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  1. And that's another way of looking at the problem: how has a once thriving, proud and assertive civilisation in Western Europe been reduced to a state where we are literally giving away our own lands, destroying our future and our very existence as a people? Within a historically short space of time, give or take 100 years? I suggest this thread is a good place to find answers, and we can see the evidence in the world around us.
  2. No offence intended, but do you mean that literally or are you being tongue in cheek? It's hard to tell in forums sometimes. Just checking before asking my question: what about the parables in the New Testament? Are they stories about historically true events, or simply teaching aids to illustrate the moral truths Jesus was trying to communicate?
  3. It occurred to me today that the measures are already here hidden in plain sight, ready for them turning up the dial. Eg we have "Universal Credit" which is means-tested at the moment but they only need to loosen the criteria to make it truly universal, ie UBI.
  4. I had an awakening which reminds me of David's ideas, although rather more ordinary. I followed the teaching in a meditation book called The Mind Illuminated by John Yates / Culadasa which gives a practical approach to contemplating attention (point of focus) and peripheral awareness (unbounded consciousness). I can see how attention creates things out of the sea of awareness, which in turn creates consciousness out of subconsciousness. I don't have infinite consciousness in the sense of omniscience of course, but perhaps 'Boundless Awareness' is a better term (and that's the name of another good book too by Michael Rodriguez).
  5. Wiki on Deuteronomy: "Virtually all secular scholars (and most of Christian and Jewish scholars) reject the traditional Mosaic authorship of Deuteronomy and date the book much later, between the 7th and 5th centuries BCE. Its authors were probably the Levite caste, collectively referred to as the Deuteronomist, whose economic needs and social status it reflects." The problem is, the authors of this passage would also be beneficiaries of any successful conquest of other tribes. Therefore we have to take account of bias and conflict of interest when deciding if they're actually telling the truth regarding whether this came from God. And even if a God did say it, it's clearly a biased God.
  6. 'Multicultural', 'melting pot', 'integration' and 'diversity' 'are good'. These and other slogans were used to prepare us for mass immigration. But imo humans are basically a tribal species and most want to live with their own kind (including middle-class liberals can be seen as a tribe). Bucking this truth only creates trouble. We're all like that, the British too, eg when I go to the costas in Spain they have lots of English and Irish bars for the ex-pats as well as the tourists. This knowledge isn't new, there's been ghettos and 'quarters' for millennia and anyone with a basic education in history knows this. Yet the postmodern progressives seem to think that this time it's different and we won't suffer inter-racial or communal conflict on a large scale.
  7. But maybe deflation is a symptom of the depression rather than the cause, which is all that debt and hyped up profiteering which the big corporations do during the growth stage. Deflation would be the supply-and-demand equation trying to get itself back into balance. Like, house prices are extremely high at the moment which is effectively a wealth transfer from the young first time buyers to the older generation. Maybe a bit of deflation here wouldn't be such a bad thing. A house is a house after all, a home to live in, its value hasn't changed while its price has rocketed.
  8. Wasn't there a higher takeup of the jabs in European countries amongst the white natives than immigrant groups? I remember there were campaigns in the news to highlight this. Maybe immigrants are more distrusting of governments than locals. It's been an uphill struggle to get mass immigration into the arena as an election issue, but infertility is even more hidden by the mainstream politicians, deliberately so, and immigration is still used as the answer to staff shortages.
  9. How does deflation work and cause a problem? It happens so rarely I can't remember a time when it was an issue. I was thinking about inflation yesterday; the govt and Bank of England has a target figure of about 2% inflation but why is that a good thing? Why not aim for 0% ? Whenever there's inflation in prices we're always under pressure to keep up with our wages so there's a structural need for workers to conflict with their employers. Surely there's some advantages in things becoming cheaper, especially the basic necessities.
  10. Agreed, and it's probably too late to turn back the clock to return to our earlier state. However, having learned a twisted version of the deconstruction skill, perhaps one answer is to actually improve on the process and teach our young people to start critically examining the system which brought them to this point. To think for themselves in a healthy way. However as the mainstream establishments are under the control of the fifth columnists this requires a great deal of work. The global superstate of course, which wants to convince us how nasty all these individual national states are.
