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  1. This has echoes of Odin the one-eyed God with his two ravens Huginn and Muninn who are his lookouts, flying around Midgard (our world / middle earth) bringing him information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huginn_and_Muninn
  2. I was thinking about that quote and comparing to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Over there they supposedly had the end of the troubles with the Good Friday Agreement engineered by Tony Blair and Mo Mowlam, but the long-term plan is to swamp Ireland with mass immigration once the dust has settled on the locals fighting their brother wars. So yes, the war is continuous but it continues by other means.
  3. I've got one similar but I expect it'd take a long time to pay for itself with the leccy bill. I got it for taking on travels and holidays where there's no power supply like on the sunbed next to the pool with a drink in my other hand
  4. Cheers but it was 1velocity7's question. Interesting story though.
  5. I sometimes vote for one of the smaller parties just to try and get us out of the two party state we're locked into with the voting system, but invariably the system wins and it's business as usual. And now that trying to replace the current system is deemed as extremism, even something as mild as advocating for proportional representation might get you on the list.
  6. This story cheered me up today, it's good to know that our animal cousins are more similar to us than I thought. "In a first, an orangutan was seen treating his wound with a medicinal plant An orangutan named Rakus hit a rough patch in the summer of 2022. Researchers heard a fight between male orangutans in the treetops of a rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia; a day later, they spotted Rakus sporting a pink wound below his right eyelid. A chunk of flesh about the size and shape of a puzzle piece was missing. When Rakus, who is most likely in his 30s, belted out a long call, the researchers noticed another wound inside his mouth. Over the next several days, researchers followed Rakus at a distance — and saw something so surprising they wound up reporting it in great detail in the journal Scientific Reports. According to their study, published Thursday, Rakus was observed repeatedly chewing on the leaves of a particular liana plant over several days. The climbing vine is not a typical food for orangutans, but it is known to humans as a pain reliever. On at least one occasion, Rakus made a paste from the chewed leaves and applied it to his face. It’s the first time an animal has been seen applying medicine to a skin wound. “It’s the first documentation of external self-medication — the application of leaves, I would argue, as a poultice, like humans do to treat wounds and pains,” said Michael Huffman, an associate professor at the Wildlife Research Center at Kyoto University in Japan, who was not involved in the new study. Rakus’ wound never showed signs of becoming infected, and it closed up within a week. The discovery is new evidence that orangutans are able to identify and use pain-relieving plants. A growing body of research suggests other animal species also self-medicate, with varying levels of sophistication. The researchers behind the study think that great apes’ ability to identify medicines and treat wounds could trace back to a shared ancestor with humans. " https://www.yahoo.com/news/first-orangutan-seen-treating-wound-150254658.html
  7. I sometimes tune in to Talk TV or Al Jazeera when the adverts on GB News go on too long. Just had a look on wiki and that says they've become internet-only from yesterday. On my freeview TV it says they've changed channels to 294 and that's a blank screen, maybe a data channel (it shows up programs in the TV guide screen). wiki: "Talk (previously known as TalkTV) is an opinion-oriented[a] streaming service launched on 25 April 2022, owned and operated by News UK. The channel initially broadcast on Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and was available via the Internet on YouTube, later deciding in the face of poor viewer ratings to become available as an internet-only service from 30 April 2024. "
  8. There is a type of apricots called Hunza apricots which I used to get but they're hard to find now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/hunza_apricots I like regular dried apricots but don't know if they contain much B17.
  9. I'm not blaming it all on Palestinians and Arabs, after all they're just trying to defend their land that's been carved up and occupied by outsiders since the end of WW1. It's effectively the same conflict that's been going on all this time. Would we be brave enough to do the same for our land if it was invaded? Well you could say it's been occupied by outsiders for a lot longer than that, when was Palestine last a free independent country? However they weren't exactly uprising against the Ottoman occupation as far as I know.
  10. Thanks Shabbirss. I was wondering too why the Ottomans decided to join the first world war, which must have been a big risk for them. If they had decided to stay neutral instead then who knows, if the empire had survived the history of the 20th C middle east would have been very different. In my search for answers two points stand out. First the other brotherhood powers of France, Britain and Russia were having a power struggle for control and the German axis might have looked like a better option to ally with. Secondly it appears the Ottomans were in a lot of debt from the 2nd half of the 19th century, owning money to the international banking cartels, and since they defaulted on their debt in 1875, they also relied on local bankers such as the Galata bankers, who included Greek and Jewish money changers and lenders. If the Axis powers had won the war then presumably they would have written off any debts owed to the western banks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_public_debt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_Public_Debt_Administration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banking_in_Turkey https://www.thecollector.com/ottoman-empire-debt-european-powers/ http://turkeyswar.com/economy/ottoman-debt/ https://www.dailysabah.com/feature/2015/12/25/the-galata-bankers-financing-ottoman-state
  11. Good to see that Adam is still on twitter.
  12. But we're in the postmodern age now where everything is a social construct! Beliefs are what's real and the objective world is massaged to fit the narrative.
