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  1. On a broader point than just coffee, but all hot drinks & food are claimed to be carcinogenic in excess: Cancer warning: The hot drink that may be associated with a 90% higher risk of cancer The mere prospect of cancer is enough to make anyone shudder but there are reasons to be optimistic. Research over the years has pointed to the ways you can modify your risk of the potentially deadly disease. One of the most striking findings was published in the International Journal of Cancer back in 2019. Drinking very hot drinks may hike your risk of oesophageal cancer. The Iran-based study suggested very hot drinks may be associated with a 90 percent higher risk of getting cancer of the oesophagus. Oesophageal cancer is when abnormal cells in the food pipe (oesophagus) grow in an uncontrolled way. The oesophagus is also known as the gullet. It is the tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach. The link between drinking hot drinks and the risk of oesophageal cancer is well-documented. For example, Cancer Research UK says: "Your risk of developing oesophageal cancer is increased if you drink tea, coffee or other drinks at hot temperatures." However, the extent to which drinking hot drinks can hike your risk of the cancer - as evidenced by this study - is striking. Drinking 700ml of tea at 60C (140F) or higher was "consistently associated" with the increased risk compared with people who had drinks at a lower temperature. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/health/cancer-warning-the-hot-drink-that-may-be-associated-with-a-90-higher-risk-of-cancer/ar-AAZh24f?ocid=winp1taskbar&cvid=26718d744d3d4e999f01d2bea6f2b53a
  2. Thanks, the video gives an optimistic future and I'm all for this type of open-minded vision. It just feels like it's early days and needs a practical approach to the problems. It assumes we're all basically good community minded people at heart, which may have some truth but how to deal with individuals who are more competitive and even selfish, wishing to grab more than their fair share of the wealth? Or deal with groups of invaders such as organised criminals and even other states attacking us? There seems to be an unstated assumption that there'll be an overarching authority to keep the system going, give it some strength and resilience to survive. What worries me is that the global cultists would use utopian visions like this to draw us into their web of apparently egalitarian culture, like UBI, as a way to capture us as workers in their communistic totalitarian world. A very flat pyramid with most people equally at the bottom, being controlled by a small class of middle managers and a few invisibles at the top. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic
  3. Yes, ruling shouldn't be a class system. But suggesting that we don't need any leaders at all is beyond my ken, would you elaborate on this? Or maybe I misunderstand. When I say leaders I don't only mean politicians, but also people to manage any organisations, like businesses, public services, schools, religious and community groups. Is there a way to have a totally egalitarian society?
  4. What I find interesting in the study of religions is how people put the characters of the scriptures on a high pedestal compared to everyone else. So who's to say that the scholars, theologians, thinkers of history and our own times aren't just as spiritual, wise and close to God as the people in the stories of the sacred literature? There's a kind of hero worship at play, which is in my view exploited by the organised religions to create this deference and obedience, when in fact we are the creators of all this authority and power.
  5. @Green Dragon When you think about it, we had a totalitarian regime for the whole Middle Ages, with hegemony of the Catholic church and monarchy ruling over us via an aristocratic feudal hierarchy, and most ordinary people like us living as serfs. This was very gradually broken over the modern period with various things like Protestantism, printing & literacy, industrial revolutions, rise of democracy, individualism, trade unions etc. But now it's increasingly visible that we're moving back towards totalitarianism. I can sympathise with you but I'm rather wary of trying to start a revolution. Perhaps it's my Britishness, but I don't see many previous revolutions turning out well. I'd rather try recovering society from the grassroots by strengthening local communities, encourage family life and parenthood, small business rather than global corporations. No doubt there's still much work to do exposing the agenda of the Illuminati, but we need to take back ownership and responsibility for our society in our own hands, rather than handing this power over to central, corporatist and increasingly global leaders. We do need leadership of course, but leaders who are rooted in and serve their community. Am I a dreamer?
