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  1. Welcome and hello @Green Dragon I am likewise just finding my way here and starting to get to know people, tbh I'm doing more reading than posting. Great to see you're interested in practical solutions, see you over at the solutions section! I hope we can help you with any struggles. One of my focuses is on trying to support community groups which promote local self-sufficiency and away from dependence on big corporations & govt. Like things used to be, in some ways.
  2. Getting back on topic, the other day I saw a documentary on Are You Being Served, and they had a helpline number at the end 'for anyone who has been affected by the issues in this programme'. As well as the disclaimer at the start of the programme that it contains language of its period which some may find offensive; that's now common in old 60s & 70s comedies like AYBS, Carry On, On The Buses etc. I've not decided if this trend represents the defeat of homophobia & misogyny; an encouragement of the offence industry; the TV channel's paranoia about compensation claims; or just someone seeing how far they can push this to create a reaction - reductio ad absurdum. https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/are-you-being-served-secrets-scandals/
  3. Thanks for the info, this is all fascinating, even though I find it a little difficult to draw it all together into a coherent understanding. For example, if the origin of Gnosticism was Alexandria, that great centre of learning, then how about if it was a development of earlier Egyptian mystery religions (Athoth = Thoth?) mixed with some Greek influence (Archons). And from the Ancient Aliens TV series a thought occurs to me that maybe the animal faces are an allegorical reference to masks worn by the ancient shape-shifting alien Gods to travel in disguise as humble creatures while they were really the puppet masters, the pyramidions of us all.
  4. I can thoroughly recommend it, even though it's 25 years old now so the research may have developed since then. One thing leads to another ... reading that book has got me interested in some others. They wrote another one about the Turin Shroud, developing a theory that it shows a severed head (referencing the Joannite heretical underground religion), and the image is an early type of photograph of Leonardo himself. Also some other books researching into the links with Freemasonry, Kabbalah, the Priory of Sion etc. The picture is essentially one of the religion of John the Baptist being suppressed by its offspring, the early Christian church (including a theory that Jesus was an Egyptian not a Jew), and creating remnants in the form of secretive organisations which continued underground with a heady mixture of the old mystery religion of Isis/Osiris (Mary Magdalene/Jesus), John the Baptist, Gnosticism and others.
  5. @Edgewood @pi3141 This is a very important part of the historical jigsaw of western religions. I'm currently reading The Templar Revelation by Clive Prince & Lynn Picknett. Apparently Jesus started off as a disciple of John the Baptist before splitting off into his own sect and creating an exoteric religion of Jewish messiah, and esoteric mystery religion of Osiris-Isis death/rebirth initiation.
  6. Am I being a pedantic literalist or do I notice a trend among progressives to redefine language to mean something different, or even opposite to what it actually says. It leaves me with a feeling of being gaslit, disorientated, cognitive dissonance at the shift in meanings. So I'm starting to challenge their use of language as part of deconstructing the whole agenda. Some examples: Racism, sexism. Adding the suffix '-ism' to the end of a word is supposed to mean a system of thought or social movement associated with the word, not giving it a negative meaning of discrimination. Similarly, the suffix '-ist' is a person who's involved in the '-ism'. For example, Buddhism means the religion based on the teachings of the Buddha, and a Buddhist is a member of the religion. So racism should mean something like the subject of human racial identity, and racists are people who believe in racial identity and belong to a race. But no, to be racist or sexist has been twisted to mean someone who has fallen foul of the rules of the new social order. Homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, like heights or enclosed spaces. It's a medical condition but it's used similarly to -ism above in the meaning of hate and persecution. Semitism, Anti-semitism. Semites are people who speak a wide group of languages from the middle east and as far west as Malta. Yet anti-semitism is changed to mean only the Jewish people. I expect there's more but this is a start.
  7. @Given To Fly I'd be interested to hear about your spiritual experiences, if you ask me the lack of religious experience in mainstream Christianity over here explains much of the Church's decline, and the rise of the evangelical/charismatic movements. The Holy Spirit is the one part of the Trinity I can actually believe in, God the Father and God the Son don't resonate with me.
