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  1. There was the controversy of MMR vaccines maybe causing autism in kids which I remember from the 90s. And now this, I wonder how much money the drug companies will be putting into researching the damage their products might be doing.
  2. They've got us doing this over many issues. I dunno if it's just a British thing, but just one example: for my entire life people have complained privately about immigration yet carried on voting for the same parties which allow it. It's like on some level we can see what's going on, but are hypnotised by the media or some such, into conforming to the power structure. I can see now that a similar hypnosis was conducted over covid. It's incredibly frustrating but I think for me, a big factor was the behaviour of the MSM during the Brexit referendum. They were so blatantly biased that I gave up on firstly the BBC and now the rest of the MSM news. Ha ha, of course I am, I'm Captain Campion the rabbit from Watership Down
  3. Yeah, on reflection "best interest" isn't a good choice of words because that's often used to justify some interference in people's lives against their wishes. Even when I was complying with the jabs, lockdowns, masks etc I never agreed with any of it being compulsory. The whole narrative of covid being an emergency, justifying a level of social control similar to being in wartime, is probably as much the point as what they've been injecting us with. And thinking back to Bojo's initial response of herd immunity etc, leads me to think that maybe he wasn't as obedient to their orders as quickly as he should have been, resulting in him being replaced. But that's just me thinking out loud.
  4. Cheers, appreciated. And let's not forget that the majority of the western world is where I was at only a year or so ago. Things can turn round. I don't really have regrets, or feel like this a confession - after all I was acting in my family's best interests relative to the belief system I had at the time. I continue to have everyone's best interests at heart, that much hasn't changed, just the context around it.
  5. Thanks mate, and in some ways it's getting a little bit easier to resist the social pressure to conform. As the elite's agenda is coming to a head, it comes more out into the open and they don't hide it away as much - so actual data about jabs, immigration, the climate, trans etc starts to show cracks in the official line.
  6. Thanks, I'll look at it Anything that will help naturally has got to be better than artificial methods. It's also worth doing this stuff now to prevent getting ill in the first place so we don't need to go to the compromised official system.
  7. At the time, I thought it's just another vaccine using conventional methods so I took it just like I've had the flu vax in recent years. I'm a blood donor so I'm used to needles. But I'm on a journey through all this, and the other illuminati stuff. Ironically I read the Illuminatus! trilogy in the 80s so should have taken it more seriously. It all seems designed to spread doubt and negativity: if covid is a conspiracy, then what about any other medical treatments, what if I get something serious which natural remedies can't treat?
  8. And it didn't end well the last time that Germany had to pay war reparations during an economic depression.
  9. No I'm not pro, but I only joined the forum after having the jabs.
  10. Yeah, like there's all that dark matter and dark energy which I'm not really up to speed with. "If it's infinite it has infinite room to exspand into ie you half infinity it's still infinitely large" I can see why this is unsatisfactory tho I thought the conventional idea was a finite size for the universe based on its age of 13.8 billion years and the speed of light as the max speed. Although I vaguely remember that the cosmologists still introduce fudge-factors like inflation to super-size the expansion and something else to explain the lack of symmetry. So as a theory the big bang is rather cobbled together and inelegant. That's a new one to me, haven't had time to watch the video yet but I'm open to new ideas.
  11. So it's rather like the common cold, which evolves faster than we can create vaccines so unless you are especially vulnerable you may as well just catch the virus and get natural / herd immunity. Which was Bojo's original strategy before he got slapped down and made to follow the script.
  12. It's a constitutional monarchy, meaning that the monarch has theoretical power but in practice their wings are clipped so it's the politicians who're in charge (supposedly). Although we famously don't have a written constitution so that kind of contradicts what I just said about constitutional monarchy Did the monarchy own slaves or have business interests in the slave trade during this time period, which I take to mean after the civil war when the absolute status of god-given monarchy was abolished? Well perhaps indirectly if their income came from taxes taken from businesses which were involved, but that's making it a bit murky. After all, a constitutional monarch is supposed to be politically independent and impartial so if they campaigned for abolition wouldn't that be a violation? Even if you could untangle who should pay reparations, there's also the question of who should receive them? Who are the victims of historical slavery still alive? How do you disentangle that from present day corruption, incompetence and negligence?
