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  1. Suggests a question, of how long does it take to become native? Yes, they weren't native at the time they were introduced, but that's true for the Aussie Aboriginals too. I'd suggest that one factor, apart from being born somewhere, is to fully identify with the place you're living in, rather than somewhere else. These days many people have a dual identity along the lines of, say, Irish-American or Bangladeshi-British, or Afro-Caribbean, so are to some extent alienated and aren't really native to anywhere. Just how the globalists want us. I've not heard of a British-Australian identity as such, though I think they still belong to the British monarchy so perhaps "white" Aussies are a mixture of fully native and semi-native.
  2. Years ago I knew a geologist who explained that Antarctica has great mineral resources including oil. But it's not talked about as it could easily cause geo-political conflict. Perhaps it's waiting for the future world government to exploit it as a justification and source of wealth. Sorry if off-topic, just answering a question.
  3. When I did maths (alright it was a long time ago), I learned about different geometries and co-ordinate systems. Specifically I can remember doing Cartesian and Spherical systems. A sphere appears round in the right angles of the traditional Cartesian system, but if you're using a different geometry, there's no reason why round things can't "appear" straight or flat. And with the move from Newtonian to Relativistic Physics, we learn that space itself isn't straight but curved, so new geometries have a practical purpose. Level means Horizontal, following the horizon, which means in effect following the contours of the gravitational field; so if we define our axis of geometry as the horizon itself, rather than as an abstract straight line, then the Earth is flat by definition. It's a matter of perspective and, if I'm right, there's no need to argue. But my logic may have a flaw, I'm not an expert.
  4. I've come across ideas like these in postmodernist philosophical writings, but to see them at the heart of a powerful institution such as the WEF is worrying but perhaps unsurprising. It removes the need for objective evidence-based policy making, and justifies replacing it with the agenda of whoever happens to have power. The truth is whatever the leader says it is. Although it begs the question that, if truth is purely the narrative of the author and their time & place, what's the point writing articles and giving speeches as if you're saying anything relevant to anyone else? Relativity taken to the extreme like this ends up with pure individualism and takes us straight back to the law of the jungle. Might is right, there is no such thing as society. It's a regressive, pre-civilised level of development, stage red on the spiral masquerading as stage green.
  5. Can you elaborate, what's the reasoning behind any particular day starting the week? I always thought this was just based on cultural tradition.
  6. From Tyr, the Norse warrior God (Tiw in Old English) who the Romans "culturally appropriated" into Mars, their God of war. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Týr
  7. Traditional Ballet was developed during a time when Europe was "white". African dancing likewise reflects their own "black" cultures (although "black" and "white" weren't much used in those days, this is all about revisionist history and backwards projection of wokeism to the past). Anything that's native European is being judged as "white supremacist", whereas other native traditions are "diversity". The double standards and hypocrisy aren't even hidden any more, and us natives have been emotionally programmed to feel guilty and anxious about standing up for ourselves. We self-censor, which is how the minority have overcome the majority. Edit. All forms of art are to be encouraged in a free society, it shouldn't be a zero-sum game.
  8. Good comedies are multi-layered and beneath the entertainment tell some truths about human nature and life. With Allo Allo it was imo around the different national characters of British, French and Germans. With Dad's Army it was the British class system. With Carry On it was hidden lust and denial of our animal instincts. But now, 'woke' comedy is more about being a vehicle for neo-Marxist propaganda, cancellation and health warnings about previous generations of comedy. I still hold onto a hope that generations alternate by rebelling against their predecessors, so maybe gen alpha will swing away from the millennials' wokeism. As I'm a boomer it must be my job to encourage them.