  6. And it makes a good toilet cleaner too due to the acids in it.
  7. "Humans Do NOT Have The Right To Water" It rather begs the question of what is a right? Presumably rights only exist if they're written down in the law and capable of enforcement. I'm not aware of any law in my country which specifically states we have a right to water, but I could be wrong. Although there are some rules, like when we had a burst water main in our road recently, the water company had to provide bottled water after a few hours while they fixed the leak. But it's going to vary a lot around the world.
  8. I remember seeing a device which sailors could get which would use sunlight to evaporate water to distill it and obtain enough fresh water to survive. But I don't know where to buy one. Desalination plants in places like Malta are big municipal plants which use lots of electricity. Perhaps an old fashioned still could be repurposed to separate fresh water from sea water (rather than water & alcohol lol!). A few years ago there were news stories about nanotechnology which can desalinate seawater cheaper than conventional distillation techniques by filtering the water through a very fine nano-mesh which takes advantage of the different sizes of water & salt molecules. I've not seen them on sale yet tho.
  9. Acrylamide is a substance found in many foods, as far as I can determine it's created when carbohydrates are heated to high temperatures, such as roasting, toasting, frying. Coffee can have high concentrations of acrylamide, especially dark roasted coffee. "According to the EFSA, the main toxicity risks of acrylamide are "Neurotoxicity, adverse effects on male reproduction, developmental toxicity and carcinogenicity". " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylamide However the research is ongoing and not clear cut conclusions yet. But just in case, I'm trying to switch to tea, especially green and herb tea - loose as tea bags are yet another health issue.
  10. All those people coming to an already very highly populated country (England ranks about 5th globally for population density); we're told there's still skills shortages and need to let in yet more people. It's been going on for generations now. When will we accept that this just isn't adding up: immigration doesn't solve our economic problems, or the north/south divide. Another consequence is a reduction in food self-sufficiency. The UK currently produces about 60% of its food requirements; the lower this figure goes the more vulnerable we are to world shortages, blockades in wartime etc. It's a national security issue.
  11. LGBTQIA+, it's getting longer, the rainbow flag's getting busier. It'd be easier to just say non-straight, everyone else except straights. It's the same with race, there's BAME, BIPOC, all non-whites lumped together in the same bucket to make it easier for the woke agenda to take over. Divide and conquer the straight whites, by combining and strengthening everyone else.
  12. As far as I understand this ruling, it basically represents the decentralisation of abortion policy from the federal union to the individual states. Therefore it allows more local decision making, more diversity and multiculturalism across the country. So why do the liberal progressives hate it? Shouldn't they be saying it doesn't go far enough, and power should be further delegated to counties/cities? Or are they outing themselves as centralists?
  13. Sorry to hear you weren't well, glad you're getting better. I've been a bit ill this weekend too. 1) I can't speak for the OP, but there is a school of thought in Eastern spirituality which advocates for an essentially passive attitude to life, acceptance of the situation as a way to liberation. To go within rather than look outside for fulfilment and happiness; it's one of a number of reasons I gave up on Buddhism. There's always some change going on, but to keep any kind of culture or identity going needs a great deal of input because there's always outside forces pushing to come in and take over with their agenda. There's a great deal of good about our civilisation which is not being highlighted at the moment, as the saying goes, 'you don't know what you've got till it's gone'. 2) This is a good point for all religion really. Are we doing it for selfish reasons, like going to heaven, nirvana, enlightenment etc? Or for the common good? Personally I think our culture had a good blend of both individualism and communalism not too long ago, but has become unbalanced recently towards individualism. Remember when Maggie Thatcher said, 'There's no such thing as society'?. Maybe that wasn't so much an ideological point, but more about the plan to weaken our social bonds. Move towards markets rather than communities.
