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  1. Hydrogen cars sound like a good idea, but how do they make the hydrogen for the cells, does it need energy input from the regular electricity or gas supply? They don't just mine hydrogen out of the ground do they? Isn't there a risk that we'd still be exposed to the same global energy markets as are creating economic chaos at the moment? We're still nowhere near self-sufficiency. Sorry this is me being too lazy to do my own research!!
  2. I don't dispute it, but imo the whole distinction between "pagan" and monotheistic religion is a later idea that's projected onto history anyway. "Pagan" in the ancient world meant "rustic", the religion of the country people, the supposedly uncivilised rednecks and bumpkins. From the pov of the metropolitan urbanites looking down their noses at them. Therefore, the educated and priestly class of the polytheists weren't pagans. The Gospels were written in Greek (not Hebrew or Aramaic), the language of the culture which had supplied the art, mathematics, philosophy and religion to the Roman empire. It seems that the ancient world was a lot more porous between countries with people travelling and knowing about each others cultures more than we realise. Gods and Goddesses morphed and changed names as they moved around the region. The monotheists like to claim their religion was protected from outside influences and remains some kind of pure unadulterated revelation straight from the one true God, but all three Abrahamic religions sit on polytheistic foundations.
  3. On Saturday the aunty B forecast thunder for Sunday, and it never happened. If they get tomorrow's forecast wrong, how can they predict it weeks or months ahead? One of my lecturers used to say that the official forecast was only 7% better than saying "same as yesterday" - that was 40 years ago and it doesn't appear to have improved much since then, only the graphics look better.
  4. All religious beliefs are correct relative to folks who believe in them, also they're incorrect relative to non-believers. So this is another mask-slipping moment when the Illuminati want to destroy freedom of thought and belief and replace it with their approved beliefs for the masses. They'll still have freedom of course. It won't be AI deciding on what's true but whoever controls the AI.
  5. @Mr H Thanks, it's always good to hear about folks' spirituality. I'd heard of the Akashic records - it's from Hinduism isn't it? - but not come across a school or people who practices it. Is it possible to see general historical events rather than an individual's who you need to ask permission for? Eg can you solve mysteries like the JFK assassination or see if Jesus really existed, what happened in area 51, how the pyramids were built etc?
  6. I remember, and then the common market had a butter mountain and milk lake they couldn't sell. It's like a planned slow demolition of farming and our health.
  7. When they brought in women bishops in the C of E they had 'flying' men bishops didn't they, for traditionalists who don't believe in women's ordination. But they don't seem to be any more with trans ordinations, as the agenda ratchets up. If you don't like it the alternative these days is to leave the church.
  8. Hi Mr H. How do you contact or travel to the 8th dimension to consult the Akashic records? How many dimensions are there altogether and what are they all for? Who teaches you this stuff, is there school for teaching it? Cheers, Champion.
  9. Yes, Yahweh was originally one of the Canaanite pantheon so was what is now called pagan, and Yahwhism only gradually developed into monotheism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaanite_religion https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahwism
  10. Yup, what globalism does not mean is the leftists going to the the poor countries where the migrants are coming from, and solving the problems over there. For their agenda of destroying western civilisation to work they need a constant flow of migrants over here, and us feeling so much white guilt we don't object nor value ourselves enough to increase our birth rate.
  11. I haven't had time to watch the video yet, but i wonder why someone like him would come out and confess to a big conspiracy like this? It seems so unlikely, perhaps it's a misdirection and Trump is really an ally.
  12. Imo eggs came before chickens, there were many species which reproduced with eggs long before chickens evolved, eg reptiles like dinosaurs. Or am I missing the point here?
  13. I agree, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? Some towns also have incinerators which burn the non-recyclable rubbish safely and generate some power to boot. The only landfill needed is the residual ash. Another thought just occurred to me. Plastic is demonised because it takes so long to break down in the land. But it's made from crude oil which is millions of years old and hasn't broken down any further than being crude oil in all that time. Crude is pretty toxic to wildlife too, but no-one's saying it's an environmental crisis, as long as it stays in the ground. So what's bad about burying waste plastic deep underground too, away from the water course, if you don't want to burn it?
  14. Religions are also imperialist and competitive against each other. For example Christian churches are banned in Saudi, and evangelism banned in Israel. Monotheist attack pagans, Hindus vs Muslims in the Indian subcontinent etc. And now the new religion of corporate-marxism is just doing the same thing, wanting to discredit, destroy and take over from the old world order to create the NWO.
  15. When you look at footage from the early days their concerts were full of young girls screaming so loud the music gets drowned out, like they were under some kind of spell or mass hypnosis so the involvement of the Tavistock Institute makes sense Some other boy band concerts were like that too, such as Elvis. I used to think of it as innocent teenage crushes, but perhaps it was all part of the agenda to break the traditional taboos on sex before marriage, and by extension, family values, in the West.