  8. At the time, I thought it strange that so soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, along came Islamic terrorism to fill the void as the new adversary, with attacks starting in the early 90s (Al-Qaeda having been formed in 1988, just in time for the fall of the USSR). You could well be right that a new "warm" war is being brought in, either with China or a Chinese-Russian alliance. I say warm because it will likely include limited local conflicts such as Ukraine, Taiwan etc to keep it in the news.
  9. Yes we should be talking about processed food causing health problems and addictions; and also how it is more profitable for the corporations, how for many impoverished and stressed people it seems to provide 'cheap calories' that are quicker to prepare. And yes I agree with your previous point about our lifestyle affecting how much we need to eat. Quality and quantity can be seen as separate issues. Conventional advice is to keep your BMI in certain limits, but I'm referring to some research into life expectancy and restricted diets, as I recall this started out on mice. I've come across some discussions of the links between lifespan, epigenetics and calorie restriction I've no expertise myself on this but it seems worthwhile to check it out - but from a random internet search here's an article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6515465/ "Caloric restriction (CR), i.e., the reduction of caloric intake (by 10% to 40%) without causing malnutrition, has proven to be by far the most effective intervention that can extend the maximum lifespan in a wide range of organisms including yeast, nematodes, flies, and rodents. Interestingly, observations also demonstrated an effect on healthspan (i.e., time spent being healthy), coincident with a significant decrease in age-related diseases such as cardiovascular events, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancers. The beneficial effects of CR occur through an extreme wide range of molecular mechanisms, largely overlapping with aging hallmarks, among which epigenetic factors have recently gained interest." I've also seen some more accessible content in Dr Rangan Chatterjee's YT channel such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg6UhhV_K1s&t=4804s but I need to do more research into this area; who to believe is the issue as ever.
  10. Having partners and families within a community setting has been the mainstay of life for virtually all of history, pre-history (and of course evolution of animals). The idea that you can have a lifestyle without it is only possible by having a powerful institution to take its place such as the state or the church, otherwise there'd be no support system for the individuals, and individual humans are pretty weak without the strong bonds wrought within a family or religious type institution. I guess historically there would have been a small number of people eschewing sex and relationships outside the church (or other monastic tradition like Buddhism), but I'm thinking it's easier for a celibate lifestyle to become mainstream in a modern technological society. Perhaps this also mirrors the increase in other types of alternative lifestyle, eg same sex partnerships. "Gnostics and Essenes believed that the Devil (Demiurge) created the material world and that he also made sex to entrap ethereal souls in the prison of the flesh. This planet is nothing more than a huge energy farm for the malevolent entities." I don't know a lot about Gnosticism, but this sounds familiar from what I've read about it. My take is that the split between material and spiritual is a story we create for ourselves, like all the other types of fragmentation such as body/mind, self/other etc. Useful perhaps for the social interactions in the relative world, but nevertheless it's our creation. No judgement though. The question is, does it feel good and loving and work for you or not? We can follow our heart and head, intuition and reason to find fulfilment and happiness as either a family person or a celibate monastic. It's all ok. Some people do think we should be responsible for the preservation of the race or society and have children. Others think we should be prioritising the spiritual over the material, and avoiding distractions like money and family life. Me, I don't see any dilemma between them. My family is my church, my community is my extended family, my extended church. Spiritual enlightenment isn't something to look for "outside" or even "inside", heaven is already here, behind the story telling.
  11. Also consider eating less. There's research into restricting food intake with longer lifespan, as well as health benefits of fasting. We need some protein of course, but the modern diet contains more than most of us need.
  12. How do you practise Gnosticism these days, and are there Gnostic churches again? I've come across some references to it in reading The_Templar_Revelation by Lynne Picknett & Clive Prince (which covers a lot of other topics too) that explains how the Gnostic Cathars were suppressed in a crusade.
