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  1. While I was looking at an accountancy website for another post, I saw this. All the talk about digital currencies might make us think the existing banking system is private, but they have the means to watch us already. If they can do this openly for foreign payments, justified by combatting tax fraud, then the technology already exists to do it more generally. The article does mention "other European databases" being centralised by the EU. "Exchange of payment data to fight VAT fraud Published: 20 Dec 2023 EU rules set to transform VAT fraud detection in e-commerce come into effect from 1 January 2024. From 1 January 2024, payment service providers (PSPs) offering payment services in the EU will be required to monitor the payees of cross-border payments. PSPs will be required to provide to the tax administrations in member states information of any business that receives more than 25 cross-border payments per quarter. The information provided will be stored in a centralised EU database, the central electronic system of payment information (CESOP), where it can be cross-checked against other European databases. The information in CESOP will be made available to anti-fraud experts in EU member states and Norway. " https://www.icaew.com/insights/tax-news/2023/dec-2023/exchange-of-payment-data-to-fight-vat-fraud
  2. The accountants think this year will be grim economically. Mind you, like you say, words have power, perhaps a few placed individuals are talking us down as a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Another year of grim stagnation for the UK economy this year is likely as concerns over wider economic conditions outstrip the boost from lower inflation. ... UK economy went from bad to worse at the end of 2023 " https://www.icaew.com/insights/viewpoints-on-the-news/2024/jan-2024/economic-update-whats-in-store-for-2024
  3. Another carbon tax / levy (sorry it's a "border adjustment mechanism") to come in a few years' time and make sure other countries can't undercut our taxes and create "carbon leakage". Don't you just love this new environmental jargon. It will apply to certain imports initially but no doubt get expanded afterwards. "A carbon pricing mechanism for imports will be implemented by 2027 to support decarbonisation. From 2027, goods imported into the UK from countries with a lower carbon price than the UK will have to pay a levy. This levy, known as a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), will initially apply to imports of iron, steel, aluminium, fertiliser, hydrogen, ceramics, glass and cement. The CBAM will ensure that products from overseas are subject to a comparable carbon price to those produced in the UK. This will reduce the risk of carbon leakage in the affected sectors. Carbon leakage is defined as the movement of production and associated emissions from one country to another due to different levels of decarbonisation effort through carbon pricing and climate regulation. The charge applied by the CBAM will depend on the amount of carbon emitted in the production of the imported goods. This will be adjusted if any carbon price has already been applied in the country of origin. For example, imports from the EU will have been subject to carbon pricing through the EU emissions trading system. " https://www.icaew.com/insights/tax-news/2023/dec-2023/uk-announces-introduction-of-carbon-border-adjustment-mechanism https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-uk-levy-to-level-carbon-pricing
  4. Once I thought about doing one of those dna ancestry tests to see how much of me is Anglo-Saxon, Celtic etc, I don't know if they show up alien dna yet! I didn't go ahead with it because I don't trust them with my dna profile.
  5. I'm not too sure, I've used you.com with a vpn and if I get too close to conspiracy territory it gives me a very polite but obviously scripted message about not believing in conspiracy theories and to use trustworthy sources.
  6. Because if you're not straight, white and male you will be a diversity hire which will "improve" their DEI stats, which will help them get contracts from woke corporations and authorities. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12920539/Camden-Council-vets-businesses-seeking-contracts-commitment-LGBTQ-values.html
  7. Saying things is worse than doing things in the new normal.
  8. My method is to have both. End goals are great in their way, like I want to run to my full potential, get super healthy or meditate like a sage. But then I need to break up the big goal into bitesized pieces and have a plan so I can tick off my milestones along the way to see my progress and hopefully avoid procrastinating. Say with running or going to the gym, I need to build up gradually, too much too soon can do more harm than good - especially at my age !!
  9. The people who write the algorithms obviously have bias. Now apart from the top man, who else decides what twitter's bias should be?
  10. My guess is that if people are progressive liberals they think they're winning the political and demographic war against the regressive conservatives and their globalist utopia is just round the corner. Most others seem to take a narrow minded and short term view of life. They don't look much further than their own family, their entertainment, and the next holiday to escape the meaninglessness of their lives. There are a few politically and spiritually awake folks, but they're like little islands which can't join up and make much difference yet.
  11. @Mr H I know what you mean, most people don't even know about what I'm into let alone agree with it. Most people are kept well distracted with bread and circuses type stuff. My family think I'm a bit weird but tolerate me, I can count on one hand the people who understand what I'm on about. It doesn't bode well for the future as we're so far down into the trap and there's so few who notice the trouble we're in.
  12. Good questions and they cut to the heart of how far we are prepared to go about the illuminati's war on us beyond the armchair activism. I'm really not at a stage where I can emigrate so I need to find a way to stand my ground here in England. Realistically that means building or joining a community of other Anglos so there's some safety in numbers as the struggles get more intense. I recently heard about the Woodlander movement where patriotic folks are clubbing together to buy land where they can meet up and enjoy nature which hasn't been bought up by the plutocrats. I'm against guns if at all possible because that looks like playing into the cabal's hands and I prefer to bring the struggle back home and build up our families and tribes again. If I was younger and able to move somewhere then realistically it'd need to be somewhere English speaking as I'm pants at learning other languages. Also somewhere with lots of empty land away from the human hothouse factory farms in the built up areas. Maybe I'd look at some remote outpost in Canada or Australia where the nearest neighbours are other indigenous tribes who are also struggling to maintain their way of life. My own roots in the Anglo/Celtic cultures do have a lot in common with other shamanistic cultures anyway.