  11. For me the spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness help me to focus, pay attention and observe what's going on without my mind being distracted and led in certain directions by the agenda. I can observe and 'let go of' the reactions going on in my mind when, for example, watching TV without getting lost into them and having my desires, emotions and thought patterns manipulated. At least some of the time, I'm not an expert at this self-awareness.
  12. 'It'll wipe out every dollar in the world' - new crash fears as $80 trillion 'goes missing' The world faces a staggering financial meltdown with potential losses exceeding the total number of US dollars in circulation. By HARVEY JONES 08:39, Wed, Dec 7, 2022 This warning does not come from some headline-grabbing doomsayer but arguably the most respectable financial body of all, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This is a body of central bankers based in Basle, Switzerland. BIS is know as “the central banker’s banker”, an umbrella body for august institutions such as the Bank of England, US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. Its researchers can predict financial crises three years in advance using machine learning to aggregate predictions from different models. Now they are warning of a crash the scale of which we have never seen before, with a staggering $80 trillion (£65 trillion) at stake. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/1706328/Financial-crisis-FX-swap-market-central-bankers-80-trillion-crash-meltdown-BIS I really can't decide what to do with my savings these days. Put it into building society, shares, gold, land or what? Maybe that's the point, Swiss bankers stirring up this sort of panic so they can fleece us ordinary folks.
  13. True enough. But when I think back to my younger days, the main thing which put me off religion was the church itself. Totally stuck in a rut and incapable of giving me a convincing experience of God or the sacred. Also in complete denial about modern Biblical scholarship and historical knowledge for at least 200years. Anyway, that's looking backwards. Looking at where we are now, I can't see many public institutions which are any help. This is a time of a great testing for us Brits. If the cabal is helping to destroy our now ineffective churches (which they foisted onto us 1500 years ago), there's a window of opportunity for us to seize the chance to create something better before the technocracy takes over.
  14. Mac, I can follow your theory to some extent but get a bit stuck. If the sabbateans running the conspiracy are Zionists but not Jews, then what in a nutshell is their philosophy? It's clear to me that organised religion has been used throughout history to either unify or divide people and countries, depending on the agenda. Christianity in the west has been declining for generations, to some extent that's due to people's desire for freedom of choice not just agitation from conspirators. And now the white churches hardly bother to fight back and have been used as the butt of jokes in so many comedies that they aren't taken seriously, unlike the religions which do stand their ground such as Islam and orthodox Jews. Have you considered the possibility that our western European Christianity is too used to turning the other cheek and isn't up to the job of defending our civilisation against cabals and other threats? Do you think our survival depends on us reforming and returning to some form of Christian church? Or should we look to other ways of anchoring and organising our shared culture? Some versions of the conspiracy say that the introduction of Christianity was itself a plot to bring the territory of the Roman empire and beyond into the Abrahamic system and Noahide law as a form of mind control. If so, then aren't we better off either without it, or at least relegating it to just one religion no better than any other. It's the religion of the monarchy and aristocracy after all.
  15. It's all part of the anti-white agenda. There's a phrase 'black churches' (which has even made it into wiki), which have no problem identifying with one racial group without being demonised. "White churches" would of course be immediately pilloried for racism, and told to actively seek diversification. See also on wiki and mainstream useage: Black power is a political slogan and a name which is given to various associated ideologies which aim to achieve self-determination for black people. White power redirects to: White supremacy or white supremacism is the belief that white people are superior to those of other races and thus should dominate them.
  16. And if something's a big story in the msm it's likely we're being manipulated, and the truth is not what we're being shown.
  17. It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
  18. Good fences make good neighbours. (And good borders make good countries).
  19. When you consider what life was like under the Weimar Republic it's not so surprising they ended up with a populist hard man as leader, plenty of other countries have followed the same pattern. From what I understand it could just as easily have gone the other way with a communist revolution. After losing WW1 Germany was hammered by the other powerful countries so it was action & reaction. It's predictable with hindsight, almost as if there was a conspiracy behind it ...
