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  1. Most relativists are well-meaning people trying to respect the diversity we find ourselves in. To some extent it's a good thing, however in excess relativism is corrosive of the cultural foundations which bind us together in a cohesive society. Which is why it's being heavily promoted by the Illuminati. At first it seems attractive because it provides new experiences, perspectives and freedoms; but this is addictive and leads to us losing our roots. Also there's plenty of absolutists outside the Abrahamic religions: I know plenty of atheists who use rationalism as an absolute for example. I'd say it tends to be people who mix belief systems together who need to relativise, to reconcile them.
  2. Wikihow has more spiritual techniques these days: https://www.wikihow.com/Access-Akashic-Records I tried it once but didn't manage it, probably I need more practice; similarly with their instructions for astral projection.
  3. I'm not sure if these are family or Yorkshire sayings but here goes. Where there's a will there's a way, and where there's a will there's a relative. You must think I'm going up on the down train. (When someone's trying to pull the wool over my eyes). Don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar. She's not backwards in coming forwards. (She's assertive and confident). Better late than never, better never late. A place for everything and everything in its place.
  4. Also a similar quote is in Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 56 . I wonder if there's a connection or if it's just a coincidence. Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.
  5. This is the point when the agenda goes public, the government, police, justice system, media, sports and even the military have been made 'woke' so they calculated when to start putting the boot in traditional culture without having a mass uprising. @Truthblast The new pseudo-religion has progressed to this stage now, although it's not all down to Mme Blavatsky and Henry Olcott's Theosophical Society. The move to religious pluralism and relativism has many branches. I just saw an interesting version of Theosophy's logo (in wiki) incorporating various symbols from east and west, the serpent surrounding the star of David, but not including the Christian crucifix: There's the Egyptian Ankh at the centre, perhaps a reference to where they thought these other religions came from: Egyptian mystery schools.
  6. I almost feel sorry for the Church. After struggling for so long to try and catch up with feminism, they've had the rug pulled from under their feet with the trans agenda. The church has lost its way, given up on its own beliefs and is in a state of perpetual catch-up with society's trend-setters in its attempt to attract the younger generations back in. "A Nottingham church decided to cancel the screening of a feminist film due to 'its impact upon members of the trans community'. The screening of the Adult Human Female film was due to take place at the Sherwood Methodist Church on Sunday, November 27. But the screening of the film was eventually cancelled after 80 trans activists gathered outside the church on Devon Drive in a 'peaceful protest'. Although the screening had been cancelled, around 60 participants to the event were let inside the church for a talk with the film directors and women featured in the documentary, including writer and activist Julie Bindel who participated via Zoom. Film co-director Michael Wayne, who is a Professor in Media and Film Studies at Brunel University, told Nottinghamshire Live: "None of them [protesters] have seen the film. So they have already called it and persuaded the Minister that the film [was] hateful, even though they have not seen it." https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/nottingham-church-cancels-film-screening-after-backlash-from-trans-activists/ar-AA14F0Qm
  7. What's your advice to keep them away? (Not a problem for me at the moment but asking just in case).
  8. What I meant by a phoney war (perhaps civil war is a better name for it) is illustrated in the first article by the fact that the attack on Christianity is coming from within the heart of the Church establishment. The Church hierarchy is already infiltrated by occultists who are using their techniques of inversion and cognitive dissonance against the ordinary lay congregations, who are so shocked because they didn't know that this corruption has already occurred. Their idea of fighting back is to go to the mainstream newspapers, another stronghold of the same cultists, who gleefully publish the bewildering story to cast their spell wider still onto the public at large. The second story is interesting, not only that the justice system is overrun with social justice warriors, (also pawns of the same cult). But that here it is Christianity which is being attacked on the surface, however looking at the Biblical quotes in the article they are all from the Old Testament and as I recall, the OT doesn't apply as a whole to Christianity, Whereas it does to Judaism, but the effect of the story (ie the spell) is to demoralise Christians instead. The two stories also demonstrate another use of the pincer movement I referred to. The first one is essentially attacking Christians with relativism: it's fair game to use the today's ideology of trans rights to reinterpret ancient Mediaeval artworks on trans terms, rather than looking at history through eyes of those Mediaeval peoples themselves. It's acceptable for the Church to offend its own members in order to promote this relatvistic freedom of expression. The second story sttacks with absolutism; causing harassment, alarm or distress is so bad that we must have censorship to stop it. Even censorship of the Bible, and free expression cannot go so far as to offend or challenge Equality. Clearly there's a contradiction in these two attacks. The Christians are prosecuted for offending others but have to accept the offence against themselves. In principle the same strategy could be used against the trans activists, if they outlive their usefulness which I guess the Christians now have. If only they knew who is behind their current success they may have second thoughts
  9. It's not only transexuals who are being promoted. When I join up the dots looking at trans, LGBT, endocrine blocking chemicals, financial pressures on young people, mass immigration, war on traditional marriage and family values, easy abortion and contraception to name a few, the thing they all have in common is promoting reduced fertility amongst the western nation-based civilisation and its replacement by a globalised multicultural melting pot which is controlled by a centralised group of world organisations such as the UN, World Bank, WHO etc.
