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  1. @EnigmaticWorld "Never hear anything about the elites downsizing." That would be the same elite who are flooding the country with mass immigration of high birth rate people, and are now complaining that the natives aren't selling their homes and downsizing to make room for them all. The natives who aren't responsible for the housing crisis because we aren't creating the overpopulation, are being targeted with another guilt-trip.
  2. Two reasons I can see. Money (better paid jobs & welfare state); and population growth in their sub-community. They've known for a long time that the west is in decline at the hands of the same elite who created the western empires in their own lands.
  3. Out of likes. But yes, I have noticed for a very long time how nearly all people here with a recent immigrant ancestry describe themselves as "X-British" not "X-English" (fill in the blank) so they recognise the cultural status of Englishness. Or want to disassociate from us. Goodness knows what will happen when Scotland gets independence and no-one can hide behind the "British" identity any longer. Who knows, maybe the English will remember that they are English too. My new year's resolution: to do more research on these different types of nationalism.
  4. I'm still learning about the different types of nationalism so please bear with me. But does this relate to the difference between civic and ethnic nationalism? If so, then that adilray had better proof-read all their other writing for consistency, because their position can't apply only to England. Next time they talk about Asians, Africans or any other country they'd better remember that anyone who moves there is likewise automatically a native straight away. In which case they don't really believe in national cultures at all, everywhere becomes a postmodern melting-pot where culture exists only for the tourist industry. Good luck telling that to the rest of the world. Too bad we put up with it.
  5. Ha ha! Methinks Hector doth protest too much Of course he cares or he wouldn't be expressing his emotions with such fruity language!
  6. Hate is a strong word, perhaps distrust or suspicion more common. But no more than men are being taught to distrust men and to hate ourselves, especially white men, for all our so-called "privilege" which was won in a power struggle over other oppressed people. It seems to me that the conspirators behind this gender war want to create a zero-sum or negative-sum game where groups of people are pitted against each other in a power battle, which doesn't serve to improve the country as a whole, but to weaken our interconnectedness and social bonds. I believe it is possible to improve the lives of women (for instance) without this weakening of the social fabric but our puppet-masters have no interest in that.
  7. Care to elaborate on the golden thread? FYI I'm a fan of the Perennial Philosophy, from Aldous Huxley and others. All mature religions have a mystical interpretation and when I read works by mystics (including mainstream Buddhists, Sufis and nondualists), they're mostly pretty ecumenical and tolerant people. As if it doesn't really matter what clothes your spirituality wears, love and truth are the same in all cultures. Those people who insist their religion is the best one for everyone are beginners and haven't advanced very far.
  8. Did you feel like you could trust this entity or did you (do you now) have any doubts about whether they were acting in your best interests? If so, why should we accept beings like him? I'm asking after having read another thread about the Reincarnation Trap, which opened my eyes to the possibility that these experiences may be negative in the long run, even though they feel positive at the time.
  9. Is this how you experience life, or are you human like the rest of us? It appears to me that the present isn't static, but there is change, and change is time. We use regular repetitive cycles of change (vibrations if you like) to count or measure time, like day & night, seasons, pendulums etc. 2040 will happen, just like 1984 did. When I was a kid 1984 seemed ages away, until it happened.
  10. The absolute 'you' will be fine, ie God. Already is now. But the relative 'yous' will still be in the state of pleasure vs suffering. Just like we are now, there's lots of people in a bad way today too.
  11. Well yes, being strictly literal there is only now, because "is" is the present tense and 2040 is the future. But the future will come to pass, become the new present, and we can't ignore it by repeating a mantra like "only the here & now exists" and doing no preparation. Yes the future is uncertain but we still need to plan for the major risks.
  12. Long before I began joining the dots, when I was a teenager I realised that our society was the subject of a colossal experiment in social engineering in many ways, including feminism. We were totally going out on a limb compared with other cultures and our history, in the name of progress; in some ways it did liberate various groups but there was no thought given to the sustainability of the overall society in the long term in the face of so much change. It was all about seeing society as a fragmented collection of oppressed and oppressing groups and liberating them in isolation. So feminism was about giving women more choice, equality and power, but without considering the impact on the rest. What happens to children, to men, to the elderly etc? I'm not suggesting women shouldn't have liberation, but that we need to appreciate how society functions as a whole. If we fragment ourselves into separate competing sub-groups, the liberation process becomes a poison pill where we hand out empowerment in a declining society. Few people are offering a wholistic vision like this, because it's so difficult to do. Instead we're offered a dialectic between a traditionalist view which idolises the past, or a progressive view which idolises equality at any cost.