  14. On the subject of children's TV, is it just me or does Peppa pig look a bit phallic?
  15. Macnamara: "Its like we are the sands in a giant glass conspiracy egg timer and those sands have been running down now for centuries but we have been born right at that time where we are the last sands falling down through the chute and looking down i can see that in the chasm below is a technocratic hellscape stretching off into the foreseeable future and i'm trying to say to the other grains of sand 'we don't want to be going down there' and all the other grains of sand are doing is talking about ANYTHING except what is down that chute Now if you were in an immediate EMERGENCY....lets say you've gone swimming in a creek and you see a crocodile coming towards you, are you going to start pondering on the two truths doctrine or are you going to start swimming like a lunatic for the shore?" I'm seeing a lot of crossed wires in this thread between absolute and relative understandings. Naturally I'm not going to stay meditating (or whatever) while the house is on fire. But the emergency we're in is more drawn out, so we need a clear head and good concentration, which are some of the relative benefits from this type of spiritual practice. Macnamara: "even here on this forum which you would think would be the spear point of the awakening full of people ready to be the shock troops of an alternative vision to the elites centralised vision of control but really a lot of people are into conspiratainment and just argue you with you when you try and talk about actually doing things" I'm pretty new to all this conspiracy stuff and although there's a lot of chatter about it on the internet, in reality there isn't much going on in real life in most neighbourhoods. Even people who don't believe in conspiracies but oppose things like mass immigration, do little more than grumble in private and daren't say anything publicly. It's been like that for generations. They still vote for the same old politics and buy from the same global corporations. I was the same until recently (apart from voting for smaller parties) and as I'm trying to digest this material, well knowing that I can't believe it all but just trying to see the main themes, I haven't yet got as far as planning what to do about it. The reality is that conspiracy theorists are dismissed as either cranks or demonised as extremists. Most people, nearly everyone, still have faith in the current system. I don't expect much to change until there's a big shock to people's lives, perhaps an economic collapse, demographic shift, or a war. We're an underground movement, disorganised and divided. We don't yet have a strategy to start putting into action do we, or perhaps there's a hundred different strategies from as many people. The opposition on the other hand is organised into a strict hierarchy with an elite setting the agenda and don't appear to have the same problems of disagreement, disorganisation and demonisation by the majority. Given that we've fallen so far down the cliff edge already, what to do?
  16. "Reason why "we" don't like change, and the argument for change" To change or not to change, that's the question. It reminds me of a Carl Rogers quote: 'The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.' So my meditation has a quality of achieving growth by not changing anything. The caricature of the meditator sitting cross-legged contemplating their navel (which I've done and is a great practice btw) and achieving inner peace while the world is on fire, is missing the point. Because the desire for political action, saving the country, defending ourselves against threats is as much a part of the here and now which I'm contemplating as anything else. And any idea that I shouldn't be thinking those things to be in the here & now, is trying to take myself out of the actual here and now, out of reality, into an imaginary one.
  17. This is it right here. The reason why we get so confused and mystified about religion. Conflating the absolute and the relative, hence the Two_Truths_Doctrine @Macnamara as a meditator myself I think you're being a little unfair on the eastern religions. The same issue is present in western religion too: why spend time worshipping a God who unconditionally loves everyone even the most despicable psychopaths and abusers? Because that's the absolute God, not the relative god who makes preferences between right and wrong. Trying to meditate, trying to relax, trying (desiring) not to desire is the Buddhist equivalent of Biblical commandments like to love God, love your neighbour, don't covet your neighbour's wife and possessions etc. As if you can conjure up love and goodness by an act of will. So why are we told to do these impossible, paradoxical things? Because we are trying to reach the absolute through the relative, and we don't yet realise that our whole world view is paradoxical and mostly based on self-interest and survival instincts. The absolute & relative occupy the same space of course, it's just a matter of whether we're making any distinctions. The absolute has no distinctions, the relative world is made of the distinctions we project onto the absolute. (But please take everything I say about the absolute with a pinch of salt because it can't really be spoken of). Great thread, by the way.
  18. @Edgewood sure, after Christianity got going it moved around a lot, and got into conflict with other small sects, Jesus wasn't the only Messiah claimant and the area was religiously diverse. My interest in Alexandria was in the origins, whether Jesus lived there, perhaps he and John were Egyptian Jews from the community there who developed a kind of syncretism between Judaism and the Isis/Osiris religion. The existence of multiple Gospels (which weren't codified into the Biblical canon until later) attests to the large variety of Christianities in the early days before the enforced conformity by the powers that be.