  13. I noticed the new series of 'Noughts + Crosses' starts this week. I'd not heard of it before, it's an 'alternative history' where 'black people rule over a white underclass' (on BBC1, no surprise). I'm usually reluctant to try and guess intentions of other people, but the BBC clearly thinks it's acceptable to produce programmes imagining the downfall of the native white races and takeover by Africans. And yet when certain people start saying this is a realistic possibility through demographic replacement, they are criticised as far-right extremists and even prosecuted for racist hate speech. What is the BBC really up to, could it be about gauging the audience reaction to see how far they can push this type of obnoxious story? __________________________________________ Setting The series takes place in present-day London in an alternate history where 700 years prior, several nations in (what is in our world known as) West Africa combined to form the powerful Aprican Empire and went on to colonise Europe. After a conflict known as the Great World War, control of Europe is split between different Aprican factions, with mainland Europe under control of the Malian Empire and the Moors, whereas Albion (comprising Great Britain and Ireland) and parts of Scandinavia remain under the thumb of the Aprican Empire.[4] Russia and The Balkans remain in active conflict with the Aprican colonisers, although since the Great World War their national borders have been pushed back. The Ottoman Empire also exists, controlling parts of East Asia.[4] Albion appears to be a self-governing colony with its own (Cross) Prime Minister and executive leadership, an exclusively Cross police force, and a military only just opened up to a small number of Nought high-achievers. However, it is still accountable to the Aprican Empire based on the African continent. As of 1950, Racial segregation is rigidly enforced in the colony between those of wealthy Aprican descent (known as Crosses or daggers) and the poorer native Europeans (known as Noughts or blankers).[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noughts_%2B_Crosses
  14. Ha ha I like it this is a theme I came across in Buddhism too. The passion with which some folks express their religious ideas of asceticism actually reveals the paradox inherent in deep spirituality. Speaking from the point of view of a separate self is often paradoxical because it's self-referencing. My take on this general subject (I've not had time to read the whole thread yet), is that feelings like lust, anger, fear, excitement are purely natural biological processes (shared with animals too) which are ingrained in our brain's neural networks, limbic and hormonal systems. Survival systems in other words. It becomes "sinful" when the ego-thought tries to claim ownership of all this as mine, and gets greedy and selfish. Satan is therefore a symbolic personification of this illusory sense of separateness. Feeling guilty for being sinful and trying to control myself is all the more running on this hamster wheel of the self trying to control itself.
  15. Ok I understand your frustration. But why should they give up now when whoever it is behind it are clearly winning the long-term trajectory? There's no co-ordinated strategy among white people (or anyone else earmarked for future targets) to deal with it, just a plethora of small groups each doing their own thing and being picked off one by one. Probably most of those groups are infiltrated anyway and made to look like extremists when most people are, like you, just worried for the future of their families and culture.
  16. Like a child tests the boundaries to see how far they can go before they get a reaction. Or a bully who preys on the weak. Another analogy, I saw a TV programme recently about life aboard a Royal Navy submarine: they chase Russian subs who constantly trespass in our waters to test our defences and find weak spots.
  17. We do indeed have a deep psychological need for tribalism, and the thing is, tribal identity is multi-layered. So I do identify as a native European, but that's very very broad. I do have things in common with, say, Romanians and Poles but that's not enough to build my lifestyle on. So I need something more local, more English, more shire-ish, and more connected to my religion, that I actually live in and practice. But perhaps what you're getting as is that these local 'tribes' need connecting together with an umbrella term like white. Although I'd prefer different terms than white and black. Rather like the Celts were an umbrella group of many different local tribes with overarching connections. I think the same's true for 'black' people, Asians etc. Identifying as Asian for example may make sense for people who're part of a small diaspora in a foreign land, until more arrive, then they distinguish between say, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Hindus, Muslims, whatever. Asian becomes more of an umbrella term than a lived identity. The whole demonising whites agenda misses the mark, goes over my head and doesn't affect me personally. But I can see how it is trying to undermine whites' self-confidence. It is so full of holes and poorly conceived historically that it is more like trolling, a spoof of a philosophy, rather than anything serious. The trouble is, it gets traction because most young people get a very poor education in their own history, and world history, which should make the 'woke' agenda an obvious hoax.
  18. @Seth I agree, and I suspect that these racial stereotypes, even the whole notion of race itself is part of the elite agenda (my very first post in the forum in p 103 of this thread addresses this). I stopped identifying as white when I put my hand on a piece of white paper and saw the difference, white & black could hardly be any more polarising could it? But to be honest I'm in process of looking for a new identity to replace it with which isn't easy in this post-modern climate.
