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  1. I'm not ready yet but thinking about how to get practical hands-on (so to speak) experience rather than endlessly reading and listening to other people's ideas and not knowing what I can trust. At the moment I'm looking into safe and reliable ways to explore the subject but not in any hurry. Yes it's scary, if I leave my body and go astral travelling, what happens if I meet someone nasty on the other side or my body gets possessed while I'm absent? You're saying we go to the astral when we sleep? When I was a child I often used to dream about flying, I would be in a landscape and just sort of lean forwards and take off up to about max of treetop height and other people around me didn't get surprised. But I've only consciously had OOBEs a couple of times. Yes it's all concerning, but then I have a lot of inquiring to do to understand this. If it's so easy to travel into the astral while asleep, why is it so hard to do it consciously when awake - for some of us anyway? And why is the literature about black magic so full of complicated rituals involving initiates and sacrifices as if it's difficult to bring entities and demons over to our world? Why can't the entities come here whenever they want ? I'm not surprised that I get tired and need to sleep every day, most animals need to sleep because our bodies are limited and need to rest.
  2. Celebrity Brave New World ... err ... 1984 ... no that's not it ... Big Brother ... no ... Animal Farm that's it
  3. How is the world itself illusory? Illusions exist within our minds as a misinterpretation of the sensory information coming into us, like a mirage for example. But the world is just itself. So the mechanism is to do with how we are conditioned to see and understand what's going on.
  4. Now that he's an MP he's got parliamentary privilege so he's immune from all those speech laws which constrain the rest of us. It's ironic really, politicians giving themselves freedom of speech while passing ever more draconian laws on us.
  5. It's an interesting question. They are the successors to the Persian empire and the Zoroastrian religion, and have been an important player in world history for thousands of years. The current dialectic between Iran and the USA also cuts across the divide between Shia and Sunni Islam. And Iran is a big Islamic opponent of Zionism as they support proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. In terms of secret society networks, Persia was the home of Hasan-i Sabbah the leader of the Order of Assassins, contemporaries of the Knights Templar. I can't give a definitive answer as it's a subject I'd like to research more, but with all these dialectics and divide-and-rule tactics going on it looks very plausible that Iran is part of the illuminati network. It looks like their footprints all right. Although it probably goes by another name over there, illuminati being a German name for it.
  6. Out of interest, where do you get your information about the astral, personal experience or from someone else? I've tried a few times to astral travel (OOBE) in the past, with only a couple of very brief successes. Can you share anything about your methods and techniques to get into the astral? And how to keep yourself safe in what sounds like a dangerous place - that's one thing which puts me off trying more. But if that's where we're going after earthly death, perhaps we should all get prepared for it while we're alive.
  7. Thanks, this is such an important graph, it all makes sense now why they use 1850 as the baseline for calculating their "global warming".
  8. One reason why this debt problem sounds worse than it really is, is because for the UK at any rate, about 1/3 of the govt debt is owed to itself. This is due to how the 'quantitative easing' system works - the govt borrows off itself (ie prints money) which it uses to buy back commercial debt (bonds) and promises to pay itself back. The interest gets paid to itself. The figures are a year old but this principle still holds true today. The figures are still very high though and billions are spent on debt. "At the end of March 2023, UK General government gross debt was £2,537.0 billion, or 100.5% gross domestic product.[2] Approximately a third of the UK National Debt is owned by the British government due to the Bank of England's quantitative easing programme, so approximately a third of the cost of servicing the debt is paid by the government to itself. In 2018, this reduced the annual servicing cost to approximately £30 billion (approx 2% of GDP, approx 5% of UK government tax income)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_national_debt
  9. I was looking into the significance of orange dragons, which takes me to the Archangel Metatron, and to Kabbalah. "About Golden Orange Dragon: “Fifth-dimensional golden orange dragons are part of Archangel Metatron’s ascension team. Archangel Metatron is leading forward individuals who are ready to follow his path. At the same time, he is overseeing the ascension of the entire universe. The golden orange dragons who work for him are carrying the fifth-dimensional ascension blueprint for Earth and they come to those of us who are ready to make a difference. As soon as they see golden orange energy awaken in our aura, they breathe into us to expand it and accelerate our ascension journey. " https://archangeloracle.com/2017/12/10/golden-orange-dragon/ "The Crown Kether (the Crown) features Archangel Metatron. As the angel of life, Metatron is at the top of the tree, directing God's living energy throughout the universe God has created. Metatron connects human beings living on earth with the divine energy of God and helps people incorporate that sacred energy into their lives. Metatron also brings spiritual balance to all of the different yet interconnected parts of God's creation and helps people achieve spiritual enlightenment. " https://www.learnreligions.com/angels-kabbalah-tree-of-life-124294 So it's giving us a message about linking the prince with the crown, and the tree of life 'directing God's energy' to us. Hmmm...
