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  1. In our recent local elections the turnout was about 25% in my area, yet the politicians still get the same amount of power. I wonder what would be the turnout if we had referendums for the big decisions instead of leaving the politicians to get on with it and do whatever they want.
  2. I went to a 10 day meditation retreat that had no speaking & touching too. After about a week of being very serious someone started giggling and we all couldn't help ourselves laughing at the absurdity of it all. It was like a sober high . And I had an out of body experience too, it was an amazing time. My life is too full up of other stuff with family and work to do it now.
  3. All part of the plan to keep us locked up in a containerised system where the easy choices are designed from the top down and wealth flows upwards. If you don't vote for their choices they still win. Especially in high density population areas like western Europe where there isn't much free space to go off grid.
  4. I guess buying a home is better if you're wanting to settle down and build a long-term nest so it depends on where you are in your life plan. Not to mention that over the lifetime of boomers and gen-x houses worked well as a geared investment because house prices have risen much faster than the interest rates they've paid. No doubt that's why they're now forced to sell up to pay for care in many cases. How long do young people take out mortgages for nowadays? It used to be 25 years which sounds a long time when you're young but I think this kind of long-term financial planning is well worth it. Take pensions as another example, you need to save into them even longer 40+ years to have a decent retirement. I have friends who buy-to-let properties instead of having a standard pension and it seems to work for them. However perhaps the horse has bolted for all that now as property prices have spiralled so far ahead of the rest of the economy, and the smart money will look elsewhere for easy profit.
  5. Yup, definitely, tho it's better than paying rent your whole life imo. And I think it's also a symptom of the collapse of our once close-knit and cohesive family and tribal structure, into this corporate-marxist run prison camp which we call modern society. Asians still have some of that cohesion when they lend money within the family for buying property and starting small businesses, and keep the wealth themselves. Tho perhaps the corporate-marxists are chipping away at them too these days.
  6. Nice one. Contradictions aren't necessarily bad, they're a teaching aid in the mystical traditions - as someone who used to practice Zen I've wrestled with a few. I reached a point where I needed to experience it first hand rather than trying to just analyse the illogic of it with the mind. How do I resist not the urge to resist? Trying not to resist is itself resistance. Like trying to relax isn't relaxing, or trying hard to pray is itself the barrier to God. Trying to meditate or become enlightened sends you straight to hell. It's where religion collides head on with the old chestnut of the free will debate. Without free will there can be no good or evil, and how can we have free will without having a separate ego who controls and is responsible for its actions? So the desire to be good and resist evil only strengthens our sense of ego which is where evil comes from in the first place! The devil is supposed to be a fallen angel, and angels, unlike us apparently, don't have free will! So the devil is only acting out his programming given by God. Yes we need to fight evil in self defence, but don't expect fighting to eliminate evil. To do that you need to transcend both good and evil (lower case) such that they collapse into a unified Good (capital G), which is God himself, or God's Love, or Infinite Love or whatever you want to call it.
  7. Interesting experiment, shows how we're indoctrinated to buy more stuff than we need. And I wonder if it depends whether you have hard or soft water? What kind of retreat was it to have rules like that?
  8. Thanks Mac, yes I can see how this stuff needs a lot of commentary to make it into an understandable and practical teaching, like with a lot of spiritual texts. But when we go to other authors to explain their version it creates new layers of teaching on top. It's the same when I'm learning about art. Ultimately it's not just the teaching of the original founder who we put on a pedestal, but over time it branches out and becomes communal property, with which I wrestle, create my own version and seek the truth as I see it.
  9. I would agree, but don't we already have this in the form of the national insurance ID system, so the taxman can keep tabs on you? This issue then becomes, who has access to the database.
  10. Yup, the message has also seeped into medicine, carry on with this toxic lifestyle which weakens our natural immune systems and rely on scientific superheros in the form of jabs, drugs and operations to save us. It's the same with those hyper-marketed superfoods to counteract the bad effects of the likewise hyper-marketed junk food.
  11. Thanks Pi, I can't do justice to all the depths of this subject but here's a few off the cuff thoughts. Something within me rails against the idea that there's no right or wrong, and I wouldn't go so far as to say there's no right or wrong, just unpack it a little to distinguish between absolute vs relative (or objective vs subjective). The Crowley quote looks at first sight that it teaches a sort of Nietzschean individualistic will to power, but it's ambiguous - at least when taken out of context of how he would interpret it. It does imply that teaching if 'thou' means us as individuals, and 'law' mean natural or scientific law. But if 'thou' means God, then we're straight back into traditional Judeo-Christian ethics, where the 'law' is all about obeying God's will and he's telling us what to do. It all depends how you interpret it; so this teaching is relativistic too imo.
  12. Ok thanks Pi, so it's just violent resistance which he is against. I haven't checked the original quotes in the Bible so I'll take your word for it. But I do also remember another passage about him not bringing peace but a sword. It all makes me think the context is important and we can't make generalisations out of specifics.
  13. How about all those psychiatrists like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Erich Fromm? Maybe not everything they did was bad, but just look at how we deal with mental health problems nowadays, it's all about treating the individual not the sickness in society.
