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  1. So I've had to go to wiki, if you value that source it goes into some more detail. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_creation_narrative The Genesis creation narrative is the creation myth[a] of both Judaism and Christianity.[1] The narrative is made up of two stories, roughly equivalent to the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis. In the first, Elohim (the Hebrew generic word for god) creates the heavens and the Earth in six days, then rests on, blesses, and sanctifies the seventh (i.e. the Biblical Sabbath). In the second story God (now referred to by the personal name Yahweh) creates Adam, the first man, from dust and places him in the Garden of Eden. There he is given dominion over the animals. Eve, the first woman, is created from Adam's rib as his companion. The authors of the Hebrew creation narrative borrowed themes from Mesopotamian mythology, but adapted them to their unique belief in one God.[2] The first major comprehensive draft of the Pentateuch (the series of five books which begins with Genesis and ends with Deuteronomy) is thought to have been composed in the late 7th or the 6th century BCE (the Jahwist source) and was later expanded by other authors (the Priestly source) into a work very like Genesis as known today.[3] The two sources can be identified in the creation narrative: Priestly and Jahwistic.[4] The combined narrative is a critique of the Mesopotamian theology of creation: Genesis affirms monotheism and denies polytheism.[5] Robert Alter described the combined narrative as "compelling in its archetypal character, its adaptation of myth to monotheistic ends".[6] Scholarly writings frequently refer to Genesis as myth, for while the author of Genesis 1–11 "demythologised" his narrative by removing the Babylonian myths and those elements which did not fit with his own faith, it remains a myth in the sense of being a story of origins.[7]
  2. I've heard on several random theology sites, tho I can't find the refs, that Genesis actually has two creation stories mashed up into one. So it's based on a collection of earlier creation myths and I should know better than trying to read a consistent storyline into it. Having said that, there's some good wisdom around in ancient scriptures if we're willing to pick out the good bits.
  3. Thanks, it's good to have these reminders that everyone is a mixture of cooperation and competition. It's in our DNA. If it's not one ethnic or national group trying to take us down it'll be another, even the ones we trade with and put on a friendly mask. It's why I don't go along with those truthers who blame all conspiracy on a single group, and then get called out for being haters. We do need strong bonds with our folk who we can build a community with, bearing in mind that competition exists everywhere except in close family, if you're lucky. Blood is thicker than water. One of my future projects is to learn some game theory and put these ideas on a firmer intellectual footing.
  4. Strange that they've got this far with the project and gone public before knowing where the money's coming from. If it's being funded privately, then what would motivate anyone to donate their own money to a bunch of strangers, unless there was a payback. Come to think of it, what's the payback for the govt too? Just "observing how they live" is very vague, you don't spend millions like this without a well planned business case.
  5. Sorry this is a tangent but I've always wondered who Adam & Eve's children married, without committing incest. Did God create other families who aren't mentioned in Genesis? In which case it's not telling us the whole truth. Unless I'm missing something, I haven't read all of Genesis for a while.
  6. Yes of course it is, now that the internet is overcrowded with content its a competition to get your attention, your eyeballs on their screen instead of someone else's. They can't afford expensive good quality content when they're competing with social media. And we're not the real customers, the advertisers are because they're paying for it all, it's not a free lunch. As the saying goes, when the product is free, you're the product.
  7. That's a lot more than they pay pensioners and they're talking about increasing the pension age! This looks like a very generous carrot to get the idea of ubi accepted, then when it comes in it will be much less to keep us in a scarcity mindset.
  8. Thanks Mac, it shows how what we now call 'woke' isn't new at all, but Nietzsche was aware of the dangers in the 19th C. I'll watch another video on this channel next, called 'what if Christianity was Rome's woke movement'.
  9. The conventional wisdom used to be that hard water has some health benefits and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease. But if it's a problem you can use a filter. But as with any health advice on the internet, don't take my word for it
  10. For me, a moment is something psychological, a discrete snapshot of reality that's held as a unit of time as our minds process the continuous variable of physical time. I say continuous, but maybe there's a limit to amounts of physical time as in quantums of reality at the nano level. No it was @Mr H who said that, sorry GG. Although it's true, it's only trivially true because physically speaking we're living in the spacetime continuum where the here-and-now is just this point in the continuum. Everywhere else is over there in the future or past, relatively speaking. Or there's an infinite number of "here and nows" if that makes any more sense. Getting back on topic, I don't think there's an executive God, but there is an executive function in the brain which thinks it's in charge, and perhaps that feeling gets projected out onto reality so we think there's someone in charge of everything. But imo executive functioning is an illusion, just as in a computer if we say the microprocessor is "in charge" of the whole machine we're making up a story.
  11. Both sides are imperialists trying to extend their control over more and more of the world with no respect for national sovereignty. Looking at this post and some of your earlier ones such as the one about China's propaganda response to 9/11, makes me realise how much these superpowers need external enemies, or the appearance of enemies, in order to keep their population afraid, compliant and grateful to their overlords. And agreeing to whatever depredations are inflicted on them at home. So although Russia and China want to see the decline of the West, imo they won't want to completely destroy us and take over, unless there's some other bogeyman which can replace us as the great satan. Edit - of course all this is equally true for "our" side too.