  19. Welcome and hello @Green Dragon I am likewise just finding my way here and starting to get to know people, tbh I'm doing more reading than posting. Great to see you're interested in practical solutions, see you over at the solutions section! I hope we can help you with any struggles. One of my focuses is on trying to support community groups which promote local self-sufficiency and away from dependence on big corporations & govt. Like things used to be, in some ways.
  20. Getting back on topic, the other day I saw a documentary on Are You Being Served, and they had a helpline number at the end 'for anyone who has been affected by the issues in this programme'. As well as the disclaimer at the start of the programme that it contains language of its period which some may find offensive; that's now common in old 60s & 70s comedies like AYBS, Carry On, On The Buses etc. I've not decided if this trend represents the defeat of homophobia & misogyny; an encouragement of the offence industry; the TV channel's paranoia about compensation claims; or just someone seeing how far they can push this to create a reaction - reductio ad absurdum. https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/are-you-being-served-secrets-scandals/
  21. Thanks for the info, this is all fascinating, even though I find it a little difficult to draw it all together into a coherent understanding. For example, if the origin of Gnosticism was Alexandria, that great centre of learning, then how about if it was a development of earlier Egyptian mystery religions (Athoth = Thoth?) mixed with some Greek influence (Archons). And from the Ancient Aliens TV series a thought occurs to me that maybe the animal faces are an allegorical reference to masks worn by the ancient shape-shifting alien Gods to travel in disguise as humble creatures while they were really the puppet masters, the pyramidions of us all.
  22. I can thoroughly recommend it, even though it's 25 years old now so the research may have developed since then. One thing leads to another ... reading that book has got me interested in some others. They wrote another one about the Turin Shroud, developing a theory that it shows a severed head (referencing the Joannite heretical underground religion), and the image is an early type of photograph of Leonardo himself. Also some other books researching into the links with Freemasonry, Kabbalah, the Priory of Sion etc. The picture is essentially one of the religion of John the Baptist being suppressed by its offspring, the early Christian church (including a theory that Jesus was an Egyptian not a Jew), and creating remnants in the form of secretive organisations which continued underground with a heady mixture of the old mystery religion of Isis/Osiris (Mary Magdalene/Jesus), John the Baptist, Gnosticism and others.
  23. @Edgewood @pi3141 This is a very important part of the historical jigsaw of western religions. I'm currently reading The Templar Revelation by Clive Prince & Lynn Picknett. Apparently Jesus started off as a disciple of John the Baptist before splitting off into his own sect and creating an exoteric religion of Jewish messiah, and esoteric mystery religion of Osiris-Isis death/rebirth initiation.
  24. Am I being a pedantic literalist or do I notice a trend among progressives to redefine language to mean something different, or even opposite to what it actually says. It leaves me with a feeling of being gaslit, disorientated, cognitive dissonance at the shift in meanings. So I'm starting to challenge their use of language as part of deconstructing the whole agenda. Some examples: Racism, sexism. Adding the suffix '-ism' to the end of a word is supposed to mean a system of thought or social movement associated with the word, not giving it a negative meaning of discrimination. Similarly, the suffix '-ist' is a person who's involved in the '-ism'. For example, Buddhism means the religion based on the teachings of the Buddha, and a Buddhist is a member of the religion. So racism should mean something like the subject of human racial identity, and racists are people who believe in racial identity and belong to a race. But no, to be racist or sexist has been twisted to mean someone who has fallen foul of the rules of the new social order. Homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, like heights or enclosed spaces. It's a medical condition but it's used similarly to -ism above in the meaning of hate and persecution. Semitism, Anti-semitism. Semites are people who speak a wide group of languages from the middle east and as far west as Malta. Yet anti-semitism is changed to mean only the Jewish people. I expect there's more but this is a start.
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