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  1. Well if we had read the treaties we would have known that from the start. We see in the Treaty of Rome in 1957 the clause: "DETERMINED to lay the foundations of an ever-closer union among the peoples of Europe" And in the Maastricht Treaty 1992: Having "resolved to continue the process of creating an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe", the Treaty proposes "further steps to be taken in order to advance European integration". Then in the Treaty of Lisbon 2007 there is: "RESOLVED to mark a new stage in the process of European integration ..." "RECALLING the historic importance of the ending of the division of the European continent ..." Ever closer union, integration, ending division ... merging Europe into a single unit was never kept secret, yet somehow we in the UK were for decades sold the idea of it simply being the Common Market ie a glorified trade agreement. Then as the EU actioned the treaties, the gulf between what we thought we'd signed up to, and what it actually was, became bigger and bigger. We should have read all the small print.
  2. Taking back control of our borders was one of the main slogans of the Brexit campaign, and many of us voted leave partly for that reason. Yet here we are 7 years later and despite being the 6th largest economy in the world, having an effective military and a govt with a decent majority, our borders are still apparently out of control. Or are they? Maybe they've always been "controlled" exactly how the ptb intended. It's interesting how all the votes which UKIP picked up in the run up to the referendum have melted away back to the mainstream parties and mass immigration has only increased. The system was apparently thrown up into the air for a while to give us a bit of drama, but like a cat has landed back on its feet again. As for restricting DI's travel to Europe I didn't know he was banned, but he's not alone and this is just the beginning when we consider the 15 minute cities, social credit scores, roll out of electric cars, increased surveillance and general cancel culture.
  3. I've only used copper in the garden as a slug & snail deterrent. You can get copper tape to stick round pots and the molluscs don't cross it. Maybe it also has an electrical effect side-effect to? But in my garden slugs & snails are the biggest cause of low yields and crop failure anyway.
  4. The thing is, "religions of the book" are so attached to their scriptures that anything which can undermine them threatens the whole religion. If people are allowed to get away with not taking the scriptures seriously, making comedy or cartoons, damaging them, or intellectually questioning their truth as God's word, it means that the religion loses its authority. You see, these may appear strong by having their truths written down for all time, but this is a very fragile strength. If you weaken the Koran's authority what is left of Islam? Same with Judaism and Christianity.
  5. Thanks, I did a quick search which turned up something else instead, the case of Marie Carré and AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle. " While working as a nurse in a Paris hospital in the late 1960s, Carré claimed that a severely injured man, who had a Slavic look, was brought in after being in a car accident. Carré tried to communicate with the man to ask him some questions but he didn't or couldn't respond. She even tried to get him to answer her questions by blinking his eyes but he didn't. The man survived for a few hours before he succumbed to his injuries. Having no form of identification Carré was instructed to go through his belongings in order to possibly identify him. She did not succeed in discovering his name, but she did discover in his briefcase a 100-page-typed memoir. She began reading the papers partly to find some information to identify him and partly out of curiosity. The memoir claimed that he was an undercover agent of the Soviet Union ordered to infiltrate the Catholic Church by becoming a priest and to advance modernist ideas through a teaching position that would undermine the main teachings of the Church during the Second Vatican Council in subtle ways, by turn of phrase methods. The document gave details and even told of a murder of a priest he had committed in order to get his way. No one ever claimed his belongings and Carré eventually decided to publish the memoir. It was printed in France in May 1972 and eventually was translated into several other languages." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Carré
  6. Another piece of the jigsaw, thanks Mac. I have a couple of thoughts so far, but haven't seen the video yet, and this might be covered. If the lady was so very sorry about the Soviet deception, did she name names so that those fake priests could be exposed, removed and excommunicated or whatever. Prosecuted too if possible? Also Russia isn't immune to social degradation and weakening. They've long had a problem with alcoholism (who is behind that?), and have a low birth rate similar to many western countries, another indicator of looming catastrophe. So while they may have been congratulating themselves on a successful secret war against the West, I think you've got a good point about both sides playing to fail. Undermining themselves as well as the other.
  7. Interesting that Noahidism should thrive in the Philippines of all places. Yes they've been Christianised for some time, but Zion must seem a very long way away to the average Filippino. What's in it for them, in practical terms I wonder? They already had salvation in their previous religion, but could the US influence have something to do with it?
  8. and "paganism" is very local culturally, each tribe naming their own pantheon from the animistic perceptions of their spirituality (tho similarities can be found when you join up the historical dots). So it has more freedom, whereas monotheism tries to iron out the cultural differences with a universalist, global theology. I agree with you that, at least all healthy cultures value their roots. And as humans are creative as well as social we naturally kick against attempts to create a uniform global culture. The centre cannot hold with a healthy population. Which is why the "Illuminati" (in its broad sense) makes us physically and mentally ill to advance their plan.
  9. I don't think time is a thing itself, it's more like an abstract idea to describe the process of change. Using regular cycles to measure it like the Earth's spin, or atomic vibrations. Yeah, we can't 'experience' those either, but by that stage it's all got very derivative. We do experience day and night though. Subconscious is an interesting word, somewhere between conscious and unconscious. I currently go for the idea of panpsychism, where everything is conscious to the degree of its form. Human brains are more complex than rocks so the degree of consciousness is greater. But basically I think the whole universe is subconscious, and what we call 'conscious' is the part of our body which has more awareness than the rest. But it's only a tiny fraction, tho with various spiritual techniques we can expand it.
