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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. By a coincidence I had a thought this morning (before I read this), how do we know that the afterlife isn't another simulation? Just because there appears to be people there congratulating or judging us, it could be just another roll of film in the projector.
  2. "Never again" is a phrase we hear around this time every year at solemn ceremonies for remembrance day. I'm starting to see the poppies around again, to remind us of all those young men (our ancestors) who slaughtered each other under orders from their leaders. How can I take sides and cheer on this latest war and then hang my head in sorrow at the previous wars? What kind of psyop is that? What does 'taking sides' even mean to me anyway? I'm just sat here watching the news, writing a few posts, but otherwise living my life in another continent. It may influence who I vote for in the next election but I'm hardly going to get actively involved.
  3. Yes, in other words solipsism can be true from God's infinite pov but not little me. Unless I'm saying I have achieved the highest enlightenment and become one with God, which I don't.
  4. Point taken, sorry. I guess I got carried away by the subject of the creation of the universe. At one time I used to call myself an atheist, but pantheist covers it better now. God is the whole of reality which doesn't have to be a personal thing.
  5. "object you are seeing" is itself a dualistic thought (object/subject) which imo is secondary to the primary moment of pure awareness or pure being. Perhaps that's what you mean, but these things get distorted when put into words. "That experience where you go to get the answer is consciousness prior to form" Well put. When you say 'pure knowing' does this mean you've got to the ground of reality and can't carry on with, "what is knowing made of?" There's a danger here of slipping into solipsism because some of the objects I can see are other people, and I can't go down the rabbit hole of believing my knowing is more pure than someone else's! I used to belong to another forum which went in that direction and it wasn't pretty.
  6. The big bang is an exception to this no-creation rule, and possibly Hawking radiation, tho I easily get out of my depth here. I've got into some heated debates with my favourite AI chatbot about deep physics questions, which make my head spin . Like, if the universe is expanding, what's it expanding into? Do photons experience time as they're travelling at the speed of light? If photons have no mass, why are they affected by gravity? If nothing can escape a black hole, how does the gravitational force get past the event horizon? A lot of this boils down to the nature of space-time itself, and when I ask what space-time is made of it seems I've reached a limit to current scientific knowledge. Today I learned on wiki that space itself can travel faster than light, inside black holes, yet this is only another hypothetical idea. It depends if consciousness is a separate entity or is part and parcel of what we call physical reality. I err on the side of panpsychism, that consciousness and materiality are two sides of the same coin and not separate. Therefore everything is conscious to a greater or lesser extent depending on its form. Human brains are very complex so have a developed consciousness. Imo these are one and the same, but our thinking splits the unity into two. I've never experienced pure consciousness without consciousness of something. Or vice-versa. In meditation the unity is sometimes revealed.
  7. Repatriation of illegals remains a forbidden idea in the west, yet the BBC reminds us that other civilisations can keep their cultures intact. "Afghan refugees forced to leave Pakistan say they have nothing Pakistan has started to arrest Afghans as the country begins a nationwide crackdown on foreign nationals it says are in the country illegally. Thousands of Afghans in Pakistan have made their way back to Afghanistan in the last two months. But many of them, who have called Pakistan home for decades, say they have nothing to go back to, while others say they are terrified to be heading back to the Taliban government. ... When challenged, the government has pointed out that it is within its rights to follow its own laws. Furthermore its "record of the last forty years in hosting millions of our Afghan brothers and sisters speaks for itself", according to a foreign ministry spokeswoman. The Taliban government has urged Pakistan to rethink its "unacceptable" move. The Afghan Ministry of Refugees intends to register returnees and house them in temporary camps, while the Taliban administration will try and find returnees jobs." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-67281691
  8. 88 means love & kisses in Morse code abbreviations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code_abbreviations.
  9. Lol, so he doesn't trust eating cattle which are themselves vaxxed and injected with growth hormones.
  10. To be fair to the Astronomers, most of this is speculation because the actual evidence they have dates from after the big bang. They can create hypotheses which extrapolate beyond the evidence, but if they don't make that distinction clear then they aren't very good scientists imho. You can say that God did it, leading to similar difficult questions about God, or you could simply admit that we don't yet know all these things.
  11. Thanks, I wasn't sure if hell is a Biblical concept. The word itself derives from the Nordic pagan 'Hel' which is both the goddess of the afterlife for non-warriors, and her realm where most of us go after death (apart from warriors who die in battle, who go to Valhalla). And as far as I can see, both hel and -halla are connected to the English word hall. So Mac's suggestion of the lower astral realm makes sense, as a modern equivalent of the pagan hel. It also figures that the early Christian church would want to demonise the pagan beliefs, but keep the language, to more easily convert them.
