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  1. It's really an advert dressed up to look like an article. I have a mental post-it note reminding me DON'T BELIEVE ADVERTS.  


    It does seem a little out of place here, but maybe David doesn't do all the admin of his site himself and this one slipped through the net. 



    There is another 'sponsored post' about tinnitus and recommending CBD. Oddly that one doesn't say who it's for, why would someone pay for an advert but not say who they are or give a link etc, to buy their product rather than someone else's. 


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  2. 3 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Well i guess we will all have wait and see. Nothing may come of it and it might just be a eclipse and thats it. Lets hope so anyway.


    I hope so too. In which case I'll see what's dropped out of the headlines to make way for the eclipse. What news is being buried. 

  3. 9 hours ago, bryan said:

    The point is, are African countries moving closer to Russia because they're being radicalized by Hitler memes, or because they're fed up of being screwed over by the IMF and World Bank? You actually said they'd have to be low IQ to turn against Europe in favour of Russia.


    I'm not saying the IMF & World Bank isn't a factor, but also Russia is providing the Wagner Group mercenaries to prop up African regimes with the "regime survival package" in exchange for mineral resources. 


    "Putin sells African leaders ‘regime survival packages’ to win influence, think tank says

    Report claims Russia is using rebranded Wagner corps to build a network of friendly states and win access to gold and minerals





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  4. 1 hour ago, DannyUK said:

    Yep a lot of occult symbolism is taken from religion and repurposed towards their own ends or the occultist has always influenced religion subversively.

    Mainstream religion is really just occultism in drag. To keep the real knowledge from him whilst also placing it right under his nose so he is like Alice in Wonderland.

    They’re certainly not doing all of this to worship God unless we consider them playing God and so worshipping themselves…


    Indeed, and I'd say that it's sometimes the other way around where elite esoteric religion comes first for the initiated few, who then create the exoteric version to control the masses. 


    I just noticed another thing with the John paintings above. In the adult John he's pointing (with  two fingers) to his heart with his left hand, and it looks like a distinctly dark, almost black heart. In the baby John there's what looks like a hole or a wound in his chest. I don't recall that being mentioned in the Lynne Pickett book. 


    There's symbolism in my new profile pic too 😉 

  5. On 3/22/2024 at 9:24 AM, Mr H said:

    As your full time profession.


    I was wondering how difficult you have found it to make a living?


    What do you do to generate clients?


    Did you do website yourself?


    Have you set up as official company?


    I'm about to complete my psych k masters so will be in this field soon. 




    What (in simple terms please) is psych k? I've found a website for it,  (https://psych-k.com/) but I can't find much about actual techniques. 


    If you've done training with a college or similar, do they have any advice about setting up a practice once you've qualified? 


    I've been to "Mind, Body & Spirit" events which have a lot of new and traditional therapies and healing methods, each with its own stall and trying to generate clients. Some of them do the therapy right there in the meeting hall and I find the sheer variety in the same room is a bit overwhelming and confusing to a bystander like me who's just come along out of general interest. I'd say a new starter with a relatively unknown treatment like psych k is facing a highly competitive market place with many other alternative therapies jostling for our attention. 


  6. The pointing finger symbol goes back at least to Leonardo Da Vinci who used it as a reference to John the Baptist. When you point with your right hand, your thumb, index finger, and big finger make the letters "Jo" which is short for John (as opposed to "Je"  with the left hand for Jesus. 



    The Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci 




    There's some esoteric knowledge encoded here which I'm just scratching the surface. But Jesus is the baby on the left, who is praying to the baby on the right, John the Baptist who is blessing Jesus in return. 


    St John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci 


    This is John with his symbolic upward pointing finger, where you can clearly see the Jo letters. 





    Now, several secret societies are known or suspected of secretly worshipping John the Baptist (aka the severed head) under cover of a Christian (Jesus) veneer, such as the Templars and Freemasons.  Combining the symbol with 'shh be quiet' message suggests a secret knowledge being communicated. 

    Of course this symbol is now common in the western world, but perhaps back in the middle ages it was a symbol only known to the few. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Clearly we are in a transition to a global government where Britain as a country no longer exists and where white people are made into a minority everywhere through demographic shift. If marxist 'critical race theory' RADICALISES people against white people and the history of countries that have been historically white demographics, through distorted and simplified narratives of history is it reasonable to assume that we will see more discrimination against white people in the work place and more bullying of white children in the playground and classroom?


