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  1. Thanks EW. I'm curious about the green, yellow and pink banners, do you know what they mean? I looked it up in my favourite AI and was chuffed to get this reply, but it doesn't seem to match with green on top instead of pink. "The flag that has green, yellow, and pink colors is the Pansexual flag. It is designed as a symbol for the pansexual community to increase its visibility and recognition . The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width, with the top stripe being pink, the middle stripe being yellow, and the bottom stripe being cyan."
  2. Ok. Good and evil, love and hate are very broad terms which cover a lot of things. Tho I don't believe in that type of God so it's not a theological problem for me.
  3. Hi @Mr H an interesting idea but I'm not quite convinced yet. What examples of good/bad are there which aren't linked in some way to the survival and prospering of either the individual or group? 'Cos animals have instincts to protect themselves, their young, their territory, food supply etc which is their version of good & bad. It exists within their minds too. Isn't ours the same, but with a load of abstract verbiage layered on top to make it sound all fancy and intellectual?
  4. And yet apparently they did play it, according to the article. I looked up a translation of it, it's ironic actually, here's the first couple of lines: "Arise! Ye who refuse to be slaves! With our flesh and blood, let us build our new Great Wall!" If only once-great nations like Aus did rise up and refuse to be slaves, and build strong walls by defending their borders and territorial waters. EDIT or the Aussies could refer to their own national anthem when the Chinese spy ships turn up: "Should foreign foe e'er sight our coast, Or dare a foot to land, We'll rouse to arms like sires of yore, To guard our native strand;"
  5. Imo it's an occult blend of "mate" and "Maat", the Egyptian goddess of justice. So it's part of the social justice agenda against masculinity. "Maat is both the goddess and the personification of truth, cosmic balance, and justice. Her ostrich feather represents the truth." wiki https://www.london.gov.uk/maaate. "Sensitive content: viewer discretion advised" !!
  6. Now Elon says that X will only have dark mode. What's the meaning of a dark X? "Elon Musk says Twitter in transition to ‘everything app’ X will ‘only have dark mode’ ‘It is better in every way,’ Musk tweets. Twitter owner Elon Musk says the platform, which is currently in transition to what he calls an “everything app” X, would soon only have “Dark Mode” as its theme, bidding adieu to its iconic white and blue colours. Responding to a Twitter user’s post asking what the colour of the verification checkmark on X should be, Mr Musk said the platform will soon only feature the “dark mode” theme." https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/musk-twitter-x-dark-mode-b2383440.html
  7. Wasn't it St Andrew who was crucified on a saltire (x shaped cross), which is also on the Scottish flag, as St Andrew is their patron saint? And of course Scotland has major links with the Templars and 33° Freemasonry. Of course that's a giant leap from the letter X.
  8. Ok so you're not asking the forum in general so apols in advance if I'm speaking out of turn. However, when you look at certain traditional conservative societies, girls and even grown women are kept hidden away behind lots of clothing, or kept indoors, only allowed outside if accompanied by male relatives etc. So in effect, the male hooligans behaving like this and making public spaces unsafe for women are trying to create an environment which mimics the religious rules of their foreign cultures and de facto "converting" us anyway. And this will only get worse as the demographic trends continue.
  9. Thanks alexa, this is a new reference to me, do you have any good links for a beginner to learn more about them? What I've discovered so far is a link to the bloodline of Jesus theory, which reminds me of that other organisation the Priory of Sion. I wonder if they're related?
  10. I can't argue with that, but wasn't it also the Russian occupation of Eastern Europe after WW2 (action) which created the pretext for the West to club together and create NATO (reaction)? At least that's one side of the coin, the Russians probably express it the other way round. In any case it's a good way of having a dialectic to wreck the peace and have the cold war, and keep up the military spending on both sides.
  11. The C of E is of course an integral part of the British state, even more so a top cathedral like Canterbury, so no surprise that the church and the state are in lockstep. However, the demographic which wokeness appeals to, the left-liberal middle class natives, are also the fastest declining due to its low fertility rate. Do the beneficiaries of the mass immigration policy who have demographic growth, follow cultural marxism and flock to the Anglican church? No, we all know the church is on the way out.
  12. I can understand pegging a currency to precious metals, but aren't cryptos like bitcoin highly volatile? What effect would it have to peg your cash to something that bounces up and down so much?
