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  1. Yes, and also to see how many are questioning the mainstream media and the emergence of new channels like GB News which Neil has his show on. Sure, some of the alternative channels are a bit tame (shades of grey) but at least there's a growing awareness among regular folks that there are alternative views which are becoming more socially acceptable to discuss and agree with. Once the spell of negative conditioned reactions against terms like 'conspiracy theory' is broken then yes, we have fresh eyes to see the world.
  2. Thanks Mac. I remember seeing a documentary about the Amish, and when they were talking with the women who did the household cleaning, they pointed to a storeroom with a large stock of basic Amish soap, and said that's what they use for all their cleaning. Just simple soap. So I'm trying to follow their example.
  3. I've been seeing more of this harassment recently, low level violence and spitting at Christians in Israel. Is this the moment the western liberal beer goggles start to wear off? I've nothing against Israelis in particular, but why are white liberals so surprised to learn that other tribes don't trust them and want to protect their own homelands? Why have they forgotten that life is competitive and multiculturalism doesn't make everyone love each other? It's like our civilisation is intoxicated and the hangover will start in the morning.
  4. Although I got married at a register office, for me it had a spiritual and mystical element. Before I got married I was an individual person in a relationship with my fiancee, and afterwards I still had my individuality and was in a couple but something had changed. My ego had melted somehow and I was still an individual and I was also the couple. Rather like the Christian idea of two people becoming one flesh. The two families also become linked through marriage, there's a sense of expansion and interconnectedness from the individual level outwards to the whole community. What would happen if we didn't drop the female surname when we get married but instead accumulated the surnames of all our ancestors? Impractical of course, but we'd see the connections with others in our neighbourhoods through shared names.
  5. He's a fascinating figure because he became the public face of the dark arts, 'the wickedest man in the world', even today he's the poster boy of the left hand path. Just as in his day the church was the icon of goodness; eclipsed now perhaps by the woke vs fascist mythology. What's promoted as the forces of order and chaos are both puppets of the same controllers, so I'm suspicious of both.
  6. I'm no scholar of international politics, but I thought Saudi and UAE were joining BRICs, which India already belongs to. So why are they doing this deal with Biden, surely they have plenty of money without the US. Why don't they do this as a purely BRICs project and start flexing their muscles independently? The Israel connection perhaps? Maybe another sign that the supposedly separate power blocks are just fronts for the hidden bloodlines.
  7. In a sensible world, the NHS would be able to shop around for its supplies and obtain a fair market price. It can't be difficult for the gov to organise this, yet the NHS continues as an easy mark for the rinsers out there.
  8. "The amount of anthropogenic greenhouse gases emitted into Earth's oceans and atmosphere is predicted to delay the next glacial period by between 100,000 and 500,000 years, which otherwise would begin in around 50,000 years." Isn't that a good thing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_age
  9. Interesting comparison there. Eurasian Turkey invades European Cyprus and the "international community" accepts it, even policing the new border (green line) with UN troops. Eurasian Russia invades European Ukraine and the "international community" funds a vicious brother war. Why the difference? Is it because Turkey is Muslim, non-white and a member of the NATO club?
  10. I've seen some of his videos about immigration and he seems sound to me. Some of his posts they quote are a few years old so maybe he's changed since then. He looks fairly young so perhaps developing his ideas, I know I was at his age.
  11. Whatever we think reality is, at the end of the day it's a theory based on our conscious awareness and sensory perception.
  12. It could be satire or spoof, hard to tell. It's written from the pov of very woke liberals but apparently it's for blacks. At least it claims to be black led and black owned. If it is serious I can't imagine who the intended audience is.
  13. Yup, that looks like control. When you don't understand the language of the liturgy, and in fact the orthodox church holds ceremonies behind big screens which exclude the laity, it's indistinguishable from magic to me.