  13. There may have been peace before WW1, during the Ottoman empire but at that time Jews were a small minority. I think the hostilities started in the 1920s during the UN mandate, before WW2, which is when I'm suggesting this war started although others may call it a terrorist conflict at that point and not an actual war until 1948. But that's semantics imo. https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/modern-world-history-1918-to-1980/the-middle-east-1917-to-1973/palestine-1918-to-1948/ Not really "balanced", it was Islamic supremacy and imperialism just like we had Christian supremacy in Europe. But that's a consequence of the Christian-Islamic dialectic that's been imposed on us since the dark ages.
  14. However this war didn't start on 7/10 because Hamas has been firing missiles and sending fire balloons etc into Israel for years earlier. Acts of war surely? IMO the war there has been ongoing for about 100 years on and off, on both sides, and this stage is just more violent and deadly than usual.
  15. From what he said he's destroyed all his devices apart from a single burner phone and otherwise gone off-grid into nature. Maybe he can see the forum logged out but hasn't logged on again since.
  16. Surely the secret intelligence agencies and even private hackers worth their salt can track us down these days with IP addresses, access to internet providers etc. And to set up a forum account you need as a minimum an email address, which these days have mobile phone numbers attached don't they? So they only need to hack into the user list to obtain all this information. I use a VPN but more in hope than anything else.
  17. "I would say that Demons want to be in flesh bodies again… and so does Scripture. Looks like they might get their wish very soon." Well we're here aren't we and afaik I never asked for this life. I'm just an ordinary bloke with no special powers or anything, so how hard can it be to get incarnated like the rest of us? There's some pretty demonic people who make it into human life already to be fair.
  18. Also, if time isn't real, or is a singularity, then according to relativity, space is also an unreal singularity, as time and space aren't separate but are space-time. This reminds me of how some theologians explain how God(s) can be omniscient and we can have free will at the same time, because free will needs us to exist as relative entities within time where the future isn't fixed, but the absolute transcends space and time. It may also be relevant that according to relativity, entities which travel at the speed of light such as photons, gravity and possibly neutrinos have no context of time or space; the universe is a singularity to them. So although we (who posses mass) experience the passage of time and the vastness of space, the energy around us that's travelling so fast does not. My next question is do souls possess mass or, like light, are they massless and capable of travelling at the speed of light? If we souls are massless then potentially after death we experience singularity and omniscience where all time, space and reality is experienced together.
  19. He checked out on 30 March with his last post in his pirate republic thread. Yeah I valued his contributions here too, but you're right about the situation so I understand.
  20. The memory wipe is enough in itself to make me not want to go through it again (presumably I'm in a reincarnation now but don't remember what happened before). What do you think are the best ways to avoid it?
  21. And given the shallow flip-flop nature of western democracy which only gives us a choice between two apparent sides with no real leadership offered to us as a country, I wonder how far up the brotherhood's hierarchy our political leaders really are. I agree about China being put on a pedestal in the last couple of decades, yet at the same time we get these stories about people spying for China and giving them all our new tech which they have the capacity to manufacture themselves, so China is also portrayed as an enemy in the new cold war. Does China have an interest in the middle east conflicts, and IsraelPalestine? Maybe not directly as they can let the drama play out with the US and Russia as the puppet masters, China seems to be more interested in getting into Africa at the moment.
  22. It's interesting to see how Frankfurt school critical theory is used around the world. Whites in their homelands are demonised as supremacist unless they agree to mass immigration of non-whites - or even if we do we still have to ritually debase ourselves by bending the knee and admitting to institutional racism etc anyway - but don't get a free pass in countries where we're the minority. Christians are attacked if they're white but the black churches are allowed off the hook. From what I've seen in this thread it looks like Hindus are taking the same treatment in their homeland; but when Hindus are in a minority like the UK, they're not targeted as much at the moment because the priority is to demoralise whites so you haven't had the cabal's 'eye of Sauron' focused on you yet here. No doubt it will change in future when whites are a vestigal minority and no longer a potential threat to this agenda. But I don't see Muslims treated the same way in the huge swathe of countries where they're the majority and have no problem being criticised for their treatment of other religions (especially "pagan" polytheists), women, LGBT etc. Maybe Islam is already agenda-compliant and not a challenge to the Illuminati.
  23. I'm afraid that monotheism has a history of intolerance and supremacism and after "the left" took over Europe Christianity started to become more outwardly tolerant. The heathen religion today is only acceptable to the ptb in its universalist form which accepts the creed of diversity and multiculturalism - but folkish heathens who want to keep a link with their ancestors and tribal roots are demonised just as the so-called far right. Feudalism was our caste system, introduced by the brotherhood Normans who essentially made the conquered tribes of Celts and Anglo-Saxons into the serfs and themselves into aristocrats. But yeah, stratification of society carried on after feudalism officially ended. We still have the aristocracy and monarchy after all. I can see how the USA has a class/caste system in practice while kidding themselves they don't.
  24. It's ok, they just increased the defence budget for more money.
  25. Interesting reading. I used to read that the caste system was exclusively a Hindu thing, and that the Dalit untouchables were being converted to Ambedkar's Buddhism to escape it. But if caste is much broader then it could be just anti-Hindu propaganda.
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