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  1. 1 hour ago, Gnostic Christian said:



    Probably a left over thinking from baby sacrifices.  


    In areas of finite recourses, a child sacrifice was insurance paid to ensure a worker would not starve to death.


    They developed the Temple prostitute system and tried to sanctify children producing sex so as to try to keep child sacrifices at a minimum.


    Tough time equal tough laws.


    Also there's a reference to animal sacrifice which was common in the ancient world, it's still practiced now in some areas. Jesus being the Lamb of God replaced the animals (sacrifice was of course a money spinner for the Temples). 


    I interpreted your earlier post as an open question around whether Jesus was an orthodox Jewish Rabbi following the Old Testament traditions, alternatively was he a bit more free thinking, and integrating other ideas. I've come to realise that the area was more of a melting pot than I used to be taught. 


    "Mandatory Sacrifices

    There were two mandatory sacrifices in the Old Testament Law. The first was the sin offering. The purpose of the sin offering was to atone for sin and cleanse from defilement. There were five possible elements of a sin sacrifice—a young bull, a male goat, a female goat, a dove/pigeon, or 1/10 ephah of fine flour. "


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  2. I've not yet seen an electric car pulling a caravan, that'll reduce the range quite a bit. Just imagine what it'll be like in future summer holidays on the M5 down to the west country with all those caravanners crowding the charger facilities at the service stations! Maybe now's a good time to buy shares. 😃 

  3. 6 hours ago, Gnostic Christian said:

    We do not know if a real Jesus lived or not.


    Mine was a question in logic and morals and what a Jesus would teach.


    If Jesus taught what I quoted, which would be the moral teaching, then he could not be a savior as it would be a sin to use another to die for us.





    I see where you're coming from DL, and agree that the sins of the fathers shouldn't be blamed on the sons. Of course if he didn't really exist then this is about the Christian community rather than Jesus. And if we're questioning it that far, then why should someone need to die to be a saviour? I don't think the accounts of Jesus's trial with Pontius Pilate mention him being sentenced because of other people's sins do they? Even in the Bible, that idea was a later addition wasn't it? 


    On 9/14/2022 at 10:00 PM, Gnostic Christian said:

    Each one shall be put to death for his own sin.


    I don't agree with this part though because I don't like the death penalty. But hey, you're quoting bronze age writings there so I wouldn't expect it to be completely relevant now. 

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  4. On 9/14/2022 at 10:00 PM, Gnostic Christian said:

    Did Jesus, a Jewish Rabbi, teach these.


    If he did, he cannot be a messiah and die for us.


    Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.


    Deuteronomy 24:16 (ESV) "Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin.





    I don't recall reading passages like these in the Gospels which are the closest thing we have to what Jesus actually said (though it's rather problematic to insist they give Jesus's words in any historical sense. Perhaps we can refer to the literary Jesus rather than the historical Jesus). With that caveat, I'd say there's no good evidence he did.  I think there are references to Jesus changing and reinterpreting what we call the Old Testament so this may be one example of that. 

  5. 10 hours ago, ManxCat3 said:

    In that case the universe may be God then, im defining it as whatever it is that had no creator.


    Pantheism is the only type of theism my rational mind can accept, and I like the way it goes full circle and collapses the distinction with atheism. 


    However it doesn't take us any further forward, because we still don't know how it all started in the first place. If I look at myself and ask what created me, what would I say? Just my parents? But that misses out the context they were in; imo it's better to say that the whole universe created me at that point in time. 

  6. 7 hours ago, ManxCat3 said:

    No because thats why its God because it doesnt have to be created by anything and can also have existed forever


    This is a well known line of argument in the philosophy of religion. It goes something like 


    Believer: everything needs to have a cause, by the law of cause and effect. God is the first cause of the universe. 


    Skeptic: Well what's the cause of God then? 


    Believer: God is eternal, "begotten not created", he is the creator and not part of the creation. 


    Skeptic: But you said earlier that everything needs a creator, now you've made an exception to this rule. Not everything needs a creator, and things can be eternal after all.  If God doesn't need a creator, why should the universe need one? 


    So it's like asking what's the difference between the physical universe and the spiritual, to explain why they obey different rules? 

  7. 1 hour ago, Talorgan said:

    Problems with big bang theory too is where it came from ,as Terrence McKenna once said  paraphrased


    I can agree with this problem but it runs deep, deeper than my imagination. Asking 'where' or 'when' presupposes the existence of space and time, but if the creation of the universe was also the creation of space-time, there was no pre-existing 'where' for anything to come from. The problem is, I can't imagine the nothing from which something emerged. Even using the past tense to describe it is suspect, because time only exists inside the bubble of space-time.


