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  1. Great article Mac, what's missing is an explanation of who's behind it and driving the woke bulldozer across our country.
  2. Well, there are LGBT churches such as the Metropolitan Community Church, and various liberal denominations (eg Quakers, Unitarians, Liberal Judaism), but to my knowledge they're all quite small. It's curious really that the most liberal churches haven't thrived in an increasingly liberal society. I suppose they don't want to have separate enclaves for the different types of people but to take over the whole society.
  3. I'm out of likes but yes. The best religions imo are decentralised and without a pyramid style authority structure. Which is kind of what paganism is about: it was originally a slur on the religion of the country folk who lived away from the power centres of towns and cities. People who had some freedom. In modern vernacular they're bumpkins, rednecks and nonconformists. But when I think about it, paganism is the true western religion and monotheism is a foreign import. Heck, Christianity is still focused on the middle east, it still hasn't adapted to northwest europe. Its scriptures talk about deserts not forests and moors.
  4. prototypes are already here in the forms of political correctness, wokeness, BLM, corporate capitalism, micro-commumism, cancel culture, deconstruction & postmodernism, CRT, ... need I go on?
  5. It could be my age, and it's said you become more conservative as you get older, but I'm beginning to think that Mary Whitehouse had a point. It's not just violent music but children are shown far too much violence in the media in general. What's that saying about life imitates art?
  6. Thanks @alexa and what's your view on this? As it's only a short clip I managed to see it all. IMO this is very much in 'God of the gaps' territory. It still doesn't help us with the underlying questions like; why does God exist; why is there something rather than nothing? Calling the cause of the space-time continuum 'God' is just giving a name to something that's unknown, it doesn't add anything to our knowledge.
  7. I remember the peace movement in the 80s, I used to march with CND against nukes, and went to Greenham Common before the feminists took over. I even marched against the Falklands war. All to no effect of course, because Maggie Thatcher had a thumping majority and totally bought into the cold war narrative. Imo the peace movement became controlled by communists who aren't pacifists and just used it when it suited them. Which it doesn't now.
  8. As far as I can see, Edom was a Bronze age tribe who lived to the south of present day Israel, and was therefore a rival for territory and trade routes etc. So, not surprising that there was some bad blood between them. Fast forwarding to later ages, and the Jews seem to have a habit of using their ancient history and mythology as a code language to talk about their current friends and enemies. Like a dog-whistle to communicate among themselves without alerting their enemies - eg the Romans. The book of Revelation is arguably about the Romans for example.
  9. Separation might be worth a try, but it won't succeed for whites unless we drastically increase our fertility. Plus the "Illuminati" also want to complicate matters with miscegenation: where would mixed race people and families live, who they're advertising like crazy atm?
  10. I've seen some videos on this (and btw I think it's basically projection of ancient history and myths onto the present day), but even looking at this from their pov, Edom as the USA is their sugar daddy and protector. Why should they bite the hand that feeds them, leaving them vulnerable to the Muslim hordes to invade? Unless there's a plan to bide their time until "Edom" is no longer necessary and someone else like Russia will underwrite them.
  11. I think insects should be classed as meat too, because they also have muscles don't they? At the very least they aren't vegetarian food.
  12. This cuts to the heart of the matter EW. I'm not sure where you're from, but here in England our sense of national kinship, our tribal identity if you like, has been eroded over generations of globalism and multiculturalism. At least the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have something to kick against which cements them together in a shared community. Here in England many people don't even know how to distinguish between British and English. Politics is important but not enough. We need to remember our ethnic and spiritual connections with each other. I recently left my church because it's become completely woke, but struggling to find a replacement which belongs to my culture, and also I can agree with on a philosophical level. As I'm also a victim of globalism and need to deconstruct my own brainwashing I received from the PTB. I'll keep looking though.
  13. Trench warfare is an analogy I'd not thought of before but it's a good one, even though most of the public don't know we're in a trench. It's a war of knowledge and belief systems, and just any compulsive liar the cabal needs to keep up the false beliefs in us, while holding onto the truth in themselves. So it's an unstable situation over the long-term, which could collapse at any time, which perhaps explains why their efforts are speeding up. Also they need a supply of trustworthy new recruits who won't grow a conscience and betray them, hence the cultish nature of the cabal.
  14. We may as well let Ukraine have our hardware because it's redundant over here, we can't even stop an invasion of unarmed migrants. I've huge respect for our boys in uniform but there's no political will to defend ourselves these days.
  15. There's no reason why this technology would be limited to corporations replacing human workers. Governments could use it, health services and military. But also criminal gangs will want it for things hacking and scamming us.
  16. I had an idea about this. It doesn't actually say where the money will come from, and I thought the US was drowning in debt already, so how about they privatise this issue and all those SF liberals who feel guilty about being white can pay it from their own pockets. Let them put their money where their mouths are. The rest who don't agree with all this rubbish can sit back and watch it all play out. It's a democratic solution, let them vote for this with their own money not with other people's.
  17. In my own experience this hasn't been true since the 1970s with comedies like Dad's Army, Spike Milligan, Fawlty Towers and perhaps into the 80s with Allo Allo. My generation exorcised its WW2 demons with our brilliant British sense of humour. But some unmentionable groups want to keep the guilt alive amongst younger generations whose parents weren't born during the Fascist era. Who could that be, who benefits from, and believes in, accusing our future generations of the ills of other countries which our ancestors bravely fought against?
  18. @marczapi I've downloaded it, not had time to start reading yet though. Of course there's many disasters predicted which I lack the ability to evaluate, but at least you've given us the opening timeframe. Any thoughts as to the latest year when it will occur?
  19. @Velma and if the virus is still so prevalent and not held back by jabs or natural immunity, why did they stop the face masks and social distancing? It seems all of these methods are ineffective but the one they're still pushing is the one to inject us with something.
  20. How is that not hate speech resulting in a prosecution? Seems like some beliefs are more equal than others.
  21. So, the liberal Guardian/Observer is now a hawkish warmonger. It just shows that there's no mainstream political debate now. "Left" and "Right" are both following the same script.
  22. No worries, it's true enough for both threads anyway. Brits think that fair play and being the good samaritan will gain respect from the rest of the world, but it's taken as a weakness to be milked for as long as we're willing to play the repentant sinner.
  23. Typical self-flagellating liberals. We didn't create the name 'mummy', it was Arabic, but do Arabs get blamed? And how is 'mummified person' any more respectful anyway?
  24. It's hilarious that the paper thinks it's exposing something, when PA are actually holding a public protest to tell the public about the issue! And the paper's main argument is about what clothes Alex Yerbury is wearing, instead of trying to dispute the facts of demographic change and mass immigration. Must have a low opinion of their readers' intelligence.
  25. @sickofallthebollocks I wonder what does a debt ceiling mean, have they reached a limit and can't borrow any more? I guess we're not far behind in England. Thank goodness that reality is beginning to dawn on us. I know, why don't we have a sovereign wealth fund and gold reserves like sensible countries do, instead of maxing out on debt?
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