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  1. I think deities are a creation of the mind, so their power is a function of the belief someone has in them. If you want to end their power, simply stop believing in them and move on in your life. No need to make a big deal out of it. There's no objective evidence that they exist, but there's plenty of subjective evidence of the power of religion, for good and bad.
  2. No need to do anything drastic, just don't read about it and focus on something else instead.
  3. It's a war on our institutions and traditional way of life to soften us up for the reset and replacement by the new global order. The Christian churches (which were the new world order of their day ) have obviously served their purpose and need to make way for their new incarnation.
  4. I'm currently reading The Illuminatus Trilogy which he co-authored. I didn't know anything about him before this, clearly he's travelled a long way from Catholicism to Illuminatus!
  5. Yes, I should add that this is my spiritual philosophy, in other areas we do need help sometimes like from good health professionals and teachers. We need armies and police to protect us, politically too things need to change so I'm not some kind of pacifist who believes we should let others walk over us, or just accept the evil in the world. Sorry to hear about your childhood, but it sounds like you've moved on and made your own life now. I heard that's the best revenge for bullies and abusers is to make yourself an awesome life and be happy now.
  6. This is more or less where I've reached in my spiritual search (from other places not freemasonry) that we don't need to change ourselves to become enlightened, just become more aware of what we already are, of the here and now. But the world is full of seekers asking and bowing down to gurus and mystery cults to save them, enlighten them, remove their sadness and make them happy, free and powerful. Most people aren't satisfied with the here and now. Therefore lots of gurus and cults like the freemasons appear and say they've got the answers if you follow, obey and pay them. “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” ― Blaise Pascal, Pensées
  7. This is already implemented in China. A few months ago I remember a news story about people's covid app (necessary for permission to travel) mysteriously changing status from green to red, even though they were jabbed, meaning they couldn't get tickets. By a strange coincidence it was the same time as mass protests were being organised against things like the covid policy and various ponzi schemes going bankrupt.
  8. Diesel engines emit particles into the atmosphere, and it's being phased out as an alleged health risk, as well as the CO2 issue. And now the oligarchs want to put particles into the atmosphere? This doesn't add up, at the very least there's another agenda we're not being told. Maybe it's the climate agenda linking up with the 15 minute city agenda - we won't have personal car ownership, but they still want to terraform the atmosphere.
  9. ' “In countries known for their colonial past, cultural racism has turned into institutional racism,” he said on television after chairing a weekly cabinet meeting. ' Says Erdogan in the above article, the president of the country whose past included the Ottoman empire, as he continues his own ethnic civil war against the Kurds.
  10. The provision they made was to increase the state pension age - more so for women than for men so we now have equality at what, 67? Also most regular workers had their final salary pensions replaced with inferior versions. But we've had a lot of economic growth over the last 50 years so we should be richer than ever? Yet it doesn't always feel like that maybe because it's not shared out fairly, if it was there'd be less blaming the ordinary working boomers and following where the money actually went. I agree we don't have enough forward planning, in many ways not just financial. Another way we don't forward plan is by not having enough children as we become materially richer. When the baby boom finished, that gave the ptb the new excuse they needed for mass immigration to continue (after the post-war rebuilding was over). Traditional cultures know the value in having large families to provide for the future; we rely on what, debt and giving away our culture?
  11. Thanks - I notice that Russia's FSB comes last in the list which is a bit surprising.
  12. Yes, "wokeness" is for the masses, for divide and rule purposes, not for the few. If the royals were properly woke they wouldn't agree with all the inequality hard wired into the aristocracy.
  13. Although state & public sector pensions are expensive, and not saved up for in advance, I'm not aware they are contributing to the national debt. Are you suggesting they default on pensions - putting millions of people onto benefits instead - or on the general national debt which was increased mainly due to the credit crunch (bailing out the banks), and the covid spending. Tho you could say that the national deficit is just due to the overall spending being more than income. As for the generational issue, boomers are mostly retired now and the current crop of leaders are mostly gen x who seem to be more tolerant of debt than their parents. It's also a chronic short termism, spend today and get the political credit today. If we did start saving up into a long term sovereign fund like the oil-rich nations do, what's to stop the next govt from frittering it away for their own benefit? Perhaps short termism is the price we pay for our voting system.
