought a chromebook. Works far better tho I can't say if I'm being spied on any less.
  14. I read it a long time ago, and it was a difficult book to follow at the time, however one thing stood out. The fatwa was made by Ayatollah Khomeini only 4 months before he died. Why him in particular? Because there's a character in the book based on him, an exiled Muslim leader living in Paris in the 1970s before the Iranian revolution who as I recall is described rather badly. So my theory is that the whole anti-Islam narrative is a device to stir up a mob, and a smokescreen to hide the actual motive for the fatwa, which was revenge on the criticism of the Ayatollah in the book.
  15. Yes I've heard that too, in the ancient world there were underground initiations into mystery schools where the applicant would go underground for a few days and lay down as if dead in the dark then emerge into the light as a symbolic rebirth. The Isis-Osiris religion is one source of the mythology. This is probably what gave rise to the Christian idea of Jesus dying and being reborn too. But there was much secrecy around it for sure and this type of thing may well still happen in secret societies today.
  16. "Taiwan is ‘part of China’ " A bit off-topic but as far as I can see Taiwan and its indigenous people has been occupied by the Chinese already for a few hundred years and the debate between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China both claiming each other's territory just serves to obscure the colonisation of Taiwan. From the wiki for Taiwan: "Taiwan has been settled for at least 25,000 years. Ancestors of Taiwanese indigenous peoples settled the island around 6,000 years ago. In the 17th century, large-scale Han Chinese immigration to western Taiwan began under a Dutch colony and continued under the Kingdom of Tungning. The island was annexed in 1683 by the Qing dynasty of China, and ceded to the Empire of Japan in 1895. The Republic of China, which had overthrown the Qing in 1911, took control of Taiwan on behalf of the Allies of World War II following the surrender of Japan in 1945. The resumption of the Chinese Civil War resulted in the ROC's loss of mainland China to forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and consequent retreat to Taiwan in 1949. Its effective jurisdiction has since been limited to Taiwan and smaller islands."
  17. I can agree with you but not prove it because I've not died yet and don't know what comes after. However states of mind can certainly by 'up' and 'down'. However there is a kind of logic that if the ancients believed the Gods lived in the sky and on mountain tops, then their opposites the demons would live underground. They probably knew that it gets hotter the deeper underground you go, and that the underground is associated with earthquakes, sulphurous thermal springs and lava in volcanoes. Hence hellfire and brimstone :(
  18. Ok so I've been reviewing the energy price situation today. Firstly from last year, the system responded slowly to wholesale prices because the price cap for the UK only recalculates every 6 months. So some of the smaller energy companies go bust. The bigger companies take over their customers. Then in April 2022 the price cap rises and the first price hike kicks in and there's still no point yet switching to a fixed contract because there aren't any cheap deals available. April to August, the big energy companies make huge profits, and there's talk about a windfall tax to help struggling customers. And making the system recalculate the price cap every 3 months. But we're still expecting another massive increase in October. So, what's happened is the big energy companies have become bigger, and smaller ones gone bust. The price cap has obviously been raised too high so the big companies can make excessive profit. And the politicians want their share of that profit via a windfall tax, (plus the extra corporation tax, green tax & VAT) which they can then redistribute some of back to us customers (whose money it was anyway) and make out how generous they are to us (in time for the next election). But wouldn't this all be solved much easier, and keep more power with the ordinary people, by having a lower price cap, avoiding excessive profits, and calculating it more often eg monthly to help smaller companies? We could keep more money with the customers rather than sending it on a merry-go-round to the big companies, and the govt, then a bit of it back to us? And doesn't the current system favour big companies over small ones, making it clear that there's no free market here?
  19. Alabama town disbands police department after officer's slavery text surfaces. VINCENT, Ala. – A racist text message sent by a police officer has prompted officials in a small Alabama town to disband their police department and fire the police chief and assistant chief. Vincent Mayor James Latimore confirmed that Police Chief James Srygley and Assistant Chief John L. Goss had been dismissed, al.com reported. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office condemned the two officers' actions and said Friday that it stands with the city "in providing emergency law enforcement related service to the citizens (of Vincent) at this time." https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2022/08/08/alabama-town-police-department-slavery-text/10263636002/ I dunno if this story's been posted elsewhere. I had to check it on other sites too because it sounded like a hoax at first. But disbanding the whole town's police because of 1 text ... this is how crazy it's getting now.
  20. Campion

    tea drinker

    "Tea. A much older term for marijuana, made popular dating back from the 1930's. today it is considered obsolete and a great way to cover up what you're REALLY talking about." Urban Dictionary.
  21. And "not world peace" is what we got. After WW2 we got: * Cold War (including proxy wars like Korea, Vietnam etc). * War on Drugs. * Terrorism and it's antithesis the War on Terror. * Now, we're in a new phase with multiple but connected threats like pandemics, Ukraine, economic depression, climate crisis, Chinese aggression. We're up to world war 6 by my count.
  22. "Christ" literally means someone who's been anointed, and British monarchs are anointed by the Archbishop with holy chrism at their coronation - for Elizabeth this part of the ritual was considered too holy to film and if memory serves they screened her off - so in theory they're all Christs. Come to think of it, wasn't I anointed by the Bishop at my confirmation when I was a young lad? Flippin eck...
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