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  1. Weather forecasting is like politics. Never admit you got it wrong in the past, just keep them focused on what's going to happen tomorrow. [Me, just now ].
  2. They're only too expensive if the ptb want to keep the economy afloat. But if they want to do that, why rack up massive debts from unnecessary bank bailouts, pandemics, wars abroad and generally keeping the country in long-term deficit. When was the last time they actually balanced the books? Having lots of expensive pensioners, unemployed, migrants etc does make sense from a certain point of view.
  3. Before I started reading about conspiracies, my go-to theory for mass immigration and multiculturalism was that globalised big business (the "captains of industry") was in control of politics and were simply acting in materialistic self interest. So they didn't care about nations, cultures, communities etc, it was all about profit, it was us little people vs the big corporations. So I used to have some sympathy for the old left, but not enough to vote for them (as they were taken over by the new left). However the result of open borders is now starting to bite the corporations in the profit margin, and their silence on the issue is deafening. Are they having second thoughts about what they've done to us? Are they using their overwhelming lobbying power to change direction? No, multiculturalism still has to be in overdrive with mass immigration, positive discrimination, diversity training, and banning or worse if anyone says the wrong things in social media. So if big business (not the small ones) effectively doesn't care about being looted they've obviously another agenda to permanently change the West even at the cost of ruining their business here.
  4. Yes, I suppose there's a lot of related symptoms for the sickness affecting us, to use a medical analogy. It's not just about having enough kids, but also protecting them from the cabal's onslaught as they grow up so they remain free. I can see a kind of defeatism everywhere these days, not only among truthers, but also normies who feel financially enslaved, culturally adrift, and believe all the guilt trips like climate change and white privilege. Maybe we need to look beyond treating the symptoms separately and find a holistic approach to rebuild our people's faith in family life, in the goodness of our nations and civilisation, and have a positive outlook for the future. To turn us round from demoralised to remoralised. Like a spiritual rebirth, but I can't see where it can come from while we're so very atomised, individualistic and decultured.
  5. I understand, but how have we not been in one already over thousands of years? If we don't breed enough we'll get overthrown by either peaceful or violent means. What's happening in Northern Ireland between unionists and republicans is a case in point, and England isn't far behind between natives & non-natives.
  6. No I just use FB for keeping in touch with family & friends. I'm vaguely aware of the selling function, but can you sell stuff like old ebooks and amazon prime films? I could understand if I've download a pdf or mp3/4 etc which I can email across. I guess I've reached my limit of tec knowledge when it gets too much bother!!
  7. Just increasing it on Sundays to affect one religion, but not for the other religions which meet on Fridays and Saturdays? They're making their agenda a bit obvious aren't they?
  8. To be honest we're making it so easy for the Chinese spys that it doesn't really look like a genuine conflict. There's effectively an open door policy in practice, with a gloss of secrecy on top to fool the masses that there's several PTBs rather than just one.
  9. I was driving home through the Welsh countryside once and saw large fields full of solar panels, I wonder if those farmers know about this obsolescence, after giving up good fertile land for the panels. It kinda reminds me of the nuclear power industry with its huge decommissioning costs spanning thousands of years into the future, costs that aren't factored into the price we pay now.
  10. It's obvious really when you think how much profit they make. I do use internet shopping for physical stuff I can touch and own properly, but I don't do streaming, e-books etc where I don't control the product. For example, if I buy a book on a kindle or e-reader, or a streaming music album, how do I sell it on second hand when I've finished with it? How do I donate it to my local charity shop? No, everyone else has to buy "new" from the rich internet companies and person-to-person selling is stopped. Isn't it, or am I missing something here?
  11. In the absolute, mystical perspective then yes, there's only one entity. In which case there's no separation between an event and responsibility for the event either. But few people ever get to know or experience the absolute, here in the relative world of society with its separate people, families, countries, etc then we need to connect causes with consequences, we need the concepts of free will and responsibility. Responsibility isn't only about blame for bad things, it's also about giving credit to people who do good work too. Responsibility is necessary to have society at all. Remember that when the Buddha got his parinirvana he disappeared from this world into nirvana and hasn't been seen since. To have this world we need the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong.
  12. The rainbow nation, cause celebre of the left for decades, now has calls to reject multiculturalism and for black ethno-nationalism via genocide of the minority. I await the western liberal response. And the South African govt's own response too for that matter.
  13. Lol. Yes, Western society does promote this (as well as that women are too), tho Western men and women are no different to others in the reality of this, it's just allowed to be expressed differently in the various societies. Why do you think women in traditional societies have to cover up and have their movements restricted? Look at old photos of the West - I saw one from 1918 of a beach scene in Wales recently and the women were covered from head to toe, on a day out on the beach. The men had their regular suits on too. Conservative religions like Islam and the Amish have rules for their womenfolk not just for the sake of it but because they know the sexuality of both sexes is more powerful than their religion (for most people) and therefore they fear it and try to control it through the control of women. Women's sexuality is toxic in traditional conservative society and now in modern liberal society men's sexuality is toxic. Liberalism (our new religion) tries to control sexuality by surpressing hetero men and encouraging women and lgbt to take control. Old comedies like Carry On actually contain an accurate representation of male inner life, and must be suppressed because men are the new women, the new toxin. We need powerful sexuality to survive, of course, and we also need stable family life for raising our children. Perhaps we need both expression and control to survive. But we obviously haven't found a good way of squaring this circle without the fascistic control of either conservatism or liberalism.