    It's in this state of mind that I can begin to glimpse spiritual teachers who say that this is the void, the emptiness. 

  8. 11 hours ago, ManxCat3 said:


    The fundamental problem is the only two possibilities are unacceptable which is why I think it means that there must be something which is the equivalent of  a God because its the only way out of the unsolvable problem.


    But doesn't that just shift the problem to: where does God come from? 

  9. 47 minutes ago, jois said:

    They may or may not be talking bollux.


    There is certainly logic in what they say. But they could of course just be lieing.


    There were at least one odd kid in every class of 30 when I was at school.


    Were they autistic or just odd. Is there a difference.?


    Unless your very odd you don't get tested. What about the ones who are only a bit odd. Test them and you have more autism don't and you have less


    One reason it's difficult to diagnose autism is that the symptoms are similar to attachment disorder and childhood trauma. Another issue is long waiting lists (2 years where I live) and I've heard of people not getting diagnosed until their mid-teens. 


    So I guess there's potential for lots of people undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. And I wonder if the diagnostic techniques have changed over the years, to muddy the waters too. 

  10. 13 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    You can't be sure what impact vaccines had on your health. Maybe it will be cause of Alzheimer or cancer in the future... 


    There was the controversy of MMR vaccines maybe causing autism in kids which I remember from the 90s. And now this, I wonder how much money the drug companies will be putting into researching the damage their products might be doing. 

  11. 24 minutes ago, jois said:

    But by and large people went along with it and just complained it was stupid


    They've got us doing this over many issues. I dunno if it's just a British thing, but just one example: for my entire life people have complained privately about immigration yet carried on voting for the same parties which allow it. It's like on some level we can see what's going on, but are hypnotised by the media or some such, into conforming to the power structure. I can see now that a similar hypnosis was conducted over covid.  It's incredibly frustrating but I think for me, a big factor was the behaviour of the MSM during the Brexit referendum. They were so blatantly biased that I gave up on firstly the BBC and now the rest of the MSM news. 


    24 minutes ago, jois said:

    Your further down the rabbit hole than me on some of that.


    Ha ha, of course I am, I'm Captain Campion the rabbit from Watership Down 😁 

  12. 59 minutes ago, jois said:

    You don't really have much of a choice. The amount of propaganda and peer pressure being applied, along with a general delusion that our government have our best interests at heart is very difficult to resist.


    Yeah, on reflection "best interest" isn't a good choice of words because that's often used to justify some interference in people's lives against their wishes. Even when I was complying with the jabs, lockdowns, masks etc I never agreed with any of it being compulsory. The whole narrative of covid being an emergency, justifying a level of social control similar to being in wartime, is probably as much the point as what they've been injecting us with. And thinking back to Bojo's initial response of herd immunity etc, leads me to think that maybe he wasn't as obedient to their orders as quickly as he should have been, resulting in him being replaced. But that's just me thinking out loud. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Thanks for being on here Campion I think you've shown alot of guts mate, I really respect that you're so upfront about the mistake you openly admit to making, you definately get alot of respect from me just for fessing up, and you also get respect for trying to do something about it, nice one.
    We all know someone we love who have taken the vax, and, despite our anger at them, we still love them, we have all got to stick together now more than ever, vaxxed or not, if only we all could?   The enemy wants this to happen - for us to despise each other for our decisions (mistaken or not) we musn't feed the monster by doing this.
    The enemy has had ALOT of success, it has done amazingly well, it is focused, united, and strong.  But it will fail, things are shaping up for the better (painfully slow I know) despite how dark it can feel sometimes. 