  13. Thanks ... and funnily enough I only caught 'covid' (ie had positive LFT tests) after my 3 jabs. My children didn't and haven't been jabbed yet although I'm expecting to get some family pressure to continue with the jabbing due to elderly relatives needing to be protected from infection via the younger ones. Luckily though the whole covid agenda is out of the news at the mo, so not on most people's radar - it's scary how much our thinking and behaviour is just a reaction to the mass media. There's also the narrative around the vaccine protection not lasting very long, unlike with other viruses as far as I understand it. I mean, according to the narrative, I've already had 3 jabs plus been infected with the flippin virus, so why aren't I full of antibodies to protect me without needing more jabs?
  14. That's right, I remember now. Einstein introduced a fudge factor into his equations didn't he, a constant to make them agree with steady state rather than big bang because of his bias. If only he'd left that out he would have predicted the big bang ahead of the others. In any case, both theories need to explain the red-shift of the galaxies, understood as them moving apart. In another life I'd have been a cosmologist, but I have an itch which I can't quite scratch which tells me there's more to this than we realise. If the universe is supposed to be expanding, what is it expanding into? By definition, space-time itself has no boundary with an inside and an outside.
  15. "Nothing" is a paradox in itself. After all you need to have a concept of nothingness to be able to think about it in the first place, which seems to contradict the definition of nothing. Similarly, "everything" (which is a synonym for the universe) is also paradoxical because every idea of it is formed within it. You can't have an objective understanding of everything. "Then all of a sudden, something suddenly existed. Errr...how?" I guess space-time would need to exist before or simultaneously with anything else. There would be no "sudden" or "suddenly" unless there was time.
  16. This reminds me of the Steady State Model (alternative to the Big Bang) which was a respectable theory with a minority support until the cosmic background microwave radiation was discovered in 1964 which (for reasons I can't remember) favoured the Big Bang.
  17. Lol then they'll have to rename the college because "Prince" is a gendered and elitist aristocrat name - perhaps "Non-binary-child-town" would do? Also if they ban the Bible, then if logic has any bearing they'd have to ban just about every other book and burn their whole library down because how many use non-gendered language even now?
  18. I've heard of something analogous to this in humans. If someone experiences a sufficient level of trauma, it affects the neural pathways of the brain and results in a something like PTSD, where the person goes into uncontrolled survival mode, and their 'reptile brain' FFF flight-fight-freeze mechanism sets in, over-riding the higher cortex rational thinking process. Think of soldiers suffering repeated trauma in the battlefield, or stuck in a catch-22 like those poor rats. It's even more serious in children with their developing brains. The situation we're in today does perhaps involve experiencing numerous micro-traumas which our bodies & minds haven't evolved to deal with, so I can relate to this.
  19. This gives me a glimmer of hope: if they are still rolling out boosters then maybe the 3 jabs I had won't be enough to do whatever it is that's intended.
  20. This is a major part of the cult agenda, to deprive us of ownership of land, and access to common lands so they can control us more easily; it basically sums up the history of the aristocracy in a nutshell. Also increasing the urban population living in flats dependent on supermarkets for food.
  21. It's part of the brainwashing that we don't have enough genuine face-to face community to know each other as individuals. Instead we are taught by the cult's system to generalise about each other according to the demographic categories we assume them to belong to (there's a name for it which I can't remember right now). So the reality of actual people becomes subsumed under the various simplistic stories of eg, all black people are victims of all white people's oppression. And the simplistic stories, being simple soundbites are easier to promote and indoctrinate us with, compared with the truth of a complex and nuanced history. Even 'black and white' is an oversimplification. Whites as well as blacks absorb this evil from childhood; it's designed to create one angry group outpouring their feelings onto another group of chastened, willing victims who believe they deserve all this. It's then storing up another history of oppression the other way round, which will have its own programmed response later on. All the while, the cult is becoming more empowered by its control over us.
  22. In that case, Bojo is still prime minister rather than Liz and the current govt is a phoney. Unless the handover was made in secret by Charles before the official proclamation, but in then would it be legal.
  23. Speaking of flu jabs. I wised up to all this too late to avoid having the covid jabs, and I used to have flu jabs yearly as well. Now I don't know what treatments to trust, after all there's nothing special about covid jabs and any injection could be used as a vehicle for giving us their stuff.
  24. Thanks Mac, I'm out of likes today but will bookmark these to watch later.
  25. Isn't it ironic that Chinese mobile tech was supposedly banned from 5G because they will spy on us, but now these spy cameras are being installed. The narrative doesn't add up here so no wonder this is being done quietly.
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