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  1. I was thinking only yesterday about how many religions and spiritualities, old and new, try to persuade us to focus on the afterlife, other dimensions, future reincarnations, the spirit world etc; and meekly accept our lot in this world. Which plays into the hands of any groups wanting themselves at the top of society. Regarding whether you need to do spiritual work, and of what type. The thing is, there are so many varieties of spirituality that the answers depend on who you ask, and who are you going to believe? I know some other left-leaning spiritual forums who think that conspiracy theorists and even conservatives are beyond the pale and that spiritual and moral progress goes along with international socialism. At the other end of the scale there's spiritual groups who are completely on board with jab refusal and fighting globalism, multiculturalism and international cabals. So in summary I'd advise doing lots of your own research, old fashioned reading, talking to people, and hopefully you will gravitate towards something which is a good fit for you. Good luck and happy seeking!
  2. Regarding us Anglos, we're already en route to the endangered list in the next couple of generations, even without our young lads going to war God forbid. And given the restructuring of politics here with Asians rising to the top, perhaps Eurasianism is the objective.
  3. Thanks EW, and it's the first time I've seen the Russians use "Russophobia" (the quote is "Russophobia of the Anglo-Saxons"). They've probably realised what we know too, that Anglos have now been sufficiently trained by the agenda to wince and go on the back foot by terms like islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia etc. The psychological warfare is nearly complete, the economic warfare is well underway, what comes next?
  4. In that case I should have no problem identifying as a prince and getting on the royal list with a palace, staff and grant to live on in exchange for a few visits. Royalty is a social creation after all! Seriously though, although it's sad that children are being taught to do this, at least the "identifying as" bandwagon has now become overtly overblown and spoofing itself. I just wonder what's next, now we've been softened up this far.
  5. And how much of our trauma and mental illness is caused by living in a sick society. Stressed and overworked parents, declining community, hyper-individualism, empty consumerism, lack of contact with nature, toxins everywhere. Yet we are still expected to treat ourselves as separate individuals instead of treating society. Could be why mental illness continues to rise despite all the new treatments.
  6. Naive. We won't have unity but this will be taken as yet another sign of weakness in the indigenous church and lead to a power scramble by the others.
  7. Meh, messiah shmessiah. There's been so many claimants I can't be bothered to count them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_messiah_claimants Perhaps the ptb don't believe in messiahs either and only use them to manipulate the religious hopes of the masses. After all the messiah is always just out of reach, or not here yet, or not fully empowered. "they created a Rogue State and ruined the Palestinians' lives to KILL God's son." Although this is true, I don't suppose it's more true than many other cabal controlled rogue states from the Babylonians and Romans to the Chinese or even British empire. Whatever we fixate on, such as Jerusalem, gives the cabal fuel to manipulate us with. "These people really have no sense of RIGHT AND WRONG..." It makes perfect sense from their pov, but yeah it's not moral from the perspective of the golden rule.
  8. Yes, interesting indeed. We tend to think of opposites as fighting against each other but often they need each other for their own existence and definition like up and down. I heard it's a good idea to turn your coat inside out if you meet a leprechaun or a fairy so they don't play a trick on you. On the other hand, if you put something on inside out by accident it's bad luck to change it round, apparently - perhaps we should have a thread on our favourite superstitions lol!
  9. Ok, but although Henry VIII broke with Rome, it doesn't mean the Romans have a monopoly on Catholicism. Anglo-Catholicism is still alive in the C of E and it's such a broad church that it doesn't have to be 100% protestant.
  10. Traditional liberalism, social democracy, socialism and the like died off a while ago. Conservatism too. Wokeism is the next step in the plan, but it's only a temporary stage while we're in the fag end of the old civilisation. I can't see far enough ahead though to know if Marxism is the end goal, I don't really know enough about Marxism. Perhaps it's an element, for the masses, but did Marx foresee the technocracy and oligarchy at the top of the pyramid?
  11. People have switched off from COVID imo, we're taught to have such a short attention span. In any case they won't want to spoil the photo opportunities of the coronation so perhaps they'll crank it up after that.