  10. Do you think this is a real war against Christianity or a phoney war, because by now surely they have also infiltrated the mainstream religions and are playing both sides off against each other from within. So it's not just Christendom which is being remoulded but also atheistic socialism (which Annie Besant also belonged to in the National Secular Society before performing an intellectual somersault by joining the Theosophists); in a classic military pincer movement on our freedom loving society.
  11. Pan-theism = everything is God. Mind you, "everything" is as difficult a word to understand as "God". I feel more alive when I'm doubting myself and searching for the truth than when I think I've arrived. This brings me back to prayer, because prayer (such as the Lord's Prayer in the subject of this thread) is verbalisation and when the thinking stops I can't do self-inquiry because the story of the self stops. But maybe that's the whole point of prayer, to use words to get beyond them.
  12. Are you a pantheist? It's the only type of theism which appeals to me (apart from atheism which is the same destination reached from a different direction). Or perhaps a nondualist/monist: everything is X and you can substitute anything for X as long as its oneness. Everything is God. Everything is Love. Everything is Consciousness. Everything is Matter. Everything is Prayer. In fact if Everything is Prayer, then life is one big celebration of God praying to himself and why shouldn't he do that? "I and the Father are One". "I am the way the truth and the life" --> self-inquiry?
  13. I've come across modern day channelers too who receive teachings from ascended masters or other spiritual teachers in the astral realms. It's rather like mediumship. But I can't see any essential difference between that and Biblical (or Koranic) prophets receiving revelations from angels or beings who they call God/ the Holy Spirit etc. At the end of the day it's creating a movement where a few people (prophets and priests who have and interpret the revelations) have control over the masses who don't have direct access to these teachings but are expected to be passive consumers. That's why I gravitate towards spirituality which allows direct experience, such as meditation - and perhaps explains the recent popularity of things like the charismatic movement in Christianity.
  14. I don't think there's any such thing as a Western high elite: rather there's a global elite consisting of a network of elite families who have no loyalty to any particular area. Western and Eastern elites do exist but are lower down the pecking order, and don't control who colonises who, or who migrates where. Looking at the population trends, it's not the west colonising the east, or the south, but the other way round. Who is the British Prime Minister, a westerner, an easterner, or someone else entirely like a global multiculturalist?
  15. Indian government to activate digital ID at birth "The Indian government is working to expand its ‘Aadhaar’ digital ID scheme by assigning unique identification numbers to citizens at the time their birth is registered. Sixteen states in India currently link Aadhaar ID numbers to birth registrations. The Indian government’s plan to expand the programme means that all 28 states could start issuing Aadhaar digital ID cards at the same time as birth certificates in the coming months. First introduced by the government in 2009, Aadhaar cards – each of which features a unique 12-digit number – were officially rolled out by Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, in 2014. The cards are used by enrolled citizens to apply for jobs and book railway tickets, for example, and contain data that are used by government to prioritise and economise welfare services." https://www.globalgovernmentforum.com/indian-government-to-activate-digital-id-at-birth/ There's nothing new about having digital ID numbers of course, we've had National Insurance numbers for a long time. But will it become compulsory to use your digital ID for basic purchases like train tickets so they can control freedom of movement?