  20. Thanks for the link EW. I've seen him on GB News and a few other places and like most of what he says. However, this bit caught my eye; at first glance it looks like a simple statement of ethno-nationalism. If your parents' family come from England you're ethnically English, if they come from Jamaica you're ethnically Afro-Caribbean. That's it. Nothing about these countries being multicultural melting pots with lots of citizens who swear allegiance to some other place in their censuses. Your ethnicity is based purely on which nation your parents' family comes from. Ethno-nationalism. But then later on he says: " My issue here isn’t exclusively with the Left, either. There are many on the far-Right – “ethnonats” – who would say I have no business in this debate, as I am not English." So now he's distancing himself from ethno-nationalism and claiming it belongs to the far right. So I'm a bit confused. But it's a complex subject, ethnicity and race are defined in a variety of ways such as genetics, culture, geography, religion. And "comes from" is ambiguous too: does it mean where you live now, where you grew up or were born? If it's your birthplace then his father isn't Afro-Caribbean but Nigerian. I'm on a journey with all this, trying to understand and navigate my way round it. I try to go back to basics and work it out from square one if possible, but it's tricky. Any suggestions for further reading?
  21. I don't understand the issue so I'll leave it. But I would just say that I haven't yet seen a convincing proof that any morality or religion is Absolute. They may be internally consistent, they may even be experienced by the believer as absolute, but as soon as they put it into words it becomes relative. "The common thread with people like Blavatsky is that they wanted "unlimited freedoms" for themselves, which obviously flies in the face of what the Abrahamic religions mandate." Playing devil's advocate for a moment, this is only a problem imo if the unlimited freedom is limited to a few narcissistic individuals like Blavatsky. Which sounds like a contradiction anyway. If everyone has unlimited freedom equally, then it's not a problem because the rest of us will use our freedom collectively to club together and create a justice system which prevents or punishes people like that from breaking our rules. It won't be perfect because most people are a mixture of selfishness and cooperation with which to use their free will. Oh hang on, that sounds rather like the world we live in already!
  22. What was her nationality? The quote above gives three versions: American, Palestinian and Palestinian-American. Possibly a typo but it would make a difference. If she's Palestinian, then the US could claim it's not their jurisdiction to investigate. I can't open the rt.com link, maybe since the Ukraine war it's censored in the UK like their TV station is.
  23. As I recall the Queen asked this very question about the 'credit crunch' recession (more politely of course). I'm not an economist but my understanding is that the international economy is a vortex of money, goods and services, kept spinning by human greed & fear. There's lots of people trying to get rich quick, and afraid of losing their stashes of cash. So when we're in the upcycle (bull market), lots of money gets borrowed and invested in shares & other assets, pushing prices up until they're way above the actual value of the underlying real commodities (shoes or whatever). The greed frenzy overshoots and asset prices keep going up (this stage is when it's all advertised as a good time for growth in the MSM) until a few intelligent investors realise there's a bubble, too much debt and high share prices (look into p/e ratios) and interest rates, so decide to cash in and invest in safer assets like gold. When the regular folks run out of spare cash to invest, the 'bottom falls out' and greed turns to fear. Everyone starts rushing to the exit door, which is shrinking because there's fewer buyers. This is the bear market, and those also overshoot because the victims of the pyramid scheme are depressed and don't want to start investing again when the market's down and cheap. So you're quite right, it's not about real things like regular folks making things and using them in their lives, but more about the effects of unreal money and people trying to get rich on its terms. Remember the dot-com bubble and crash of the late 90s / early 00s, there was a lot of speculative investing happening with share prices rising but not much profit being made by many of those internet startups.
  24. I used to think that British politics is basically run for the benefit of big business and banking, who control the money and jobs of the ordinary people. The right and left both being under the thumbs of globalist business with its need for a plentiful, compliant and materialistic workforce. Both main parties have wings which speak for traditional communities of either white working-class (old Labour) or little England entrepreneurs (Conservative right) who suck in lots of voters but are never allowed to be in charge. The voting system means that smaller parties are kept down so we become cynical and demoralised about politics changing anything, and give up. While there's still some truth in that analysis, it doesn't go far enough to explain the issues you've listed, and others like the climate emergency hoax. I can see there's other agendas and levels of control above business interests in the global pyramid, to explain why we're being moved towards either replacement or enslavement.
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