    Cheers, appreciated. And let's not forget that the majority of the western world is where I was at only a year or so ago. Things can turn round. I don't really have regrets, or feel like this a confession - after all I was acting in my family's best interests relative to the belief system I had at the time. I continue to have everyone's best interests at heart, that much hasn't changed, just the context around it. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Forgive me for jumping in here and sounding bossy Campion. please - NEVER EVER get your children jabbed no matter what pressure you face.
    The children will thank you one day, we have no right to inject children with any vaccine - wether we know the implications of doing or not?  Especially an expirimental DNA gene altering encoding/recoding system.
    We have no right over what goes into somebody elses body, even if it's our own children - only they can decide - when they have reached maturity and have been fully informed and can prove that they understand the complete information that they have been presented with.
    I am sure by now you are aware of this and I say this to you from a place of good intent - the children, when they are adults can decide for themselves once they are old enough to truly digest what is going on in this fucked up clown world we presently find ourselves in.
    One question I always put to myself and others is:
    How the fuck did we get to this point - as a living being - without vaccines?  Just think of all your predecessors granfathers and mothers for millions and millions of years that have culminated in YOU being here right at this moment?  It isn't thanks to vaccines we can all be sure of that.  YOU and your children are here because you are meant to be - by design in my opinion.
    Vaccines are yet another modern scam that no living being needs or has ever needed.
    Sorry rant over.


    Thanks mate, and in some ways it's getting a little bit easier to resist the social pressure to conform. As the elite's agenda is coming to a head, it comes more out into the open and they don't hide it away as much - so actual data about jabs, immigration, the climate, trans etc starts to show cracks in the official line. 

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  15. 35 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

    Hey Campion,


    I'm a bit of a goof when it comes to Morphic Fields as they really do work. I have had amazing results with them and can't deny their effectiveness.

    Sapien Medicine, a channel on YouTube who creates Morphic Field videos has some wonderful audios to stop the effects of the jab. 

    This thread on the forum suggests the fields to use and how to use them - https://forum.enlightenedstates.com/t/vaccine-detox-fields-restoring-health-advice/24761/15

    I hope this helps 🙏 I really believe it would be worth to try. It is free and you can listen to the fields when doing things. Just so long as they're audible to you.

    I can't explain fully how they work, but since I've used them, my skin has become brand new, my nails are growing for the first time, my cats injured eye recovered in one day, my butt even got a good workout 😂 (yes, there are even fields for that! Haha.) And much more.


    All the best! Sometimes the best things in life really are free!


    Thanks, I'll look at it 🙂 Anything that will help naturally has got to be better than artificial methods. It's also worth doing this stuff now to prevent getting ill in the first place so we don't need to go to the compromised official system. ❤️ 

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  16. 45 minutes ago, XelNaga said:

    Damn brother, what made you do that shit to yourself?


    At the time, I thought it's just another vaccine using conventional methods so I took it just like I've had the flu vax in recent years. I'm a blood donor so I'm used to needles. But I'm on a journey through all this, and the other illuminati stuff. Ironically I read the Illuminatus! trilogy in the 80s so should have taken it more seriously. It all seems designed to spread doubt and negativity: if covid is a conspiracy, then what about any other medical treatments, what if I get something serious which natural remedies can't treat? 

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  17. 7 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    LOL here we have a couple pro vaxers. 


    7 hours ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    Youve had 3 jabs?

    have you been paying attention at all to this thread?


    No I'm not pro, but I only joined the forum after having the jabs. 

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  18. 58 minutes ago, jois said:

    There a re various not very satisfactory answers to that.like

    If it's infinite it has infinite room to exspand into ie you half infinity it's still infinitely large

    To be clear we only know the visible universe is expanding.the rest of it,if there is a rest of it may be doing fuck all


    Yeah, like there's all that dark matter and dark energy which I'm not really up to speed with. 


    "If it's infinite it has infinite room to exspand into ie you half infinity it's still infinitely large"
    I can see why this is unsatisfactory 😀 tho I thought the conventional idea was a finite size for the universe based on its age of 13.8 billion years and the speed of light as the max speed.  Although I vaguely remember that the cosmologists still introduce fudge-factors like inflation to super-size the expansion and something else to explain the lack of symmetry. So as a theory the big bang is rather cobbled together and inelegant. 


    20 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    Magnetism produced both redshift and blueshift of light. 


    That's a new one to me, haven't had time to watch the video yet but I'm open to new ideas. 

  19. 10 minutes ago, jois said:

    Because they are jabbing for the Wuhan strain and we are half dozen strains on since that.

    Your antibodies from the infection are considerably more capable than the jab. You really don't need it 


    So it's rather like the common cold, which evolves faster than we can create vaccines so unless you are especially vulnerable you may as well just catch the virus and get natural / herd immunity. Which was Bojo's original strategy before he got slapped down and made to follow the script. 

  20. On 9/9/2022 at 11:26 PM, Ibizan Hound said:

    Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled over the United Kingdom for seven decades


    On 9/12/2022 at 7:24 AM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Where was the democratic vote?