  12. Within a 30 year horizon I'm expecting to see the US/Western superpower alliance and world order to be eclipsed by the rising BRICS alliance. The weakened US will increasingly face difficult decisions whether to intervene militarily in places like Taiwan. So the iron curtain (which never went away) will continue to shift as the west's sphere of influence shrinks and the BRICS' expands.
  13. Thanks Mac, these are some good extra pillars to add to the usual three: imperialism, slavery and the holohaust - just the white varieties of course.
  14. Yes it's who's behind it all that's the real story. The red and blue ideologies don't deliver for the ordinary folks, it's all a dialectic to destroy the old order and keep power with the hidden hands.
  15. Could be the worldwide hum aka the hum. It's been around for decades. I get it most nights which could be because it's quieter then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum https://thehum.info/ Map of reported cases - you can add your location if you want
  16. I've changed my mind. The St George alert is a (unintended?) reminder that the English ARE in a real emergency. We little Englanders are occupied by the clique and in process of being erased from history, in the name of international economics. So is the rest of western civilisation, but at least we've got this little symbolic nudge to wake up.
  17. Thanks, I didn't know about the spell but looked it up: "Thy right eye is the night bark (of the sun-god), thy left eye is the day-bark, thy eyebrows are (those of) the Ennead of the Gods, thy forehead is (that of) Anubis, the nape of thy neck is (that of) Horus, thy locks of hair are (those of) Ptah-Sokar. (Thou art) in front of the Osiris (Tutankhamun). He sees thanks to thee, thou guidest him to the goodly ways, thou smitest for him the confederates of Seth so that he may overthrow thine enemies before the Ennead of the Gods in the great Castle of the Prince, which is in Heliopolis … the Osiris, the King of Upper Egypt Nebkheperure [Tutankhamun's throne-name], deceased, given life by Re." The date 1323 bc (made up of 2 primes 13 & 23) only makes sense retrospectively, as it counting forwards to the (officially incorrect) birth of Jesus. If it is significant that's some serious esoteric magic. - Edit - Oh, and 1323 isn't prime itself, it is 3^3 * 7^2.
  18. Because I'm more nerdy I guess If you want some homework try counting the small pieces! (only joking )
  19. Heck, this numerology stuff is getting to me. I just counted the black stripes and there's 23 on each side, plus 9 (3x3) along the top. Let me out of this mad house
  20. Mine's an android too, it's in Settings / Safety & emergency / and there's 6 choices including Earthquake alerts and Emergency alerts.
  21. In the countryside and small villages perhaps there was reliable access to clean water, but it was different in cities. There have been many cholera outbreaks made worse by poor drinking water and sanitation, eg in the 1830s in Europe.
  22. "Four American citizens active in the Black Power & Reparations movement were just indicted for acting as unregistered foreign agents of Russia" So it's ok to be a registered Russian agent
  23. Beer is good for you the govt "The rate on beer (with a strength between 2.8 and 7.5 per cent) is 19.08 pence per litre for each percentage point of alcohol. For example, the rate on a 5 per cent strength beer is 95.40 pence per litre – around 54 pence per pint. The rate on cider depends on its strength and whether it is still or sparkling. For a sparkling cider (with a strength of between 1.2 and 5.5 per cent) the rate is 40.38 pence per litre – around 23 pence per pint." https://obr.uk/forecasts-in-depth/tax-by-tax-spend-by-spend/alcohol-duties/ Hmmm, 23p or 54p a pint in tax? I'll stick with cider methinks
  24. It's on my mind a lot these days how to protect and restore our social cohesion in the West because we can't survive without it. I don't have an easy answer because we're losing so much of the traditional f2f institutions like religion, pubs shutting down, home working, more virtual contact instead. I can remember talk about the decline of community back when I was a kid in the 70s, and it's been a downhill slide so long. There's been much encouragement of division in the media between men and women, young and old, races, beliefs. I suppose part of my learning curve here is seeing how many bad actors there are leveraging this.
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