  14. Sure, it's a big thing for a whole empire to change religion, I think it happened over a period of time, beginning with toleration and then the emperor converted (Constantine's mother was already Christian). The empire was in decline and shifting eastwards as you say, my theory is that they were getting desperate to keep it together against the external threats. Maybe control us too strong a word for it, but if you want to prevent your peoples fragmenting and organising themselves on ethnic grounds, then having a single universal religion with an international language for the priesthood could sound appealing. It didn't work of course, but the church itself survived and Latin didn't die because it was a useful way for the priests to communicate across the West while new kingdoms and empires came and went. Does this have lessons for us now, as we are forced into ever more multicultural society but the governments and corporations still want to keep their "empires" viable? Are we seeing new international religions and ideologies pushed forwards like political correctness, wokeness, welfarism and equality? If those synthetic new ideologies don't work to keep society unified, will we fragment back along ethnic lines?
  15. I gave your post an online like then realised the irony! But the more I think about this, the more familiar it becomes. Having close-knit, high trust communities where people know and look out for each other, like when we had a shared culture and religion. Teaching our kids useful skills like the scouts and guides used to. Families having allotments to grow their own food. When goods were repairable by someone local. When the legal system was a real deterrent to committing crime. A bit like life was say, 100 years ago? But we've discarded all that in favour of our multicultural hi-tec consumerist society and now those of us who are waking up, begin to understand what we've lost. I'm searching for something like what you describe too, bringing together the practical needs of life with a spiritual connection and cohesive community but it ain't easy.
  16. Maybe they're reaching the limit of how many people they can control with current technology. Also AI will replace human jobs so they can make profit from robots, but will still need human consumers to buy their stuff. Unless robots are granted personhood, able to own money and pay taxes themselves.
  17. But Constantine converted the Romans to Christianity (ok it took a while). Then, after the empire split between west and east, the Roman Catholic church became the official church of the western empire and the orthodox church in the east. Why wouldn't they adopt Latin as their sacred language in the West (is it Greek in the east?). The whole point was to unify the empire with Christianity which would be more difficult if a foreign language was used. The unified empire and church was like the EU 1.0. Sounds familiar? Later on after the political empire crumbled, we still had the church. They swallowed up the rest of the pagans and continued their agenda of unifying us in a single ideology and universal religion, with centralised control. This isn't really about the original teachings of Jesus, whatever they were, they've been twisted to suit the church anyway - just look at the position of women for example.
  18. Sounds like his "mugshot" will be a good election campaign asset. Anyway, I was curious about the symbol in the top left hand corner, for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. It's got a seven sided star (Catholic protection against evil), with a six sided star inside (Jewish symbol), and a circular "temple" with columns in the centre. The yanks love this symbolism, the year 1776 is significant too with the American revolution and founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.
  19. So by her logic she should also oppose mass immigration from poor countries to rich ones, as it increases their carbon use, but I can't see that she does. It's a contradiction that runs through the whole climate change / overconsumption agenda.
  20. The slavery reparations agenda is getting another airing. "UK’s £18tn slavery debt is an underestimation, UN judge says" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-66596790
  21. It's part of a wider agenda to normalise things by giving a false impression of how common they are, it's the same agenda with commercial TV and mixed race couples. It makes regular people think the lgbt and mass immigration agendas are already a done deal and you can't turn back time to when straight whites were a majority can you?
  22. Your wording reminds me of the cabal's "shock and awe" strategy against the Iraqis, just the tactics have changed from military invasion to climate attacks, so they have "plausible deniability".
  23. This kind of report is like the internet version of all those daily mail headlines we've had for generations now. Most of the comments are critical of the situation we're in and our weakness, yet we still get the same politics voted into power which creates what they say they don't want. Dissident parties got trounced in the recent elections, and turnout is very low. It's as if the natives just want to stay home, keep their heads down and hope for an uprising when things get a bit worse. The civnats have been at this game as long as I can remember, probably since before I was born, imo they're not going to start doing anything else now. The Muslims aren't the problem really, they're just doing what growing cultures do. Ours stopped growing when we were persuaded to trade our families for gold. As one of the comments says: "Multiculture is just the period of time when one culture replaces another."
  24. They're using western liberal buzz words like 'inclusive', and it's in English to appeal to their footsoldiers over here. As a test, see how inclusive Russia is internally at the moment? If they're not inclusive themselves, how can they export it to the BRICS abroad?
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