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  1. I gave your post an online like then realised the irony! But the more I think about this, the more familiar it becomes. Having close-knit, high trust communities where people know and look out for each other, like when we had a shared culture and religion. Teaching our kids useful skills like the scouts and guides used to. Families having allotments to grow their own food. When goods were repairable by someone local. When the legal system was a real deterrent to committing crime. A bit like life was say, 100 years ago? But we've discarded all that in favour of our multicultural hi-tec consumerist society and now those of us who are waking up, begin to understand what we've lost. I'm searching for something like what you describe too, bringing together the practical needs of life with a spiritual connection and cohesive community but it ain't easy.
  2. Maybe they're reaching the limit of how many people they can control with current technology. Also AI will replace human jobs so they can make profit from robots, but will still need human consumers to buy their stuff. Unless robots are granted personhood, able to own money and pay taxes themselves.
  3. But Constantine converted the Romans to Christianity (ok it took a while). Then, after the empire split between west and east, the Roman Catholic church became the official church of the western empire and the orthodox church in the east. Why wouldn't they adopt Latin as their sacred language in the West (is it Greek in the east?). The whole point was to unify the empire with Christianity which would be more difficult if a foreign language was used. The unified empire and church was like the EU 1.0. Sounds familiar? Later on after the political empire crumbled, we still had the church. They swallowed up the rest of the pagans and continued their agenda of unifying us in a single ideology and universal religion, with centralised control. This isn't really about the original teachings of Jesus, whatever they were, they've been twisted to suit the church anyway - just look at the position of women for example.
  4. Sounds like his "mugshot" will be a good election campaign asset. Anyway, I was curious about the symbol in the top left hand corner, for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. It's got a seven sided star (Catholic protection against evil), with a six sided star inside (Jewish symbol), and a circular "temple" with columns in the centre. The yanks love this symbolism, the year 1776 is significant too with the American revolution and founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.
  5. So by her logic she should also oppose mass immigration from poor countries to rich ones, as it increases their carbon use, but I can't see that she does. It's a contradiction that runs through the whole climate change / overconsumption agenda.
  6. The slavery reparations agenda is getting another airing. "UK’s £18tn slavery debt is an underestimation, UN judge says" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-66596790
  7. It's part of a wider agenda to normalise things by giving a false impression of how common they are, it's the same agenda with commercial TV and mixed race couples. It makes regular people think the lgbt and mass immigration agendas are already a done deal and you can't turn back time to when straight whites were a majority can you?
  8. Your wording reminds me of the cabal's "shock and awe" strategy against the Iraqis, just the tactics have changed from military invasion to climate attacks, so they have "plausible deniability".
  9. This kind of report is like the internet version of all those daily mail headlines we've had for generations now. Most of the comments are critical of the situation we're in and our weakness, yet we still get the same politics voted into power which creates what they say they don't want. Dissident parties got trounced in the recent elections, and turnout is very low. It's as if the natives just want to stay home, keep their heads down and hope for an uprising when things get a bit worse. The civnats have been at this game as long as I can remember, probably since before I was born, imo they're not going to start doing anything else now. The Muslims aren't the problem really, they're just doing what growing cultures do. Ours stopped growing when we were persuaded to trade our families for gold. As one of the comments says: "Multiculture is just the period of time when one culture replaces another."
  10. They're using western liberal buzz words like 'inclusive', and it's in English to appeal to their footsoldiers over here. As a test, see how inclusive Russia is internally at the moment? If they're not inclusive themselves, how can they export it to the BRICS abroad?
  11. And on top of that, the drama of news coverage of migrant boats acts as a distraction from the legal immigration, which has brought in a lot of non-Europeans since Brexit and doesn't get discussed.
  12. So let's see if I've got this. Israel isn't a member of NATO, but we (incl USA) are supposed to back them up, give them our technology and aid money. Maybe they want the benefits of NATO membership without the downside of following external military policies. Surely if they threaten Europe then all NATO members would be bound to defend us in kind?
  13. I had a wart once and tried Salicylic acid (eg bazuka) and yes it doesn't work very well, takes weeks by which time, according to what I read, the verucca may have disappeared by itself (according to what I read they come and go by themselves). But what I don't understand is why veruccas & warts need such different treatments - super glue vs butane. Aren't veruccas & warts basically the same thing on different parts of the body?
  14. Interesting idea Robin. I get migraines with "auras" with strings of flashing triangular colours, maybe there's more to it than the conventional explanation of brain function, perhaps some kind of psychic attack?
  15. Thanks bamboozooka. He also says "With taking a knee, sometimes people forget we have to do it. It is becoming something we just do. That is not enough for me." They think they HAVE to do do it regardless of their personal beliefs, just like all those folks having to do diversity training to keep their jobs. The whole thing is indoctrination to strip us of our personal agency and replace it with a cowering conformity to whatever is the latest diktat from the ptb. Our society is getting like a giant cult.
