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  1. What interests me is the precedents which are created by these events. In effect we have allowed a time slot at the start of sports matches where political expressions and demonstrations can be freely made. To be consistent and free from hypocrisy, they cannot now complain when footballers and other sports people use this opportunity to give free expression to whichever cause they want to support. Will they be courageous and free-spirited enough to give vent to their feelings in future? Or is this whole thing an example of conformity to social pressures due to the loss of personal empowerment and self-confidence which have been eroded during the last few generations? There's an opportunity here: let's take it footballers!
  2. blockquote widgetdiv widget Thanks Mac it's news to me. But most illegal migrants are undocumented so there's no evidence of who they actually are, apart from whatever story they give the authorities. Yet that's good enough for our UN supplied legal system. So in effect we are giving priority to unverified people who claim to be foreigners, over our own people who will have some identity in the system.
  3. White -> black = equality, diversity and inclusion. Black-> white = cultural appropriation, supremacy and racism. It's the mathematics of multiculturalism.
  4. Agreed. Also let's go further and expose the whole idea of "energy companies" as the total phoney it is. It's exactly the same electricity, gas, cables, pipes, power stations, etc whichever "supplier" we use. All we're changing is the admin. At least the water companies are more open about being a monopoly, though lord knows why they need to be privatised anyway!
  5. Maybe our own homeless citizens should try putting on a foreign accent and claiming to be refugees. In a way they already are refugees, from a system which rejects them and demeans them, so perhaps it would be a better outcome for them.
  6. I belong to a homesteading forum which shares many suggestions for home produce. My latest experiment is to try growing perennial vegetables to reduce the tendency for gluts at certain times of year, as well as reducing the workload by avoiding re-sowing annually. So far the cottager's kale, lamb's lettuce and Jerusalem artichokes are growing and cropping well but I've yet to see how many years they survive. The Good King Henry (perennial spinach) is proving hard to germinate but I'll keep trying.
  7. Having lived through the 70s in my childhood, I'm a little more phlegmatic about the prospects of a revolt. There were shocks like petrol going up to 50p a gallon, sugar rationing, power cuts and uncollected rubbish due to strikes, but our stoicism and general resignation in the UK resulted in only a swing towards the Thatcherism and yuppyism of the 80s. Some revolt! I hope there isn't serious suffering, but I'm still seeing too much clinging to national and international leaders for solving our problems, rather than asking ourselves how we can deal with this in our local communities.
  8. I have total sympathy, I've had the hum for years. But it's a global phenomenon and perhaps Holmfield are the latest addition to the list. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum
  9. This quite a dilemma for the, previously quite united front of PC. Do they recognise male to female trans women equally with 'from-birth' women, or as a separate category? Now that traditional feminism has prevailed and become mainstream, it's perhaps inevitable that another division in society is required to prevent too much unity. Otherwise there's the danger that independent power blocks will emerge outside the overlords' control.
  10. Me too. At one time there was talk of White Holes as the opposite of Black Holes where the matter was spewed back out again. I used to have discussions on black holes in Yahoo Answers before it closed down, but few people seem to understand them well enough to give good answers. One of the difficulties I encounter is the time dilation effect, caused by the relativity of time. My line of inquiry and level of understanding runs like this: As an object approaches the event horizon (EH), time dilation means that to the outside observer relative time slows; the object appears to slow down and hover over the EH, never actually crossing it, but just getting more red-shifted. To the object itself, looking back at the rest of the universe, the opposite appears to happen and the outside universe speeds up until it reaches infinite speed as it crosses the EH. The object would literally see the whole future of the universe at the point of crossing. Therefore from our point of view, in our time, black holes don't really exist because it takes an infinite amount of time for matter to cross the EH and create a black hole. From the black hole's point of view, it's so far into the future the rest of the universe no longer exists. Then there's the question of what lies at the "centre" of a black hole. Is it a true singularity? Does space-time as we understand it exist within the EH? We can, theoretically, measure the size of the event horizon, but the closer you approach it, does that measurement still apply when space is stretched so severely? Let alone inside the EH: does it still make sense to think of getting out a tape measure and stopwatch and making measurements when space-time has been infinitely warped?