  10. Ok, so I'm sat here on my sofa saying No to all those things. Meanwhile the government still uses our tax money and never asks our permission to do what it wants - it's never in the election manifesto and we hardly ever have a referendum.
  11. Thanks. I've heard that quote a lot before, tho I don't know who started it. I'd put it the other way around, I'm of the world and not in it. Meaning I'm a part of reality and not a separate observer of it.
  12. Oh man, I feel your pain because it all sounds horribly familiar to what we're going through, just with some tweaking of the terminology. Where you have things like the caste system and Hindu majority culture weaponised against you, we have patriarchy, white privilege, the British empire and other such critical theory narratives designed to demoralise and guilt-trip us into surrender. We're living in a kind of liberal dictatorship where dissent is rapidly becoming criminalised. On the positive side India's fertility rate is just about keeping on replacement level, I would encourage you to keep going with the traditional large family and avoid the disaster we are experiencing of ethnic erasure. The capitalist industrial revolution carries a massive risk of young people becoming materialist and career focused to the detriment of family. I think religion can play a big role in sustaining our respective civilisations which is why it's always one of the first things to be targeted by the illuminati.
  13. Oohhhhh it was 2 metres was it? When it said 2 m I thought it meant 2 miles! No wonder people thought I was crazy running away all the time! In hindsight it did seem a little excessive
  14. Absolutely. England has gone far down this path too. What's left after we've lost our religion, our extended family, our community and tribe is that people look to the government and technocratic experts for help every time there's a problem.
  15. Easier still to make it into a religion so that Truman pays for his own prison, while believing he's on the path to freedom.
  16. @Phil26 well you can argue against science if you want, which then becomes a battle of who's got the best evidence. So science ends up as a debate between the scientists about what's true, and we can join in too. Even if I was there to see it, by your ideas, as it's within my 5 senses it'd be in the simulation. So how can I trust anything in that case? Your post explaining all this could be part of the simulation too. It's a recipe for paranoia and craziness. I've never seen Australia so should I start doubting it exists? Agreed. There's a lot of dystopian control mechanisms getting rolled out in the name of efficiency.
  17. Nice. We think we are human beings at the top of the food chain, the apex predator and a superior species. But we are less than 50% human. I just looked it up and human cells make up only about 43% of the total body's cell count; the rest is things like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea. "The researchers calculated that more than 10,000 microbial species occupy the human ecosystem," https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_microbiome It's one thing to see this on a physical level like gut bacteria etc but if there's so many other species living inside us, what effect does it have on our minds as well?
  18. I haven't seen the Matrix films, nor am I into gaming culture so I have to read up about stuff like simulations, 'pills' of various colours, NPCs, matrices. But I can't find it in me to believe that most people aren't real, not connected to what you call original source. What I would call nature, nature appearing in different forms. We're all part of nature, but many of us feel and think we're alienated from it because of a lot of conditioning in synthetic ideas, beliefs and living conditions. Including a lot of religions which put God and spirit as beyond nature. Death is the ultimate challenge to our simulation-stories and it's why people who believe in their stories about themselves (as beings separate from nature) get so frightened of death.
  19. As I remember they blamed it on the nozzles being mixed up so it got deposited into the wrong one. A bit like if you mix up petrol and diesel at the service station. Nowadays they've redesigned them to avoid it. But the fact they covered it up makes me wonder.
  20. This world is part of the solar system, galaxy and ultimately the whole physical universe. Are you saying the entire 14 or so billion years of astronomy is a simulation? Or is it just planet Earth?
  21. It's "not only" any culture's armies which do that, it's been common throughout history and geography. But it was westerners who pioneered war crimes trials, the Geneva Conventions and there is at least some comeback for atrocities nowadays. Tho not enough to deter completely.
  22. And aluminium is added to the tap water so most people ingest it daily. There was an incident in Camelford, Cornwall in 1988 when too much was added to the water supply. It was covered up for 16 days until the water company admitted it and locals were poisoned with short term and long term effects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camelford_water_pollution_incident
  23. Interesting ... dust or small soil/silt particles blown up into the atmosphere from dry countries could also be a possibility. I remember a year or two ago we had Saharan dust blown up by the weather conditions and it got all over our car.
  24. I'll be out tonight (if it stops raining) and have a look! If it were during spring/summer/autumn we could put it down to pollen or fungus spores but during winter that seems unlikely.
  25. yep, I'm reading a book about it called The Arcadian Cipher by Peter Blake & Paul Blezard. Trying to crack the secret codes hidden in some paintings but going into history of secret knowledge of Babylon, Egypt, Kabbalah, Christian heresies and Rennes-le-Chateau etc.
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