  12. So if you're an insider and know when the wars will start, it's an easy way to make money.
  13. How the Israel-Hamas war propelled BAE Systems to record highs As Israeli troops gather on the Gaza border ahead of a potential ground invasion, military officials are busy behind the scenes stockpiling much-needed ammunition. The revival of conflict in the Middle East, combined with Russia’s war in Ukraine, has created a race for countries to secure as many bullets and artillery shells as possible. Unsurprisingly, the key beneficiaries of this surge in demand are defence companies, which have seen their valuations surge in recent weeks. In the UK, shares in leading weapons maker BAE Systems have risen 12pc since Hamas terrorists launched their attack on Israeli civilians earlier this month, boosting its value to £33bn. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/israel-hamas-war-propelled-bae-110000007.html
  14. Yes that's important, perhaps it can be passed on through good parenting and love received in childhood. Undoubtedly. Knowing people's true motives is hard isn't it. This is the crux of it, but how? Our overlords have been going full tilt towards mass immigration and multiculturalism to fragment society, then blaming us for not all getting along. Those who belong to a religion have a ready-made community. Rich people can just buy what they need. But poor community-less folks have little option but to rely on government. I don't have easy answers starting from where we're at now. I have a mixed relationship with religion myself: when I belong to one I notice all its problems, when I don't belong I miss the camaraderie.
  15. Here's an example of that moral corruption and cognitive dissonance to see the "spiritual" Deepak Chopra in a soft porn magazine. No wonder we're so mixed up and under the spell.
  16. Maybe a regular affair with an adult doesn't work these days, now that those globalists have corrupted our western morals. I'm currently watching the ITV series Stonehouse where the Czech secret service blackmailed a British government minister in the 60s to spy for them (ineptly in the film) after he fell for their honeypot operation. It's scary that it's gone as far as involving children though.
  17. Welcome, and yes I know what you mean, I'm not completely open about all this even at home, instead I drip feed family and friends with some more obvious points. Like, why bother having a booster jab when I've already had covid this year? I take heart that there are other countries where people are more sceptical of official narratives than ours, and with good reason - the middle east is an example. And that surveys show that there's a lot of us around. Even so, the Guardian tries to spin this into an anti-brexit rant. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/nov/23/study-shows-60-of-britons-believe-in-conspiracy-theories So there must be a lot of self-censorship going on.
  18. Intellectually, philosophically, rationally, yes you raise some worthwhile points. But although I didn't like it when Christianity had a lot of influence in society (in my childhood a long time ago now), a question comes right back at you: what do you replace organised religion with apart from the kind of big, controlling, micromanaging government which we've ended up with now? Where I live there's still some churches which do a lot of good community work with no questions asked about what you believe. Events for children & families, the elderly and disabled, food banks etc. The religious believers seem more motivated to do voluntary work like that. Sure there are secular charities doing good work too, but imo we are heading into unknown territory by becoming ever more secular and self centered, will there be volunteers in future or will everyone need to be paid for and regulated by government? I have been along to some atheist and humanist groups too, they didn't do much community work either. Come to think of it, neither do the newer spiritual movements in the West like Buddhists and New Agers. Although I'm willing to be corrected on that if anyone can show me how they're doing more than just individual spiritual development. Edit ... As another example, how many homeless people do you see from highly religious immigrants like muslims, sikhs, hindus etc? They look after their own, although I'll admit there's a price to pay in terms of conformity.
  19. Where we live in the UK there has been a steady increase in young Chinese people over the past 10 or 15 years, mostly students presumably, many of them were wearing masks all along even outdoors. At first I assumed it was a Chinese custom because of air pollution back home, but then came covid and all the rules, I began to wonder if the Chinese had their conspiracy theories about escaped viruses going way back. Or perhaps the CCP was experimenting with this type of social control in preparation for the big global rollout in 2020.
  20. Some good questions but for all people of the monotheistic religions, not only Christians. I don't belong to any of those religions, tho like Storm I was born into a culturally Christian nation.
  21. We have stabbings to keep us in fear instead, and some people carry knives apparently 'for protection'. Problem > reaction.
  22. If they are they're not alone. How many terrible wars, war crimes and territorial conflicts are happening right now all over the world, yet there seems to be a hierarchy of which ones are more in the media and political talk. Who decides which wars are more important for or attention, and emotional engagement? Not to mention our material involvement. It's hard to avoid being manipulated by the ptb.
  23. I was reading the wiki page on Ice Age for a previous post in this thread, it's a worthwhile read for the geological history of non-human greenhouse effects and temperature changes. I was surprised to learn that the ice age isn't something from the past, but that we're still in an ice age right now because there's polar ice caps and glaciers. Greenhouse periods when the ice melts are completely natural and regular events. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_age "An ice age is a long period of reduction in the temperature of Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental and polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Earth's climate alternates between ice ages and greenhouse periods, during which there are no glaciers on the planet. Earth is currently in the ice age called Quaternary glaciation. Individual pulses of cold climate within an ice age are termed glacial periods (or, alternatively, glacials, glaciations, glacial stages, stadials, stades, or colloquially, ice ages), and intermittent warm periods within an ice age are called interglacials or interstadials. In glaciology, ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres. By this definition, Earth is in an interglacial period—the Holocene. The amount of anthropogenic greenhouse gases emitted into Earth's oceans and atmosphere is projected to delay the next glacial period, which otherwise would begin in around 50,000 years, by between 100,000 and 500,000 years."
  24. Shame they don't see the irony of their double standards. Their own logic is to replace the western empire with a socialist empire. It's as if the spider at the centre of the web just wants to have an empire to run and uses these different ideologies to divide and rule.
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