  14. I haven't read The Trap yet (tho it's on my bookshelf), but thinking about history for a moment. There have been many mass depopulations in the past which a technologically advanced race of puppet masters could have prevented. Wars, plagues, revolutions, famines, genocides. Whatever the truth is, it's been going on a very long time. Populations grow, then get cut down. Maybe the energy from a dying person is more powerful than the fear of a living one. So the darkest rituals involve sacrifices to the Gods, and the everyday ones require common-or-garden fear of Them. But the overlords can't get too greedy and kill off too many or they'd run out.
  15. Quite. And panning out to look at this on a broader view, why does the science keep changing its mind so drastically? There would have been earlier studies to "prove" the safety of aspartame so it could go on the market. Yet we're supposed to keep faith in science and the food industry and believe that they have now got it right, similarly with other topics like climate science. Then anyone who questions this merry-go-round of ideas is castigated as a conspiracy theorist.
  16. Nice quote! So I guess the hydrogen cells will need to be labelled up with the source ingredients. Unless it gets regulated and we're not allowed to choose for ourselves ...
  17. The power of beliefs shaped by the words and images that are constantly poured into us by our overlords is scary when I think about it. No wonder the world's in such a mess. But these days paganism (in the West) is a relatively small religion and calling it the pagan spell makes it sound like you're having a pop at the pagans, even when you're not as the spell of false beliefs is everywhere, especially the secular world.
  18. Thanks Socky :) It sounds like hydrogen does rely on fossil fuels, or other conventional power at its point of manufacture and the pollution is still created earlier on in the process. It shouldn't be used by the ptb as an excuse to clamp down on petrol or diesel cars then! I'll be comparing it on the basis of cost, performance, convenience etc and not on how supposedly "green" it is.
  19. There's the saying "nothing comes from nothing", so when a new religion develops it's mostly reshaping previous ideas rather than creating something completely new. Maybe there were a few new elements, but when that experience is translated into an existing language which the locals can understand, it uses existing words and ideas to convey it. So even if Jesus did have a unique and original experience of God, if he had invented a new word for it his followers wouldn't have understood him. Mysticism is rather like that; reading about mysticism, enlightenment or Zen etc without having the actual experience for yourself means you're stuck in your old paradigm - you can't get through the gateless gate. And that's me using words I'm used to, which may make no sense for someone else.
  20. Hydrogen cars sound like a good idea, but how do they make the hydrogen for the cells, does it need energy input from the regular electricity or gas supply? They don't just mine hydrogen out of the ground do they? Isn't there a risk that we'd still be exposed to the same global energy markets as are creating economic chaos at the moment? We're still nowhere near self-sufficiency. Sorry this is me being too lazy to do my own research!!
  21. I don't dispute it, but imo the whole distinction between "pagan" and monotheistic religion is a later idea that's projected onto history anyway. "Pagan" in the ancient world meant "rustic", the religion of the country people, the supposedly uncivilised rednecks and bumpkins. From the pov of the metropolitan urbanites looking down their noses at them. Therefore, the educated and priestly class of the polytheists weren't pagans. The Gospels were written in Greek (not Hebrew or Aramaic), the language of the culture which had supplied the art, mathematics, philosophy and religion to the Roman empire. It seems that the ancient world was a lot more porous between countries with people travelling and knowing about each others cultures more than we realise. Gods and Goddesses morphed and changed names as they moved around the region. The monotheists like to claim their religion was protected from outside influences and remains some kind of pure unadulterated revelation straight from the one true God, but all three Abrahamic religions sit on polytheistic foundations.
  22. On Saturday the aunty B forecast thunder for Sunday, and it never happened. If they get tomorrow's forecast wrong, how can they predict it weeks or months ahead? One of my lecturers used to say that the official forecast was only 7% better than saying "same as yesterday" - that was 40 years ago and it doesn't appear to have improved much since then, only the graphics look better.
  23. All religious beliefs are correct relative to folks who believe in them, also they're incorrect relative to non-believers. So this is another mask-slipping moment when the Illuminati want to destroy freedom of thought and belief and replace it with their approved beliefs for the masses. They'll still have freedom of course. It won't be AI deciding on what's true but whoever controls the AI.
  24. @Mr H Thanks, it's always good to hear about folks' spirituality. I'd heard of the Akashic records - it's from Hinduism isn't it? - but not come across a school or people who practices it. Is it possible to see general historical events rather than an individual's who you need to ask permission for? Eg can you solve mysteries like the JFK assassination or see if Jesus really existed, what happened in area 51, how the pyramids were built etc?
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