    I thought this was Great Britain, the land of the free.


    It's a constitutional monarchy, meaning that the monarch has theoretical power but in practice their wings are clipped so it's the politicians who're in charge (supposedly).  Although we famously don't have a written constitution so that kind of contradicts what I just said about constitutional monarchy 😅 


    Did the monarchy own slaves or have business interests in the slave trade during this time period, which I take to mean after the civil war when the absolute status of god-given monarchy was abolished? Well perhaps indirectly if their income came from taxes taken from businesses which were involved, but that's making it a bit murky.  After all, a constitutional monarch is supposed to be politically independent and impartial so if they campaigned for abolition wouldn't that be a violation? 


    Even if you could untangle who should pay reparations, there's also the question of who should receive them? Who are the victims of historical slavery still alive? How do you disentangle that from present day corruption, incompetence and negligence? 

  21. 55 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:


    Yes, I think the ones affected by the first two are likely reacting to the juice, whereas many didnt (not yet). We all have different immune systems and reactions. Also, I imagine there were many who received a placebo being that the jabs were in 'trials'. Keep up with the Magnesium etc. and chelate whatever you can from your body.


    Had a talk with my gynaecologist today... he is very renowned in my city... however he is fully on board with the 'covid' and the need for 'vaccinations'. He believes the ICU's were very busy in past two years (although a nurse I know in same ICU says otherwise). He also said that Ontario has approximately 1600 ventilators... adding that "of course there is a possibility that they were used for other things besides 'covid'."  Yea...no shit!  


    He did agree though that the unvaccinated were not a problem and that using them to point fingers at to make a case was ridiculous. He also agreed that we should be choosing what we do with our own bodies. He is actually one of only a few docs that I have spoken to that believe in covid. But he is very high up the chain in his field so no doubt being schooled by the nobs of the medical world.


    Thanks ... and funnily enough I only caught 'covid' (ie had positive LFT tests) after my 3 jabs. My children didn't and haven't been jabbed yet although I'm expecting to get some family pressure to continue with the jabbing due to elderly relatives needing to be protected from infection via the younger ones. Luckily though the whole covid agenda is out of the news at the mo, so not on most people's radar - it's scary how much our thinking and behaviour is just a reaction to the mass media. 


    There's also the narrative around the vaccine protection not lasting very long, unlike with other viruses as far as I understand it. I mean, according to the narrative, I've already had 3 jabs plus been infected with the flippin virus, so why aren't I full of antibodies to protect me without needing more jabs? 

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  22. 1 minute ago, jois said:

    It was a bit more than that. It was the model that Einstein based his relatively theories on. Which he had to reright when it turned out it wasn't in the 1930s.


    It then was his theories run backwards that lead to the big bang theory.though he wasn't a fan


    The CMB conclusively proves that the universe was at one point very hot and very dense. For reasons that would take me 3000 words to explain briefly


    That's right, I remember now. Einstein introduced a fudge factor into his equations didn't he, a constant to make them agree with steady state rather than big bang because of his bias. If only he'd left that out he would have predicted the big bang ahead of the others. 


    In any case, both theories need to explain the red-shift of the galaxies, understood as them moving apart. In another life I'd have been a cosmologist, but I have an itch which I can't quite scratch which tells me there's more to this than we realise. If the universe is supposed to be expanding, what is it expanding into?  By definition, space-time itself has no boundary with an inside and an outside. 

  23. 6 minutes ago, Arnie said:


    I can't actually see any way that "something always existed" cannot be true.


    Let's go down the "headscrewed" route. Nothing existed. Just getting your conciousness around that statement is hard enough. Then all of a sudden, something suddenly existed. Errr...how?


    "Nothing" is a paradox in itself. After all you need to have a concept of nothingness to be able to think about it in the first place, which seems to contradict the definition of nothing.  


    Similarly, "everything" (which is a synonym for the universe) is also paradoxical because every idea of it is formed within it. You can't have an objective understanding of everything. 


    "Then all of a sudden, something suddenly existed. Errr...how?

    I guess space-time would need to exist before or simultaneously with anything else. There would be no "sudden" or "suddenly" unless there was time. 

  24. 27 minutes ago, ManxCat3 said:

    But then youre saying "something" always existed


    This reminds me of the Steady State Model (alternative to the Big Bang) which was a respectable theory with a minority support until the cosmic background microwave radiation was discovered in 1964 which (for reasons I can't remember) favoured the Big Bang. 

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