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  1. 3 hours ago, Truthblast said:

    nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with White people –


    3 hours ago, Truthblast said:

    Gannett, which publishes the USA Today Network of newspapers, tweeted that it aims to “lead with inclusion


    hmmm ..... how to reconcile these? 


    3 hours ago, Truthblast said:

    Adams said Wednesday on his YouTube show “Real Coffee with Scott Adams.”





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  2. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Biden Appoints Member Of The Trilateral Commission To Head The World Bank


    It's such an oxymoron, a contradiction that an organisation claiming to be for the whole world is controlled by just one country. 


    I guess from the Illuminati pov it's not a contradiction because they control both. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    So it seems as if food production in he west is being sabotaged at the very same time that the western politicians are flooding more and more hungry mouths into the west which means that there is going to be more mouths chasing dwindling food supplies


    I used to live in a semi-rural village and there were rabbits around, as well as quite a lot of horses. It was a village mentioned in the Domesday book and with an Anglo-Saxon church. Ethnically very homogeneous, it had the feeling of somewhere that has survived the mixed fortunes of history and could probably hold its own if the technological acro-props holding up most of the western world collapsed.   But no doubt that village will also be absorbed into the multicultural technosphere in the Illuminati's relentless drive to outsmart nature. More mouths and fewer farms means we become more reliant on imported food and the vagaries of world markets, which imo is not in the interests of the ordinary regular families here, but the cult does want us more dependent on international trade (which it controls) and less self-reliant. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    do we know what age range it is mostly in? Surely pedos also prey on people under 14?


    Biologically speaking 14 onwards is moving into puberty which means that child rearing is technically possible and perhaps cultures in the past had different timeframes for that due to certain pressures such as shorter lifespans (many people may not have been making it as far as 50) or economic pressures where a family may have felt a need to marry off a daughter as they could not afford to feed her whereas a son may have been more productive on the farm. India for example has a dark past of infanticide where baby girls were killed because they were not seen as being able to contribute as much to the family and also because of the high cost of a dowry that would be needed to pay to marry off a daughter in an arranged marriage


    I'm probably not explaining myself well. Yes of course pedos prey on younger children, my point is that the legal definition of paedophilia is preying on children below the age of consent, which does vary. Although the word is a total distortion, -philia means love and once again something good is being twisted into evil. Laws and customs are based on cultures which are relativistic, religion and the economic needs of the people, life expectancy etc.  That I would place in the relativistic bucket (with the exception of those rare few with a deep insight into religious truth).  However, if we accept that all humans, as belonging to the same species, have basically the same psychological makeup. Therefore we can imagine creating an objective morality based on the health and welfare of the children. Psychological trauma can still occur at older ages even if the local culture has allowed children to marry at that age. 


    4 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Its true that in modern western society we don't have set coming of age rituals for people to transition from childhood into adulthood like tribal societies do but perhaps apprenticeships used to serve that function in a way as young people worked around older people and learned not only the craft that would give them employment going forward but also how to conduct themself around adults and also in business?


    I can see how that has changed even in my lifetime: I got confirmed at 14 which the nearest thing I had to an initiation ceremony. Jews have their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and other religions no doubt have their equivalents. But these day's they're more symbolic and real initiation comes in practical ways of growing up such as leaving school, starting work and getting married, having children. All of which we do when older than our ancestors (if at all like marriage). 


    5 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    In a modern western society there can be consequences for having children at a young age just as there can be consequences for having children at a much older age. Arguably there is an optimal stage in life for that in terms of health, maturation, economy, opportunities, education etc


    That's true but there needs to be a minimum level of fertility to have a sustainable society, which most western (and some non-western) have been well below for a long time now. Some things are objectively true, such as the decline in fertility as we get older. 

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  5. On 2/22/2023 at 8:12 PM, Mr H said:

    Well to be honest I don't know of any culture that is for paedophillia.