  14. This is one of my main meditation practices, although I normally do it with eyes closed and looking inwards, so thanks for the suggestion of going through the difference senses and pointing awareness outwards. If you look up the etymology of the word 'exist' it means to stand out, ie to be set apart from the peripheral background of undifferentiated suchness. So in a literal sense we do create the existence of things by paying attention with a focussed mind. I got that idea from Jim Newman btw.
  15. Putin is still their favourite bogey man, but they want to portray him as desperate and his war machine running out of steam. So according to them he wants a peace deal to avoid a humiliating defeat and getting hounded out of power. There's so much propaganda in all wars there's no point believing the msm, they're a mixture of fact and fiction, the trick is knowing which is which.
  16. I don't watch the news so much these days, so I missed the Egyptian revolution. Did it work, is Egypt a better place after these few years?
  17. Perhaps, in the long run. But then again, if there's only one controller to rule over us all then there's no need for such a big expensive military to fight wars against other apparently different govts. Maybe the agenda is to achieve a one world govt here on Earth, then continue the dialectic by staging a fake alien attack (which is really them wearing another mask). Keeping us in fear and the media demanding more control.
  18. Very true Mac, perhaps we can add a few others which basically represent independent power like decentralisation and referendums, proportional voting, clans and tribes. They want a two party state which gives the illusion of democracy without delivering it.
  19. A few thoughts off the top of my head. Children do better in life with a stable family as Mac says above. If you're married, it's more complicated to split up so you will try harder to make it work. Marriage is a legally recognised contract, so it's clearer for legal & financial issues like tax, inheritance, benefits etc. If one partner has lower or zero income, ownership of family assets etc, they get more protection if there's a breakup. Being married makes it more clear cut that you're creating or continuing a family line, which as Mac says is an institution which can stand against the state for upbringing and protection. If it was up to me I'd extend the concept of families into formally recognised tribes and clans which can reduce the need for state control even further.
  20. Yes, another good connection. I hadn't noticed before, because I'd not bothered to look closely at the lgbt flag, but someone mentioned that it only has 6 stripes these days instead of the usual 7 in the rainbow, and the 7 noahide covenant laws. So I started wondering which of the laws they want to omit, the one about no sexual immorality?
  21. Another point this highlights is when you trace back who owns these banks, many of them are little more than trading names for other interests. Coutts bank for is owned by Natwest, who are 42% owned by the British govt. We used to have a good number of mutually owned building societies until it was decided that many of them should be privatised for a short-term payout to their members, but how many of those privatised societies still exist as independent banks now? I can't think of any, they all got swallowed up by the big sharks.
  22. I agree that this strategy is what the higher level Illuminati have been rolling out for a couple of generations now. But their footsoldiers in our societies view it differently, because they really see themselves on a moral crusade to bring in IDE, inclusion, diversity, equality (DIE) that fills the religious vacuum left by the collapse of Christianity. It's a very clever strategy which takes things that we westerners can't easily argue against, like kindness, justice and hospitality, and weaponises them to damage our civilisation. Other cultures are very hospitable to visitors and minorities like gays, up to a point, but if you overstep the limits you get booted out. Like foreigners are welcomed as honoured guests for a few days but you're not supposed to overstay your welcome because they know that certain trends become toxic if allowed to take over. Mother nature creates a certain percentage of gays and lesbians, perhaps that's beneficial in evolutionary terms, but if the Illuminati artificially inflate that too much, society becomes unbalanced. Same with all other natural tendencies like femininity and masculinity: if kept in balance then society flourishes, if any one gets too much as with feminism in the west, or a surplus of males in some far-eastern countries now, then there is trouble.
  23. Which imo is also the Ukrainian govt plan to bring in millions of immigrants after the war, when they westernise, join the EU etc and announce a labour shortage due to all the young men sacrificed in the fighting. Except in their case it will be non-whites from Africa and Asia. Sounds familiar?
  24. Thanks EW. I'm curious about the green, yellow and pink banners, do you know what they mean? I looked it up in my favourite AI and was chuffed to get this reply, but it doesn't seem to match with green on top instead of pink. "The flag that has green, yellow, and pink colors is the Pansexual flag. It is designed as a symbol for the pansexual community to increase its visibility and recognition . The flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width, with the top stripe being pink, the middle stripe being yellow, and the bottom stripe being cyan."
  25. Ok. Good and evil, love and hate are very broad terms which cover a lot of things. Tho I don't believe in that type of God so it's not a theological problem for me.
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