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    What anagrams can you make from Russell Brand? Here's some I got with a little help from the web. blandness rule landlubber's blender's slur slander blurb blunder's real brandless rule absurd sneller sublunar elders blender's lulars
  2. You spend the first 20 years of your life being messed up by society. You spend your second 20 years realising you're messed up. You spend your third 20 years doing something about it. Then you can be free! A friend told me this many years ago and I'm still not sure if he meant it for life in general or just me !!
  3. Fracking also causes earthquakes so the technology is already here. Tho most earthquakes are naturally occurring too.
  4. Why are parties which promote the interests of their own ethnic group or indigenous people called "far-right" or "hard-right" anyway? Hang on, other folkish groups aren't called far-right like those who advocate for American Indians or Australian Aborigines. Must be just the white ones then.
  5. I don't trust minced up stuff like burgers and sausages because they can hide any old offal in there. I'd rather have a veggie burger when I have to have one we've not made ourselves. And don't get me started on halal meat that's not labelled up either. What's the definition of "beef" anyway, does it include anything from a cow or just the actual meat?
  6. Well he doesn't get mentioned in the msm so much these days so no surprise there. And I don't think he's allowed to have channels on the largest social media like YT and X is he? Plus, he's not the only figurehead of this movement. I like to think his ideas have seeped into the public mindspace - conspiracy theories are more commonly talked about now.
  7. Regarding the legal side, is it correct that these accusers firstly took their stories to the press rather than going to the police so it could be investigated according to official procedures? I could be wrong, but if the evidence has been raked over by the media, it could undermine a possible prosecution? It just seems an odd way to proceed, if you have allegedly been a victim of a crime. Unless you aren't expecting a police investigation.
  8. Hi, did you get to the DI event and if so, how was it?
  9. Thanks, I've done a little bit of number crunching of the three countries; Russia is the least fertile and has the lowest population density. So by the economic logic Russia should be taking in most migrants, but we know it's not just about economics. Country. Birth rate. Population density per sq mile. Burkina Faso. 11th 4.6. 102nd. 220. France. 120th 1.8. 79th. 300. Russia. 171st 1.5. 187th. 21. From wiki, apols for the poor formatting.
  10. Sounds good in theory but I think it's hard to put into practice. If we wait until a dog has attacked someone before we hold them responsible, then the damage is already done, isn't prevention better than cure? If we make people responsible before their dog injures someone, that requires a huge bureaucracy and surveillance/monitoring of all dog owners to check up on them rather like with car drivers. Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut kind of thing. I do think some dog breeds are naturally more aggressive and harder to train, just like some other animals have more dangerous breeds. I'm ok with having a line drawn somewhere; like with other pets such as cats there's a limit on how big you can have them unless you have a zoo.
  11. He's wanting to expand X's service too, from just social media & videos to include things like shopping and banking, a one-stop-shop internet package, like they have in China already, so he'll have the excuse of preventing money laundering to verify identity. Once again, "convenience" is the bait to hook us into a total surveillance system. With all the data at his disposal it'll be a cinch to add on the social credit score system to the package. Most other nations haven't yet been saturated with liberal faux-moderate political correctness - conspiracy theories are pretty common in the middle east for instance - so imo it looks to them like X is waking up to something more like their views rather than becoming extreme.
  12. My mantra to those people is "practice what you preach", only then will I take you seriously.
  13. That's true and when the corporations control the full information about the products, then the convenience turns out to be an illusion. It's not at all convenient when you're poisoned and develop cancer or infertility. We need to do a fully informed cost vs benefit analysis which is of course denied to us. I did one when calculating whether it was worth getting a car, yes you can drive faster than cycling on a bike but when you include the extra time taken earning the money to pay for it, your average speed overall comes right down and it's not so attractive. I couldn't live like the Amish and similar groups but I'm mighty glad they're around to show us some of the craziness of our world.
  14. Yes, and also to see how many are questioning the mainstream media and the emergence of new channels like GB News which Neil has his show on. Sure, some of the alternative channels are a bit tame (shades of grey) but at least there's a growing awareness among regular folks that there are alternative views which are becoming more socially acceptable to discuss and agree with. Once the spell of negative conditioned reactions against terms like 'conspiracy theory' is broken then yes, we have fresh eyes to see the world.
  15. Thanks Mac. I remember seeing a documentary about the Amish, and when they were talking with the women who did the household cleaning, they pointed to a storeroom with a large stock of basic Amish soap, and said that's what they use for all their cleaning. Just simple soap. So I'm trying to follow their example.
  16. I've been seeing more of this harassment recently, low level violence and spitting at Christians in Israel. Is this the moment the western liberal beer goggles start to wear off? I've nothing against Israelis in particular, but why are white liberals so surprised to learn that other tribes don't trust them and want to protect their own homelands? Why have they forgotten that life is competitive and multiculturalism doesn't make everyone love each other? It's like our civilisation is intoxicated and the hangover will start in the morning.
  17. Although I got married at a register office, for me it had a spiritual and mystical element. Before I got married I was an individual person in a relationship with my fiancee, and afterwards I still had my individuality and was in a couple but something had changed. My ego had melted somehow and I was still an individual and I was also the couple. Rather like the Christian idea of two people becoming one flesh. The two families also become linked through marriage, there's a sense of expansion and interconnectedness from the individual level outwards to the whole community. What would happen if we didn't drop the female surname when we get married but instead accumulated the surnames of all our ancestors? Impractical of course, but we'd see the connections with others in our neighbourhoods through shared names.
  18. He's a fascinating figure because he became the public face of the dark arts, 'the wickedest man in the world', even today he's the poster boy of the left hand path. Just as in his day the church was the icon of goodness; eclipsed now perhaps by the woke vs fascist mythology. What's promoted as the forces of order and chaos are both puppets of the same controllers, so I'm suspicious of both.
  19. I'm no scholar of international politics, but I thought Saudi and UAE were joining BRICs, which India already belongs to. So why are they doing this deal with Biden, surely they have plenty of money without the US. Why don't they do this as a purely BRICs project and start flexing their muscles independently? The Israel connection perhaps? Maybe another sign that the supposedly separate power blocks are just fronts for the hidden bloodlines.
  20. In a sensible world, the NHS would be able to shop around for its supplies and obtain a fair market price. It can't be difficult for the gov to organise this, yet the NHS continues as an easy mark for the rinsers out there.
  21. "The amount of anthropogenic greenhouse gases emitted into Earth's oceans and atmosphere is predicted to delay the next glacial period by between 100,000 and 500,000 years, which otherwise would begin in around 50,000 years." Isn't that a good thing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_age
  22. Interesting comparison there. Eurasian Turkey invades European Cyprus and the "international community" accepts it, even policing the new border (green line) with UN troops. Eurasian Russia invades European Ukraine and the "international community" funds a vicious brother war. Why the difference? Is it because Turkey is Muslim, non-white and a member of the NATO club?
  23. I've seen some of his videos about immigration and he seems sound to me. Some of his posts they quote are a few years old so maybe he's changed since then. He looks fairly young so perhaps developing his ideas, I know I was at his age.
  24. Whatever we think reality is, at the end of the day it's a theory based on our conscious awareness and sensory perception.
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