    But yes people can misappropriate all kinds of stuff I guess 


    I've been thinking this over. Paedophilia is to some extent relative because the age of consent varies around the world, and it has changed through history. It is mostly in the range 14 to 18, and in some areas you have to be married too. So the universal moral value here would be to allow relations post 14 with layers of relativity on top. The acceptability of age gaps is another issue which is hard to pin down between absolute and relative morality. 


    Playing devil's advocate for a moment, I recall reading that in ancient Israel 14 was a normal age for young girls (translated as virgin) to marry, so according to our values we can argue that the holy spirit was a paedophile when he (who was very old) fathered Jesus with Mary, a girl. A myth perhaps, but a controversial one as it's central to Christian theology. 


  6. 1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    What will they do with Tales of the Unexpected? I suppose it violates the safe spaces of these little snowflakes. Can't have unexpected, upsetting, controversial endings can we. Maybe they'll include spoilers before each one.... "this chapter involves.....etc...".



    They've also done it to the Christian Bible, but like any bully they pick on the weak ones who don't stand up for themselves. Guess I'll have to wait a while before they wokefy the Koran, Torah and Talmud.  

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  7. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    They live in a more global sense and if they can create disorder on the national level then it plays into their arguments that only a more globalised form of governance can resolve those issues


    And anyone who believes that the cure for the disorder is more and bigger of the governance which caused it then they're seriously under the spell. Tribal identity is part of human nature and I don't suppose for a moment that the real intention of global governance is to resolve the disorder but to manipulate it for more control. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    is government immoral and is all tax theft?


    Even if govt is immoral, isn't it a case of the lesser of two evils? We need to have some way of organising ourselves for safety against invasion, criminal gangs etc. What's his alternative in such a ruthless world? 

  9. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    magicians use banishing rituals to cleanse spaces before they carry out rituals. But what i wonder is whether or not those movements and words intoned in the correct way work because they are encoded in the fabric of the matrix or if what they are really doing is changing the magician themself....


    I think vibration is key. If you are in a vibration of power and self-belief then you become bullet proof against certain influences.


    If however you are in a vibration of fear then certain influences are more able to synchronise with you.


    I think this type of discussion is very valuable, but we can easily get derailed into unnecessary arguments because of how we use our language.


    For example, your explanation of 'fabric of the matrix' vs 'changing the magician themself' I would read as the distinction between physical and psychological reality. The physical is objective, external reality and is easier to study scientifically; the psychological is subjective inner reality which is more art than science. I can then agree. 


    Then when you discuss 'vibration' I would happily translate as 'state of mind' and agree with you. 


    I hope that conveys the meaning you intend, otherwise I'm left scratching my head and not getting it. For example, I feel fear sometimes but it's never felt like a vibration, so you're clearly using that word differently to me. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    This is to create a coalition of the wiling that they then turn on the object of their hate: white men


    of course they don't care about any of those useful idots that they manipulate into that scheme and they intend to enslave and depopulate them too but the biggest barrier to their schemes is white men so they are the ones deemed as having committed 'crimes against the collective' simply by existing


    A nice piece of research Mac. And I can't help be struck by the irony that this cabal wants its minions to act in the name of a collective to destroy the native westerners' collective identity. So they only want a collective which they can control. Which isn't a proper collective of equals as the minions believe but resembles some sort of feudal communist system. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    well the thing about 'democracy' is that it is rule by the majority which means that 51% of the population can impose things on the other 49%


    So in a country that considers itself a 'democracy' politics is a numbers game. This means that demographics have a political dimension


    In theory a democracy should work like that and I can't deny that a higher population leads to more power. However ... 