  13. Wow! How's that been, have you had any comeback from the council?
  14. I'm out of likes but yes there's wisdom in having kit you can repair yourself, or at least with local tradespeople. Also, flour mills have a very dusty atmosphere, so wooden parts won't create sparks and start fires.
  15. Am I missing something here? The Pope says he's seen omens of something terrible but I can't see in the article what those omens actually are. Just a reference to what we already know like wars, poverty, injustice. I tried looking on some other reports of this but they all say the same, as if they've copied and pasted from a press release. It's all very vague and non-committal. Sorry Francis, but if you want me to get interested I need some detail.
  16. I'm a bit unsure on this, the video clip is about Jews & Blacks, so what's the relationship between Sabbateans and Jews nowadays? I get that Sabbateanism was historically an offshoot from Judaism and became crypto-Jews. Then it becomes rather obscure, they went underground and secretive, but are they still connected with Judaism any more, or do they wear whatever mask suits their interests? Re the video, it's the laugh after he says "get Whitey" which says it all really. If anyone were to say "get Blackey" or "get Jewey", they'd not only be rightly booed off, they'd be banned from YT.
  17. Science is supposed to be puzzling at the cutting edge, otherwise we'd know it all and there'd be no point being a scientist. I think this is just the Daily Mail trying to hype it up and present a cartoon picture of science.
  18. I guess we're also the richest species who can afford to be a bit inefficient sometimes. On the other hand, we're better at preserving things with our technology; we can save our spare food with freezers, cans, drying etc. But if a lion can't finish its kill it has to leave the rest for the vultures and hyenas. It's wasted in a relative sense but not in the absolute.
  19. Nice, I often check out the etymology of words which shows how much wisdom there was in the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome where many English words originated, and their Indo-Aryan predecessors. Another example is 'exist', from ex+ sistare to stand out. Existence is that which stands out in our awareness, ie what we're focused on, giving attention to. So in that sense, we create reality and existence although I don't mean it in some grand metaphysical theory, it's just my experience in this moment.
  20. And seeing as they're reopening some coal-fired power stations, how about some more of our coal mines too? Seeing as all this imported energy is so unreliable, expensive, and exporting our jobs.
  21. You've got me wondering Bom, if there's a debate within Communist circles between old style socialists who do at least have the interests of the genuine working-class at heart; and younger, woke middle-class commies who are more interested in the latest flavour-of-the-month issues fed to them by the elite.
  22. There's been legalisation in some parts of the USA recently too, Columbia I think, and some other cities like Amsterdam have decriminalised it ages ago so I guess there's evidence of how it went. I don't really mind what consenting adults do in private, within reason, but dope has a lingering smell which feels like I'm breathing in their fumes as secondary smoking. When I visit flats the smell lingers in the communal areas, it's anti-social. But I realise that some of my antipathy is due to association of users with black-market dealers and criminal gangs. Drug running is used to fund other things like terrorism too, and legalisation is claimed to break that link. Presumably replacing criminal gangs with corporate ones and government taxes. Oh well.
  23. I can't stand it when people smoke dope in public, only today I was out playing in the snow with my daughter and a young guy, student-age, walked past smoking a cigarette which reeked of dope. It makes the neighbourhood feel unsafe for the many children and elderly people who live here.
  24. You're into miscegenation Just kidding ... reminds me of another point about the HFEA Human Fertility & Embryology Authority which has tightened up on the rules for sperm donors so much in the UK (I think it is, not just England) that there's a shortage of donors and we import sperm from abroad from countries with looser rules. It's another ridiculous policy designed to destroy our sense of national identity while at the same time virtue signalling about how moral we are here. There's a similar policy about how we treat animals in farms, we have strict animal welfare rules which impose restrictions and costs on our farmers, at the same time allowing imports of meat raised with much lower standards, in the name of free trade.
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