  12. Doing a quick internet search shows other pictures of feint dark lines in the sky so I'm inclined to agree it's actually there, but the lining up with a plane's trail is harder to explain, as the others I've found don't have a plane in them. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2384260/Mystery-shadowy-dark-line-shooting-cloud-Florida-beach-stumps-weather-experts.html https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3696990367005969&id=171330336238674
  13. Just this story? Imo the whole of celebrity culture with its obsessions on the minutiae of the lives of attention-seekers is planned distraction from our collapsing civilisation. Or am I just getting grumpy ...
  14. A good post Pi, but imo we need to highlight the racial dimension here. Gammon is an anti-white term of hate speech, especially used against middle-aged men actually daring to stand up for the white race. It's to the whites what the n word is to blacks and other similarly banned words. Except that it's allowed to be used as an insult unlike the others, as the Collins Dictionary demonstrates. Hence it's showing the institutional anti-whiteism in the mainstream (ie progressive and globalist) establishment.
  15. I belong to several busy forums and it's a big challenge to triage the content and keep up with the stuff that's relevant to me, let alone make detailed replies rather than just pick out one or two points to pick up. Often I just use likes, and try to use up my daily allowance, to show them that someone's in the room and listening, to give some encouragement and thanks for all the work which I can see some members giving to the forum. How do other members keep up with the content? If I look at the 'All Activity' screen it's incredibly busy with everything, and only shows the first couple of lines or so, to decide whether to read the whole thing so I tend to be caught by the clickbaity stuff. On the other hand if I use the 'Notifications' screen I end up in an echo chamber of only reading the members I've followed. But otherwise I've learned a lot of useful content and also honed my skills at skim reading to quickly decide if something's worth closer attention or not. For practical action rather than theory, I tend to go elsewhere and my involvement here has led me to other organisations which are active in real life. Another thing I've learned is how much I'm limited by wanting to stay anonymous and avoid accidentally doxxing myself, so I tend to hold back from saying more and stick with generalities instead.
  16. Yes quite so, the middle east has always been a strategically important area on profitable trade routes so it's not surprising it has been fought over for the whole of recorded history. The crusades can't be picked out as any worse. Well in practical terms many of us were brought up from childhood to believe in God as the boss of the universe which perhaps makes sense as a means of educating children with a sense of self-discipline and morality although it's got obvious drawbacks. But imo it's a very basic type of theology that's not suitable for everyone and anyone who wants to question things will soon develop a more nuanced position.
  17. Leaving aside the self-reference of whether or not such a God would control himself, or if not, where his thoughts come from. If such a God does exist he would be completely controlling my mind and I can't claim to be a separate individual with my own free will which I could use to investigate questions like this and decide what I believe to be true. So I have an epistemological problem with the issue, as with the free will question. It's only worth trying to answer it by making a working assumption that I have free will and independent thought.
  18. Maybe Mr H, it's come back down to the long-term price now. Where do you buy gas futures, a specialist broker?
  19. I've just started looking into Druidry, so this is very much my initial impressions. But most orders operate with a three level of training, the first stage is the Bardic stage which is about expressing our creative side. Bards are the storytellers, singers, poets and artists of the tribe but nowadays this seems to be taken more widely as creativity in general. They have rituals to receive the Awen, which is a Welsh name for the artistic muse and inspiration although I haven't started down this path yet. Maybe the spiritual (and artistic) work helps to relax the linear logical thinking mind and opening up space for the subconscious to emerge, the emotional to express itself.
  20. Yes, I won't eat a meat curry unless I'm sure it's not halal. Which is hard to do, often it's not labelled or just labelled with that arabic word for halal.
  21. What's so occult about slitting animals' throats, isn't that how mainstream religions do ritual slaughter instead of stunning them? The only difference here is that the animal isn't eaten, and ofc it's done without permission.
  22. Now Monty Don has given in to the politically correct mob. Apparently the Chelsea flower show is too white and middle aged. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/22485247/gardeners-world-monty-don-complaint-chelsea-flower-show/ I was kind of expecting Gardeners World to go woke, now there's very little left of our national icons to bother tuning into the beeb for. What's next, Antiques Roadshow? Last one out turn off the lights.
  23. The Japs need to do something to deal with their fertility rate (like many of us), currently on 1.4 when the break- even level is 2.1. This doesn't sound as much fun conceiving the natural way, but this way avoids women being pregnant. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependencies_by_total_fertility_rate
  24. In our recent local elections the turnout was about 25% in my area, yet the politicians still get the same amount of power. I wonder what would be the turnout if we had referendums for the big decisions instead of leaving the politicians to get on with it and do whatever they want.
  25. I went to a 10 day meditation retreat that had no speaking & touching too. After about a week of being very serious someone started giggling and we all couldn't help ourselves laughing at the absurdity of it all. It was like a sober high . And I had an out of body experience too, it was an amazing time. My life is too full up of other stuff with family and work to do it now.
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