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  1. Could be the worldwide hum aka the hum. It's been around for decades. I get it most nights which could be because it's quieter then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum https://thehum.info/ Map of reported cases - you can add your location if you want
  2. I've changed my mind. The St George alert is a (unintended?) reminder that the English ARE in a real emergency. We little Englanders are occupied by the clique and in process of being erased from history, in the name of international economics. So is the rest of western civilisation, but at least we've got this little symbolic nudge to wake up.
  3. Thanks, I didn't know about the spell but looked it up: "Thy right eye is the night bark (of the sun-god), thy left eye is the day-bark, thy eyebrows are (those of) the Ennead of the Gods, thy forehead is (that of) Anubis, the nape of thy neck is (that of) Horus, thy locks of hair are (those of) Ptah-Sokar. (Thou art) in front of the Osiris (Tutankhamun). He sees thanks to thee, thou guidest him to the goodly ways, thou smitest for him the confederates of Seth so that he may overthrow thine enemies before the Ennead of the Gods in the great Castle of the Prince, which is in Heliopolis … the Osiris, the King of Upper Egypt Nebkheperure [Tutankhamun's throne-name], deceased, given life by Re." The date 1323 bc (made up of 2 primes 13 & 23) only makes sense retrospectively, as it counting forwards to the (officially incorrect) birth of Jesus. If it is significant that's some serious esoteric magic. - Edit - Oh, and 1323 isn't prime itself, it is 3^3 * 7^2.
  4. Because I'm more nerdy I guess If you want some homework try counting the small pieces! (only joking )
  5. Heck, this numerology stuff is getting to me. I just counted the black stripes and there's 23 on each side, plus 9 (3x3) along the top. Let me out of this mad house
  6. Mine's an android too, it's in Settings / Safety & emergency / and there's 6 choices including Earthquake alerts and Emergency alerts.
  7. In the countryside and small villages perhaps there was reliable access to clean water, but it was different in cities. There have been many cholera outbreaks made worse by poor drinking water and sanitation, eg in the 1830s in Europe.
  8. "Four American citizens active in the Black Power & Reparations movement were just indicted for acting as unregistered foreign agents of Russia" So it's ok to be a registered Russian agent
  9. Beer is good for you the govt "The rate on beer (with a strength between 2.8 and 7.5 per cent) is 19.08 pence per litre for each percentage point of alcohol. For example, the rate on a 5 per cent strength beer is 95.40 pence per litre – around 54 pence per pint. The rate on cider depends on its strength and whether it is still or sparkling. For a sparkling cider (with a strength of between 1.2 and 5.5 per cent) the rate is 40.38 pence per litre – around 23 pence per pint." https://obr.uk/forecasts-in-depth/tax-by-tax-spend-by-spend/alcohol-duties/ Hmmm, 23p or 54p a pint in tax? I'll stick with cider methinks
  10. It's on my mind a lot these days how to protect and restore our social cohesion in the West because we can't survive without it. I don't have an easy answer because we're losing so much of the traditional f2f institutions like religion, pubs shutting down, home working, more virtual contact instead. I can remember talk about the decline of community back when I was a kid in the 70s, and it's been a downhill slide so long. There's been much encouragement of division in the media between men and women, young and old, races, beliefs. I suppose part of my learning curve here is seeing how many bad actors there are leveraging this.
  11. I don't have anything new to add about Assange or Snowden, but it seems remarkable and not a coincidence that far more gets leaked about the USA than other superpowers like Russia and China. Are the Americans less competent at keeping secrets, are they more leaky because they're more open, or more infiltrated by enemies, do they release this stuff on purpose or what? If we could have equal leaks from all states then I doubt America would have such a bad name relative to anyone else. But perhaps that's the whole point.
  12. I've just read a definition of conspiracy in https://dictionary.cambridge.org "the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal" What constitutes something bad or illegal is relative ofc, but all revolutions, invasions, uprisings etc start off with groups of people secretly planning. So all the regimes and governments I can think of originally started as a conspiracy. But then as soon as they get power they try and stop anyone else launching a revolution. Funny that, do what I say not what I do.
  13. Yes but not just any numbers, 23rd April is St George's day and a Sunday, so I'll be too busy celebrating England in my own way and the message will have to wait.
  14. Yes, I vaguely remember from a school history lesson that it was hugely controversial when they brewed beer with hops. Before then it was ale, which safer to drink than water because the alcohol killed the bugs; now we drink chlorine in the water instead, alas.
  15. All I can say is that I'm coming across the word Eurasian a lot more recently. Also references to the Indo-European roots of our tribes and languages. Could be my choices of reading matter, or some algorithms and propaganda trolls pushing that agenda. I know that we are linked historically by Indo-Europeanism but what's that got to do with our civilisational borders now? Well there is one country which straddles both sides of the Urals that benefits from Eurasianism.
  16. Yes a lot of this stuff is being normalised which was unthinkable only 10 years ago. Anyone who upholds their moral values unchanged goes from being mainstream to labelled as an extremist bigot without doing anything.
  17. In the long term I guess it's good to wean us off sugar, but it'll be tough in the short term because so many people, especially poor people are reliant on getting their calories from junk food, junkies of the processed food industry. Many folks can't afford healthy food in the current economic system, and I wouldn't want to pile more misery on anyone who's already on the breadline. But yeah, the whole food sector needs a radical overhaul.
  18. The ends don't justify the means, the means create the ends. That's why revolutions end in terror and tyranny.
  19. I would assume any unexpected random texts are scams until proven otherwise, and you don't have to let people like that into your home. I've heard of scams where people use a ruse to get a quick look inside your home to see if there's anything worth pinching, your level of security etc, ready for burglaring at a later time. I'm also wondering if there's a way to deactivate the smartness of a smart meter if you can't help having one . An off switch, changing your wifi password etc? Or if all else fails, wrapping it in tinfoil lol! I don't have one, some years ago they were bugging me like crazy because there were govt targets but they have given up with all the phone call etc. I don't think my conventional excuse for not having one still holds water, because at one time they were installing outdated smart meters which stopped working when you switched suppliers.
  20. I put a homemade lenscap on my phone (a bit of paper folded over, like on my laptop & tablet!), and don't use any automatic recognition, or bluetooth etc. I switch off the gps location. I assume they're buggable although I don't know how to turn off the mike when I'm not on a call.
  21. To its credit the Daily Mail does mention the long standing conflict between the Dalai Lama (and the Tibetan nation in general) vs the CCP and China. This dampens the impact of this story for me, because we aren't told the original source of this video. Not that I like what he did, but it wouldn't surprise me if the CCP had spies secretly filming him for when he does anything dodgy like this, for propaganda. If only the Tibetans could video Xi Jinping and publish it too.
  22. I'd like to learn more about foraging wild plants, especially now we have food shortages. I read that fat hen used to be eaten in medieval times, and is quite nutritious, but is regarded as a weed nowadays.
  23. In the past, when the gov wanted to have a public service announcement (I think they used to be called), they used the BBC or newspapers. TV and newspapers was how collectivism used to work in the old days. Of course such channels won't reach the smartphone and social media generation, the ptb would lose their grip if they didn't take control of the new media.
  24. The animals we evolved from are competitive and hierarchical too, so it's not only us and it's been like this a long time! Also, although we don't live so long individually, our cultures we're brought up in do last, and the binding traditionally occurred in families and tribes. Everyone's survival depended on close ties and teamwork against threats from outside. However we are now so far removed from the natural order and communicating so much through screens rather than face to face, expected to mix with other tribes, even increasingly interacting with AI instead of people, that everything is becoming more difficult and dissonant.
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