  16. It's also an underhand way rubbing our faces in the fact that we don't actually pick our PMs as all those people are Americans who vote for their President. Why on earth would we want a globalist technocratic oligarch to be our leader anyway! His choice of candidates says more about him than us.
  17. I learned from one of Lyall Watson's books, The Romeo Error I think, that death is the price we pay for sex. Having our species divided into male and female for the sake of more efficient evolution (with sex as a motivation) means that we all have a unique identity which is lost at death. Species which are unified and genderless like bacteria procreate by cloning themselves and the whole colony is essentially the same individual copied thousands of times, therefore the identity is effectively immortal. Apart from the occasional deviation of random variations in the DNA sequence which provides for evolution.
  18. Amen = Amun = Egyptian God perhaps? At least that's one version of the etymology of "Amen". Etymology 3 Proper noun Amen Alternative form of Amun (Wiktionary) In that case all those Christians are invoking an Egyptian pagan God every time they say "Amen" at the end of their prayers
  19. The Templar Revelation has a theory on the Lords' Prayer and Sermon on the Mount, that they originated in Egyptian religion and travelled via John the Baptist's movement (ie Gnosticism of which Jesus was a member) on to Jesus. In which case the Gospel versions were not the original. P. 406. "As long ago as the nineteenth century the great Egyptologist Sir E.A Wallis Budge noted the origins of the opening of the 'Lord's Prayer': an ancient Egyptian prayer to Osiris-Amon begins 'Amon, Amon who art in heaven ...' Clearly this predated both John and Jesus by centuries, and the 'Lord' who is invoked in the prayer is neither Yahweh nor his alleged son, Jesus. So in any case, the 'Lord's Prayer' was not composed by Jesus. " P 451. "As we have seen with the Lord's Prayer, the most familiar - and well-loved - words of Jesus are also, ironically, the most open to question. 'Our Father who art in Heaven' was not a form of words that was invented by Jesus; it seems that John the Baptist was also using them at the time and, in any case they originated in prayers to Osiris-Amon. So it is with the Sermon on the Mount - as Bamber Gascoigne says in his The Christians, 'Nothing in the Sermon on the Mount is exclusively original to Christ.' They go on to build a theory that the Mandaeans, Cathars, Templars and later on the Freemasons represent a continuation of John the Baptist's Gnostic religion, itself a development of the Egyptian mystery religion of Osiris, Amon & Isis. Heady stuff and controversial amongst scholars no doubt, but as good a theory as I've come across anyway.
  20. At one time I believe they needed a warrant signed by the Home Secretary to do surveillance on people. I remember an episode of Frasier when Frasier overheard his father Martin talking and is accusing him of something (I forget what). His dad just shouts back "Inadmissable! Inadmissable!". I would try the same if Tescos tried anything on me.
  21. I've got a lot of sympathy for this theory, although in Christianity's case the mystery religion is also mixed up with rehashed Judaism. I'd like to know more about the origins of Egyptian mystery religion, if there's surviving historical records of it.
  22. Not only did the perpetrators receive soft sentences, there was just a passing mention of the racial slur* buy apparently it wasn't classed as a racially motivated attack, despite the racial hate speech being used. If it was the other way round what would the headlines say? This is yet more evidence of anti-white racism in the media and courts. * Judge: "He was minding his own business and someone in your group decided that he wasn't welcome where you were and made a racist remark to him. You two joined in, and neither of you had to. What then followed was a serious and sustained assault that both of you took part in."
  23. It also subsidises black market companies who don't pay the minimum wage and employ migrant workers who have less choice where to work, thereby making them more competitive relative to legal companies. I also heard a similar story about call centres in India (working for offshoring Western companies) hoovering up lots of graduates because of the high salaries relative to local industries. There's a trend of large global corporates taking over from locally owned family businesses, meaning that even when us locals spend our money in our own areas, there's a proportion of the profits being creamed off to the financial hubs which could be anywhere in the world. Many well known 'brands' are just names owned by global conglomerates.
  24. So they're saying that strongly opposing being occupied, enslaved and dominated by a ruthless empire means you're a fanatic? Some things don't change! Call me a fanatic cos I want our independence from the globalist Illuminati empire. BTW I looked up fanatic: "First attested in 1525. From Latin fānāticus (“of a temple, divinely inspired, frenzied”), from fānum (“temple”). "
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