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  1. Thanks for the detailed info Mr H. I tried looking up this book and it was written in 2000, as a modern reconstruction of the ancient rites. Which isn't a problem for me as I'm looking into Druidism at the moment, and original sources are a bit limited. Are you trying any of this practically, or is your interest more theoretical?
  2. Here's a picture but I can't quite make it out. Greek flag for his dad perhaps? His ring is unclear too.
  3. I don't know much about the Eurasian Union, is it any better than the EU?
  4. The OT is a mixture. Some stories, like the Flood were likely copied from other sources like the Epic of Gilgamesh. Other parts seem original to the Jews. There's also a theory that the Jews started off as Canaanites who split off when they insisted on worshipping only Jehovah. And that their monotheism was influenced by that of Akenaten in Egypt, perhaps when their monotheist priests left Egypt when the polytheists regained control.
  5. yup, this kind of image is used in equality and diversity training, implying that talented and "privileged" people shouldn't receive any help (but presumably still have to pay their share of the bill).
  6. Now Edom (and Europe via the controversial belief that Europe is Edom) may get the blame for destroying the temple of Solomon. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2021-06-13/ty-article/who-really-destroyed-solomons-temple-in-jerusalem/0000017f-f2dc-dc28-a17f-feff98f00000 "Who really destroyed Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem? Renowned biblical scholar Richard Elliott Friedman suggests we got it wrong all along: that the real culprits weren’t the Babylonians. " ... The Babylonians may have destroyed Judah and kicked out its populace, but they did not destroy the temple. The culprits were the Edomites, a small kingdom in the southern Transjordan, he posits." And so I'm not accused of being a conspiracy theorist, this next quote is from Wiki: "There is a Jewish tradition stemming from the Talmud, that the descendants of Esau would eventually become the Romans, and to a larger extent, all Europeans. " https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edom (Esau was the founder of Edom and the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac).
  7. Perhaps we can learn something from the immigrants though, some of them come from cohesive cultures like islam. Rather than trying to resist the parts of western society which they don't like, they set up a parallel society with things like sharia law and zakat charity. Likewise, within muslim countries, other minorities like Christians don't rely on those govts for help, they organise within their own communities for mutual wellbeing. This is what we have forgotten in the west because instead of self-help within voluntary communities (religious or otherwise), we've been trained by the elite to ask the govt for everything and pay lots of taxes to them. But how many of us feel totally comfortable at election time with the choice that's available to us? Or is it a case of the lesser of three evils?
  8. One good programme I saw on the ancient mystery schools was in the Forbidden History series, where they visited one of the sites where they used to do rituals and initiations, in Greece if I remember correctly. There is a long narrow tunnel, followed by crossing an underground river (symbolically the river Styx), and opening out into a cave-room where the candidates would undergo ceremonies including ritualised dying and stay for three days and nights. Followed by emerging back into daylight as a symbolic rebirth as an initiate. Sounds familiar? Hence various theories about links with Christianity.
  9. There's one or two gnostics in this forum, hopefully they'll pick up this thread and explain further. I've come across some in different internet forums, and perhaps there's organised groups these days too. But the gnostics got genocided in the middle ages by various crusades and inquisitions so the remainders probably went underground. Some authors suggest the Knights Templars were gnostics, who morphed into other secret society networks such as the Freemasons. But I'm getting a bit out of my depth now, and will leave it there.
  10. Our institutions are lost, we need to rebuild from the grass roots.
  11. We (small self) are all fragments of God / Reality, or if you prefer, the Absolute I (big self) is the whole of Reality, but most of us don't see this. Jesus as God incarnate is translated into eastern religion as becoming enlightened, and 'getting it'. He got crucified because he lived in an intolerant country, but he had an easier time of it during his travels to India, which was more tolerant of religious pluralism.
  12. Yup, imo it's much more important to look at whether they're localist or globalist, rather than left or right. If they're globalist then there's no room for political choices because the strategy is decided elsewhere.
  13. Us English could do with a reminder of our patron saint's day. There's more happens here on St Paddy's day than St George's. And why are the English and Welsh the UK nations who don't have a bank holiday on their saint's day? All part of the agenda to deculture us I think.
  14. And I'd like to see what's on his cufflinks too, jewellery like that sometimes has symbolism on.
  15. Thanks, and this shows how important it is to clarify our terms, because I would use 'knowing' to mean something else but it doesn't mean we're disagreeing. Where you say "This is the part of you that is constant, that never leaves you" is another tricky one. Is there a "me" which "has" consciousness, or is it all just consciousness manifesting in different forms? I catch myself saying phrases such as my mind, my thoughts, my feelings, even my spirit, my soul, as if there's a "me" prior to all these things which owns them. It's worth meditating on that thought to find out the reality of it.
  16. An easter egg hunt for the kids, and a day out at a traditional British seaside resort. Oh, and I must get into the garden, I've got some veggies to plant!
  17. Warren Buffett: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked." It means invest in good companies. swimming naked means you invested in bad companies and you lose all the money.
  18. Ok, now I'm wondering where the AI gets its goals from. Programmed by humans or calculated from its learning? Looking at it from AI's pov, humans are still special because it relies on us for the hardware, electricity and input of info from the users. But I guess if AI takes over more control in factories, power stations, satellites etc, and networks between different AI systems, it won't need to talk to us so much. If humans can no longer tell that we're talking to AI, perhaps AI won't care if it's talking to humans or AI too. This is like the plot from a dystopian sci-fi novel.
  19. Well this answers something I was wondering - AI is programmed to tell lies.
  20. All the rice recipes I've seen tell you to wash the rice before cooking it, but not why you need to. Perhaps the experts have known about the arsenic for years but don't like to spell it out. Whether rinsing removes the arsenic is another matter.
  21. Or this whole drama could be a decoy to distract us from something else. Scratch that, it's just one scene in one act of our democratic system. As long as we have a two party state I don't expect too much.
  22. I don't know about the AI because afaik that's pure software which can be coded anywhere, but isn't all the hardware made in China nowadays? Or at least the electronics, and tho there's different specs for phones, tablets and laptops, there's not so many different microprocessors inside them. Designing a new deviant system without a Chinese production line already in place is probably too expensive.
  23. Me too, tho my family hasn't traced our family tree far enough to distinguish between Anglo-Saxon, Celt etc, I'd need a DNA test to be sure tho I don't want to give my DNA to some corporation. I guess the Normans tried to delete tribal identity and replace it with feudalism and the nearest thing we have now is the national identities - English, Scottish, Welsh etc. But that's being taken away from us too with the ptb telling us any newcomers can be that identity too, as if there's no difference between your passport and your ethnicity. And perhaps that's the plan for Ukraine, to turn it into a deracinated province of the eurasian borderless multi-nation.
  24. You've reminded me of a recurring thought I've had about the various projects which the Illumini set up and release into the wild, like the trans gollum. Things can go wrong and need corrective action, like the car crash with their other vehicle of marxist-feminism. Every operation is unpredictable to some extent and so represent risks to failure and exposure, wars especially (unless you control both sides!).
  25. I wonder why Anglos are the only whites mentioned in the poll, even tho they're a minority of whites when you bring in hispanics, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc? And it looks like just plain American isn't going to become an ethnicity any time soon, everyone qualifies their Americanism with some prefix or other - so much for the integration theory, it was always only a decoy.
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