  10. Good point. I'm not Welsh myself but it seems they are sturdy enough when pitted against us English, but when it's the globalist agenda they swallow it whole like most others over here. I think all of us have our patriotism played like a fiddle when it suits the agenda.
  11. And why has our society been changed so much that police need so many guns these days? Someone doesn't want us feeling safe on the streets.
  12. Isn't "paganism" also a Christian creation, or a monotheistics' creation for their own agenda? And it's been so successful that the polytheists have accepted it for themselves, and the rest of us go along with the agenda too. Mind you, I'm not sure the ancients called themselves polytheists either, that's perhaps an academics' descriptor.
  13. From the link: "We have got to continue to stand with Israel," Bickle said in a video, noting that Israel is "at a very critical time right now... We are hearing from our friends that things are heating up - politically, militarily, with Iran - and they really need us to stand with them right now." It's political for sure, as they're clearly not expecting to convert the Iranians either. Or should I say religio-political as they're not separate like we're supposed to think.
  14. This makes sense if the purpose is to destroy individual countries and replace them with continental governments for North America and Europe, as a stepping stone to world government. Open border = no border.
  15. Thanks Velma, do you have a take on this? I'm not convinced that Russia or BRICS really have "fairer distribution" at heart.
  16. Of course not only the RC church does this, but I was just wondering how far up does the fear-mongering go? In a hierarchical system there's always a layer at the top where it flips over from controlled to controller, obedience to authority, led to leader. Is this layer in the visible hierarchy of the church or is it secret? Also the organisation still needs a supply of people who aren't crushed by the fear trauma, to succeed in leadership, so perhaps that's the role of secret societies and orders to provide the pipeline separate from the mass of ordinary people.
  17. This reminds me of David Hume when I used to read about philosophy, he questioned the existence of cause and effect, and the nature of mind. I suppose if we could experience the subconscious it'd become conscious which kinda negates the premise. Has anyone convincingly found God either? Seems to me that searching for the source of control is like searching for myself which is like a dog chasing its tail, or Oroborous swallowing his tail. The searcher is the sought, which is the Whole.
  18. One of the dialectics which British people are educated with is the Roundheads vs Cavaliers axis which stereotypes and contrasts the extremes of dour moral puritanism and constraint, with its opposite fun loving, hedonistic playboy types like Russell. Although this could be used as a genuine opportunity for discussion about how to live a good life, the fact that it's associated with the destructive English civil war does make me stop and think whether it's another tool to create division and strife within our society. For example the puritanical criticism of RB's lifestyle (leaving aside any criminal allegations) can be put alongside an increasing sexualisation of society by the ptb, with more explicit sex education lessons at younger ages, the drag queen story hour etc. It seems to me we are being pulled in different directions in an attempt to sow confusion, action and reaction, a dismantling of our traditional certainties and replacing with a situation where we hold contradictory thoughts like a kind of moral mental illness. It's all about weakening our social cohesion, trust in each other and ability to form healthy relationships. There was a BBC documentary a few years back about it but not mentioning the sabbatean element. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qpEiy3560s
  19. If someone gets cancelled on social media, or loses their job because of allegations which aren't proven true in court, I wonder if they can claim compensation for lost earnings through the slander or libel laws? Because if the law still recognises the principle of innocent until proven guilty, then any mud which does stick is causing them financial damages. Mind you, the libel laws are out of reach to all but the mega rich.
  20. Do we? You make a good point that thoughts and feelings just appear in our consciousness without our control, but maybe we can say the same for actions? Thoughts happen followed by actions which are in alignment. It doesn't prove the thoughts cause the actions, perhaps there are unseen processes in the subconscious which cause both, and possess the freedom and responsibility which we can't consciously see.
  21. Do you believe in free will and impulse control? We may have desires to do bad things but a good upbringing will also teach us about how to behave well, so we should have a choice of options available to us, symbolically shown by the angel and demon on our shoulders.
  22. And maybe the knotted scarf round her neck is symbolic of the noose which is tightening around us all.
  23. Us whites have had our social cohesion, ingroup preference and survival instinct (sorry sir, my white privilege and institutional racism) all but erased except for a few pockets of resistance. On current trends the dinghy army isn't needed to deal with whites, my hunch is it's here to keep other tribes from getting too uppity and well organised like muslims, asians or chinese.
  24. Thanks EW. I'd not heard of Lahav 433 before, but checking out their wiki page has led me into a maze of Israeli military intel agencies. We see this for example: "The number four is for the four region departments that form the unit while the number 33 is for The Gideonites, a Mista'arvim unit." There's that number 33 again, and the Mista'arvim apparently have a long history of undercover work among the Arabs, reminiscent of the crypto sabbateans which get a lot of mention in the forum. Obviously all countries do undercover espionage so I'm not picking on the Israelis in particular here, but this is another little bit of dot joining.
  25. Does that include the extra tax on fuel bills (sorry, "green levy"), which is used to subsidise the "green alternatives"?
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