  13. Yeah, life's pretty stupid and tragic sometimes. Without my family, friends, spirituality and the natural world around me I'd have lost the plot years ago !!
  14. https://www.icbuw.eu/depleted-uranium-weapons-state-of-affairs-2022/ This report is a bit dated now that it's confirmed about Ukraine receiving DU shells, but there's a list of other countries that probably have them too.
  15. The Romans used to go to the public baths, bathe in lots of water, get covered in oil and have it scraped off to get clean. Sounds more fun than soap and shower gel!
  16. Attention is a curious, but useful thing. Yes, the sensations of my feet, breathing etc are are always present, perhaps in the subconscious, and by an act of will gets moved to the conscious mind. So is that mover the me, the I? And what's the real difference between the unconscious and the conscious brain anyway, just two different sets of brain cells or some quantum electric function which creates the sensations of awareness?
  17. Thanks Mac. And presumably if these weapons are banned they were already breaking the law by possessing them. Then giving them away makes Ukraine a criminal too. Mind you, don't Russia and China have them too? They may be illegal but as the Bible says, who is without sin to cast the first stone? Who doesn't possess them, who can prosecute those that do?
  18. You may be depressed, have you considered getting professional help? Isn't it better to end the feeling of hassle instead of your existence?
  19. There's a TV advert for lucozade on at the moment with the song, Here comes the hotstepper that I dislike. It's the lyrics about the gangster and murderer which seem to glorify crime and violence. What on earth it's got to with fizzy pop is a mystery to me.
  20. In the UK we pay fuel duty of £2.41 per gallon on both petrol and diesel (52.95 pence per litre if you must), then 20% VAT on top of that. Which means we pay double taxation, we're taxed on the tax, not only the goods. I've been working out how much, and we're paying £6.43 a gallon for diesel now where I live, which breaks down to: £ 2.95 pre-tax price of diesel 2.41 duty on diesel 0.59 VAT on diesel 0.48 VAT on duty ie total taxes £3.48 or around 54% of the total price of a gallon!! Presumably there's double taxation on other items like alcohol and tobacco, I'll need to check them too.
  21. My theory is that humans being a social species, are tribal by nature and over time we coalesce into blood-related tribal groups, as a kind of extension of the extended family, because we can't survive very well as individuals or in small family groups. After some kind of social upheaval which disrupts the existing tribal networks, such as invasion it takes hundreds of years to reform and stabilise the ethnic situation (after the dust settles from the disruption). So after our last invasion by the Normans, out of our previous tribes, we eventually ended up with the white nations of the UK, led by a unionist government. Which might have worked out if that government was tribal and looked after its own. Instead, after gaining control in these islands the elite kept going with creating a foreign empire. Not even content with that, it's now gone global. Agreed, and power has changed our leaders who now don't care what tribes they rule over, as long as they rule and get rich. It's the same with all the big powers, including the Russians. And we've become the pawns in this power play, even if it means creating more disruptions with multiculturalism and replacement. Yep, and I reckon we're probably not the intended audience for this guff about genetic weapons, more likely it's aimed at regular Russians to keep them onside with the regime.
  22. Thanks, but I don't understand what it means, can you interpret it into simple terms please?
  23. Cheers EW, I've been doing a bit of reading around Angles and Saxons history for another reason, and I've found it hard to track where they came from originally, ie where their unique DNA can be traced to apart from the general mix of earlier Germanic tribes. Presumably dating back to earlier Indo-European tribes. There's also some debate around how much assimilation of the Celtic and Romano-British peoples occurred, vs replacement and displacement when they came to Britain. It all means that few people are 100% pure blood Anglo-Saxons now, most of us are a mix with other backgrounds, and there's a lot of similarities with other Europeans. Although ethnically we equate the English with Anglo-Saxons (mostly). For sure I don't know much about genetics, perhaps it's much more advanced than I realise, but the thought of creating weapons which can target us without spilling over to other tribes (potentially including the European Russians) seems incredible. If nothing else it shows how the Duma feel about us. Or how they want us to think they feel about us. Is it fact or propaganda?
  24. I don't buy the profit motive explanation, this looks like a deliberate deconstruction of the western economy and intellectual base because someone doesn't want us (well America) to be no 1 any longer.
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