    2 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Equally if you are a native population and you don't want incoming interest groups to impose their value systems, culture, beliefs and the legislation that can enshrine those things on you then naturally you are going to want to limit the influx of those interest groups to ensure the ongoing harmony and survival of your own culture, values, beliefs etc


    I don't think that's 'bigotry' because i think everyone around the world feels the same way so i'd simply call it 'being human'


    No it isn't bigotry to want to live with your own kind. And speaking in the western European context, we, the great majority haven't wanted MI; our democratic politicians have known perfectly well we don't want it and vaguely promise to limit it; but yet it continues unabated. So doesn't that indicate there's something going wrong with our initial claim that democracy involves the rule of the majority? It suggests that there are minority interests overruling the majority's wishes. And the fact that this minority is operating behind the scenes of democratic political decision making, means that describing this as a conspiracy is quite reasonable. 

  12. 31 minutes ago, Michi713 said:

    The free gift from God is your heritage just as it is mine, and everyone's across the world.  Because God's kingdom is a free will kingdom, each of us is faced with a choice:  either to turn away or run towards it.   


    Your pov seems to be that God's kingdom is real for everyone, regardless of what they believe.  All I can see is stories. If God's kingdom does exist, it's invisible to me just like all the other hundreds of religious or new age stories. But hey, there's free will anyway so if we've got respect for each other's freedom there's no problem. 

  13. 7 minutes ago, DaleP said:

    Because you have not done this.

    For people who does practise, the difference is very obvious. For example, improvements in one's life etc.

    For me, it is nothing to do with faith. It is as clear as.... if you clean your car, with a method of using bucket of water & sponge and scrub it, then you will know your car is clean. I get that many people don't know the methods hence it's vague.


    Raising my vibration/consciousness is vague because I've come across these terms in different places meaning a wide variety of activities. I've been to new age fairs where I can have all manner of commercialised vibrational raising techniques. On the other end of the scale I've practised mindfulness and meditation which do work for me although I don't use the same new age terminology. When I say 'faith' I don't just mean a belief system lacking evidence, I mean a spiritual system that you're committed to and works for you, but which can't necessarily be proven scientifically.  For example we both have methods which do work for us so there's that level of evidence, but if we were to swap over and try each other's we may not get the same success. 

  14. 26 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    YES, of course it is problematic.


    What bothers me the most is those that 'defend' it are those that come out with lame excuses such as "but they bring us wonderful food recipes" 🤪


    I'll say the answer to whether it's problematic depends on who you ask. I want to look at who who finds mass immigration (MI) problematic, and who finds it beneficial. 


    For the vast majority of ordinary people in the west, MI has not only diluted their culture but completely distorted it because we're now expected to change our thinking to accommodate multiculturalism and to subordinate our culture to commercial considerations. Anyone not conforming to wherever the politically correct goalposts have moved to this year, is labelled with some newly invented term of abuse like racist, white supremacist, or transphobe in an attempt to socially ostracise them and isolate them further from their cultural roots and ethnic community.


    Even from a conventional non-conspiratorial pov, motivation for supporting MI can be seen among already powerful groups including: corporate businesses and oligarchs who want a compliant, plentiful and disunited workforce; mainstream political parties who want to prioritise commercial and economic growth above cultural preservation; globalist minded intellectuals who run the mass media and advertising industries; already existing minorities who want to increase their share of power. Add in an elite conspiracy acting as puppet master and there's a very toxic mixture which is not intended to benefit the ordinary people. 

  15. 56 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:



    57 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Nice! What veg is it? Cavelo Nero? I know that comes back, horseradish too.

    A few years ago I successfully crossed and bred my own tomato breed, Big fat beef toms crossed with gardeners delight, it stabalized after 3 yrs of inbreeding,  it went down well with the locals but my seed backup lost its vigour so it still exists somewhere out there…


    I've not heard of Cavelo Nero, so I looked it up and it's a type of kale. My perennial kale is called cottager's kale which I think is more adapted to colder climates. It did seed last year but I didn't save those because I have enough plants. They're quite big plants though, but have become top heavy so I've staked them. 

