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  1. Well what's it got to do with us, if they're worried about population they should go to Africa. Our fertility is already crashing, we need to increase it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependencies_by_total_fertility_rate
  2. This is my main beef with the current heavy marketing of electric cars, that they take so long to charge up and have a limited range even when you do. I don't have a possibility of charging at home without trailing a cable across the road, or having a mass construction of kerbside chargers. So hydrogen cars seem a much superior option, if we are to buy into the whole carbon emission reduction narrative (which I don't but the govt does, and increasingly the corporations). The fact that hydrogen isn't being promoted for private drivers speaks volumes about the strategy behind all this. Also in the news this week was the agreement with French company EDF to build a new reactor at Sizewell B. After all, with the extra demand from electric cars we'll need more power stations, and what's the point having electric cars if the electricity is generated by fossil fuels?
  3. Interesting. Do you have a reference for this, I'd like to read more about it.
  4. That so-called "privatisation" in the 1980s turns out to be a hoax. Buses and trains dependent on taxpayers' subsidy are hardly private businesses: the ownership may be private but the income needs propping up from the public purse.
  5. that sense of connection is important, belonging somewhere and having a pride in your traditions. I've moved round the country several times in my life, so it needn't take long if you're willing and familiar with the general culture. But the pop culture which saturates the western world has no interest in such things; too late do young people discover that the corporate 'coolness' is shallow and lacking in a meaning for their lives, and so we have increasing mental illness, drug taking and suicide. With all the immigration and Americanisation of our culture, it'll probably take several hundred years to rebuild. I was pleased to discover that one of the main roads in my local village* was a Roman road and possibly going further back. The only archaeological finds I've made are bits of clay pipes and pottery in the garden, but that still gives me pleasure at having that little connection with the previous residents here. * I say 'village' but it's been swallowed up into a 'neighbourhood' by the local town becoming a city. It's kind of like globalisation at a micro level, but I still call us a village; it's one way of resisting the onslaught.
  6. And why are cars being targeted over other means of transport? Why not have equality with the same targets for motorbikes, lorries, vans, trains, buses, ships, planes?
  7. Only this time it's not forced by law so a good test to see how many folks willingly submit.
  8. I do a bit feel nervous about discussing some of these subjects in public, I guess that's the point. But when I think about our collapsing fertility rates, that should be elevated to a national emergency but is hardly ever discussed in the MSM. How many babies aren't being born to couples who want them? That shortfall must be equivalent to a major epidemic such as covid.
  9. Sounds good, worth looking into. But unfortunately, the last time I tried buying some borax for making slime (in the UK), I was told it's been banned by the EU and they have borax substitute instead. The box says it contains sodium sesquicarbonate. I don't fancy experimenting with adding that to my drinking water
  10. yuk! but at least they say they don't put fluoride in their water. https://www.yorkshirewater.com/your-water/drinking-water-standards/fluoride-in-yorkshire-s-water/
  11. About 10 years ago when I was commenting online about a cold spell in the weather and doubting whether global warming (as it was called then) was happening yet, I was slapped down for not making a distinction between the climate (long-term average over about 20 years) and the weather (short-term immediate situation). Of course we should disregard peaks and troughs in the weather, and focus on the climate patterns instead. Since then, the name has been changed from global warming, to climate change, then to the "climate emergency". Suddenly every warm spell and storm is yet more proof of the emergency and we must achieve "net zero" (whatever that means), kept in a state of anxiety about it now that our attention span and boredom threshold have been ruined. The climate emergency is big business now, and as they say, 'business is business'.
  12. I'd define the universe as the all, everything, so multi-universes doesn't apply. But it frequently scrambles my mind, "everything" is such a paradoxical idea. There's no boundaries to everything. For example, everything includes God, so if God is the architect of the all, he's also the architect of himself which is self-referential. Which is why the only God I can cope with is pantheism. Asking how the universe started is also asking how time started, which is hard because there was no 'before' for time to spring from. It must have started from nothing. So cause-and-effect doesn't apply and asking 'how' without cause-and-effect to rely on is quite a challenge!
  13. If it's a small church, then home meetings could be just as valid as in a traditional church building, but maybe you meant just worshipping as individual families? I've heard historians say that the very early Christian church was effectively a network of house churches in members' homes. How do you reconcile that with the idea that Christianity is just a relationship with God through Jesus? Does this relationship require a community of other Christians; at face value you could relate to God 1 to 1.
  14. Maureen Martin didn't even suggest that non-hetero marriage should be outlawed. At least she's suing for wrongful dismissal, I look forward to seeing the outcome of that.
  15. I have a mild anxiety problem but don't remember any trauma which predates it. But there may be something I was too young to remember or have suppressed. In any case, past trauma and genetics are both facts we have to accept and deal with as best we can. I find meditation helpful. Also I bought some St John's wort recently, which I haven't started taking, but the packet says it's "to relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety based on traditional use only." That sounds more realistic than calling it a miracle cure: I'm always sceptical of claims like that. Any advice how to use it? Eg take some when I'm already feeling anxious, or every day just in case? The packet says it's for short term use only.