  16. Hell is a place of fire and brimstone, and it's Satan's home according to the mainstream tradition. So I doubt if a lake of fire will be much of a problem for him. Perhaps it'll be like exiling him away from this worldly dimension in the same tradition as the demons in modern literature - eg Sauron, Brona, Voldemort.
  17. Are you an Odinist or Heathen? I've been looking into Heathenism lately, it seems a great religion. Afaik Odin is the chief God in that pantheon although the Goddesses are equally revered.
  18. Hmm, I thought there was supposed to be a shortage of wood according to the building trade, along with other materials they use. In any case, plastic cutlery is more reusable than wood because wooden spoons and forks tend to flatten out in my experience. I've started carrying a metal long handled teaspoon with me in my manbag which is quite versatile for drinks and fast food when I'm out and about.
  19. Also the Commons idea of housing owned communally rather than privately by families sounds rather like a scaled-down version of council estates, which fits in with the reset principle of "you will own nothing ..." without a money back guarantee if you're not happy of course!
  20. Very true, when were we ever asked if we wanted to replace our traditional materials with plastic? A lot of it happened in my lifetime too. The corporations go ahead with these things and then we're expected to have a guilt trip and pay green taxes to clean up their mess.
  21. It depends on what the immigration is intended to achieve! If "working" means to create a deracinated multicultural melting pot then yes it does work. But if it's to solve economic problems and skills shortages, it doesn't have a good record. Sweden is in the EU so it can have unlimited workers from other EU countries. Plus it's had mass immigration from outside the EU too. Yeah it'll be interesting to see what's the reaction to this from the usual institutions like EU govt, court of human rights etc.
  22. Imperialism is a huge subject in itself, but at least MFA Russia (is it an official channel?) has the sense to blame it on London and not all of us Brits like most of the other anti-whites. They should try iterating their own thought one more time, and start asking who is colonising London itself? Keep going and find out (if they don't already know) who are the actual colonisers of decent minded ethnic peoples. What's that saying about if a fool persists in his folly he becomes wise
  23. I agree, but it'll never happen because the whole point of this rainbow alliance (for want of a better name) is to be an amorphous movement which infiltrates the existing institutions and take them over from within. That corrupted set of institutions then becomes "their" party by default, including both "sides" of the mainstream politics. If they created a separate party they'd be in opposition to everyone else within a system that has huge barriers for new parties. In this way the puppet masters of the woke movement have a dialectic which gains control of the whole mainstream society. The challenge I'm in is to find organisations to work with on the dissenting fringes which are still free of the puppet master's control.
  24. Changing reality through beliefs and human willpower is a good definition of magic and what those people doing rituals and spells are trying to effect. Both white and black magic are global phenomena throughout history, so at the very least this is a common idea throughout human societies everywhere. It also appears in New Age spirituality with memes such as 'you create your own reality', 'the law of attraction', etc. Also, reading this thread has just joined up this "dot" with another more modern "dot" of postmodernism for me. Postmodern posits the idea that language is at the root of all human knowledge and that even hard science is essentially a language game and can therefore be classified as relative truth, that's only true within its own language - ie belief system and culture. This sounds very much like a reworking of the same idea, rooted in philosophical idealism, that mind is more fundamental to reality than matter. So postmodernism is just a new variant on the ancient idea of magic. In any case, I keep (unsuccessfully) trying to wean myself off using the word "reality" because it's so vague and slippery. How do you define "reality" in the first place, before deciding whether we can change it? That also entails defining the "you" which is experiencing reality, and what's the relationship between them? And it's the distinction between you and reality that needs examining. After all, if "I am reality" as mystics would suggest, then there's no problem in changing reality. Or if I'm separate from reality then it raises this issue of how to change reality, but how can there be anything else outside of reality? Or if I'm not "real" then everything in my mind is imagination and this whole discussion is make-believe. So to deal with this whole philosophical can of worms, most of us for everyday life use a split reality between the physical and the mental. A dualistic belief, a split between mind and matter, which then raises the issue of how does one affect the other. You see, it's not just sexy stuff like can I levitate something off the table by an act of will (like a spell in Harry Potter), but on everyday life such as, how does the mind relate to the brain? Does the physical structure of the brain create consciousness, or is it the other way round and consciousness creates the brain?
  25. Yes it's so extreme they're not only teaching their kids to hate, but also giving them military training, the whole thing looks like a mass cult indoctrination which of course works better on children. And like any good dialectic it works both ways: as well as indoctrinating their own population it's designed to create a reaction over here too and make us more afraid.
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