    I saved some tomato seeds too, but I was also growing two varieties, honeycombe (lovely flavour) and a plum tomato so I don't know how that will work out! The runner bean seeds should run true though. 


    Lamb's lettuce is claimed to be perennial; it's survived the winter and I'll see if I get a decent crop this year. 


    Jerusalem artichokes (unrelated to globe artichokes) are more filling, I use them like perennial potatoes so I reckon will be useful to fill the hungry gap in Spring. Not that I have enough space to aim for self-sufficiency, my garden's much too small for that! 


  16. 51 minutes ago, novymir said:

    Me-me-me-me, mine-mine-mine-mine, take-take-take-take, the most ruthless ones rule the world by an anti-Divine Right.


    There's two ways you can go with this, exemplified by the spiritual strategies of self-denial (eg Christianity and Buddhism); or self-expansion (also see Christianity and Hinduism). 


    I find that selfish me-orientated people often have a tight circle of inclusion into their egos. They may be individualistic or include their immediate family: such people may be resistant to the strategy of self-denial out of fear of death and annihilation, so could respond to the opposite method of increasing the ego, loving more and more of reality until the self envelopes everything. That's the same end result as the self becoming nothing, it just depends which route works for you. 

  17. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    And my experience of mind is that mind is an object, and the subjective objectless part of me experience mind in the same way it experience a body. I call that consciousness. Maybe this is what people refer to as soul?


    One of my spiritual interests is the nonduality movement, where ideas like this are discussed. Some call it consciousness, others awareness, and one of the practices is a meditation on "awareness of awareness". I've come across a mixture of views: some folks make a distinction between pure awareness and the contents of awareness (ie mind objects like thoughts, feelings, sense-perceptions); and the view I take which is no such distinction (meaning that everything we perceive is part of awareness and in effect there is panpsychism). 

  18. 6 hours ago, Michi713 said:

    All this vague language like raise your vibration, expanding consciousness, etc. can mean anything to anyone.  That's why it is so appealing.  It's a self-help genre.  It's shifts one's mind frame from here to there.  
    Not saying it won't make them feel happy or "connected to the oneness" or help them see "the matrix."  

    It won't save their souls.


    When I look for empirical evidence of this, the idea of saving your soul is just as vague as raising your vibration or consciousness. Which is not a criticism, but to say these are matters of faith. To judge another's faith through the lens of your own doesn't really make sense because these aren't universal truths. It's like judging a foreigner in their own country by your country's laws not theirs. 

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  19. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I've heard a lot of people speak about a soul. I've read in books people mention a soul. It's used in language a lot , "soulful music". But I've never seen a clear definition of what a soul is.


    So what is a soul?


    Can we experience a soul? And if not, is it just a human made concept?


    I think soul is the ancient name for what we now call mind. It's the non-physical or subjective aspect of us. 


    In which case, you're experiencing "your" mind every waking moment. Although it's a circular expression to say you have a soul/mind if that's what you are. 


    Ever had an out of body experience? That could be where the idea comes from of souls existing separately from the body, and by extension life after death. 

  20. 3 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Better get some good veg seeds and some chickens, maybe some goats too, 


    I save my own seeds when possible too, which saves a bit more cash. And the perennial veg is entering its second year this spring, so I'll see if it lives up to its name. 

  21. On 2/14/2023 at 8:04 PM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    The Beth Din, which are Jewish courts, also operate in the UK. Line here to a 2018 Independent article. 


    And don't the Christian churches also have their own Canon law courts operating independently of the secular state? Which makes it harder to deny the same rights to other religions. 


    Personally I find the whole idea of religious law incomprehensible. It's membership rules for a private club, no more. 

  22. On 2/17/2023 at 7:49 PM, Jason57 said:

    I hate the word or term Christian. Jesus never said to be a Christian or follow a religion. He said to follow him, not a church or denomination. I believe Christ saved humanity on the cross. I don't believe in prayer or any of that stuff.


    What does following Jesus mean to you? 

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