    Good analysis Mac, you could write a book with all this stuff. I'm also thinking ahead to how the critical race theory might change over the next 50-100 years when white people have become a minority underclass and western Europe is mainly populated by people from black and asian cultures. Will there still be a racial agenda by the cultural marxists to marginalise group identity and ingroup preference because those two groups are more resilient to being replaced at the moment. Or is the whole critical theory thing just a weapon to destroy white western civilisation, only to be jettisoned once it's done its job? Because they may actually want to put a new caste system in place within the new racial order. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

    who either owns or influences ALL of those bodies or groups?


    An organisation which is highly disciplined, secretive, good at long term planning and compartmentalised (need to know basis), with a ruthless focus on it's mission. 

    Secret intelligence agencies are a good model for them. 


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  9. 35 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    My definition from a human perspective is along the lines, " the ability to give your attention to the decisions presented, and the ability to pick one. And then run with it. The outcome or someone stopping you, to me is irrelevant.


    Ok but I'm splitting that definition in two. The first part looks like free will to make the decision. Then 'running with it' is the part where other people, or circumstances, or laws of nature may prevent or make it difficult.  Like theory and practice. 


    Projects don't always succeed, other obstacles can happen apart from deliberate restrictions on my freedom. That's what I mean by not being related to outcome. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, cia said:

    If Hindutva really was what they claimed it to be, this weird racist supremacy, then maybe the focus on it would be understandable (except for the equating with Hinduism). But they maliciously leave out half of the facts/nuance.


    Yup, gaslighting and strawman arguments all the way. If they control the media and academia like over here, people fall for it and we're fighting an uphill battle. 

  11. 5 hours ago, Mr H said:

    You have the freedom to.follow it through. You might not be successful. But success to me has nothing to.do with freedom. 


    If freedom is related to successful outcome and we apply that definition. Then freedom doesn't exist. Indeed you need to fail many times to succeed. You always have freedom to give it a go. No one stopping you.


    I can agree with you about freedom not being defined by the eventual outcomes. 

    And I don't mean having the freedom to follow desires which are clearly impossible like growing two heads. ( LOL I don't want two heads it's just an example.) 

    The relevant case is when I want to do something and someone else is trying to stop me. Total freedom includes being free to deprive someone else of theirs, which is a contradiction. Like the law of the jungle. Which leads to the classic liberal formula of saying you can do what you want as long as it doesn't take away others' freedom. And in our 'diverse' society that means our freedom is more and more restricted by the ptb, which give themselves more freedom to control us. 


    Liberalism, which started off sounding so good after centuries of feudalism and aristocracy, has become a nightmare. 

  12. 11 minutes ago, Talorgan said:

    Why would this  group be attacking  in Russia but not in the more obvious location that is at war in middle east ,plus if known about two weeks ago how come allowed to happen?


    The Syrian war is still going on, with Russia supporting Assad against ISIS and others. Perhaps they want to get that war back in the headlines? 

    I just checked the timeline and it started in March 2011 so it's the anniversary. 

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  13. 6 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Random thought of this morning...


    Humans are only very small grade up from a chimpanzee. Maybe we now wear a suit and tie. Get our coat cut every now and then...


    Yet we have the audacity to think we know it all....


    As chimpanzees in suits.....😅


    Reminds me of that old book 'The naked ape' by Desmond Morris, which first gave me the idea that we're really just another animal. 

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  14. 9 hours ago, cia said:

    They're doing that smirky deliberate thing that the cult does when they tell you what they're trying to do. Unfortunately this was sponsored by 40+ top universities and 1000 academics.


    It's a mask-off moment and their classic MO. Start by demonising the ethnic group's most ardent and loyal supporters, get the masses to doubt and hate them, then go for the whole group once they're sufficiently demoralised. Divide and rule. Give them an inch and they take a mile. 

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  15. 34 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Kremlin suddenly stops using Orwellian language. It's no longer a "special operation" and it's now a war.

    >Then this happens and the Kremlin gets the pretext that they need.

    Feels bad man.


    Nothing has changed in the Ukraine war since last week. So was the Kremlin lying before and telling the truth now, vice-versa or lying both times? Now that they've outed themselves as untrustworthy why bother trying to spin yet more stories and pretexts as if it's any more believable? 


    I don't know what to say about Syrian Girl, I've seen her on odysee and she seemed legit but I'll look into this. The narrative is that the forces pushing degeneracy in the West are being resisted by Moscow, so it's like my enemy's enemy is my friend. But that isn't necessarily so when the conspiracy goes deeper than the alt-right want to believe. 

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  16. On 3/21/2024 at 7:02 AM, Mr H said:

    Let me ask you...


    Have you ever experienced a time where a decision has risen and you were honestly unable to select that decision? (Other than self imposed restrictions ) Regardless of whether the outcome worked out for you or not. 


    Well, I can only think of decisions that are framed within the range of possibilities at the time. Even if I have selected an impossible decision, that's just thoughts in my head, not the freedom to follow it through. 