  19. @skitzorat I know what you mean, Christianity had its popularity in the early church as one among many religions. But it was Constantine who had a coup and used it to unify the cracks in the empire, creating a centralised power structure to control people and root out heretics. But over time, especially since the reformation, Protestant countries at least started to form their own local ethnic churches and it's that localism I admire (Merry England is my identity). But I'm in two minds about churches, their theology sometimes becomes too politicised. However, religion was one institution which helped people feel a belonging to the local shared community and culture. So the fact that only a minority of white Europeans are now active members of their local church, and replace it with non-ethnocentric institutions like mass social media and international politics, does make us become rootless and blown around by the manufactured celebrities and influencers out there. @Seth I'm a new member too, and also got told off about bringing up non-whites into this thread lol. But to be fair the defensiveness is based on genuine fears for the future of our culture so I'm willing to accept a bit of tetchiness.
  20. Yes nothing and everything are paradoxical indeed. I'd add that we are nothing/everything already, 'becoming' means becoming aware of this truth, that the apparent boundaries between us are imagined.
  21. So essentially, rather than asking David or any other 'leaders' what to do, the answer is for us all to take responsibility for ourselves, but also in communities not dependent on the global system (otherwise re remain as atomised individuals having little effect). Why not use this forum thread as a start? The challenge is that we're looking for our own solutions without asking the government or big corporations to implement them. For my part I'm actively working on supporting my local community by volunteering and getting to know my neighbours better to renew some of the community lost over the past couple of generations. This is easier to do as a parent, but there's opportunities to build grass roots relationships everywhere. The spiritual side is another big subject, and we can learn much about the relationship between the large-scale wholeness of life, and how it is divided up into a diversity of parts. Contemplating the idea of a Trinity God is one example of this: unity and multiplicity co-existing. But it's really a metaphor for the whole of reality: we are a part of, and the whole of, reality at the same time.
  22. I get it that Ukraine has had a troubled history going back in fact for centuries - it's been dominated by various empires, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman. It goes with having powerful neighbours I suppose. As well as internal uprisings, poverty and corruption. But why does Russia need to station 130k troops on the border, Ukraine is hardly going to invade Russia? There's got to be a peaceful strategy with economic development rather than war mongering.
  23. I don't see how the US support for Ukraine is offensive, it appears the other way round to me. Russia is a massive country, they've got plenty of space to do military exercises elsewhere. Plus they're already occupying Ukrainian territory in the Crimea. Whereas the US appears to be acting defensively IMO. But I'm no expert in geo-politics and military campaigns!
  24. I was watching one of David's videos* today where he is asked this question. He doesn't give specific answers apart from educating ourselves about the conspiracies, and learning to see ourselves as expressions of infinite consciousness (I'm paraphrasing). So in addition to spreading the information there's a spiritual element. However he doesn't say how to get the spiritual realisation either. And the information he offers is largely critical, ie exposing the negative conspiracies, not what to replace them with. Maybe he doesn't want to become a leader of either a political or spiritual movement in case that would open him up to accusations of creating a cult, while he criticises the leaders of the Illuminati cult. * DAVID ICKE'S EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW WITH LONDON REAL - THE VIDEO THAT YOUTUBE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE https://www.bitchute.com/video/H4W7FwBy0Ukh/
  25. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are in talks at the moment too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-60257080 "China has joined Russia in opposing further Nato expansion as the two countries move closer together in the face of Western pressure. Moscow and Beijing issued a statement showcasing their agreement on a raft of issues during a visit by Russia's Vladimir Putin for the Winter Olympics. ... Meanwhile Russia said it supported Beijing's One China policy, which asserts that self-ruled Taiwan is a breakaway province that will eventually be part of China again. However, Taiwan sees itself as an independent country, with its own constitution and democratically-elected leaders. ... Although Ukraine wasn't mentioned it was clearly hinted at when they both said they oppose the enlargement of the Nato alliance. For China this is a delicate balance. Beijing has relations with Ukraine - political and economic. Any Russia invasion or military attack there could be damaging for President Xi's standing."
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