  16. They're kneeling on the right side in the photo above, which is the "religious" side, traditionally genuflecting to the altar or holy sacrament, and the left side is for giving obeisance to another human. In this case it's not bending the knee to God, but some other spiritual being. But then again it's always done as a photo opp, perhaps meaning that the media is now our God, with its Illuminati values. I don't follow the footie or know any footballers so can't comment on their IQ, but to me this looks like the social credit system being rolled out. What would it do for their career to dissent from this orthodoxy? I can sympathise with them in a way, because it's only a more prominent example of the totalitarianism which is being inflicted on us all. They're in occupied territory too and have more to lose than me, so the pressure to conform is all the greater. So I don't want to turn this into an argument against our own people, I'd rather reach out to them in whatever small way I can support them to hold their heads up and be proud of their ancestry.
  17. It's twisting our Christian religion and using it to humiliate us as inferior. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genuflection "Genuflection or genuflexion is the act of bending a knee to the ground, as distinguished from kneeling which more strictly involves both knees. From early times, it has been a gesture of deep respect for a superior. Today, the gesture is common in the Christian religious practices of the Anglicanism,[1] Lutheranism,[2] the Catholic Church,[3] and Western Rite Orthodoxy.[4] The Latin word genuflectio, from which the English word is derived, originally meant kneeling with both knees rather than the rapid dropping to one knee and immediately rising that became customary in Western Europe in the Middle Ages. It is often referred to as "going down on one knee" or "bowing the knee".[5] In Western culture, one genuflects on the left knee to a human dignitary, whether ecclesiastical or civil, while, in Christian churches and chapels, one genuflects on the right knee when the Sacrament is not exposed but in a tabernacle or veiled (conversely, one kneels with both knees if the Sacrament is exposed). "
  18. Yup. Why do you think they have BIPOC as a racial category in the USA but here in the UK we have BAME? It's to segregate out the whites, to be opposed by everyone else. Same agenda with sexuality too, straights are in one box and everyone else are to be united against them, LGBTQIA+ etc. It's why the initials keep getting longer so the cabal can recruit more pawns into their war against the traditional straight white families.
  19. Given that more people, especially youngsters, are increasingly getting their news from social media rather than the TV, like my generation, perhaps there's a bit of hope. I'm keeping a lookout as we enter election time, whether this starts to shift the overton window or if places like X succumb to censorship and manipulation like the rest of the msm.
  20. I'll give a qualified agreement, there's a lot of good religion out there but the negatives can outweigh the positives for some people. Plus I've only ever lived in one country, England, where organised religion has a lot less social power than many other countries. I live close to a church which does a lot of good community work with children, the elderly, disabled and homeless, without being evangelical and trying to convert people. I guess if you go along with your eyes open and thinking mind engaged you can find good religion out there.
  21. Agreed. Having children and creating your family involves making sacrifices to what individualistic ambitions and preferences we may have. A culture of self-sacrifice for your kith and kin runs against what the cabal wants, which is an atomised society of hedonistic consumers whose loyalty is to themselves and the state. Institutions like families, religions, ethnicities and tribes represent independent power centres which are a threat to the cabal's takeover of society.
  22. Course I care about them because they're victims of the Illuminati too, pawns on their chessboard. Africa and the middle East have also been wrecked by the ptb and their people conned by mass media just like us. We all need to learn that the answers lie in creating strong cohesive communities in our own homelands so we can resist the Illuminati divide and rule. Just shuffling us around the world from the frying pan into the fire, like stirring a global magic cauldron, keeps us enslaved.
  23. Weather forecasting is like politics. Never admit you got it wrong in the past, just keep them focused on what's going to happen tomorrow. [Me, just now ].
  24. They're only too expensive if the ptb want to keep the economy afloat. But if they want to do that, why rack up massive debts from unnecessary bank bailouts, pandemics, wars abroad and generally keeping the country in long-term deficit. When was the last time they actually balanced the books? Having lots of expensive pensioners, unemployed, migrants etc does make sense from a certain point of view.
  25. Before I started reading about conspiracies, my go-to theory for mass immigration and multiculturalism was that globalised big business (the "captains of industry") was in control of politics and were simply acting in materialistic self interest. So they didn't care about nations, cultures, communities etc, it was all about profit, it was us little people vs the big corporations. So I used to have some sympathy for the old left, but not enough to vote for them (as they were taken over by the new left). However the result of open borders is now starting to bite the corporations in the profit margin, and their silence on the issue is deafening. Are they having second thoughts about what they've done to us? Are they using their overwhelming lobbying power to change direction? No, multiculturalism still has to be in overdrive with mass immigration, positive discrimination, diversity training, and banning or worse if anyone says the wrong things in social media. So if big business (not the small ones) effectively doesn't care about being looted they've obviously another agenda to permanently change the West even at the cost of ruining their business here.
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