  14. Didn't Jesus overturn the tables of the money changers at the temple to resist them? If that was an exception to the rule, I wonder why? Perhaps because it was at the temple rather than in regular society?
  15. Another thing that puts me off is when we're told to do all this spiritual work for what is effectively a story, until we die to find out if it's true or not. To be fair, a lot of mainstream religions are the same. It's all a bit culty if it makes me dependent on someone else for the truth. So I'm only going to get interested if there's something I can experience for myself in this life.
  16. Yes, it's the flip side of when millennials or gen z are supposed to blame the boomers for today's problems like the housing crisis, climate crisis, pension crisis, etc. The agenda seems to be to drive a wedge between the generations to continue to chip away at family cohesion. Maybe they are aware but they aren't expressing it by joining unions like their ancestors used to.
  17. Campion


    It depends. If Ukraine are dropping their own bombs on military targets then Russia can't really complain. But if they're western bombs then they'll probably blame us for being involved; however Russia gets help from China and Iran so I doubt they'll push it except as an excuse to escalate things. But if civilians get bombed, that's a war crime nowadays isn't it?
  18. If by "anything happens to Charlie", you mean he dies, then as far as I know, the Crown passes to Wills, Kate becomes the Queen and Camilla becomes the Dowager Queen. But not the Queen Mother because she's his step mum and I don't suppose there's a title called Queen stepmother lol.
  19. And it could be that the people behind the sightings make them appear in forms relative to the culture. Eg there could be more religious visions, demons, ghosts and monsters in other countries because they're more religious and less into materialistic high tech than us. The hidden hands are shape-shifters and it's about what effect they want to create in us.
  20. Is it a coincidence that the cold spring is happening at the same time as highly inflated energy prices coupled with the Ukraine war? I don't know enough about climate changing technology to decide if it's all been planned or just coincidental. I haven't seen the advert, I try to avoid them by pre-recording most of my programmes and fast forwarding through them. I don't want to derail this thread, but I'm wondering why you both think of your generation in those days as being racist? The impression I'm getting (tho I may be wrong) is that they were simply objecting to their homeland being made multicultural, rather than having any dislike for foreigners as such. I'm a little younger but still remember a lot of these attitudes among my parents' generation which was really about them objecting to the political policy of mass immigration, but this was subsequently turned round into a definition of racism and therefore beyond the pale of acceptable debate.
  21. I try and be a friendly outsider to them, but when I look at the Abrahamic religions, not just Christianity, I can see they all have a massive habit of making predictions and prophecies about the future, which are too broad and open-ended to be pinned down and verified. Instead they wait until something vaguely similar happens and then claim that the prophecy is fulfilled. Or even make up a narrative in which the prophecy is fulfilled, as with the Gospel stories about Jesus. So my take is that it isn't really about predicting the future, but about justifying their beliefs, and make themselves feel better. I suppose to be fair, plenty of other pagan religions and new agers also have various divination techniques and oracles to predict the future because it's such a cause of anxiety and insecurity for us. And since we have a strong sense that life should be fair and just and wrongs righted, to appease us powerless ordinary folk we make up stories ("prophecies") that God will intervene with his vengeance, or karma will punish the sinners, or they will burn in hell or whatever. Of course there's never a direct intervention by God, it's always some natural event like floods, pestilence, earthquakes, wars etc, which are interpreted as the fulfilment of the prophecy and prove God's power. And now in our rationalistic materialistic culture many folks have rejected all the supernatural side but we can still see other elements of this religious fervour in prediction-making of the climate crisis for instance. We have the inculcation of guilt (especially for whites) and the imposition of punishments for sinners against the new religion of political correctness which is fast replacing theological correctness amongst the secularised westerners.
  22. If @Graham Jessop wants to chat with or meet DI then that's between the two of them. But what's it got to do with creating a new forum? If you've got real answers then why not post them here and we can all share in the discussion.
  23. Something mystical like Aldous Huxley's perennial philosophy, or more prosaic like the golden rule? It's a subject I'm fascinated by but my weakness is that I tend to over-simplify things to make them easier to navigate!
  24. I had a hunch about this and when I checked wiki it didn't disappoint. When is a conspiracy theory ... "The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails are "chemtrails" consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public. Believers in this conspiracy theory say that while normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly, contrails that linger must contain additional substances. Those who subscribe to the theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be solar radiation management, weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, biological or chemical warfare, or testing of biological or chemical agents on a population, and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory Not a conspiracy? "Climate engineering (also called geoengineering) is a term used for both carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management, also called solar geoengineering, when applied at a planetary scale. However, they have very different geophysical characteristics which is why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change no longer uses this overarching term. Carbon dioxide removal approaches are part of climate change mitigation. .... Some types of climate engineering are highly controversial due to the large uncertainties around effectiveness, side effects and unforeseen consequences. However, the risks of such interventions must be seen in the context of the trajectory of climate change without them. ... Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) - a proposed method to introduce aerosols into the stratosphere to create a cooling effect via global dimming and increased albedo, which occurs naturally from volcanic eruptions." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_engineering When it's used to promote the climate change agenda? The two entries are effectively talking about the same thing but it's a dangerous conspiracy theory when it's discussed by the freethinking truthers, and it's perfectly reasonable engineering when suggested by the climate crisis believers.
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