  11. Self-reference is the essence of I, it's logically paradoxical yet is a source of profound insights.
  12. PS The system won't let me send you a PM, is that by design?
  13. No you're not wrong. When BAME take over running first the public sector, then the wider society, will the surviving declining whites be treated with the same respect and support as their ancestors gave the incomers to allow them to rise to the top? But now we are desensitised to the rapid change in ideology, and inculcated with such short-term memory that I suspect the agenda will simply tick off another task completed and move on. Can it be a coincidence that the rise in so-called "equality" in the social justice arena (that's a word with multiple meanings!), there's been a huge increase of economic inequality, leading to a social stratification benefiting the top 1% of oligarchs mainly at the expense of middle earners. This fits the double pyramid social structure they are building where the demographics are shaped like the regular pyramid; but with power and wealth measured by the upside-down pyramid.
  14. Nice post, unfortunately I’m out of likes today :) "White passing" is a new term to me. Part of this agenda seems to be about keeping us off balance by changing the terminology and theory of CRT so frequently. So now you don't even have to identify as white yourself to be guilty, it's enough that someone else decides you're white. I agree with your point about the gradual ratcheting up of white hatred.
  15. What I don't understand is, what's so special about covid? After all, there's plenty of other vaccinations to introduce a "product" into us, especially for children. Also many other medical treatments where a product can be introduced into the body. Perhaps even contaminants within processed food, over-the-counter tablets etc. How do we know which treatments and procedures are safe any more?
  16. Don't get too excited, it's being replaced by multiple regional centres ... "It will be replaced by regional centres at existing children’s hospitals offering more “holistic care” with “strong links to mental health services ... It has announced the launch of two clinics for children with gender dysphoria by next spring,” https://uk.news.yahoo.com/gender-clinic-shut-down-amid-131158027.html
  17. I wonder if it will have its own police force? This reminds me of the 2000 AD comics I used to read.
  18. I never understood the idea of religious law. Especially juxtaposed with the idea of religious freedom. Lol if you're free you haven't got a tribal overlord telling you what you've got to do! It seems to me, the whole notion of religion as an overarching authority which rules above human society's laws is something that comes from the monotheistic religions anyway. Religion should be seen as a private members' club whose only authority is to expel you from membership if they don't like you. Otherwise leave law to the democratic process (preferably including frequent referendums!).
  19. Sorry to hear that Nemuri, it must have been very rough. Sometimes I'm grateful I didn't hack it in private industry and ended up in the public sector. Mind you, we've had below inflation pay rises since the credit crunch, so I'm wondering how much longer can this economic system keep up the illusion that things are gonna get better.
  20. I'm not expert on banking, but DI often mentions how banks electronically print the money which they then lend to other borrowers, so perhaps that's inflationary too? But govt in the west seems ideologically opposed to doing this (can you get a mortgage or loan from the National Savings Bank?), maybe it would undermine the whole system, especially if they're in cahoots. I've no doubt, yet it doesn't stop many thousands of private landlords making a good living out of property investment. This again smells like TPTB not wanting to rock the boat of a very lucrative business model for themselves.
  21. A couple of quotes I found about this project: "Although marketing images make Neom look like an empty desert, it is in fact home to local tribes who have been forcibly relocated for the project, according to the Wall Street Journal." https://metro.co.uk/2022/07/27/saudi-arabia-wants-to-build-a-100-mile-long-mirrored-vertical-city-17072161/ "According to the Saudis, artificial intelligence will be central to how people live in the 500-metre-high, 200-metre-wide structure, a car-free, carbon neutral bubble" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/27/saudis-unveil-eye-popping-plan-for-mirrored-skyscraper-eco-city Maybe this isn't so far from what is planned for us all. Replacement of traditional cultures in harmony with nature by the technocratic Brave New World.
  22. Debt levels are quite a good indicator of where we are in the "business cycle" (ie greed vs fear, bull vs bear cycle) and I wouldn't really advise entering the stock market without researching it. I don't understand though, if this is such a good racket for the banks, why don't govts get in on it and start lending, at least to hedge all their borrowing. Same with property, what's to stop councils buying up homes on the open market to rent out, rather than only having to build whole estates ? But maybe that ship has sailed as prices have spiralled upwards.
  23. Not saying I do have a higher vibration than anyone else or even want to, that's too easy to mistake for spiritual oneupmanship unfortunately. But hey, God loves us all equally, unconditionally, it's our job to accept it and share it round.
  24. Just my take on this. But as God=Self=Universe (= non-self), and God is perfect, then it follows that the Universe is perfect, already, in its absolute sense. But why does it appear not to be? Because we haven't realised the absolute, only the relative and we keep trying to perfect the relative, rather than realise the absolute. Not that we shouldn't improve the relative, but however much improvement we make it's never satisfactory, never ends the suffering.
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