  17. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Sure ok. But mines a bit of a weird story..


    I won't share what it is, but how it came to my attention...


    I did my first Ayahuasca just prior to the pandemic because I was warned something was soon going down and I had to cleanse myself.


    During that first experience, I met Jesus. He gave me a healing, then said, if you ever need me in " real life" say my name.


    Fast forward just over a year later. We're in the pandemic, I'm locked up in a house I just lost my dad, I couldn't even bury him. I was a broken person and didn't know what to do with my life - I gave up my job to look after my dad with cancer...


    Then I picked up my little black book where I make spiritual notes and started reading for inspiration.


    Then I read, if you need help then say my name.


    So I thought I'd give it a try.


    So I went into meditation and called Jesus and " he" appeared.


    I was like, I don't know what I'm meant to be doing can you help me Jesus?


    So he started asking me questions like what is it you wanna do. 


    And the question was like an arrow which shot into my heart and provided an answer immediately without any thought. Then he proceeded to explain that's why I have had to suffer up until now, because now you have to do Y and you needed to learn about suffering....


    Definitely an interesting experience.


    There are far easier ways though.


    Example one method is to write down all the things you enjoyed as a child or growing up. Try and identity commonalities between them. Then look for service work linked to the chosen commonality. 



    Sorry to hear about your dad, it's bad enough to lose your parents at any time but in those circumstances it sounds really tough. 


    If you're a Christian then I guess Jesus / God the Father already knows your heart and your desires, so him asking you questions is like getting you to open up to yourself and understand why you've got these barriers and walls that inhibit your self-awareness. It sounds like you're getting somewhere. 


    My life purpose has been a very winding road which has ended up in a conventional meaning of family life, being a good husband and dad, looking after our home together. As well as being the best person I can be in my extended family and wider community. 


    But to get to the point where I could have those ordinary, regular type things involved years, decades even of recovering from my dysfunctional childhood, through depression, anxiety and a lot of wasted time. To find a place to give and accept love and make use of whatever talents I've got. 


    I've got a spiritual/religious side too, but I wouldn't really call that a life purpose.  


    Edit. I didn't mention about my career, that used to be part of my purpose to earn my living doing something which I liked, and be a traditional breadwinner for the family. But that's over now, I retired recently  🙂  And I don't feel guilty about leaving the workforce when there's all this talk about labour shortages and people dropping out of working since covid. When I left school it was the complete opposite, in Thatcher's Britain I had long-term unemployment too, getting hundreds of job rejections and being unwanted by mainstream society just like many many others. Don't come to me now and say that my generation is workshy, you establishment brought this on yourself. 

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  18. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    No 21 year old Londoner can afford a million pound council house...crazy stuffs...


    Sadly true, and London is a magnet for foreign oligarchs spreading their wealth around the world to protect it.   There's a similar problem in seaside resorts & holiday areas, rich people buying up second homes or holiday lets and locals can't afford to live there any more. The Welsh tried to kick back against it ages ago but went too far. 

    Solutions some people suggest things like wealth tax, all that does is transfer wealth to the govt. 

  19. 50 minutes ago, shabbirss said:

    this is all very diplomatic and sensible things we are hoping for,
    dare i say, it is just wishful  thinking.



    -israel does not honor agreements,
    - hamas does not honor agreements


    it is truly mind boggling why the UN does not intervene here - as a neutral 3rd party. 



    Really the UN should have been in charge of this disaster all along. The British army lost its grip on the situation after WW2 and the mandate was allowed to collapse. Then the UN voted for its partition plan and walked away, leaving the locals to fight it out and the fighting has been grinding on ever since.  Ok they've had the occasional conference and talks between the sides, but neither side has respected the sovereignty of the 1948 borders. 

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  20. 44 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    People often criticize crypto as being a bubble.


    I have never seen a bubble bigger than the real estate one. And all bubbles have to pop eventually.....


    Germany prices fell nearly 10% just last year...


    Could this be the start of "the pop"?


    Interesting thing about this asset class bubble been going on so long, we have a generation who believe in houses only go up in prices..... 




    "Property prices in Germany have suffered a record fall, deepening the malaise gripping Europe’s biggest economy.


    Average house prices fell by 8.4pc across 2023, official figures show, marking the sharpest fall since Germany’s statistics office started keeping records at the start of the millennium."


    Yeah, house prices & rents have got to stop going up sometime, people can't keep on paying out more and taking on more debt indefinitely. But housing is a necessity unlike other 'investments' like crypto and shares, folks have got to live somewhere.  So with houses there's a "real" value based on what people can afford to pay, and a "market" price based on speculators trying to make a profit. 


    The housing market has also stalled in China, unemployment up too. 

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