  16. They have women bishops now, so I guess it's only a matter of time until there's a woman archbishop. Or not, if they can't define who they are! What I don't get is, why be unable to define only women? It's implying that they can define men, trans and whatever other genders there may be, which seems strange. Unless they actually can't (or don't want to) define any genders, which is an equally strange position for them. There's effectively no distinctions between us on gender and people can call themselves whatever they like. Next stop race? Can the C of E define black, white, asian etc with any accuracy, or does that similarly collapse into an individual's choice based purely on personal preference?
  17. @pi3141 even mainstream historians now regard the Hebrews as originating from the polytheistic Canaanites (the early Genesis story is effectively polytheist), and Egyptian influence is perfectly reasonable given the proximity and absorption into Egyptian empire. There's a theory (eg in Ancient Aliens TV programme), that Moses was Tutankhamun's uncle Crown Prince Thutmose. In any case, there was a sizeable Jewish community within Egypt.
  18. According to The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince the severed head is a reference to John the Baptist who is the figure head of various underground religious movements including some Masonic orders, the Templars, the Priory of Sion and the Manicheans. The story is that Jesus started out as a follower of John the Baptist and was originally going to be his successor. But after a rift, John changed his mind and promoted Simon Magus to be his successor, and Jesus went on to form his own breakaway group. When the Christians became successful, the Johannites were persecuted and went underground. John and Jesus developed their ideas as a blend of Judaism and the Isis/Osiris Egyptian mystery school.
  19. "Women’s football team is too white " Indian restaurants are too brown? Rap music is too black? Catholicism is too Irish? Taxi drivers and corner shops are too brown? Take their thinking to its logical conclusion and it falls apart. But that rarely happens; it becomes clear that there's no intention for a consistent universal principle. It's particular groups being attacked, like whites or straights.
  20. The Boys' Brigade has a handshake which, although not really secret, reminded me of Masonic ones. I wonder if it's a coincidence or if there's a connection. "The BB Handshake Yes, it does exist! This is a special ‘BB’ way of saying hello to each other! This is how you do the Handshake: Stretch out your right hand. Separate your little finger from the rest of your fingers. Interlock you last finger with your BB friend’s last finger. Shake his hand and greet him! The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness." http://14thcroydonbb.org.uk/index.php/about-us/bb-history/35-about-us/history/30-the-bb-handshake
  21. 'Straight Pride' poster on church door promoting 'normal people' sparks fury It is unknown where the poster appeared from, but it shows a man and woman alongside three children, with the slogan "Straight Pride" and the wording "you wouldn't be here without normal people". The cartoon image depicts a man and a woman with their three children and is emblazoned with the slogan 'Straight Pride'. A "Straight Pride" poster promoting "normal people" has outraged locals after it was spotted on the front door of a church. The offending item was allegedly removed by a member of the public, after being found pinned to the front door of the Cathcart Congregational Church in Glasgow on Monday. It is a mystery to those living in the area with no one knowing how it got there in the first place. The poster shows a man and woman alongside three children, with the slogan "Straight Pride", the Daily Record reports. The message underneath says: "Because you wouldn't be here without normal people." The drawing seems to indicate that heterosexual couples and families are "normal people". A resident shared an image of the poster on a community Facebook page, after explaining how she came across the "ridiculous and homophobic" flyer. "This is absolutely disgusting". "I think that was made for young kids to see judging by the picture and words". Cathcart Congregational Church and Police Scotland have been contacted for comment. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/straight-pride-poster-church-door-27473506
  22. Whoa there, peace. I'm not being negative, what I'm trying to do (tho maybe with limited success) is a thought experiment with RBE to weigh up what the pros and cons might be. Seeing as it hasn't been tried in a big scale in real life yet, that's the next best thing. It's actually giving respect to the idea, sorry if you don't see that. My conclusion is that RBE can work well in small close knit communities where members want to do it. In fact it probably is already in communities like families, communes, religious orders, places with a strong bond. The members want the community to succeed so they put in the effort; but would that translate to a large scale like a whole town? Maybe with a big spiritual shift. At the moment, if there was an option of going part time or taking days off when you feel like it, or freely choosing your own job rather than depending on "market forces" then I wonder if the whole economy would be productive enough? Bribes and currency don't have to be in money - look at prisons for example, where inmates have their basic needs met and don't need money, yet they turn things like cigarettes into currency. Obviously the difference is they don't want to be there and there's little empathy around. The devil is a metaphor of course, he's our ego If you're selfless enough to give away all your savings to the poor and needy then hats off to you. But I'm not so enlightened yet, I still give priority to my close circle and pay my dues to help everyone else.
  23. It's a matter of honesty I suppose. If I'm a shopkeeper with a delivery of goods that are in a shortage; do I do the decent thing and keep a fair waiting list and allocate them immediately, or something corrupt like taking bribes to jump the queue, and stockpiling secretly to keep them in short supply and my bribes coming in. As a worker, if I'm producing something that's not in shortage, then I could simply go on strike until it is (enabling me to become corrupt too). Sorry, for some reason this topic is bringing out the devil in me! I wish a system like this could actually work.
  24. Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Canada, plus the war in Ukraine. Surely not a coincidence these all happening together. It's almost as if they're trying to create food shortages and recession.
  25. Less empathy, not a total lack: it's shades of grey not black and white. And of course it's mutual, most of my neighbours don't know me and don't know if they can trust me. An example: a beggar stopped me in the street today telling me he has cancer and needs some help, can I spare some change? What to do? It'd be a bit easier if we had more community, knew each other, knew who was telling the truth.
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