  9. Government reform on the cards in Australia after revelations that ex-PM gave himself additional powers in secret It has been revealed that former Australian prime minister Scott Morrison secretly appointed himself head of five ministries during his time in office, in what his successor called an “unprecedented trashing of democracy”. Between March 2020 and May 2021, Morrison appointed himself to the health, finance, industry, science, energy and resources, home affairs and treasury portfolios, giving him ultimate decision-making powers in these areas. This was done without the public’s knowledge and in some cases without alerting the existing minister, who remained unaware they were sharing the portfolio with the PM. This included then treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who had been one of Morrison’s closest confidants. Morrison sets out his defence Morrison released a lengthy statement on Monday in which he described the arrangements “as a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ safeguard” during the coronavirus pandemic. He said in hindsight they were unnecessary and apologised to former ministerial colleagues “for any offence”. https://www.globalgovernmentforum.com/government-reform-on-the-cards-in-australia-after-revelations-that-ex-pm-gave-himself-additional-powers-in-secret/ He got found out this time but I wonder if it's not the only example of this.
  10. Unions like the UK and EU fit this definition by removing sovereignty from the nations, enacting mass immigration and miscegenation.
  11. And it's blaming whites as the source of the 'problem'. The fact that we're supposed to have laws against racist recruitment practices, yet such a pillar of the establishment can be racist against whites, is the kind of hypocrisy which creates cognitive dissonance with its lack of integrity.
  12. In our culture we seem to have arrived at a place where we don't stand up and support those being pilloried, apart from grumbling to ourselves and in small groups. Those doing the persecution get very little resistance so of course they've got bolder over the years.
  13. Funnily enough, they don't test donated blood for coronavirus in the UK, so presumably it doesn't get into the blood stream? Yet the vaccine is injected and travels round the body through the blood? So how does the vaccine work and kill off the virus, if not within the blood? What am I missing here?
  14. Have you noticed that recently the word paedophilia is being dropped and replaced with more euphemistic alternatives such as grooming? The shifts in language are part of the process of social engineering through mental indoctrination. Some years ago I was taken by a comment of Don Cupitt's (the liberal Christian theologian) than Christianity hasn't really declined, but it has migrated out of the churches into secular society. And this may be true of other monotheistic religions too. Theological themes like God loves everyone, love thy neighbours as thyself, the Good Samaritan etc have become morphed into the internationalist, pro-immigration, anti-community philosophy which is fed to and taken up by people lacking a good grounding in traditional (or rather sustainable) spirituality and moral philosophy. Yet many of us still retain a feeling of need for a foundation to our lives which religion used to provide and become seekers in the postmodern smorgasbord world, easy prey for the cult of globalism - where the superstate replaces God.
  15. Isn't it obvious that search engines (I only use Google as a last resort) are an open invitation to show us advertising? The first page or so are paid for, and therefore irrelevant to the actual search. We aren't the customer of search engines, the advertisers are. Then on top of the advertising revenue, there's the data mining and profiling of our search requests which is analysed by the big data brigade to fine-tune the adverts to make them more 'relevant' ie profitable.
  16. I suspect part of this is people just trying to be polite and not admit that they don't actually want complete strangers coming into their homes. People may be starting to notice that we've had an open refugee policy for generations, yet the problems creating the refugees have not slowed down. And many of those refugees come from places where our own foreign policy has been involved. I'm afraid this will only slow down after our own country has become less attractive than somewhere else because the economy is wrecked and the welfare state/NHS has stopped functioning.
  17. I hate to think about it but maybe it's the children (and therefore adults when they grow up) who are expected to be the sheep by learning all this twisted stuff. Maybe it's trying to associate rainbow ideology with black critical theory. Subliminally of course.
  18. Not heard of it till now either, I'm glad I stayed here rather than watching the telly! Round here slow cookers and air fryers are all the rage, maybe worth looking at if I can make room in the kitchen.
  19. It's tough indeed. It doesn't help that local community is so debased due to all the ravages of the last 100 years or so. I'm taking it slowly, trying to protect what I already have in my family and community, and sending out feelers to build it up from there.
  20. Seriously though, saying things like 'I exist', 'I don't exist' etc are self-referential so they're paradoxical. Self-reference is nonsense but it's the foundation of our lives too, apparently. Unthinkable to not do it and unthinkable to do it.
  21. I got as far as Group Theory before realising it's all made up, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Any resemblance to the real world is coincidental. I have realised the Tetralemma, does that count towards my membership?
  22. I had to look it up but it seems to be ‎ ‎MediaTek MT8183.
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