  13. Yes! Nothing in the media is what it seems to be anymore, the boundaries between reality and fiction is being blurred ever more. Like now you can't tell the difference between TV programmes and adverts as the programmes are filled with product placements and are like adverts for celebrity culture. The news is basically an advert for the NWO. When I look at an internet news feed like Yahoo for instance the ads are mixed in with the news stories with the word "Ad" in feint grey font so you don't notice it if you scan quickly through the stories. You have to pay really close attention in a sceptical way to get anywhere near the truth.
  14. And the phrase "snow bomb" is a new one on me too, I'm surprised the AI terrorism detectors haven't jumped on that one. Added to the excessive use of red on the weather charts last summer it looks like a definite trend.
  15. I know I'm a bit behind the times but it seems pretty surreal that the TV drama about the Post Office Horizon scandal has come out in the same week that it's in the news as a real story. The telly is as much virtual reality as I can take.
  16. And also why they like offshoring not only farming and manufacturing but also increasingly service industries to countries with the lowest wages and least regulations so the workers have to compete against each other globally.
  17. Yeah, if for example you have a money purchase pension fund where is it invested?
  18. I take the point and things have been leading inexorably towards where we are now. When I say 'made up propaganda' I mean that it gives a negative slant without balancing it with the positives and is designed to have a particular effect on us. There were these demoralisation campaigns going on all through the post-war period (not to mention before) with the cold war, civil rights vs segregation, later the Vietnam war/anti-war and a lot of intergenerational conflct from the early days of rock & roll in the 50s through to 60s drop-out mentality. It's like someone has been successfully chipping away at our self-confidence and social cohesion for a very long time, and yes it's building up to a crisis stage. Yet at any point along this trajectory, even now, we can still turn things round if we all wake up and decide to turn in a different direction. We can suddenly start having bigger families and end the excuse for any immigration at all if we change our beliefs, but we don't because we feel demoralised. It's mostly a psychological problem in the UK as the indigenous people still make up 75% of the population.
  19. When I see criticism or doom mongering that's one-sidedly focused on America (and western Europe to a lesser degree) it starts to smell fishy and like made-up propaganda originating from one of the other power blocks trying to demoralise us. The debt issue does look pretty horrendous right now though, and that is entirely of our governments' own choosing, rather than some abstract theory about economics.
  20. I can't answer as a Buddhist but I did used to practice it and visit monasteries etc. I didn't come across an idea of inherent good & evil hard baked into the nature of reality like you see in some other religions. They are seen more in terms of human spiritual development so evil is associated with unwholesome mental states like anger, greed and selfishness, which ultimately stem from ignorance. Ignorance of the nature of reality which is nonself, nondual. Buddhism is therefore akin to a training course from ignorance to awakening along the eightfold path, and the five precepts of lay Buddhists start with the phrase 'I undertake the rule of training to ...' Suffering isn't evil, but it's inevitable if you see the world dualistically, ie if you believe your separate ego is real. According to traditional Asian Buddhism, not procreating isn't an answer because you can still get reborn in other realms and full liberation is only possible in human form. However in my experience Buddhists aren't so hung up on believing the creeds like with the Abrahamists, especially in the west, it's much more practical. If you feel attracted to Buddhism then try it out and if it works for you brilliant, if not then maybe something else will. Personal experience trumps philosophical speculation, the Buddha gave a parable about that. If you're hit with an arrow (ie suffering) do you stop to question where it came from and who made it, or just get it out. Re lust and sex. I guess there is a bias towards believing monks and nuns get enlightened faster than householders, but if you are a householder there's a precept to "abstain from sexual misconduct" which is wonderfully vague and therefore gets interpreted according to the local culture. In the East it's still pretty traditional, here in the west it's more liberal shall we say. However, if you get into the territory of lust, greed, craving etc then that would probably be seen as unwholesome and leading to suffering.
  21. I agree that the Abrahamic religions are misogynist and they trace their mythology from the same old testament source. However I'm not so sure about other religions, many seem quite balanced between the sexes imo, although they do have some set gender roles, male gods of war and female goddesses of love etc. In western paganism the male gods can be pretty badly behaved too and responsible for just as much mayhem and mischief as the goddesses. Overall I don't see a bias against women there beyond the usual male dominance you get in any traditional culture. With Hinduism, Kali has a variety of aspects not only what you mention. She's also the divine mother and bestower of liberation. Similarly the male god Shiva is a destroyer (famously quoted by Oppenheimer) as well as a protector and demon slayer. Their deities have multiple attributes. Scanning through my knowledge of other world religions I don't see such a big anti-women mythology as with the Abrahamic/Babylonian one. Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Taoism don't even though they exist within patriarchal societies. That said, it's within the western Christian world that feminism first took root. Perhaps as a reaction against Christian mores, maybe an offshoot of Marxism? I guess I need some more research on that.
  22. I saw something similar with house prices too: "The truth is that house prices have been falling for a while. That feels counter-intuitive against what appears to have been a steady climb since the financial crisis of 2008. Inflation, however, has climbed faster, wiping out the gains in real terms. Of course, most of the damage has been done in the past two years. But the picture looks grim across longer timeframes." https://www.fidelity.co.uk/markets-insights/personal-finance/personal-finance/house-prices-did-you-miss-the-16-year-crash/ Calling it monetary inflation is a bit of dissonance though, because it's really cash depreciation when your cash buys less goods than last year.
  23. Thanks Last One. It gets worse though, the production process of rapeseed oil uses hexane solvent to remove impurities. It's an industrial solvent also used to make glue.
  24. I've had a quick search because my mum used to take cider vinegar for her arthritis. Although it's mildly acidic, the stomach acid is much more acid so taking a couple of teaspoons a day isn't likely to acidify the body. It is claimed to have an alkalising effect but I don't know how.
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